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  1. I would watch "Hotel", "Coven" and " Freak Show" as those are the most iconic seasons along with "Murder House" and "Asylum". The last few episodes were rather choppy in terms of plot and storylines, and I feel like they definitely changed or deleted a bunch of stuff. That's probably why there are only 9 episodes. I wonder if the original plan included some kind of "big brother" virtual reality/video game/reality TV show element like the title "1984" implies. Perhaps they ran out of budget and decided to change everything halfway through. Nice to see Chef Bertie again. She is good people.
  2. Poor Courtney! Having to clean up all those dead bodies must not be fun. Kajagoogoo are back as ghosts! I am glad Jingles is able to have that picnic with his mother and Bobby. Hope he gets to finally kill Ramirez next week.
  3. Lily Rabe was great as Lavinia. I could feel all her hatred and sorrow through her performance. Love the 80s soundtrack especially the Kajagoogoo song! So sad that lead singer was slaughtered! Leslie Jordan is a hoot! Such a great comedic actor.
  4. Nice to see the 3 counselors from the 1970 massacre appear as ghosts in the beginning. So I guess everyone who died in Camp Redwood is trapped. Maybe we will get to see Chef Bertie again making sandwiches for the ghosts. Poor Jingles! Hope he gets justice at the end of the season. Love the Smith's song at the end. I think the remaining episodes will have Brooke, Donna and Jingles going back to Camp Redwood to stop Margaret, the other ghosts, and Ramirez from killing the concert goers.
  5. This felt like a season finale rather than the middle episode. Wonder what will happen in the next 5 episodes? Maybe Donna will help Brooke escape from the same asylum, and history will repeat itself again with the new Jingles (Brooke)? Hope we see Chef Bertie again.
  6. Poor chef Bertie and Trevor! My favorite characters are both dead! I felt sorry for Jingles after it was revealed he was tricked by Margaret. Wonder what will happen to him now. Montana's in real trouble now that her serial killer lover has been possessed/resurrected by Satan!
  7. Come to think of it, I can definitely see Sarah Paulson as Margaret, Kathy Bates as Chef Bertie, Evan Peters as Xavier, Billie Eichner as Trevor, and Adina Porter as Nurse Rita/Donna Chambers, among others. Perhaps they were all too expensive to invite back for this super low-budget season, now that Ryan Murphy is on to bigger and better things at Netflix.
  8. "Murder House" and "Asylum" are definitely the best seasons, but I also think seasons 3-5 are worth checking out. "Coven" gets insanely campy but there are some scary parts. "Freak Show" was pretty fun to watch in parts, with great performances by Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates. "Hotel" was batshit crazy and over-the-top, with memorable characters like Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare) and James Patrick March (Evan Peters). It was all downhill after that. "Roanoke" was trash, "Cult" was the worst season, and "Apocalypse" a waste of time.
  9. This was a fun episode if only for the kills alone. Ray getting decapitated while escaping on Trevor's motorbike was epic. I also feel sorry for the real nurse Rita who died a terrible death!
  10. Didn't last week's episode end with Brooke at the telephone booth and Richard Ramirez appearing behind her saying something like "I'm here"? How is it that in the beginning of this week's episode, she is back in the cabin with the other counsellors chatting? I am pretty sure Margaret Booth will end up being the actual killer. Ghosts? Perhaps they are all stuck in some kind of time loop? Poor psychiatrist lady. We hardly knew ye!
  11. Wow I didn't expect the ending! That was a brutal reveal. This was the hardest episode for me to get through because I kept trying to turn it off during the first few minutes with the lead actress crying and running around. The beginning of the episode was tedious to get through but it became one of the best episodes of the show after we gradually found out exactly why she was running and why everyone was behaving the way they did.
  12. Fascinating premise for sure. So if everyone can rate everyone else they encounter on a daily basis, it must be exhausting to have to keep up those scores! Howard was great as the lead character, although the last scene was kinda odd. Who was that guy in the other cell and what's the point of their conversation? I think they shouldve just ended the episode with her being dragged out of the wedding party. Loved the truck driver lady, and wish she was in the episode more.
  13. This was a little too slow-paced for me. Also expected the "haunted house" to be more scary than a giant spider and a creepy man in black. The VR game testing setup was relatively well-done. Just wish there were more "scares".
  14. This was such a great season finale. So many scenes to love: Angel and Papi's marriage proposal, Elektra coaching the men to walk in heels, Blanca lip-syncing to Whitney Houston, everyone dancing at the end to "I'm Every Woman" etc. So glad everyone seems to be happy moving forward and that nothing bad happened to anybody. Looking forward to season 3!
  15. Poor Tamme! Hope she is able to get her back problem treated. Sheila as Liza Minelli is everything! Love the switch-up with all the roles.
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