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  1. Mattipoo

    S02.E02: Worth It

    Patti Lupone! I didn't recognize her at first but glad she's on this show. I cracked up during the interview scene when her wannabe gangster son came home from "collections" and the journalist lady rolled her eyes.
  2. Mattipoo

    S02.E01: Acting Up

    Plu-ease, Omarosa could never be as fabulous as Elektra. Did anyone recognize Jiggly Caliente from RuPaul's Drag Race as one of the House of Ferocity members in the SlimFast scene? So all the white actors from season 1 are gone? I wish Evan Peters and James Vanderbeek could have stayed around a little bit longer, even though their characters were complete douchbags.
  3. Mattipoo

    S01.E08: Mother of the Year 2018.07.22

    Wow this was such a great season finale! Love all the ballroom scenes especially the pose-off between the Evangelistas and the House of Ferocity. I was so afraid Stan or Dawson was going to kill Angel, since she is supposed to be based on Venus Xtravaganza, and was glad they didn’t go that route. Elektra’s acting definitely improved through the season, especially after she showed her softer side. I thought she was channeling Naomi Campbell most of the prior episodes. Yay for Jiggly Caliente from RuPaul’s Drag Race as one of the new members of House of Ferocity. She was werking it in the ballroom pose-off in her mother of the bride realness. Ricky and Damon dancing for Al B Sure was cute. Love Pray Tell’s new man being so accepting of his HIV status. Billy Porter and MJ Rodriguez deserve every acting award that will hopefully be bestowed on them next year!
  4. Mattipoo

    S24.E06: Beauty Is Pride

    This s a surprisingly flat episode considering they had RuPaul’s drag queens and Pride week. I thought Liberty’s photo wasn’t that bad but clearly standing next to Kyla, she was much shorter and less “modelesque” so the choice to eliminate her was clear. I think Liberty’s edit interview was surprisingly classy, and she can probably have a good career as a commercial/fitness model after the show, rather than a “high fashion” one.
  5. Mattipoo

    S01.E01: Out of the Past

    I like Joel Kinnaman fine but I’d rather have that hot Asian actor at the beginning be the new sleeve. Who is he and what has he been in?
  6. Mattipoo

    S24: Contestants

    So I read on Reddit that Jeana used to appear completely nude in Playboy. Google “Jeana Turner Playboy” for the pictures (NSFW). I wonder if Tyra will let a nude Playboy model win ANTM since the show is supposed to be “high fashioun” not hoochie LOL.
  7. Mattipoo

    S24.E05: Beauty Is Unconventional

    Based on the bitchy edit she is getting this episode, I don’t think Rio is going to win. Too bad cos she was my favorite. Sha-Nasty is fun! I always thought Shanice is filler but she is starting to show her personality so I think she might go far. Sandra is beautiful but so dull. I think ANTM will eventually crown a Muslim winner, but it probably won’t be Sandra. Poor Coura. I thought she was so gorgeous like a modern day Grace Jones but she just didn’t have the strong personality or confidence. Her face looked the same in every photo shoot. I think Sandra, Christina and probably Brendi K or Liberty are the next to go.
  8. Mattipoo

    S24.E04: Beauty is Drama

    Not sorry to see Rhiyan go. Her attitude was so stank at the end. Hope Liz gets the psychiatric help she needs. And also gets rid of that horrible pink hair. Krystyna is my favorite. I hope she goes far. As a plus size model she is definitely much better than C10 Whitney. I kept thinking Jeana reminds me of someone and I finally figured it out. Ongina from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 1! She had the same petite figure with bald head and was fierce as heck. https://www.instagram.com/ongina/?hl=en The female Marilyn Manson looking designer was hilarious. Loved her snarky comments about the hamsters.
  9. Mattipoo

    S24.E03: Beauty Is A Trademark

    Poor Ivana! I literally cringed and then LOLed when they showed her video. Girl does not know how to model at all! Her “blue steel” faces were truly comic gold. But she is a beautiful girl so I hope she goes on to get some actual modeling training. I feel bad for Shanice having psoriasis, but she doesn’t look like a model to me at all. Law’s pep talk to her at panel was great. She reminds me of C4 Tiffany who let her own insecurities get to her. Jeana is very beautiful without her wig. However since Pantene is a sponsor of the show, I wonder a winner without hair might be an issue for them. My early favorites are Rio and Coura.
  10. Mattipoo

    S24.E02: Beauty Is Los Angeles

    Wasn’t surprised White Homegirl was cut first. is it just me or does Brendi K look a lot like C8 Renee? She even has the same sob story of being homeless and living out of her car. Jeana is gorgeous but she is also under 5 feet 7, and has no hair. I doubt she will win since a Pantene campaign is one of the prizes this cycle. Erin the 42 year old looks dead in the eyes in her photo to me. She screams “pretty housewife at the mall” to me, not a model. So I am sure she will be dragged all the way to the finals by Tyra. I am rooting for Rio, Krystyna and Coura.
  11. Mattipoo

    S24.E01: The Boss is Back

    What a great idea to have no age, height and weight limit! I am enjoying this cycle so far! It’s like they brought back all of Tyra’s special “project” hamsters from past cycles (the scarred girl, the girl who grew up poor and wants it so bad, the girl who was told she is too old, the weird alien-looking girl, the girl who is not here to make friends etc.) and threw them all in a house together. Plus crazy Tyra is back. All she needs to do is bring back Miss Jay, Mr. Jay, Nigel and Janice Dickinson/Nole Marin, and we got a classic cycle.
  12. Mattipoo

    S07.E11: Great Again

    Unfortunately this season ranks as one of the worst for me, mainly because the election theme hits too close to real life, and it is missing many of my favorite cast members including Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Denis O’Hare and Lily Rabe. The season finale was also boring as there were no special guest stars or particularly revealing connections to previous seasons or the larger AHS universe. I also hated that basically everyone died except Sarah Paulson (again!) and Beverly. So I would rank the seasons as follows: 1. Asylum (most scary and insane) 2. Murder House (most coherent story overall) 3. Hotel (camp and over-the-top) 4. Coven (story’s uneven but it did have Jessica Lange in glamor mode, Kathy Bate’s hilarious talking head, the lovely architecture of New Orleans, and “Balenciaga!”) 5. Freak Show (Twisty the clown, Dandy, the wonderful Ma Petite, Pepper’s backstory, but also Jessica Lange’s worst role in AHS) 6. Cult (got a little boring towards the end) 7. Roanoke (hot mess)
  13. Mattipoo

    S07.E11: Great Again

    I liked the season finale fine, especially Ally’s “nasty woman” comment to the male senator. But I wish there were more connections to previous seasons. Evan Peters did a good job as Kai and the other cult leaders. Loved Beverly shooting him in the head at the end too. I think Ryan Murphy once mentioned the next season will be a “Coven” and “Freakshow” crossover, so maybe Ally is meeting the witches from “Coven” at the end of the finale.
  14. Mattipoo

    S02.E09: Chapter Nine: The Gate

    This episode was a nice wrap up of the season. Loved the group working together again. Steve as the babysitter was hilarious, and also liked that Hopper ended up adopting Eleven. The snow ball scene at the end was fun. Loved Steve becoming a mentor to Dustin. It was sad when he was crying on his own after being rejected by the group of girls, but nice of Nancy to ask him to dance. Billy is the worst character on the show and he can’t get off my screen fast enough. So is it implied that he is really a racist towards Lucas? Erica is the cutest younger sister ever! Hope we get to see more of her in future seasons. Maybe she can join the group! Dart dying at the end with the nougat wrapper next to him was kinda sad but still can’t get over his killing Dustin’s mom’s cat. Looking forward to next season. Hopefully nothing bad happens to Will again.
  15. Mattipoo

    S02.E07: Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister

    I thought this was an okay standalone episode. Enjoyed the big city setting, and Kali and El did chemistry as a pair of sisters. Kali’s crew was really annoying though. Maybe Kali will join El in Hawkins at some point in the future as I think she can be an interesting addition to the older teenager crew and maybe a love interest for Jonathan.