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Aisha Tyler: Whose Talk Show Is This Anyway?

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I respect Aisha for her ability to not immediately serve up some snark  on Sharon when she makes great, sweeping pronouncements. Or when she is obviously wrong. ( As when Sharon was apparently close to dumping all the pepper into the hamburger mixture today- thank you, Julie!) Aisha doesn't always agree with the table, but I don't read it as some hive mind thing when she does.


The woman holds down multiple jobs- here, Archer, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, XIII (if it is still filming)- and is pleasant, nice to look at, and seems engaged and ready to talk about the subjects and people that come up on the show. That is what I look for in a host. I'm glad she's there.


PS: I have recently seen Aisha Tyler Is Lit (a live comedy set) on Netflix; if you like her comedy already, or Archer, check it out! I love the video before the performance.)

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I watched the clip with Aisha revealing her secret. It truly was a secret because in her book "Self-Inflicted Wounds," she talks about drinking in high school, but she never mentioned drug use, and she never mentioned that her alcohol and drug use got her kicked out of her elite high school.


That was a really brave reveal, but she seemed sadder than she did when she talked about her fertility issues. I'm wondering who convinced all of the hosts that this is was they needed to do to bond with the audience? I wonder if everyone was on board

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One of the Hot Topics was that Kylie Jenner challenge thing, where folks are faking Kylie's full lips by using bottles or vacuums or whatever. They got to Sheryl, who pulled out very red wax lips. It was fun and talk went on. Then someone noticed that Sheryl was chewing on part of the lips.


Sheryl noted that it was candy.That you just chew until the flavor goes away and then spit it out.


Then Aisha said what she said and the audience died!

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Of all of the co-hosts, Aisha is my favorite. The woman can talk your ears off, but she's incredibly smart and I find myself agreeing with a lot of what she says. I also love the way she handles Sharon. No matter how short or rude Mrs. is to her, Aisha never sinks to her level.

Side bar, Aisha has to be Grace Jones for their next Halloween lip sync battle. She'd better get the suit, the shades, the flat top hair and lip sync for her life to "Pull Up to the Bumper"!

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35 minutes ago, msrachelj said:

i can't access you tube. what was the reason she stated for leaving the show? was it different from what she told viewers?

No, the reason(s) she gave Larry were just about identical to what she said on the show, i.e. time to develop, produce & direct her own material & that doing Criminal Minds (?) & The Talk took up too much of her time.

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Aisha was one of my favorites. Really miss her on the show. She is intelligent, funny and kind. We need someone like her to fill Sharon’s spot. 

One thing that always added to Aisha’s charm to me is she is she comes across as unaware of how beautiful she is. 

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