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  1. msrachelj

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Can't even talk about the piece of shit in the dog abuse video. So much more needs to be done in this country as far as punishment. What is up with Britney Spears? I know she has mental health problems, and I unfortunately understand how that is, but aside from that why does she have to be half naked every time you see her, her having to put out videos of every damn stupid thing in her life ( having all the same color clothes together is NOT good organization. It makes it harder to see, the seasons are mixed, the styles are mixed.) And, please stop with the freakin' baby talk voice. Not a good luck on a WOMAN your age.
  2. msrachelj

    S02.E02: Tell Tale Hearts

    Nicole looks like she's been dippped in wax. It is actually scary looking. Even worse when she is "wearing" her natural hair. What the hell is she doing to her face? The dark hair is pretty bad looking.
  3. msrachelj

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Can't stand her either . She really seems phony. And we're talking Hollywood! Really sick of her new agey, rich as **** way of life. Actually, the older I get the more I resent the sickening amount of money these people make. But I digress.
  4. msrachelj


    What the hell did Al mean after Trixie was praying "our father who art in heaven" and he said, "let him the**** stay there"? He wasn't coming down. Don't get it.
  5. msrachelj


    We may be the only ones! And my husband. First of all, Al did not die that way irl, Hearst was that much of a cocksucker is not stated in history, although he was portrayed this way in the movie also. And why did many of the characters start speaking like fuckin' Yoda?!! Did no one else watching this notice? Everyone appeared to have aged 20+ years , not 10. It felt off, it felt like it was filmed differently. Peoples voices were different, it did not hold a candle to the series. Never should have cancelled it. This was a big disappointment?
  6. msrachelj


    never mind
  7. msrachelj

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Jennifer Anniston is starting to look like a woman over 50. About time. Still, nice to have all the perks that an actress does to try to stay young looking. I wish this county, the world?, didn't put so much weight on being young. Funny, when no one can avoid old age. What the hell was Vanessa Williams trying to say about Cuba Gooding? A round about way of saying he probably did it? I don't like her, she talks in circles and she does not interest me. As a matter of fact the Talk is becoming even more vapid then it used to be. I already took the View out of my cue, this show is next...Life's too short.
  8. msrachelj

    Good Witch

    I doubt she is pregnant she is kind of old for that, although, these days who knows...just look at Brigette Neilsen...but her face sure did look fat and puffy. Either from fillers, surgery or disease...I'll go with fillers or surgery, like most actresses.
  9. msrachelj

    Good Witch

    Sam was (IS) a dick . But maybe that's just his irl personality "shining" through...Grace's dress was ugly!!!, and her breast are not very firm for a young girl and she needed a bra.Very frumpy. The cousin and the friend vying over the same dress was hysterical! You couldn't make me wear/buy that FUGLY 1980's Walmart designed crap for anything! Holy crap, it was gross!! Amen.
  10. good couch. though i'm still uncomfortable with david tenants daughter's naked drawing of her father. do they walk around the house with no clothes on ? cause, yuk, and not a good thing to do in front of you daughter.
  11. msrachelj

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    no. for some reason they had some idiot guy on. supposed to be pierce brosnan and his wife.
  12. msrachelj

    SO3.E23 A Mom's Parade

    has this show been renewed?
  13. i missed jennifer's reference about peter blake. can you tell me what happened?
  14. msrachelj

    Life In Pieces

    i agree, the "target" audience these days wants lots of bathroom humor, crude, rude, nasty incidents etc. a show can have a spot of this now and then, though i don't think it's necessary but sitcoms have gone down in quality on the whole.
  15. msrachelj

    S03.E21 Locked in the Basement

    Katie is a nasty shrew and Greg is a pussy. Why do they show men in sitcoms as such idiotic second class citizens and women as bitches? My husband refuses to watch these shows with me and I can understand his point of view, being a man. Time to get with the times television! It gets old after a while. And the message this week was, hide your true self. WTF?! I'm starting to hate this show, but I love the kids (except maybe the older daughter) and their friends.