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  1. True. Girl is just a spoiled brat. Plenty of people outside of cities, in the country, what ever you want to call it, have wells, springs, septics etc. It's not living off the grid! She isn't as smart as she thinks she is.
  2. What?! I'm pretty sure my dvr is recording the rest and I'm not a member, how would your tv know that?
  3. She was discussed on the Talk yesterday when Christie Brinkley was on. Is Wendy seeing a shrink?
  4. Holy Shit! Jordan had some PLASTIC surgery while she was in the mental hospital.
  5. Ah yes, I'm off to find NSAL contact info. Thanks.Website should have contact info, a phone or email or even an address.
  6. Sounds fishy to me. The toxic filling thing is mostly B.S. If that were the case all of us over a certain age with a mouthful of fillings would have been poisoned.
  7. How do we petition Beth Stern to wake the fuck up?
  8. Christie Brinkley is easy to hate! Right there with ya.
  9. She acts like a moron all the time. A doormat, a kept woman. Her family has bucks, she doesn't have to live like that with that loser who only wants a green card. And he sure as hell is gonna smell another man on her.
  10. Because J-Lo is a (insert curse word of your choice here). Totally agree she should know better about the fur. She is evil in my eyes , as is anyone who wears furs, for this alone. She is strikingly pretty, yes. And I have to give her props for all the exercise at least. The face and some of the youth are for sure surgeon and dermatologist provided. I still can not stand her.
  11. Christie Brinkley is 65?! I think she shaved off a few years there. Good plastic surgery though. And Jane, I don' know what farmers market you go to but the veggies and fruits at any I've gone to are not cheaper than the grocery stores. It cost a lot to eat healthy. Organic meat, out of this world. Organic etc anywhere anything cost $$$. That being said. I personally buy my food this way, I'd rather pay more than put toxins and junk in my body, but my money doesn't go as far. As for obesity, maybe Bill Maher was talking about how literally "morbidly obese" people, especially women, have no problem wearing very revealing clothing, posting it online, modeling, saying they are healthy (they are not), saying "I love my body" etc etc. Not all clothes styles are made for every body. It's like if a 38DDD woman with real breasts thought, oh fuck it, I'll just go to work without a bra and these puppies can just hang to my knees.. No one should be fat shamed but let's not confuse others keeping their opinions to themselves as far as public shaming someone and the overweight person themselves not mistakenly believing their bodies are healthy or just another type of shape. They should talk to their doctors. Bill Maher does have a point, just look at photos from 30 or more years ago. We are as a whole much heavier and of course, there are a few factors contributing to this. Some you can control. Don't eat junk. Watch what you put in your body. Eat cheaply now, pay later at the doctor.
  12. We just got some of those recliners here so I'm going to do a matinee (do they cost less?) and hope the theater it's in has the new seats. Bring my own water but buy a large popcorn!
  13. I recorded the series, I saw episodes one and two, but then it skips to around 6. Don't know what happened to the middle. WTF
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