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  1. Wow I always thought Ellen was a little bit nasty with all the practical joking and scaring people that’s the sign of a bully. But from what I just read about her not paying her employees and she’s worth $400 million whatever it is what a bitch
  2. I may have to stop watching this. Too many mentally ill people who have disfigured themselves. it's just too much. bunch of crazies in this world. i need comedy and escapism right now .. these people need a mental health facility. pronto.
  3. msrachelj

    S01.E01: Run

    WTF is this nonsense that we are supposed to believe. It's more friggin fantasy than a comedy. Unlikeable leads, ridiculous premise. Of course I will watch episode two but this is very weird.
  4. I was so disappointed they didn't show the flashbacks! Is there some reason the show is so cheap on flashbacks? It would have been awesome. Those are things we need more of. Ha, Yes, he has no memory and doesn't ask why he has only has one eye!
  5. In 198? you could get a fine used car for $5,000. That was bullshit.
  6. This show is full of hateful, spiteful, self pitying, nasty people. Yes, I do get a good laugh from time to time but....Darlene is just a horrible person. From asking Bev to give $5,000 to each of her kids, ignoring her siblings children to thinking about stealing money out of Bevs accounts with her power of atty. Don't get why that happened in the first place. Bev is nasty but not senile. Glad to see that Louise found someone else. Stay away from this loser family.
  7. This is one of the best shows on TV. I love this ! Where is it supposed to be set? I covet that house.
  8. The father is a big mouth, even his wife is fed up with him. Don't really like the show. I didn't know it was "historical" fiction or whatever this is called. Liking the 40"s sets but otherwise it's not my cup of tea. I'd rather see a story about actual history instead of this alternate universe but I will keep watching for now. Boy does Winona Ryder bug for some reason.
  9. Not only what is she wearing on her body, but what the hell is with the PINK eyeshadow? Yuk. And please stop the friggin baby talk! This woman is a doctor?
  10. Why did they make Christina mentally unstable ? I was liking the relationship. Really pissed me off. Seemed like a very sudden turn. 😡
  11. Missed more than half the show again because of "breaking news" bullshit. It's always the same, coronavirus fear mongering. Did anyone see Jennifer Love Hewitt? What did she have to say? Did she get a new haircut yet or does she still have the long , thin, stringy middle parted 1970's look?
  12. What's wrong is she is an A #1 bitch. I'm not a big fan of Marie, although she does have some good qualities, but that Sharon is nasty.
  13. Still watching....OH OH, Mrs. grOss and Marie are getting into it about Marie having said she find this whole thing (coronavirus stuff?) "intriguing" and Mrs. grOss saying she finds it "heartbreaking". Apparently something happened off air maybe yesterday and there was an argument between them. So now Marie says something like "I'm like you , I'm like you, I have great empathy" and Mrs. O cuts her off with something like Oh No, You are not like me Missus, I find this heartbreaking. Than Carrie Ann tries to change the subject and cut to commercial....OOH what's the dirt? What a bitch. I don't l
  14. I hate this family and their petty problems. Except for Zack that has actual health issues due to his dwarfism, (and ok, maybe sometimes I also feel bad for Matt and Amy, health wise and having to put up with God knows what from bullies) anyway, the family members themselves don't need to bitch about most of what they do. Look at the size of that damn house Amy was living in all alone. Bitch, please. I wish I was getting paid for that house and was able to move into an nice little place of my own. Some of us can't pay the bills every month. Some of have sickness and death to contend with. You
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