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  1. msrachelj


    She looks terrible. Cut and color SJP. Not everything you wear or do is considered "stylish" by everyone. Get over it.
  2. msrachelj


    I can't stand the actress in anything.
  3. Both of these kids were on meds that are know to fuck you up. Suicide or otherwise. Way too quick to prescribe poisons today. A bandaid instead of intense therapy. Conrads family seemed messed up. I wish they delved into it more also. And more on Michelles family. Dr Oz and Nancy Grace are both shysters. Total fakes and assholes. So something that bothered me, a little off topic but included in the documentary. How does an 18 year old kid get a pilot license on a tug boat? I don't think that is possible, experience and training wise.
  4. msrachelj

    Kate Plus Date

    Does this woman have any redeeming qualities? I also hope there is a tell all by one or more of her children. I'll be buying that book..
  5. Direct tv doesn't offer any of these channels and I pay thru the roof for their 700 channels of which I watch about 10.
  6. msrachelj

    Good Witch

    Good, she can't act anyway.
  7. msrachelj

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Hey Bitches, guess what? Sometimes depression doesn't end. It IS forever. It may be able to be managed by drugs or talk therapy or whatever but there are some who have lived with this their whole lives. And Mrs O, do you think people who are ready to commit suicide because they are in such pain or are tired of living with sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, attacks etc. really think: oh, I can't do this because I"m leaving someone behind. Depression and hurt trump rational thinking. You didn't it because you are not a rational person and you lucked out. And Mrs O, gross me out with the story of Ozzy kissing your (dear God I can only guess 🤢🤮) and saying how you have no problem with infidelity. BULL SHIT, you flipped out and you publicly outed your husbands side piece and then, you went back to him...hmmm. so maybe you don't have any problem with it. You are fine with your husband boinking strange...
  8. msrachelj


    and she was sleeping on a pull out couch in the living room.
  9. msrachelj

    S02.E04: She Knows

    I did watch DH, and this IS starting to feel like that! I agree, IRL she is quite entitled, her daughter even had a coming out party? Who does that shit in 2019?!
  10. Has anyone else been having glitches in their dvr recordings on nbc ch 392 out of new york on direct tv?
  11. And why was Jennifer wearing what looked like a velvet heavy coat in the heat of July? I was so distracted as I sat there melting in the heatwave, I couldn't concentrate on the dialog.
  12. I can usually understand him. It's Kristin Alfonso who whispers half her lines and has been doing it for years, that drives me nuts. Speak UP! Why was it a skeleton key?!!!!! WTF, what year is this?
  13. msrachelj

    S02.E03: The End of the World

    i thought that insight from the shrink was fantastic.
  14. Sheryl Crow looked wonderful. Madonna looks like a whore. Sheryl has personality, Madonna seems like a total bitch. Too many people on the couch to get any good stories going. Why oh why is M so rich and famous. She sucks.
  15. the alligator photo made me sad and sick to my stomach. i hope it is superficial and falls out and he is ok. i fucking hate people.