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  1. Wanna bet it doesn’t last? It’s much too good compared to most of the crap on tv. 😞
  2. Omfg people! I’ve had enough of the animal abuse on this show. It’s sickening how this world uses these poor creatures for our entertainment. Those dolphins do not have a good life. I implore you, as I am doing now, to contact that pos Andy Cohen, Bravo, and the Abusers at Dolphin Cove. Those women are fucking idiots not one of them realized the living conditions of the horses or the dolphins I fucking hate them😡💩💩💩
  3. Why the hell do they interrupt scheduled programming for local NEWS?! 😡
  4. Has Ciara been hitting the tanning bed hard? Her skin tone looks at least 3 shades darker than when we first met her.
  5. Cat lover has to wonder why the hell they didn’t take the cat to an animal shelter instead of keeping it in their garage all that time?!
  6. Same here. Very disrespectful. They probably left without even an explanation to the mother superior. Bitches.
  7. Is this just a repeat of the one aired a few months ago? If so, why repeat it, it’s not “live” anymore?
  8. Anyone else watch this? I liked it, it’s different. Hope they delve more into the living with depression aspect.
  9. This shit should be outlawed. So disgusting what we do to animals for our enjoyment/monetary gain.
  10. It was pretty sickening. Is Vain your middle name J-lo?
  11. Really! I am SO sick of this Jlo worship for being so hot at 50. Give me a f***ing break. If most women over 50 were worth a gazillion dollars, had personal trainers, hair and makeup (and boy does she use a trowel on her face?) artists, stylists and access to the best and most expensive fitted clothing, chefs, plastic surgery and/or heavy duty dermatological procedures, danced for a living, most likely take hormones, etc. Then YOU TOO would be hot. That being said, I actually like her when she is doing comedy. Just tone it down. We really didn't need to hear you talk about how hot you are and for the skits to follow the same routine. Blech.
  12. I didn't realize it was him at first. James Corden looked a lot heavier than the last time I watched his show. I flashed back to Chris Farley when he first came on.
  13. OH! I envy you for your 1930's kitchen cabinets! So many vintage kitchen have been horribly "renovated". Have any other original kitchen features been left intact? I 100% agree, don't ruin a vintage home that has usable/doable features with modern updates. These assholes need to go out and just purchase a newer crappy home and redo it the way they want. I freak out when I see some of these HH talking about ripping out and gut jobs on vintage bathrooms, etc.
  14. Totally agree, this show needs to end or at least do 50% family drama cause it is friggin repetitive and btw I really want to know what her current and former friends, classmates, and neighbors have to say about this "gift". How is there not one website or FB on this crap?
  15. We should let Bravo know how we feel about the animal cruelty.
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