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  1. I'm out. This show is BAD. It insults my intelligence. The sons parents are portrayed as morons, the sister is unlikeable, the writing sucks, the acting sucks. JUST AWFUL......Please cancel it NBC.
  2. 100% agree with the no smoking policy Suffolk County is trying to pass!!! What is wrong with these women at this table that they don't quite grasp what the meaning of things Carrie introduces actually are! The ban is for multiple family homes and apartments. This makes nothing but sense. I have worked in buildings where there is no smoking but someone will either sneak a cigarette or smoke right in the vestibule with the outer door open. Well, it does not work. It most certainly is carried through the heat/ac venting system. And I did not know smoke moves along electrical lines but the being trapped in insulation makes sense. I know if I had to live in an apt. it would have to be a smoke free building. I abhor the smell and it irritates my lungs. Why should the other tenants have to smell those fumes and have their health put in jeopardy? And don'f forget the fire hazard...I wish this was a law everywhere, you could have some sh** hole smoker apartments (unfortunately studies show smoking is mostly done by under educated lower class people with exceptions of course, because who in their right minds have started smoking in the last what 20-30 years with all the health information out there) and apt.s where the unenlightened, smelly, unhealthy people can live.
  3. That’s typical of rich people. They don’t even realize how good they have it. I see it ALL the time. Many of them are not aware/ don’t give a shit about the struggles of others and how they should be thanking god they don’t live paycheck to paycheck and Are lucky enough own gorgeous homes others can only dream about. I was 100% in tune with that woman. At least acknowledge you are blessed.
  4. I can’t believe she is supposed to be 12 years old!😳
  5. I think they have possibly have the money. At least by looking at the assessed value of their home, whatever the show pays and Greg being a lawyer. Of course, I'm thinking average family where the wife might work, there were no big big money operations not covered by insurance. If I were her parents I would not be paying for an Ivy league college if she had depleted the family bank account by 18. But we don't know how much $$$ they really have. Maybe the house has 3 mortgages.
  6. I loved when Dre asked if Bow even knew what happened to (whatever her friends who dumped her name was)..and she launched into her reply. Obviously she had been stalking her online and it was SO true to life! There were times I didn't dislike the grown up Bow in this episode.
  7. And speaking of makeovers. Grandma...you can afford it, go and buy a new friggin wig. No wonder Jeanette has no fashion or make up sense. Look at her mother. These women must not own a mirror, good grief. Too bad What Not to Wear is off the air, they would have qualified. A very strange family. All of them. Jazz is way to fragile to be going away to college. She was coddled and spoiled by her family, especially her mother and she is now an entitled brat. On top of that all the emotional problems that go along with being transgender. Why are they putting this child in intensive therapy for a while? She can go to college later on.
  8. I think Sharons new do' looks like a powdered wig. But I hate her so, it's hard to give her props. OK, she has a really good plastic surgeon. But I'd rather look like a troll than have to f*** Ozzy.
  9. Yikes. Is no one watching? I'm all for strange and different shows like this. Such a wonderful departure from formulaic sitcoms and reality shit shows, literally.
  10. I don't get the Friends frenzy and love. It sucked. It made billionaires out of low rent actors.
  11. This was on again last night. I didn't remember the opening from the first time and got sucked into watching it before I deleted it. Also did not remember Alec Baldwin as Trump wearing hoop earrings and then quickly taking them off once he got to the podium as if someone was maybe signaling him to do so. At first I thought it was part of the skit. Very strange.
  12. IF they took out the fake ass drama, the full of shit wish list, introducing us to their kids and all their family b.s. we could be seeing another house or two. Or better yet, show more of the 3 houses! They leave out so much.
  13. I thought Kristen looked terrible in her work out outfit. Too damn skinny, ropey, drawn out. Worse then when Hope was a "skeletor" back when. I guess if you like the extreme "fit" look it works. She looked anorexic or sickly to me. Keep your clothes on although you can still tell she is exercise obsessed.
  14. Well, from what I've seen, many of these girls are very experienced with older guys as well as boys their own age if you know what I mean. So having a 21 year old around is no big deal. As long as he sticks to his date or cheats with the 18 & olders for his own sake! It's not like most of the high school girls these days are innocent virgins.
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