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S17.E17: William Weld, John Waters, Kirsten Powers, Jonathan Swan, and Lawrence Wilkerson

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Airs May 31, 2019 

From Broadway World:


Presidential candidate and former Mass. Gov. William Weld is the top-of-show interview guest. Filmmaker John Waters is the mid-show interview guest. The roundtable guests are political analyst Kirsten Powers, political reporter Jonathan Swan and defense analyst Lawrence Wilkerson.

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Bill had a good monologue, and I enjoyed his joke about Robert Mueller's double-speak. "Do you take this woman to be your wife?" "I don't not take her."

John Waters makes a much better guest than a panelist so I was glad he came in late. At first glance I thought he had shaved off his trademark pencil mustache, but it turned out it was just way lower on his lip. WTF? It looked weirder than ever, and that's saying something.

I thought the panel was pretty good, I agree with Swan that Pelosi is standing in the way of impeachment proceedings which would already be underway if literally anyone else was Speaker. And I agree with Bill that the argument against impeachment on the basis that it would rile up Trump supporters is invalid since they are already riled. They were born riled. 

I was also glad to see that Bill does have some reservations about Biden because he's done nothing but pull for him up 'til now. 

But New Rules? Yikes, I think Victor the Crab summed up what that looked like.

Overtime was a bad look on everyone. Rambling and pointless and Bill didn't know anything about the new threshold the Democratic party had set for the third primary debate or seem to understand what he was asking.

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Bill blew (no pun intended) a golden opportunity when they were talking about Joe Biden and  Lawrence Wilkerson made a remark that that he (Biden) had a good veneer but in private "said a lot of weird things" (paraphrasing). Instead of asking the obvious "oh really, what?" he went off on a tangent about Dick Luger, ho ho ho, aren't I hilarious. Clunk. 

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I would argue that they're still gathering evidence for impeachment. There's still a lot to follow up on in the report. 

I get that you bring me evidence to light as part of the process, but they're doing that now. I don't think anyone answered the question is what happens after the senate doesn't remove him from office? 

Pelosi is basically giving him rope right now. 

And they're right about not enough people knowing what's in the report. Even if Meuller just reads from it, plenty of people will hear it for the first time. 

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12 hours ago, Victor the Crab said:

Bill's New Rules sermon is what giving yourself a blowjob looks like.

I LOLed at first reading this but now all I can think about Bill trying to pull a Scaramucci and well, at least it's not a work night and I have a full bottle of black label..

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John Waters looks like what Carson Kressley will be 20 years from now.  

Damn, didn't laugh once.  I need to laugh.  

Bill can congratulate himself on being right when the 2020 outcome is settled.  If he's still right, I'll be the first to stand in line to cheer.

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Love Jonathan Swan ( particularly after his interview with Jared Kushner) and the rest of the panel was good but in spite of the fact that I like Jon Walter, his presence with this panel was jarring. 

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