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  1. atlantaloves

    "The View": Week of 7/15/2019

    Exactly, that's just Joy being Joy.....I watched today because I just had to see what everybody had to see about the Drupt Nazi rally last night. GOOD GOD FROM ZION. It was hard to watch this show.
  2. atlantaloves

    Line Of Duty

    Well let's just say they are neck and neck...I love them both! But then again, I just started London Kills.
  3. atlantaloves

    Line Of Duty

    Am about to finish season 5 on a free Acorn week. I love this show, but all the initials they use for different things confuses the hell out of me. Oh another one that just started on Acorn is London Kills, I think it might be even better guys! Enjoy!
  4. atlantaloves

    S01.E03: 2008

    Was his mistress literally throwing up in the hotel bathroom? Also, were those viagra pills falling out of her purse? Why does she look like she is stoned, is she on drugs? God, that was a great episode, even though it kinda grossed me out. I don't really like Russell Crow, but he is killing it with this performance. God, he was a total perv don't ya think?
  5. atlantaloves


    Oh yeah, Hoarders that have cars always hoard their cars as well, every hoarder I know has their car packed to the ceiling, they can't even see behind them when driving. It is disgusting and dangerous. I have a friend who got a new car, and kept her old hoarded car parked down the street from her, and goes to visit her hoard that is inside her car. I am dead serious! She is paying for insurance on two cars just so she can keep her HOARD CAR. God!
  6. atlantaloves

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Realhousewife: ...honey you broke the internet with your hysterical post about Meeeeeegan yesterday, thank you. I don't really watch the show any more because she makes me puke, but thank you thank you thank you.
  7. atlantaloves

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    HaaaaChoooo...from one old cool coot to another, oh my Lord, there is no hope, we were brought up with manners, hell, I always said yes sir to my Dad and yes ma'am to my Mom.
  8. atlantaloves

    General True Crime Shows

    Luvmyshows: There were only four seasons of Dominick's show made, it is on the justice channel, on demand if you have Comcast. Starting this Monday morning there will be four episodes of the 4th season. If you have a dvr, you should be in hog heaven. 💋
  9. atlantaloves


    To WatchTina: And, anybody else who is interested in a good ole retro detective story: Give the British series George Gently a try, it is set in the 60's with an older and very attractive detective, and his cockney sidekick. I think it is on Britbox, I know it is on Acorn. It's totally wonderful! Flawless!
  10. atlantaloves

    S01.E02: 2001

    Oh yeah, I am totally into Judy, will she turn on her boss though?
  11. atlantaloves


    God this was just such a sad pitiful episode, I can't deal. Didn't care for it, Chip and Dale are worthless. Love Christine forever though.
  12. atlantaloves

    Small Talk: Viewers Like You

    GreenKnight: Thank you, I totally concur. Great post my pet.
  13. atlantaloves

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    I think Whoopie has a very private life beyond her cat, and she ain't letting Meeeeegan or anybody into that scenario. heh heh heh...Hey I ain't saying anything, you know, you know, as Whoopie would say.
  14. atlantaloves

    Trevor Noah: The Man Himself

    He is so wonderful and talented, I bet he could make it in movies as an actor. And man is he handsome! I adore him now.
  15. atlantaloves

    "The View": Week of 7/8/2019

    I remember when I had my eye surgery I was not suppose to wear eye makeup or rub my eyes, that was a no no. And yes, everything is really really bright for a couple of weeks. It hurts without dark glasses let me tell ya. Joy is such a trooper.