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  1. Oh me too, I am ALL IN so far, I like this series even though they aren't using southern accents, most actors can't do a Ga. accent anyway. They always do Mississippi. Ha.
  2. Well I am loving this series so far, but they need to throw some light in there so we can see what in the hell is going on....this is one dark show in more ways than one.
  3. I think Mee-again ran her off...she said enough already, I would rather work 24 hours a day.
  4. to Bad: Thank you dear, I concur, you just gave me a vision....whaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. Suzie: You made my weekend with that picture of Miss Thang at the cross. Thank you honey.😈
  6. Sergio needs to go go go, that outfit was hiddy! And, he's a stuck up creep.
  7. Cutter's Way is a wonderful movie that nobody saw in the 80's.....with Jeff Bridges but mainly the fantastic John Heard, who left us way too soon, you can see it free on Streamflix through Comcast and also Prime. It is a dilly of a murder mystery. Ahhhhh man.
  8. Let's face it fans, there is only one Poirot....and we know who he is.
  9. Scorpio Rule: You are killing it today with your perfect gifs, thank you, first laugh I have had in this messed up world today....THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.
  10. OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let her quit, she ruins this show for me and eveyrybody I know here and in Atlanta. I hate that cow.
  11. Banana: Yeah man, I am originally from Texas and "them's fighting words".
  12. MISRACH: they like to save their pee because none of them have plumbing that works, because they won't allow anybody in to do repair work. It's so sickening, but true true true. I know a hoarder, trust me on this one. (but thank God she has't gotten to the pee pee problem yet, she has actually let a plumber in to do work before).
  13. Thanks gals and gents for the update, I'm going to have a cocktail or three before I watch the show today. Oh God, it's back. I have to admit I have missed kvetching with you all the past couple of weeks!
  14. HOLY DOO DOO MAD BALLS! Boy, she really was a pain in the butt wasn't she? She made me cringe, but not as much as the elementary school teacher he shagged in season three, she was uber boring.
  15. Jeeves, you and me both, I just made a huge pile to donate plus some clothes that were so old and ugly they are just tossed! Nothing like watching that show to do a clean sweep! I agree, I hate it more when pets are living in crap than their nasty owners. I do love this show though, it's a very very guilty pleasure. I miss the British Hoarder show, it was actually charming, their little hoarders were so polite. Ha
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