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  1. OTOH, I do think most, if not of the fashions were pretty spot-on. I was more in my *mumble mumble* 30s in 1985, but I worked for a new-wave radio station and definitely remember the clothes. I find it funny that Hot Topic ads pops up on my FB feed occasionally, but they have a whole slew of ST items, including a shirt based on El's "shopping spree" romper.
  2. Why did they (the producers) even want them to look alike? To indicate some kind of 'brotherly' status? It was so confusing to me. If that was the case, they could have at least chosen some less-goofy hairstyle. I really hope that by Season 4 there's a resolve of this, because it's too distracting.
  3. Real Time with Bill Maher would be a great show....if Bill Maher wasn't involved. (I'm watching his interview with Tulsi right now and I'm already irritated with all of his little snitty remarks about the "woke people" and the "Twitter people" and yada yada yada.)
  4. littlecatsfeet

    S03.E06: Household

    I haven't watched this one yet; although I avoid reading the forums for all the shows I follow if I haven't watched the episode, I'm making an exception for HT so I'll know what torture porn they've managed to come up with this time so I won't be caught by surprise and grossed out without warning. Sewing someone's mouth shut doesn't even make sense (could you even get a straw in there?) but of course "making sense" and "this show" don't exist in the same universe. And count me in on the "sick of June freely traipsing around/sneering/arguing/younameit with few if any consequences" camp. That shit got stale in Season Two, ffs.
  5. I know he's had Janice Mock on the show. I think that was back in 2015. The look on Dan Savage's face when Bill was equating "I want an XBox" to "I want to be a girl" was priceless. That entire interview with Debra Soh made me cringe.
  6. littlecatsfeet

    S03. E08. #scaredsh*tless

    Right? If she was suspicious at all (which I think obviously was BEFORE she stepped in the hall, checked his picture, and called her friend), she should've run for the hills, or at least to the parking lot and peeled out of there. It's just so insulting to the audience's intelligence that she stops RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR. There's gotta be a BuzzFeed list somewhere of "things that only happen on TV" and if there is, that should be in the Top 5. This season just dissolved into cliche, so disappointing.
  7. littlecatsfeet

    Season Three Talk: FFwSB

    There was a big backlash from Lularoe consultants a while back that encompassed a lot of things, mostly having to do with getting stuck with thousands of dollars of merchandise and getting little to no support from HQ. There were reports of clothes being stored outside (prior to shipment to reps) due to warehouses running out of room. You can google "lularoe scam" and get a lot of hits, this is the article I remember reading a few years back. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-04-27/thousands-of-women-say-lularoe-s-legging-empire-is-a-scam here's an excerpt from that article: "The company calls the stinky legging allegations unfounded. It says that during its “explosive growth,” products were kept briefly on loading docks but were covered and that it maintains strict quality control." Riiiiiiight.
  8. littlecatsfeet

    S03. E08. #scaredsh*tless

    As soon as that researcher decided to lurk outside the lab door to make her phone call I knew she was a goner. Then she peeks in through the window no less, "oh maybe he left". I know it's not atypical for TV but it was SO RIDICULOUS.
  9. littlecatsfeet

    S03. E04. #makehistory

    The toilet thing was just uuuuuuuggggghhhh....I understand the "new" DS is going for more "gritty realism" but.....really?..... I fear you are right about Dante's Hot Boyfriend or should I say Chekhov's Hot Boyfriend. He may be a goner.
  10. Bill blew (no pun intended) a golden opportunity when they were talking about Joe Biden and Lawrence Wilkerson made a remark that that he (Biden) had a good veneer but in private "said a lot of weird things" (paraphrasing). Instead of asking the obvious "oh really, what?" he went off on a tangent about Dick Luger, ho ho ho, aren't I hilarious. Clunk.
  11. littlecatsfeet

    Dead To Me

    I'm also wondering what will happen with Detective Nick. Judy was crazy to dump him, and now I think he's a little bitter (can't blame him!), since he went to Det. Perez with the scoop about TKG Arts owning the Mustang (and IIRC he also linked Judy with Ted's death). Perez definitely knows that Judy is involved now, and now there'll be no trial for Steve so DUN DUN DUN. Hope if there's a Season Two it'll be as good as this was, plot holes and all.
  12. littlecatsfeet

    Dead To Me

    Speaking of cars, I have a handwave there myself regarding how Judy got around during the course of this series. I don't see that she got a car to replace the Mustang, and for a portion of the story she was afraid to drive. Yet she managed to go to work, to the support group, get back quickly to Jen after wandering on deserted road in the last episode, etc. I'm guessing she used ridesharing, public transportation, etc. It was a point that bugged me a little, but it's a minor infraction considering how much I enjoyed the series overall.
  13. littlecatsfeet


    I don't think it's meant to be ha-ha "funny" like The Opposition was. Jordan is presenting some serious subjects....PTSD in veterans, DACA students in Georgia...while providing some sardonic commentary along with the documentary piece. I think he does a very effective job. I'm in.
  14. littlecatsfeet


    I think if Gene is aware that Fuchs set him up (especially since he knows Fuchs used his cellphone to impersonate him), Barry can easily convince him that Fuchs is the true murderer. He would still be an angry, vengeful Gene though ☹️ Henry Winkler did such an outstanding job of conveying Gene's devastation at realizing that Janice is truly dead. Heck, even I had a glimmer of hope she might still be alive. But I doubt that body in the trunk is a red herring.
  15. littlecatsfeet

    S07.E07: Veep

    Yes, I hesitated about showing my ignorance there 🙂 I didn't/don't know a lot of political history other than presidents unless it was in my lifetime, and even then, there's a lot more I should educate myself on. I'm guessing, as IMonrey mentioned, that it was a Washington insider joke. It would have been great if the joke had been "Lindsey Graham gay" but maybe current politicians are considered off-limits?