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  1. I think Bill is stuck in his perpetual time warp/obsession about Berkeley, and their college students being mean to him in 2014. He still thinks that college students = millennials and it's a conspiracy against him and they're all awful and blah blah blaaaaahhhh (plus he made a snide comment about Berkeley during the show, JFC, Bill get over it!!) And only "one person in Japan under 30" has died of coronavirus? Well, that's nice, Is he aware that Japan is a different country than this one? Yes, their rates have been low in general, there seems to be some mystery about the "why" of that,
  2. He was blathering on a few shows ago about how imperative it is to the human race to meet in a restaurant to "break bread". I really can't see Bill being out in public that much where he could possibly rub elbows with the common folk. Maybe it's different in L.A. and the famous all congregate together somewhere where they can be shielded from the hoi polloi. IDK. I can't picture him running down to the store either, I'm sure he has (had) people to do it for him. My guess is that he really wants his housekeeper to come back so he doesn't have to mop a floor or clean a toilet. I've not he
  3. So Bill's latest display of Chicken Little Syndrome is that voters won't turn out in November because "some people won't leave their house ever again", because the quarantine is forcing them all to stay home, dagnabbit, or some such horseshit. This in spite of the fact that there's been record turnout for nearly every single primary held this year in SPITE of the quarantine, in SPITE of people having to wait in lines for hours on end, etc. Granted, what happened in Georgia was a massive fustercluck but it had nothing to do with the virus. They still had triple the numbers of voters that they d
  4. Is this a drama now? Shay left and the show went off the rails. Very bizarre.
  5. What I found particularly infuriating is Bill's "theory" that quarantine instigated the recent and very widespread protests in the streets. “People don’t have much to do now. There was a lockdown. They’ve been cooped up,” he said. A quarter of the country that was working in February is not working now. You have no jobs. There’s no economy to come back to. Why not be in the streets?” Because, you know, systemic racism and black people being arrested and killed completely disproportionally by law enforcement, doesn't really have much to do with it. *eyeroll* People are just bored is
  6. Is it crazy that I would love one of Ice Cube's "Check Yo Self" shirt? I'm a 67-year-old white woman. 🤣
  7. I agree with everyone who has pointed out (in frustration) the ret-conning of SO many details. I don't understand why there at least can't be a passing reference to absent family members ("Jerry Garcia Conner is on a boat" being the sole and isolated exception and that was just kind of ridiculous). It's even driving me a little batty how Ben's beard disappeared 3 or 4 episodes ago, with everyone making a big deal about it (I thought he looked better, but whatever), and now it's magically back with no reference to it at all. That being said, I have to point out my favorite line of th
  8. He ~sort of~ brought this up during the show. Don't remember the exact wording, but it was something to the effect that "it's easier to eat healthy if you have money". WELL DUH. But then went on to say it's not impossible to do for ya know, the po' folks. He didn't elaborate on that. I guess he thinks everyone has room for a vegetable garden and a few fruit trees and/or can just boogie down the road to the local chain grocer at their leisure. Also, someone needs to clue him in that skinny people can have heart attacks & get cancer too (Jim Fixx, Bob Harper, Adele Davis, et al). The
  9. I'm confused, do only obese people get COVID-19? Because the way he & Amy were prattling on, you would've thunk so. *eyeroll* And Amy doesn't know who she's voting for because she "hasn't really thought about it"? Really? REALLY? She's a political commentator by trade but she hasn't thought about an election six months away? WTF? That 20 minutes with Amash was 19 1/2 minutes too long. I did agree with 99% of his New Rules, which is unusual.
  10. Not necessarily...there's something to be said for that, but I'm a few years older than Bill and he's much, much further to the right than I am, and good lord, I'm tired of his "kids these days" whining. He referred to himself as "a liberal" at one point in last night's show and I just snorted. I'd prefer that things worked out that we had a younger candidate than Biden, but we don't, and that's the reality. I'm not doing cartwheels over it, but I'll support him 100%. To hear the nonstop age bashing ("he smells like pee"?? Really????) was horribly disrespectful and destructive. And yeah
  11. My attention is sort of drifting from the actual show at this point but my ears did perk up a little at the El Coco story. I live in the Southwest; my BFF in high school was Hispanic, and this sounded a lot like a reference to "the Cucuy" (pronounced coo-coo-ee) that I would hear at her house all the time. It was basically the same kind of thing, a boogeyman. ("don't go back there, the Cucuy will get you!"). Just for verification, I googled around and found this http://mexicounexplained.com/el-cucuy-mexican-bogeyman/; there's even a children's book (!) about it. But AFAIK, the Cucuy didn't pu
  12. I am realllllly tired of Bill lecturing about "you can hate Trump, you can't hate his supporters". I beg to differ. I most certainly can hate Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists and loony gun nuts with itchy trigger fingers. I can even hate the cowards in the Senate that protect a pathologically lying criminal "president". STFU, Bill.
  13. I'm always glad to see Jon. He looks good, too.
  14. I was really pleasantly surprised by this week's show. No guests shouting or monopolizing the conversation. Bill's usual Grumpy Old Man tendencies were subdued. Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Yang were great. Of course, there were no Republicans (except Joe Walsh, who has morphed into a never-Trumper) to be praised about how "brave" they were. Erick Erickson is a guest next week so that may change. I'm cynical that this was anything but a one-off, but it was definitely nice for change.
  15. I'm five minutes into watching this episode and the cackling is driving me nuts. And she's not funny this time around either.
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