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What we know so far:

  • based on Nick Hornby's 1995 book of the same name which was made into a movie starring John Cusack in 2000
  • stars Zoe Kravitz (who is also an executive producer of the show) will star as the main character Rob, a record store owner obsessed with music and top five lists
  • was originally going to air on the new Disney+ platform but has now been moved to Hulu
  • Jake Lacy (New Jim on The Office, Fran on Girls, Nick on I'm Dying Up Here) has been cast as series regular Clyde ("Effortlessly cute, if not the coolest guy in the room. A recent NY transplant from LA, he’s still trying to figure out how to navigate the city. Despite his lack of interest in music, he reveals a funny and open side that intrigues Rob.")
  • the first season will have 10 episodes and is tentatively scheduled to begin airing at the end of 2019

And of course, the fun trivia is that Zoe's mom Lisa Bonet appeared in the movie version of High Fidelity!

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I’m also liking it so far. Loving the music and Zoe is great in it (though it’s crazy how she’s the carbon copy of her mom).

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I'm three episodes in and I like it a lot.  We went back and watched the original film and they are making her much more sympathetic than the original Rob.   I like the banter between the three main leads and I'm eager to see if she gets back together with Mac.

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I have to admit I never read the book or saw the original film.  So I am coming to this a complete High Fidelity virgin.

First episode impression:  This show is definitely Zoe Kravitz levels of cool.  I love the vibe of it just from this one episode alone.

Soundtrack is killer so far.  This ep highlights for me were 'Come on Eileen' (that song just makes me sing out loud very badly) and 'I Can't Stand the Rain' which is just one of those songs that arrests your attention.

Mac:  This boy is fine.  Fine.  I love the sprinkle of premature grey in his hair.  And the accent. Oy.  But is he a jerk?  Why did he leave?  What happened?  They were so in love!!  Do I root for him or...

Clyde:  Nice guy.  Not as good looking as Mac, but still cute  and obviously no messy baggage with Rob.  I liked him.  And he seems so damn sincere and earnest.  But is he exciting...?

Really enjoyed the supporting cast, especially Da'Vine Joy Randolph.  This is a breakout year for her.  I almost didn't recognize her because this is such a different performance from her role in 'My Name is Dolemite.'

On to ep two...

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Finished Eps two and Three:

Not crazy about her playlist, tbh.  The two best songs were the opener (Modern Love) and the closer (Nothing Compares  2 U).  There was a great Biggie song in there, but overall if I am making a sad-sack love song playlist it is going to more along the lines of a Jagged Little Pill type rage songs.  LOL.  I had a college roommate who made break up playlists and no matter what other songs were on it, the opener was always 'Killing Me Softly' by Roberta Flack.  God.  We lived with four housemates and the rest of us would shake our heads when we heard KMS wafting under her door.  To this day I can't hear that song and not instantly be transported back to college and my roommate and her eleventy-billion breakups.  We still tease her about it on Facebook occasionally.

I will say I am disappointed in Rob's brother by trying to give her shit about how she reacts to her break-ups using middle school Kevin and Mac as examples.  I mean, she was in middle school.  You are supposed to react dramatically at that age.  Also she and Mac weren't just dating, they were together for a year and talking marriage.  That wasn't just some random break up, it was serious shit.

Liam: Hot as heck.  But I call a big ol' HELL NO on his cover of Boyz II Men.  That was not that good.  Not. At. All. 

I LOVED the Michael Jackson argument.  The entire scene.  Loved it!

So I thought Clyde was a regular?  No Clyde.  I hope he comes back.  I am kinda missing him and hat to say kinda rooting for him still.

And I need Debbie Harry as a black satin pajama wearing fairy sing-mother in my living room giving me advice and singing Heart of Glass to me.  I would take a heart-rending break up for that.


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FYI - I requested a full show forum for this because I find it really difficult to read/discuss shows that get released all at once in a single thread without getting spoiled. For the time being, I am scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the thread without reading anyone's posts because I don't want to accidentally get spoiled about anything that happens on the show. After I finish watching the whole season, I can safely go back and read everyone else's posts!

I read the Nick Hornby novel in college and loved it. When I recommended it to a (male) friend, he read it and then asked me if I was trying to tell him that he was like Rob. I was like, uh, no, but there must be a reason that you related to him so much!

I also liked the movie version. I thought John Cusack made Rob a little more manic and yelly (I always pictured Rob as more of a quiet brooder with a few outbursts), but overall I liked the way they translated London to Chicago but still kept the same essential vibe of the book. Jack Black was perfect as obnoxious know it all Barry so I was interested to see how that character would end up in the tv version (same goes for music nerd Dick).

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S1.E1: Top Five Heartbreaks


After a first date with nice guy Clyde goes wrong, record store owner Rob Brooks recounts her top five heartbreaks and a recent emotional run-in with her past.

I love that they kept some of the same names from the book but changed them to different characters (Kevin Bannister!). Also interesting that they kept some of the same lines from the book but had other characters say them (the whole thing about what you like is more important than what you ARE like).

One major change from the book/movie is giving Rob an entire year between her breakup and present day. Overall, I don't think it actually makes a difference to the plot. In the book/movie, the hurt was very fresh because Laura had just broken up with him but it still makes sense for her to be hurt about it a year later on the show. When it's a painful breakup, it can take a long time to get over.

I liked that Rob didn't initially click with Clyde, partly because she wasn't making much effort, and then after she tried to ditch him, they ended up having a halfway decent conversation (well, at least until Rob got all obssessive and Rob-like about Fleetwood Mac).

One thing that the movie did really well was give us a better understanding of why Rob fell so hard for Charlie and why he felt like he wasn't good enough for her whereas what little we saw of Kat doesn't justify why Rob fell apart after that breakup. Maybe we'll get more flashbacks of her later so that we see why Rob fell in love with her but right now it doesn't feel justified.

Interesting choice to make Simon her ex AND gay AND her employee. That feels like a lot, but I liked that they have their love of music and being pretentious as common ground. And having that history gives their current relationship more depth than book/movie Rob's relationship with Dick.

Making her ex Justin a stand up comedian totally cracked me up.

As for Mac, all Rob really said was that Mac moved to London. She didn't actually say why, so I'll be interested to see what really broke them up and why he's back in town.

I'm totally fine with the show using different musical references than the book and movie (changing Walking on Sunshine to Come On Eileen was a pretty even exchange in my opinion) but I loved that they used I Can't Stand the Rain by Ann Peebles (also used in the movie).

I like Cherise but honestly, Jack Black's perfect level of oblivious obnoxiousness is a lot to live up to.

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1.1 songs


You Make Me Sick - Satan's Rats

Somebody Help Me - Otis Brown

Dreams - Fleetwood Mac

My Love for You - ESG

I Just Might Crack - The Makers

Bobby Brown Goes Down - Frank Zappa

Darko - Cubic Zirconia

Banana Riddim - The Body Snatchers
(I couldn't find this on youtube)

Lui e Lei - Piero Umiliani

The Real Me - The Radio Stars

And We Hear "I Love You" - Lena Platanos

Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners

Noite Preta - Lula Côrtes

Ashamed - Omar Apollo

La Forêt - Lescop

Didn't I - Darondo

I'm Lonely - Darondo

Pink Moon - Nick Drake

I Can't Stand the Rain - Ann Peebles



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Rob: We're on the wrong side of the rock.
Mac: Rob, don't start.
Rob: Remember? Remember when we were in the park and we were listening to Talking Book and we were having such a nice day and that stupid fucking couple on the other side of the rock was just screaming at each other the whole time?
Mac: Yeah, I remember.
Rob: We promised that if we ever found ourselves on that side of the rock that we would remind each other to come back to our side of the rock, right?
Mac: Yeah. Yeah, we did.
Rob: So this is me reminding you.
Mac: Yeah, I remember. I just can't remember what it felt like, Rob.

Clyde: If I were to admit out loud to you right now that I truly, no joke, love this song, would you get up and leave?
Rob: Hell, I love this song. This is a great song.
Clyde: Yeah. 
Rob: Yeah. I don't love Rumours as a whole. I prefer Tusk. Controversial, I know.
Clyde: Yeah, no doubt.
Rob: No, Rumours is cool, Rumours is cool. I mean, The Chain, which is sick. Don't Stop's more like no, stop, please, stop. Second Hand News, yes. Go Your Own Way, yes. To me, this band's more about the drama. You know what I mean? Like you can hear it when you listen to the music. You have all that shit with Stevie and Lindsey and John and Christine and Bob Weston and Mick Fleetwood's wife. Lindsey, that other chick, I can't remember her name, Christine, and the fucking sound engineer. I mean, it's fucking bonkers. You can hear it when you listen to it. I'm still talking. I'm so sorry. Um, to answer your very simple question, yes, I enjoy this song.
Clyde: Follow up question - are you going to get up and leave now cause I don't know enough about Fleetwood Mac? 
Rob: Yes.

Kevin: What you listening to?
Rob: Weezer. 
Present day Rob: I lied. It was Frank Zappa. 
Kevin: Cool.
Present day Rob: All white guys love Weezer.

Rob: So here's how not to plan a career. One: split up with girlfriend. Two: ditch college. Three: go to work in struggling record shop. Four: become owner of said record shop and stay there for rest of life.

Rob: We liked all the same things - whiskey neat, pretentious films. But most importantly, music. Simon had a theory.
Simon: The things that you like are as important - no, no, no, more important than what you are like. 
Rob: Yes, yes! 
Simon: See what I'm saying? Movies, TV, film, literature, poetry. 
Rob: Shit matters.
Simon: It matters, right? And it's no good just pretending some relationship is going to fucking magically work if you don't like most of the same things.
Rob: Yeah, call me shallow. It's the fucking truth.

Rob: We've got a bit of everything: rock, electronic, hip-hop, pop. To quote our lone Yelp review, "Decently curated cuts, unpretentious location, owner's a little rude. Two and a half stars.” Half the neighborhood thinks we're washed up relics. The other half thinks we're nostalgic hipsters. They're both kind of right.

Cherise: I forgot - this song is dope as shit!

Cherise: What the fuck? Yo, that song was on the Monday morning playlist. I made it special for you all - special!
Rob: Yeah? Well, it's fucking Tuesday, dude.
Cherise: No shit. Today's fucking Tuesday? 
Simon: Yeah, it's Tuesday. 
Cherise: Oh shit.

Cherise: Simon, do you want to know what the next song is on the playlist?
Simon: What's the next song? 
Cherise: Can't Take My Eyes Off of You. 
Simon: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons?
Cherise: Come on, Rob. Why is he starting? No! Lauryn Hill.
Simon: Oh.
Cherise: Oh? 
Simon: Oh gawd. 
Cherise: Why are you oh-ing? 
Simon: No reason.
Cherise: No, there's a reason why you're oh-ing. Look at me in my eyes and tell me what the fuck is wrong with Lauryn Hill. Why are you oh-ing?
Simon: Nothing. I just. Nothing is wrong.
Cherise: I know there's nothing wrong with her.
Simon: I mean, she shows up late to her concerts but other than that, I prefer the original.
Cherise: That's bull shit!
Simon: How can it be bull shit to state a preference?
Cherise: It's bull shit because it's a bull shit preference!

Rob: Number four on the top five heartbreak list is Justin Kitt. Justin was an odd choice. His top five recording artists were Jay-Z, Eminem, Linkin Park, Aerosmith, and The Dave Matthews Band. So yeah, he was kind of an asshole. He was also a stand up comedian which at the time seemed, I don't know, vaguely intriguing. But Justin had a thing. You know, some qualities that made being around him exciting - qualities like confidence and magnetism and a girlfriend. I suppose my mid-20s felt a little short on intrigue. We met in secret and talked on the phone in secret, had sex in secret, and we dreamt about how cool it would be when we didn't have to do things in secret. And then one day, we weren't doing things in secret anymore which was significantly less exciting. So naturally, I decided to have his name tattooed on my arm. In retrospect, we were both kind of assholes.

Cherise: Excuse me. May I help you?
Customer: No, I'm good, thanks.
Cherise: You do know there's an actual person standing right here in front of you - you aware? I'm here.
Simon: She's right there.
Customer: I'm sorry, I just thought Shazam would be easier.
Cherise: Oh, okay, so you thought Shazam would be easier. So it's so hard for you to open up your fine ass motherfucking mouth and say to me, "Hey, miss, I think this song is fly as shit. Do you by chance know who sings it?" At which point, I would say to you, "Yes, you motherfucking fine ass Italian stallion, I do know. It's Lescop. They are French and it's located right over here.

Rob: Nice work, you two. Just fucking quality, quality work. Scare away our only fucking customer and sexually harass him.
Cherise: Yo, what the fuck I'm supposed to do? The boy is fine and dumb, okay? Shit, it's my fault I'm the asshole in this situation?
Rob: No, that guy was a tool.

Cherise: The problem with these kids is that the generation is completely fucked up.
Rob: Their generation? Which generation are you a part of, Cherise?
Cherise: None! Because I have opted out.

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S1.E2: Track 2


Rob stews over her recent encounter with Mac and builds a secret playlist; Cherise and Simon take Rob to a concert where she meets singer Liam who might just be the distraction she needs.

I loved that they kept the art of making a mixtape (updated to playlist) in the show because IT'S ALL TRUE.

Ha, the digs at Rob's sweater were a good reference to the book/movie. I remember Barry HATED that sweater.

Ooh, Thomas Doherty! I know him from Legacies so it's nice to see him playing a normal person here. And movie shout out! The club where he performed is named DeSalle's. In the book, his character was named Marie LaSalle and in the movie she was named Marie DeSalle (played by Lisa Bonet, Zoë's mother!).

Similar to the way I thought the book/movie gave us a good idea why Rob was besotted by Charlie and destroyed by their breakup but the show fell short, the same thing happened with Marie/Liam. When Lisa Bonet sang Baby I Love Your Way, I completely bought that Rob was thunderstruck (and I totally believed it in the book) but Liam? I mean, he's cute in a clean cut kind of way but there's no way I believe that Rob, Simon, and Cherise all suddenly loved a Boyz II Men cover because he was so hot/such a good performer.

Maybe it's different with sisters than it is with brothers, but I couldn't believe that Rob's brother called to schedule brunch before telling her that Mac was back in town AND that he and Nikki had dinner with him. If I ran into my sister's ex, I would tell her as soon as he was out of earshot! I definitely wouldn't wait DAYS to tell her.

One thing that annoyed me in this episode and the previous one was the music editing of particular songs. In the last episode it was Come On Eileen. In this one it was Nothing Compares 2U. You can't just keep cutting the song up to fill the scene because it's REALLY noticeable.

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1.2 songs


Lovin' You - Minnie Riperton

Buchanan Hammer - Los Tones

Off the Wall - Michael Jackson

War Is Hell - Ho99o9

Modern Love - David Bowie

Prototype - OutKast

So Blue - Prince

Arrow Through Me - Paul McCartney & Wings

Is It Any Wonder? - Durand Jones and the Indications

Me and My Bitch - Notorious B.I.G.

I'll Make Love to You - Boyz II Men

Say You'll Say So - Geoffrey Landers

Nothing Compares 2U - Sinéad O'Connor

Virgenes del Sol - Manzanita y Su Conjunto



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Rob: Making a playlist is a delicate art. It's like writing a love letter but better in a way. You get to say what you want to say without actually saying it. You get to use someone else's poetry to express how you feel. And then there are the rules. It's got to be entertaining. You got to tell a story. You can't be too obvious but you can't be too obscure either. You can't double up on songs by the same artist, unless, of course, that's your theme. Anyway, a good compilation, like so many things in life, is hard to do.

Rob: The most important track is number one. It's got to be familiar but also unexpected. But most importantly, it's got to make you feel good.

Rob: Track two. There needs to be an element of surprise because what you're saying here is: "Keep listening. There might be more here than you thought."

Rob: Closers are fucking tough. It's the last thing they're going to hear and thus the only thing they're going to remember so you've got to bring your message home.

Simon: We need a ruling.
Rob: Hey, what's going on?
Cherise: This person who's clearly never been on the internet is trying to buy a fucking Michael Jackson album for her boyfriend. 
Rob: Shit. 
Customer: It's his birthday. 
Rob: Which album? 
Cherise: Which album?
Customer: Off The Wall. Do you guys have it?
Rob: Yeah, we have it. We do. Um, I'm very sorry but I don't think I can sell that to you.
Customer: Oh, okay.
Rob: Oh, but those fucking horn charts on Workin' Day and Night. All right, all right, yeah. Fuck it, fuck it. Let's do it.
Customer: Okay, great!
Cherise: Hold up, hold up, hold up. So this man gets a pass for horn charts?
Rob: I'll give a pass to anyone who's scaled Mount Olympus, Cherise.
Lewis: They were Quincy's charts, anyway. 
Rob: Exactly. How does it benefit society to hold Quincy's genius hostage just because the dude that sang over his shit ended up being a full-blown child molester? 
Customer: Allegedly. 
Lewis: Whoa.
Cherise: Where'd you get that from, Rob? From fucking Convenient Opinions R Us?
Rob: Okay, you still listen to a dude who raps in a MAGA hat.
Cherise: Are you fucking serious?  Having shitty politics and a second grade understanding of American history is a tiny bit different than being a goddamn child molester. 
Customer: Allegedly. 
Lewis: Jesus.
Cherise: Kanye West has a mental health issue!
Rob: You don't think Michael Jackson had a fucking mental health issue?
Cherise: Okay, cool. Great, great, great. So this is what I'm going to do - I'm just going to pop on some Charles Manson and we can all just vibe out to that. That sound cool for you? 
Customer: Charles Manson made music?
Cherise: Why? Would you like to buy that for your boyfriend too? 
Simon: It's actually oddly good. 
Rob: It is. 
Simon: But Cherise, what if the only artists that we were allowed to listen to were inarguably nice people with unassailably perfect ethics? We'd have to destroy every record in existence except for-
Lewis: Bono. 
Rob: Phil Collins. 
Lewis: Michael Stipe. 
Simon: Sufjan Stevens.
Customer: Hey, can you guys sell me the record? How does that work here?

Cherise: Yo, does she seem sadder than usual or is it the sweater?
Simon: Sweater.

Rob: Okay, here's what I got - Ziggy Stardust, Hunky Dory, Let's Dance, Aladdin Sane, and Station to Station.
Mac: What about Blackstar?
Rob: I know, I thought about that but what am I going to do? Not have Station to Station?
Mac: Omigawd, I can't believe you'd do that. You told me Blackstar was the best record of the last twenty years, how he burned out instead of fading away. 
Rob: I know. I said that. You're right.
Mac: How he absorbed the best of his modern influences while still maintaining the core of who he was as an artist. 
Rob: Oh, is that what I sound like? Is that what I sound like?
Mac: And how he used his death as reflexive creation and invited us in the innermost private experience a human being could have. And how the drums were the baddest thing ever. 

Rob: In that case, I'm going to go slip into something a little more domestic. 
Mac: Uh oh.
Rob: It's going to be hot. It's going to involve sweatpants. 
Mac: Oh.
Rob: And granny panties.
Mac: Uh oh. I think the ball's on the bed but the chain is at the cleaners.

Simon: There's an underground catstep show in Red Hook. 
Cherise: The fuck?
Simon: It's a sub genre of filthstep. Hasn't really caught on yet but you know, it could someday.
Cherise: I'm changing it up fo sho. I might check out this house party in Bed Stuy but that could be lame. Or there's this experimental dance group that my homie Bodhi's in. But you know what? As I say that shit out loud, it's probably going to be wack as fuck so I don't know.

Simon: We're going to go check out this guy Liam's show at DeSalle's. It's sort of like Unknown Mortal Orchestra meets Frank Ocean kind of vibe. But not like Channel Orange Frank Ocean, more like Blonde Frank Ocean with like just this large hint of Jeff Buckley.

Cherise: Ten minutes and twenty seven seconds. Pay up, sucker. 
Simon: No, you said under ten minutes.
Cherise: Yeah, and that includes the tenth minute.
Simon: I've decided it's actually easier for me to pay you than to argue with you.

Cherise: Hey, yo, Rob, you do know that that's not supposed to be an outside sweater, right?

Carlos: What's up, Rob? Cool sweater.
Rob: Unpopular opinion, Carlos, but thank you.

Simon: So how was it, you know, seeing [Mac], running into him?
Rob: You know that scene at the end of Braveheart where they rip all his entrails out and he's like, "Freedom!" but it's like a positive thing, you know, because he, like, inspired his people or whatever?
Simon: Yeah.
Rob: Like that but without the silver lining.
Simon: All entrails, no freedom.
Rob: Yeah, exactly.

Simon: Has anyone ever told you you remind them of Jagwar Ma?
Cherise: I'm sorry. He likes to impress people with his musical knowledge.

Rob: Dude, why'd you have to tell him about the shop?
Cherise: The fuck are you talking about? I didn't think it was classified information. We have no customers. I thought that was a bad thing, not a business strategy.

Simon: Hey, you guys want to go see Hot Chip DJ? I'm about to get the location.
Cherise: We know the location - 2007.

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S1.3: What Fucking Lily Girl?


Rob obsesses over the identity of Mac's new girlfriend, falling deeper into the rabbit hole and finds sympathy in an unexpected place, Liam; when her night with Liam ends with a thud, Rob realizes she may be stuck in a pattern only she can break.

Oh, Rob. As soon as she assumed that Mac had met Lily in the three weeks since he moved back to New York, I knew she was going to be wrong. As for them being engaged already, that's got to hurt since they began dating immediately after she and Mac broke up. I did love the updated version of trying to find your ex's new girlfriend. I also loved that Simon thought Rob playing darts counted as a sport.

This is the first episode where Rob was strongly veering into self centered asshole territory. Up until now, I've been okay with Rob wallowing about her breakup with Mac, but when she started telling Liam that Lily was uncomplicated, I was already rolling my eyes. I get that you want a reason to hate your ex's new girlfriend but seriously? You're judging her based on her instagram pictures, none of which actually show her? And then to follow that up with how you're soooooo complicated? BITCH, PLEASE. From what we've seen so far, Rob isn't complicated. If anything, she's pretty simple. She's a music snob who owns a record shop and she's still licking her wounds from when she got dumped a year ago. How does any of that make her a complicated person?

Yikes, Liam is only 18?! I guess I should give him a tiny bit of credit for not lying about it when the topic came up but damn.

This probably says a lot about me, but I loved Rob getting a Debbie Harry pep talk instead of a Bruce Springsteen pep talk. 

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1.3 songs


Heart of Glass - Blondie

Duke - Kantata

Bad Behavior - Claire Wyndham
(couldn't find this one on youtube)

The Chicago Party Theme - Jesus Wayne

Don't Talk Like That - Clarence Murray

I Want to Hug the Sky - Impala Syndrome

Right On - Marvin Gaye

Merry Go Round - The Equatics

It's All About You - Munya

Without Love - Ronnie Taylor

Once I Had a Love - Blondie




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Rob: So he's been back three weeks and he's met someone already. Cool. I mean, three weeks. How serious could it even be? I mean, what do people who have been together for three weeks even do? They have sex. Just constantly have sex.

Rob: Why are you getting rid of these [records]?
Cam: Spring cleaning. Nikki asked me to clean out the spare room and set up the nursery.
Rob: Babies don't like music?
[Rob looks through the albums]
Rob: Dude, you don't think your baby's going to like N.W.A.? Are you not the father?

Rob: Thirty bucks.
Cam: Thirty bucks? Run DMC's first record is in here.
Rob: Fine, forty five. But it's store credit.
Cam: I can't leave the house with records and just come back with different records.

Cam: You [and Kevin Bannister] went out for like a minute and a half and then you broke up and you spent like the whole summer listening to the Cure and drawing skulls in your bedroom.
Rob: So?
Cam: So that was the seventh grade and you're still doing the exact same thing right now.
Rob: I am not.
Cam: Are too! You're with someone and then it ends and then you freak out and shut down and spend like the next five years just spinning your wheels and muttering to yourself about what went wrong.
Rob: That's called dating.

Rob: I found [Lily's] profile and it's just all dogs and sunsets and flowers and cocktails and dogs and flowers and sunsets.
Simon: Gross.

Simon: Apparently [Lily]'s the kind of person that enjoys frosés.
Rob: What the fuck is a frosé?
Simon: Evidently it's something you do all day.
Rob: Sounds exhausting.

Cherise: He's in here.
Rob: Who's in here?
Cherise: Liam the dope ass fine ass Scottish singer is in the motherfucking store.
Rob: We should probably turn off his music.
Simon: On it.

Simon: I gotta go home and change my shirt.
Cherise: Into what? Your other shirt?

Simon: I've never seen Rob play a sport.

Rob: If Simon's theory is true - that it's not what you're like but what you like that matters - then Liam and I are exhibit A. We bond over books, tv, music, movies. We express our shared opinions on Joan Didion, J Dilla, dubstep, Escape from New York, sports, Mexican food. Yes, yes, no, yes, no, and yes.

Cherise: Okay, I gotta tell you the truth - I'm going to be late tomorrow.
Rob: You're late every day.
Cherise: You get me, and that's why I love you.

Rob: [Lily] just seems like, um, uncomplicated, I guess. And I just don't get how [Mac] could want that. If he wanted that, I don't get how he was ever with me. Did it not work because I wasn't what he wanted or did he change what he wanted because of what I am?

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4 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

FYI - I requested a full show forum for this because I find it really difficult to read/discuss shows that get released all at once in a single thread without getting spoiled. For the time being, I am scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the thread without reading anyone's posts because I don't want to accidentally get spoiled about anything that happens on the show. After I finish watching the whole season, I can safely go back and read everyone else's posts!

Thank you!  I hope they do so!!  I'm skim reading as well until I finish the season.

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I absolutely hate hate hate hate hate how Rob gave up that record collection.  I hated the shots of her toilet which were disgusting.  And I thought it was RIDICULOUS to have her use a landline in her apartment.  Does anyone her age do that in a big city?  I haven't used a landline in my own home since the 90s and I'm older than she is.  I've only had a cell since 2001.

Other than that, I really liked it.

I really liked the actor who played Simon.  He mumbled a LOT and it was very hard to understand him, but he was cute and a good actor and I liked the one episode totally devoted to him.

Rob and Mac had bonkers chemistry.

The actor who played Lily is an actual model.  The actor who played Rob's brother was a MuchMusic VeeJay in Canada, and I used to have a big crush on him.  He's really changed.  The actor who played Mac was also on the latest season of "The OA" on Netflix.  And of course Charise can be seen in "Dolemite is my Name".

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3 hours ago, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Similar to the way I thought the book/movie gave us a good idea why Rob was besotted by Charlie and destroyed by their breakup but the show fell short, the same thing happened with Marie/Liam. When Lisa Bonet sang Baby I Love Your Way, I completely bought that Rob was thunderstruck (and I totally believed it in the book) but Liam? I mean, he's cute in a clean cut kind of way but there's no way I believe that Rob, Simon, and Cherise all suddenly loved a Boyz II Men cover because he was so hot/such a good performer.

I get where you're coming from, but I actually did buy it.

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S1.E4: Good Luck and Goodbye


In hopes of understanding why her relationships continue to fail, Rob decides to track down her top five heartbreaks; what starts out as a satisfying romp down memory lane ultimately leads her to the one conversation she has been avoiding.

Once again, Rob is totally self absorbed. She's so obsessed with her journey of absolving herself of fault in her past relationships that she didn't even notice Simon likes the barista.

I liked that Cherise listened to Simon's advice and revised her flyer to be more specific.

Ugh, I was cringing when Rob blurted out that she wanted Mac to say that it wasn't serious with Lily and that he hadn't proposed. Then I had Rob's rant about a minute before she said it all on the screen - why didn't she just ask him her original question?

This is an interesting deviation from the book/movie where Rob just wanted to know if Laura had slept with the new guy (but that's because there wasn't a year gap between their breakup and the present day). We still haven't learned why Rob and Mac broke up so I wonder if it's related to one of the book storylines (Laura got pregnant and had an abortion).

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Rob: We hate this place.
Simon: I don't know. They have oat milk.
Rob: Is this Mumford and Sons?

Cherise's revised flyer:
Front woman looking for a band
Once in a generation soul samurai front woman (Aretha meets Ann Wilson meets Wilson Pickett meets Cree Summer meets Prince but taller and not such a weirdo) weeks galactic cowboy supergroup. Influences include: Stevie  Wonder 1966-1977, only James Brown "Live at the Apollo 1963" (mostly side A), King Crimson but not so prog, Dungen but more Nordic, Cream but only Ginger and Jack. The tambourine on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," the tambourine on Edwin Starr's "War!" Think Brian Eno producing Beyonce fronting Soul Coughing but with Daniel Ash on guitar.

Simon: You look like a high fashion ninja turtle.

Rob: Why should I care what a person like [Cat] thinks about me anyway?
Simon: Exactly.
Cherise: You should not.
Rob: She sucks.
Simon: She sucks.
Rob: I should WANT to be rejected by someone like that.
Cherise: How the fuck did you get from that to this?
Simon: What kind of mentality is that? No.

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1.4 songs


Come On Down - Awkward Family Portraits

Yesterday's Love - Aura

They Say I'm Different - Betty Davis

De Sol a Sol - Serguei

Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest

Restraint - the Golden Filter

Dancing Is the Best Revenge - !!!

Patience - Teymori

Wut - Le1f

Violent - Grapetooth

I Don't Know - Beastie Boys

It Ain't Easy - David Bowie



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I was also excited to see Thomas Doherty. He has such a lovely voice and after Descendants and Legacies it was nice to see him as a normal person.

I really like Clyde and glad to see him back after a few episodes. I’m sure her and Mac are probably endgame but I like how sweet he is. I also enjoy her with Mac. The actor was adorable in Noelle.

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