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  1. I decided to put my irritation with the corny left turn this show took aside, and just enjoy it. It was pretty cheesy though. I Swear? Ghost Candy was an eye roller too. So how much did Elektra spend on this wedding? I feel like she dropped hundreds of thousands of dollars on it. I just don't see it being in Elektra's character to spend that much on someone else. There's no reason why she, or any of the other ladies, wouldn't find a man to marry them. She acted like Angel was the only one who would ever get married. What I did notice is that MJ Rodriguez has become a great actr
  2. I don't remember from previous seasons, but his baby mama's sister said "You have a type" when talking about Angel. So my initial assumption was that the ex was a trans gal who had passed of AIDS and that's what Papi would find out. So when it was revealed a bio woman who had a baby, I guessed that he had been busted cheating on the ex with a trans gal. Someone who watches closer can correct me. I loved "Pose" and it's just gotten... bad. Even with mob ties, I don't think Elektra would be able to swing the charges she's racking up. I was glad there was no Pray Tell this episode. The
  3. I think Heather and Lisa both came off horribly. I’m not a Lisa fan but I thought she seemed rational and composed for the most part while Heather sat there and glowered at her like Lisa had burned her house down. I get she doesn’t like Lisa, but it seems like a combo of wanting to be the most liked, and also feeling herself and her fandom a bit much. I think Lisa could care less about Heather but she has tequila to sell, and wouldn’t it be great if Rihanna sipped it on her Insta? It seemed to me that Lisa saw that Heather was painting her as a bitch to the point where her business
  4. I thought for a minute that Glennon Doyle was an Amy Sedaris character.
  5. Centering the show around Braunwyn is a huge mistake. For the people I know that are still watching this season, they are not Braunwyn fans. We do not know her well enough to care about her sobriety journey. All of her shenanigans 'in her partying days' aka last season, ring false to me because she never seemed wasted, just oversexed and desperate for airtime. Despite having a wacko mother, a sexually confused husband and a thousand kids, she is one of the most boring women ever presented as a housewife. There seems to be something dark under the surface in the Burke household, but I just
  6. I am not a Denise fan, I find Aaron VERY creepy, and I think they were both being condescending, but I cannot argue with this comment! Well said. Denise's pearl clutching is irritating to me because she's a CAST MEMBER of a REAL HOUSEWIVES show. These shows are profane, petty and trashy. You automatically take that on when you jump in. It irritated me in previous seasons when Teddi tried to act 'above it' and it bugs me when Denise indicates she's elevated over the others because of what she exposes her kids to. If she was that interested in the kids' welfare, she would completely le
  7. Really really loved this show. What a cool vibe, cool cast of characters... there was nothing I didn't love! Did anybody else get a strong Sex & The City vibe? Rob is a hipster Carrie Bradshaw... the talking to the camera, the smoking, the fabulous social life and love triangles... they even ripped off a few storylines like the chlamydia one. The whole thing seemed like an homage to SATC, especially with the constant references The Sopranos, which was in the cultural zeitgeist of 'its not TV its HBO' with SATC.
  8. Sometimes Jennifer seems like she's playing up for the cameras, and she is entertaining, but tonight I just kept seeing a bratty 12-year old. It's sad that her children are more mature than she is. On the other hand, she is right that Jackie is exhausting. She's constantly offended by something. Lighten up. Didn't Jackie admit earlier this season that her dad went to jail for fraud? I thought the 'family money' reveal was interesting in light of that fact. How did the family get this money? Was it not totally on the up and up?
  9. I came here to vent about Wendy torturing her cats as well. I feel like she says stuff like this to be funny, but you're withholding food and water from innocent animals? I mean, give me a break - there is no damn way Wendy doesn't have assistants doing all of this stuff for her. Anyway, all of her pets should be removed from her home.
  10. Wendy actually said some interesting stuff today - does anybody know the background of the story about the girl group that kicked her ass outside of the radio station? I want the whole story! I like how she tied it to the girl from "Insecure", and feel like she made a good point there about being better not bitter. I love Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Surprised to see him on Wendy.
  11. I thought this episode was entertaining as hell. Vicki must be thrilled - Kelly acted like a damn fool the entire time. She seems like she's on something for sure - Vicki's accusation of drug abuse makes sense. She can never with a straight face claim that other people's behavior are hurting her child - she's deranged. I love her for it, she makes things fun, but I don't want to listen to her weep over the impact it has on her daughter. That's on her, not Vicki. I was kind of torn with Gina and Emily. They are both in such rotten places - Gina is just a little bit ahead of Emily. N
  12. Oh god, you triggered me Chenoa... I forgot about Wendy's nasty sound effects. They seem to have calmed down. I'm in Southern California and Wendy was pre-empted here also by the Garlic Festival news (although Fox 11 is ALWAYS pre-empting Wendy, I think they just hate her). I saw on TMZ that Teresa Guidice was at the Garlic Festival the night before the tragedy, is it a thing celebrities attend? Shocked to hear that Wendy referenced it. As irritating as Wendy is... I find Tituss Burgess very messy with this whole Andy Cohen nonsense... I was glad Wendy wasn't having it with his at
  13. Ding ding ding! I hadn't put it all together... "The Days and Nights of Wendy Williams" is getting annoying. Deborah Norville and Blac Chyna in one day? Aren't you the renaissance woman, Wendy. Was surprised to hear Andy address the rift with Wendy's husband... however, Wendy shut it down right away and blamed their distance on her being so 'busy'... interesting.
  14. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2935631/EXCLUSIVE-life-ruins-Heidi-Montag-s-father-abandoned-wife-fled-family-home-charged-sex-abuse.html Ewhhh... poor Heidi.
  15. Mindthinkr, if you have the time, I love your recaps! Way more interesting than Wendy herself.
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