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S02.E14: The Book of Secrets: Chapter Four: Original Sin

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Crap. I missed the last 3 minutes, and I know it was important.


Weirdest time to bring back LaLa. And then Jefferson didn't have a plot? So weird. Not that I mind the lead getting a break once in a while, but... weird - this particular plot.

So there's a reanimation lab out there, run by a spooky old guy. Great. Anyway, LaLa's still Tobias' slave, right? According to what they showed us before.

In other plots with movement:

Finally some info on Grace's powers. She's a shapeshifter with super strength? Who eats... raw roadkill?

Anissa's suit is coming!

Seriously -- can Lynn get a win? Please?? There's literally only one pod kid left.

Someone is watching the Pierce's? In their home?? Gahhhhh!

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Tobias has improved from year one to two.. But man LaLa is just too compelling... Glad we got some movement on the grace front this is the first time it felt like a plot point has dragged but it can't be much longer.. I mean grace had to figure out that was anissa she was fighting right?... Bill Duke continues to be a gargantuan douche... Is Todd really dead? 

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So La La is basically a bunch of glop that can become human and see ghosts? Okay, then. I'll say that having two ghosts bickering near you is probably the best excuse you'd have to notice that the guy you shot is being pretty chill . . . considering he got shot, I mean. I'm also amused he didn't bring it up at dinner in the end.

Also funny: Jefferson's first Black Lightning outfit. Canon-appropriate and goofy enough for everyone to get their laughs in.

Lynn works at the worst place. And that includes the school with a straw man barely able to keep the straw stuffed inside his clothes as he bitches out Jefferson. At least she's smarter than the dudes Whashisface was with at the end. "Okay, so we got live feed in the Pierce house, and we can track their every moment." "And no one else knows about this?" ". . . do I get a bullet in my brain regardless of my answer?

So Grace is . . . shapeshifter? Eating raw deer? Oooooookay.

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Whenever Will makes an appearance, there's almost a guarantee he is going to receive a beating. The actor might as well practice his falls whenever the people from the show call him.

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So La La can just walk right into the school with a gun. What happened to all those fancy metal detectors and guards.

I don't remember seeing any of those clips they showed at the beginning from past shows, They answered so many questions I had (I was totally thinking I must have missed a few episodes).

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If The CW ever needs more content for the summer or on the lookout for a web-series, tonight's episode made me realize that I really want to see a Project Runaway-type reality show, where Gambi and Cisco judge the superhero costumes that the other create.  Hell, just critique all of them!  I'd watch every episode!

Hey, Lala has returned and apparently gets brought back to live via some creepy tank, where a creepy guy talks about redemption and shit.  Also, the ghosts of all his victims continue to haunt and annoy him.  Damn, no wonder Lala rather just stay dead!  But first, he's off to try and off Tobias.  Maybe third time will be the charm?

Good to know that Agent Odell really hates it when people pamper their dogs.  Also, he believes that the pod-kids are basically no better than dogs and weapons.  That, on the other hand, isn't really good to know, but at least now Lynn knows what kind of monster he is.

Grace can shape-shift?  And turn into some kind of beast and chow down on fresh meat?  Damn, Anissa really didn't know her all that well!

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So glad Black Lightning is back and love La La is back also.  He just strolled in the school with gun in hand like it wasn't a big deal.  Where was Mr. Lowery - he doesn't work late hours?

I'm sure La La will get way more tattoos in the future. I was surprised with the outcome of what happened to Earl. 

We're finally getting somewhere with the Grace story line.  Apparently, she's a shapeshifter that can kick Anissa's ass.

I'm sooo glad that Gambi kept Jenn from taking pictures of her suit!! I had a feeling that scene was done for a reason.  If she would have taken the picture, their's and Gambi's cover would have been completely blown.  But I have a feeling she will do it eventually, because she's an anxious teenager.  

I still feel very bad for Jenn.  She's already talking about love and life like an old wise woman. lol She misses Khalil so much - I'm holding out hope that he will be coming back!

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21 hours ago, Trini said:

Seriously -- can Lynn get a win? Please?? There's literally only one pod kid left.

As much as I like Lynn, I'm just not interested in the pod kids.  Well, kid.

I love Anissa's determination but her pursuit of Grace feels, maybe not stalkery, but excessive, maybe?  I know Grace left not because she doesn't care about Anissa but for REASONS but the fact remains, she left of her own accord, as far as we know. 

Really enjoyed all of Jenn's stuff - her delight at the costume and her talking about Khalil.  Also, I like her short hair.   Gambi has a great uncle vibe with both sisters which is fun to watch.

My favorite part was LaLa and the angel and devil on his shoulders.  I really enjoy watching him with LaWanda and Will, it's fun and William Catlett is very good as LaLa.

Resurrection Guy wants LaLa to get redemption by killing Tobias; is he using LaLa as a weapon or was this LaLa's own idea, I wonder.

Gambi, I'm disappointed!  You should regularly sweep Jeff's house for cameras, bugs, etc.

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On 3/6/2019 at 12:01 AM, nilyank said:

Since I know Jefferson is never going to kill Tobias, I want Lala to be the one that kills him.

If Lala coming back again wasn't for the sole purpose of having someone around to kill Tobias at the end in order to keep the Jefferson family's hands clean I'd be surprised. Because of course the heroes could never kill the villains! That would make too much sense.

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