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S17 Spoilers

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So that annoying commercial the network kept playing  I guess really does contain possible spoilers.  I know Ryan comes on at the end and says see these contestants on the show (something like that). 

I'm now watching the auditions and I see the guy that looks like Meatloaf and growls during the commercial in a clip at the beginning.

So does that commercial show the top 20?  https://youtu.be/UwsU5vum1Is

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Evelyn Cormier (of My 90 Day Fiance) has been Facebooking. Today she announced that she'll be on the March 17th airdate. I don't know how far she gets because I am not invested in her enough to actually click on her links. 🙂

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Why did Alyssa have to go with the predictable choice (Colors of the Wind)? I'm sure she'll sound nice, but that one's been done so many times, even before Idol moved to ABC. I'm looking forward to the rest, including off-the-wall choices like "Oo-De-Lally."

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