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  1. When Ash is in his comfort memorized script he's fine. The second he has to actually explain anything he turns into his true self.....shallow, bumbling fraud. He's going to be unemployed anyway after this airs unless it doesn't air in his country. She's lucky to get away now.
  2. Jesus Rose expressed herself well for someone who English is not her first language!
  3. blazing in....why do I feel like I've not missed anything yet?! hey y'all...cover your mouths because i'm kissing each and every one of you. I'm the anti-Steph
  4. Sasha doing the prison workout....same as Jorge LOL. Is Sasha always this smug? I did 1300 pushups on Saturday slacker. Baby Sasha is adorbs. I like his striped jammies. Here's hoping isolation will help Sasha bond to his toddler.
  5. I tried to hit Molly's website to order some bramasks but her site is down.
  6. Jorge is good looking. He looks great in those pictures. As long as he doesn't talk he'll be fine LOL. Hopefully all of his self help will "take" when he's on the outside. I never saw his original story but I get the jist after looking at Anfisa.
  7. Oh FFS we are sending keys back. Are they 12? And I wish Shannon or his famewhoring girlfriend ends up watching this episode so she sees how wishy washy he is LOL
  8. Hey Ash....Men are from Mars and wimmins are from Venus
  9. Ash is not happy being confronted and now he feels like everything is his fault. Damn, she crept into his Nothing Box. Bummer.
  10. Why don't they just sit Yolanda down and have her watch 2 episodes of Catfish?
  11. Tom is the worst. And we've named Shannon but I hope they don't appear on this show via Tom.
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