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S38: Aubry Bracco

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Meet Aubrey

Age: 32

Hometown: Hampton Falls, New Hampshire

Current Residence: Los Angeles

Previous Seasons: Kaoh Rong, Game Changers

Occupation: Marketing Director

Personal Claim to Fame: Neutralizing Kaôh Rōng’s Super Idol.

Hobbies: Gardening (I live in an indoor jungle), crayon art (melting them on canvas), and astrology (Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Gemini Rising over here).

Pet Peeves: Revisionist history

If You Could Have 3 Things on the Island What Would They Be and Why? Astrology Book: best conversation starter ever and personality investigation ever. Headphones: ’cause it gets really annoying listening to the castaways whine about being hungry. Not a thing, but the presence of a very dear person – Tai Trang. Finder of all things edible, Survivor soulmate and idol king.

SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Aubry Bracco

Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: Primary: I love Survivor, and I don’t want Game Changers to be the end of my story. 34 was rough from the moment Queen Sandra said, “thank you, next” to my olive branch offer. Above all, I’m addicted to challenging myself, evolving and saying “yes” to the experience.  Everything in life, good or bad, can be a gift. It’s just a matter of perception. 

Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: Because I never quit.

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I loved Aubry her first season (partly because Debbie, Jason, and Scot hated her), and I still say she should have won over Michele.  In GC she was kind of a letdown and was way more in the background, getting a quiet edit.  That said, I never expected her to be the type to play 3 times.   I am excited to see her back, though I don't know what her chances are.  Since she doesn't really come off as threatening and isn't a big challenge beast that might work for her to get far.

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Oh Aubry
"so how do you feel about returning players?"  Just in case anyone was trying to forget that they were returnees and treat them as just players
"I think you are really a great strategist and a good player.  I like you a lot.  I would love to work with you" to every single tribe mate.  

Points for trying to change up her game?  Minus points for it sucking.   I wonder if Joe being so likeable is getting to her, like out of the 2 returnees which will they go for first?  Her obviously, challenges, camp work.  I think she is really feeling the pressure

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On 2/12/2019 at 6:35 AM, cherrypj said:

Astrology? Yuk.

Given the edit we saw of her trying to schmooze all the other players with the same lines, I wonder if she asked them their signs and then said, "Pisces?  Me too!" 'You're an Ares?  No way!  So am I!...."  

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Returning players... either that haven't changed (hey, Joe!), or they feel forced to change their game (hi, Aubrey!), and in both cases we most likely are critical.

and, on the critical part, Aubrey, what were you thinking? that fake smooching will reek of dishonesty when they all start comparing notes, and they are already sharing that you shared with them. 😕

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I love Aubry.  I'd still take her as winner over Michele any day. 

Aubry is kind of an interesting contestant-she went from being a nervous crier in her first season, to being invisible most of her second season, and now she kind of seems like she's debating with herself how to approach the game while trying to make friends.  

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Watching Aubry back, boy did she play her third time, sans Edge of Extinction, wrong. She keeps saying "you know how I play, you've seen me play" -- reminding Victoria she was a returning player on a season where she knew they were targeting returning players. In retrospect, she should've been like "hey, my game's not set in stone, I can switch it up." It might not have helped, but constantly reminding people she was a returning player probably wasn't the best idea.

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