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Teen Dads Special

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I guess I can make the thread for this special. Nice.


Who watched it? I didn't watch the entire hour, but caught it here and there. I really like the format of the producer and camera people being shown.


So glad Adam was not part of this special.


Why can't Ryan ever look at people when he is talking to them? When speaking to his child, he barely looked at him. Also, what was up with that rat's nest that looked like hair on Ryan's head? Did he have grey hair??? Looks like Dallis is out of the picture. That new girl looks so young.


Nice to see Janet and Isaac together. I want to hug Isaac so bad. He is such a precious child. My heart hurt for him when he talked about his grandpa. I hated when Vee used the "F" word in the car while Isaac was there, but it is no different when he is with his mother who probably uses foul language 24/7 when she isn't beating Javi's head.


I like how Jo tried to ease Vee's pain and never raised his voice. Very calm and soothing. He seems to really want to make her happy. I am glad he is being honest and truthful about his feelings and not jerking her around like some of the other guys on this franchise.

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Did anyone watch it? Between Cory's accent and grammar, Ryan and Mimi's accents and mumblings, and Vee's whining - damn this show gave me a headache.

Jo actually came off well (but damn I think he's fug). Isaac and Bentley are so sweet. Cory? I used to like him, but all his talk about whoopings piss me off. And while his wife is pretty and is a cop (still? I don't think I saw it addressed on the show), her grammar is just as bad as his (and Leah's).

So Ryan's bitchy model show off gal is gone? Ha. Goodluck to this new dummy who thinks he'll amount to much. Even poor Bentley said he did not want to live with daddy.

And sadly I'd watch this if it were a show!

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My DVR caught this one. I wanted to see what a fool Chelsea's Adam was/is. Yeah, Ryan looked like he really needed to wash his hair- and he is getting gray. Jo is honest with Vee, I think it's going to be years for him to be ready to marry. I think Miranda is the smartest of the bunch- she is good to the girlses and Cory, she seems a lot more aware of the cameras than some of the others. Bintley is so tall!

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Grammar was pretty egregious all around the the Simms clan, and mumbling was prevalent just about everywhere else. Cory's dad (love him!) said "It's too bad we couldn't have went fishin'". And Aleeah's subtitles also reflected "ain't", misuse of past tense, and mumbling.


Trivial observations: Ryan hasn't made any progress on his ear gauges. It's only because of Ryan and Maci that I even know what ear gauges are! If Vee's tits are real, they are fabulous. I don't get why Miranda is trying so hard with her hair and makeup. She's not fat or ugly or with bad skin, so she has nothing to compensate for. I just don't get that look on someone so young. But, Miranda has a gay BF. Yea!


OK, Ryan really needs to explain to Bentley why he's been living with his parents for so long, so Bentley doesn't do the same thing when he's in his 20s!


Isaac could not be more sweet. Good grief! He was so polite to Vee by thanking her for the bubble maker. And poor Isaac, Jo's parents are the only grandparents he has! If Vee's not satisfied with Jo's commitment level, she should just walk away. She could do better.

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I totally watched. I can't believe Ryan is turning into a silver fox! I would still ideally like to see him back with Maci, who btw, spanked Bentley?? She did it in the bathroom at the bowling alley. They were in the stall so you didn't see it but you heard it.

Jo came out looking better than he has ever looked on TM2.

Does Corey dip?? Some scenes looked like he had tobacco in his mouth and others not. His wife is very pretty and understanding. Love me some Corey's dad....

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I felt so bad for Isaac when V and Joe were going at it in the car and also in the restaurant.  His exasperated "What's wrong now???" said a lot.  The child is over the supposed "grown up" drama in his life no matter where he is.

I mainly was surprised at Ryan's appearance. He never looked old and gray before. He is still young--not sure what happened :-)


Pimping's hard work yo

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Hey you guys: What about when Lunchables knocked Goggles down to the ground? My mouth dropped! And when she was running around saying "I'm the muscle distrophy girl!" That was very strange.


Leah's hair looked a hot mess as usual.


I totally loved Jo in this episode and how mature he has grown, especially in dealing with Vee and when he spoke of how Grandma lost the key to Janet's heart. That last bit was sad. Poor Jo, he needs some more joy in his life, especially with his best bud off the California. He will make every sacrifice for Isaac, though. Vee does need to watch what she talks about in front of the kid and how she expresses herself. I, too, didn't like it when she was swearing in front of him.


Bentley cracked me up when they were tossing the ball and all his running commentary when the father was saying that Ryan shouldn't shack up with his girlfriend. He's a little smart ass but not in an annoying way and at least he knows that he has to go where Ryan goes whether he likes it or not.


i could have watched more episodes of these guys, unless, of course, it's wash, rinse, repeat the same old crap.

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The actual title of this show is: Being Dad. Maybe a mod can make the correction?

I found Vee to be an annoying, whining brat. She is what, only 20 or 21 now, and seemingly obsessed with having kids? Why not get established in a career and independent before focusing on that so much? Yikes.

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I think Vee thinks Jo is some meal ticket. She said she wanted to move to Florida and open a daycare. That's the exact opposite of hooking yourself permanently to a young dad in Pennsylvania. She's doing big dreaming with a guy who seems to realize his sad reality. Did we hear what Jo does for a living?

Yeah, I saw A child number one push down handicapped A child number two. And again in an outfit I find inappropriate for a child. Some pink princessy looking thing but with a bare midriff. I can't for the life of me see why Miranda would find anything attractive there. Corey is a baby whooping dope who can't even speak. And I still don't hear anyone talking about genetic counseling. Leah already jumped the gun and had a baby who may have the same genes. Miranda isn't pregnant yet, but you'd think they'd discuss why they shouldn't have children unless they know what's what.

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The guys have had a taste of the cameras, of course, but as they were the focus of this episode, it was probably ratcheted up beyond what they were used to.


I was pretty amazed by how mature all three of these guys have become. Ryan seems like a much better dad now. Corey, whuppin' issues aside, appears to be a good husband to Miranda, and Jo is particularly patient and thoughtful. I get where Vee is coming from a bit, but she does need to chill. Jo is not being unfair in saying he's not ready to marry at age 22.

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I found Vee to be an annoying, whining brat. She is what, only 20 or 21 now, and seemingly obsessed with having kids? Why not get established in a career and independent before focusing on that so much?

Yes, she should be doing what Kail did. Oh...wait. Scratch that. Bad example.


Kail is the queen of whiners and should be handed a black belt for her mad skillsz in domestic violence.


Vee is young, and not a teen mother (thank God). She still has growing up to do and thankfully, she is not doing it with a kid in tow. She does have the role of step-mother, and I think that is all she should be handling right now. She does have her mind on a career.


That outfit that Aleeah was wearing...what was it supposed to be? A genie outfit? Or a stripper costume?


I was going to say Isaac does have another set of grandparents - Javi's parents. But then I thought how long before Kail and him have a falling out and then there is Isaac having to deal with more losses in his life.

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That outfit that Aleeah was wearing...what was it supposed to be? A genie outfit? Or a stripper costume?

I think that was supposed to be a mermaid costume. Didn't bother me because they were just being silly inside the house; it wasn't as though anyone tried taking them to Chuck E Cheese's all slutted up or anything. I thought Corey handled the shoving incident fairly well. If he constantly emphasized Ali's disability as a reason to treat her with extra kid gloves, it would only give her a complex. I totally gasped when I saw "Gracie" (WTF?!) knock her down but I do think its normal sister behavior at the end of the day. Corey sat the other one in some sort of modified time-out, told her firmly WE DON'T PUSH - THAT'S NOT NICE and everyone moved on. Raising twin toddlers, I imagine this is all day to day stuff.

My heart broke for poor Bintley. Ryan *STILL* cannot be arsed to make any kind of eye contact with him! even at a moment when it was clear the kid needs serious, meaningful reassurance. "He never acts silly around me, but that's normal!" Um, no, it's not. He never acts any kind of way around you because HE HATES YOU. Damn, Shelby. R-U-N. Cracked me up when Bint was parroting Ryan's dad about how quickly Ryan & Shelby are moving and what a dipshit he is trying to make something happen with her. But then I got all misty when B said "I'm going to live with Dad and I don't want to" and Maci's typically compelling reply was "well, you have to." Good grief none of these fools can take a hint.

Jo & Isaac & Vee... Oh my. Vee needs to get gone. Why is it a surprise to her that Jo can't just pack up and move to Florida?! Does she think that's a realistic life plan for him right now? How 'bout you try working out that daycare model in the NJ/PA region first (yeah, right) and if it works (yeah, right x 2) you can think about how much your DREAM of "moving to Florida" really means to you. Damn girl, slow your roll. Jo was trying so hard with his "how about you just tell me how you feel and I will tell you how I feel and then we can kiss and make up...we don't have to fight..." Man, that boy is DAMAGED.

Anyone know what happened with Janet & Eddie? Titi was looking rough, that's all I know. When Isaac thanked Vee for the bubble machine my cold heart melted. And then it shattered into a million shards of ice when he went on about the key to his heart. OY.

The less said about Leah's hair, the better. Yikes.

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They were inside the house in that skimpy outfit - ON camera. It would be better to go to the local pizza place than national tv. And it's not the first time we've seen that sort of outfit or worse. I just don't personally find those costumes appropriate for children. And it's always the same girl wearing them.

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What was with the constant talk about how "weird" it is to have cameras around? They should be used to them by now. Now I realized that in the original TM Being: series, they made a point to show the girls made friends with their producer. But all the talk of, "all these cameras...it's strange!" was puzzling. 


Leave it to Maci to force her way into getting the biggest part out of all the moms in the dad series. She was even treated to a clip of her doing the think-drive. While music is playing and she's thinking about her ex while driving. 

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I think that was supposed to be a mermaid costume. Didn't bother me because they were just being silly inside the house; it wasn't as though anyone tried taking them to Chuck E Cheese's all slutted up or anything.

Like their mom? lol  How do we know what Leah does when it comes to where she allows her girls to wear those kind of outfits? Those cameras aren't there 24/7.  I am concerned for all little ones when their parents make asshole decisions and to me, that girl wearing those outfits is not appropriate for being on camera.  It is not the first time she was dressed in a similar outfit, and this one had a bit more material than the other ones. These little ones are on camera. I remind myself how quick Leah was to move on from Dick...wait, I mean, to another guy while engaged to another, and then all those guys in between before picking Cory as her next victim. She brings around some guy around her girls and quickly has him playing daddy to her twin daughters. In a world where some pervs are quick to be with single mothers. I think in this day and age where pervs are seeking images of little girls in barely-there-outfits, Leah should be careful about how her girls are dressed on camera. What she wants to do in private when the cameras are not around, that's her business, but I think there should be boundaries since those little girls depend on their parents to make good choices for them, and judging by the choices Leah has made, I don't see the skimpy outfits stopping for the cameras any time soon and the perverts out there will get their jollies.


Agree Emerald Girl.

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