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  1. Wow, what’s next? Wine coolers and a black light? Maybe a little Stairway To Heaven?
  2. Cute baby with only a crazy Aunt Amber to visit. What good will she even be to a boy? She can’t teach him to shave his legs (well she could). Hey, wasn’t Rhonda that older black woman that hung out with Amber and Matt (along with her husband)? Never got what was going on there.
  3. Can you imagine how good Jill would look if she tried? When you scroll slowly though the combed out hair pic and stop at the shoulders - beautiful! Even boob length is ok. ! Watched some old videos of them last night and Jill was quite pretty. She was still doing her hair and makeup, and she’s tall and slender. Plus add in her slightly boho look and she’s be a real cutie.
  4. EmeraldGirl


    Sophia has a weirdly large head that sits right on her shoulders. I bet she’d be a lot cuter in normal little girl clothes and no makeup or waxing. Those brows are totally shaped. And I didn’t even mind when Farrah wanted to get rid of the unibrow. I just would have very quickly run a razor between her brows. Like 6 seconds tops.
  5. Oh my god, these people! My first trip away from my son was when he was three. One week in Jamaica, while he was with grandparents. I still feel bad about it and he’s over 30! At least Tyler did stick at home for all of her spa trips. Im always thinking about the future with these people now. I can see a divorce. Tyler gets sick of the drama, takes the kids, and maybe does a construction/contracting thing. When he has to he had to ... and I think he will. I have no idea where Cate goes. She seems to have an interest in absolutely nothing.
  6. Truth be told, I’ve always liked Leah. The one night stand knocked up cheerleader from Nowhere, WV. But she didn’t love the one night stand, no matter how nice he was. Then she ended up with a handicapped twin. That’s a whole hell of a lot to deal with when you are an uneducated teenager with an iffy family. I even understood her pill days. Any relief from the hell of her own making She wanted the fairytale with Jeremy, but they were both terrible in that marriage. Maybe they are more mature now, but it just seems like they don’t know what else to do but give each other another shot. They’re so worried about Addie, but what about the twins? It always really rubbed me the wrong way that he went from being their stepdad to not even acknowledging them. Addie isn’t the one to worry about. I do still like her, and as crazy as Kail is, she’s still bringing Leah out of her comfort zone of just sitting around and having more kids. My best hope for her is that she does hair, or makeup, or something like that in the future, and has saved enough money. She seems to be one that has.
  7. And here I was picturing Amber handcuffed to Sidney Poitier and on the run.
  8. Holy hell. Bubby and his terrible grammar can shove off. But you've GOT to love Amber telling Andrew that she will ruin him in the industry!! I don’t know, it looks like she’s losing the golden couple (Cate and Ty), can the “industry” be far behind? I really can’t see how she goes on without either prison or an institution. She’s amazingly far gone. But of course she just may get lucky and meet a sterile cuckoo.
  9. Mother Goddess? She doesn’t fit either of these words. Just when you think you’ve heard it all.
  10. I can only recall Amber mentioning scoliosis once as an excuse for how she got addicted to fentanyl. I don’t believe a word of that. I know there are lousy doctors, but I doubt anyone would give a very young mother such a massive drug. She can do bracing and surgery, but it’s probably not even that bad if it hasn’t been mentioned!
  11. If you read The Ashley it’s incredibly sad. James was set up from the beginning. He never even had a chance at having a mother. It was nothing but a burden to Amber from the beginning. Andre ruined her life and she should be out having fun. 10 years later and she is exactly the same person. And I believe she has Vicodin. Andrew said she complained endlessly about her scoliosis pain. I have severe scoliosis and have pain meds. No way she doesn’t. Dr. Drew should be run out of town for his coddling BS. Oh also - she HAD to give Andre the house for the baby. She’s making herself out to be a saint for letting them live there. It was court ordered.
  12. She can convict him - amber says over and over with a laugh track in the background! She lost 27 pounds. That’s Vicodin. She’s not doing anything to help herself.
  13. I saw it on Twitter, so I’m guessing Instagram or FB? I don’t do either
  14. Now Andrew is saying that she abused James. Pushed him down on tile for opening a cabinet. And threw him on the bed because he was crying. I believe every word of it.
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