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  1. He can’t get bail yet because he’s being held by the county. They can’t decide that.
  2. There's a picture of Renee on the beach in her swimming clothes, and she’s surprisingly not that skinny. Maybe she’s had a few meals with someone?
  3. What does Joe DO? I get strange vibes from him. He obsessively blinks (not that anyone wouldn’t have a nervous tic with this bunch). But he seems rather slow and childlike to me. And he licks his plate. None of them exactly set the world on fire, but he just seems behind. But he and Kendra seem to laugh a lot, so he got lucky.
  4. Maybe a little Josiah in the eyes? She’s missing the early days of marriage without kids. She helped on his jobs, went everywhere, and enjoyed a free life out of the house. Now she’s stuck at home with her own kids.
  5. I’d like to see that dress on a tall woman (or just a normal one). Lose the jacket and modestly panel, add some heels and cute jewelry. I bet it could be pretty attractive. That date sounds nice for KIDS during the quarantine. A break out of the house and stop for their favorite things. I’d do appetizer, dinner, ice cream, listen to kids music or stories. Talk and have fun. Instead Derrick had to tell Israel not to interrupt. And warm weather would have made a lot more sense too. I did laugh though when Jill told horndog to chill out.
  6. Friends have made a huge difference in Jill’s life. She found people in her neighborhood and less strict church. Still Christian, but they’re women who wear pants, shorts, have fewer children, drink alcohol, cut their hair. She has a happiness and peace she never had. They also do talk a lot about everything they decide together as a family. I don’t see a patriarch dictating to her about choices. They seem determined to decide together. I was wondering if she might be pregnant because her face is breaking out horribly. But it seems to be only where she wears a mask.
  7. I bet Jeremy ends up teaching and coaching sports at a Christian school. This career is a dead end for him. He’s simply too dull (and I had A LOT of dull priests in my church going days). Maybe they’ll move to PA, near his parents.
  8. Wow, what’s next? Wine coolers and a black light? Maybe a little Stairway To Heaven?
  9. Cute baby with only a crazy Aunt Amber to visit. What good will she even be to a boy? She can’t teach him to shave his legs (well she could). Hey, wasn’t Rhonda that older black woman that hung out with Amber and Matt (along with her husband)? Never got what was going on there.
  10. Can you imagine how good Jill would look if she tried? When you scroll slowly though the combed out hair pic and stop at the shoulders - beautiful! Even boob length is ok. ! Watched some old videos of them last night and Jill was quite pretty. She was still doing her hair and makeup, and she’s tall and slender. Plus add in her slightly boho look and she’s be a real cutie.
  11. EmeraldGirl


    Sophia has a weirdly large head that sits right on her shoulders. I bet she’d be a lot cuter in normal little girl clothes and no makeup or waxing. Those brows are totally shaped. And I didn’t even mind when Farrah wanted to get rid of the unibrow. I just would have very quickly run a razor between her brows. Like 6 seconds tops.
  12. Oh my god, these people! My first trip away from my son was when he was three. One week in Jamaica, while he was with grandparents. I still feel bad about it and he’s over 30! At least Tyler did stick at home for all of her spa trips. Im always thinking about the future with these people now. I can see a divorce. Tyler gets sick of the drama, takes the kids, and maybe does a construction/contracting thing. When he has to he had to ... and I think he will. I have no idea where Cate goes. She seems to have an interest in absolutely nothing.
  13. Truth be told, I’ve always liked Leah. The one night stand knocked up cheerleader from Nowhere, WV. But she didn’t love the one night stand, no matter how nice he was. Then she ended up with a handicapped twin. That’s a whole hell of a lot to deal with when you are an uneducated teenager with an iffy family. I even understood her pill days. Any relief from the hell of her own making She wanted the fairytale with Jeremy, but they were both terrible in that marriage. Maybe they are more mature now, but it just seems like they don’t know what else to do but give each other another shot. The
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