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  1. G is for goodbye mr.gordon H is for the herring that juggled I is for the ice cream parlor that made her blush when she walked by
  2. Wow... Just wow... Can we go ahead and book jace into foster care? Anything has got to be better than jenelle, barb and Nathan. Jenelle does not deserve that child. And she is going to have another one?! Omg... Both of those kids would be soo much better off than with jenelle and Nathan... The best thing jenelle could of done was left the house and gave him space.... And talk about ignoring her son... Ugh.... I would say that jenelle is stupid for asking him to call her mom instead of barb, but barb is no prize either. Neither one of them should have anything to do with that child! And barb
  3. O is for Olaf, well part of st.olaf where rose is from and is also the sister city to st.gustav.... P is for petite- where Blanche should avoid women's petite clothing
  4. Eric sucks!!! It's one thing to be upset about what has happened, but then to blame the person who flew to Rome to help you?? Talk about being a hypocrite....I am soo hoping that if his feelings for her come out, she does not go back to him- she may have done something wrong, but she made up for it and she at least didn't rape him or like his mama show the tape to the whole church!! He needs to grow up and maybe get out of Salem and do something productive- besides walk around pissed at Nicole because she is sooo bad!!! If they do get back together, I see it working out until something else co
  5. So here is what I learned from today's show: 1. If you hold someone captive, you don't leave them and run,,, nooooo you sit in the closet and keep them company!! You have her tied up. Now go!!!! 2. If someone is offering to help you and even goes as far as the Vatican, but uh oh, then mean Nicole's plane got changed, and they are sitting next to you on the plane, Suck it up, put your big boy panties on, and be human! Get that pissy look off your face and be human... If you can forgive everyone else, practice what you preach!!!! 3. Jj is as stupid as his sister! But they could murder some
  6. And the award for dumbest hostage goes to Dr. Daniel Jonas!! Okay, you got away, but instead of taking your phone and going, you sit and watch Kristen in the storage room!! It would of made sense if he would of threw her in there and left! But no, we just sit there and wait because he is trying to be the hero....if Jen got mad cause he was talking to eve it will really push her over the edge to hear about this!!!! Kristen is just a crazy hag who needs to go..but maybe she does belong with Brady cause they are soo delusional.... As for Tammy sue and Clyde and rafe, who else knew he would get
  7. Sonny should leave Will and get together with either T, or even the guy who will was into when he first came out....it would be an improvement to even see him with a paper bag or blow up doll...
  8. Aww... Poor Abby and ej... How dare big mean Sami ruin her all over town and the little baby has to cry.... Mommy yelled at big mean Sammy and now Abby got to.... Omg... And ej had to put his big boy pants on and act all tough because he doesn't get his way right now and has to threaten Sami....ahh true love:)... Moving on, Eric needs to get over his sucky priest self....he is soooo mad and hurt by Nicole as he told reverend Tim Tom, but yeah he is going to the Vatican with her to become a sucky priest yet again.... I guess he would use anyone to make mommy and daddy happy....but they won't
  9. This show sucked... I tried to watch it and just couldn't... I haven't liked Asia or her mom since dance moms... I don't see what is sooo great about her and why does she and her family think the rules don't apply to them? I will not be watching this show, and I have to say that Abby's studio rescue was a lot better, but I don't see this lasting as long as that did...
  10. Wow... Abby totally set the old team up to fail....it's just a double standard all with the fight- if that would of been Christi and Jill or Melissa, both of their kids wouldn't be allowed to dance and any solos etc that Abby gave them would be gone, but yet with the new religious big mouth, nothing happens... As I was watching this show, all I could do was shake my head cause Abby is ridiculous...Abby should of stayed gone after her mom died...and how in the heck does Mackenzie get top on the charts with her song? Unless there was a lot of improvement, it would not and have not bought that tr
  11. Gloria got on my nerves . It just amazed me how Sophia didn't realize what her sister did and said to belittle her and then she fixes Gloria up with Stan...and then when Sophia sees this and Gloria says "look ma, someone's getting angry" and Sophia jumps In and joins them by laughing- which forces Dorothy to go off on them
  12. In the episode where Blanches father died, I could not stand her sister- not sure if it was Charmaine or Virginia, but which ever one it was, you would of thought she could of just of been glad that Blanche was at the funeral.. She could of put the snark aside for one day....
  13. Gaylord After daphne comes back from the weight loss spa, why did she ask niles to leave the party?
  14. Shady pines, ma!! Rose to Dorothy when they are reading about an earthquake in the episode where they accuse Blanche of having the affair with Gil Kessler... "Then why does it say the explosion was so loud it broke the windows in the building next door? Rose, that's not about Blanche, it's about an earthquake in Guatemala!!! " Sticks and stones may break your bones, but cement pays homage to tradition- Sophia From the episode where blanches convict friend Meryl comes to visit and Blanche, rose and Mary come back from shopping and Blanche goes over to see him and Dorothy tells her it's
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