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  1. I have noticed this for years. It seems that since the hair is fake and not attached to their heads, they must constantly touch it, pet it, and stroke it to reassure themselves that the fake hair is still there. If I ever wonder if someone's hair is real? I watch them touch it, pet it, stroke it and I know instantly that it is not real, but fake. Dead giveaway.
  2. I laughed so hard at Bradley last night. And now I am having TWoP flashbacks!
  3. Charo is at least 70 years old. Just look at her hands - my mother's hands looked better - and she was 80 when she died last year. She couldn't tolerate Charo either - always changing the channel whenever she heard Charo screeching. I remember my Mom saying Charo needed to spit the gravel out of her mouth. And here we are decades later and Charo is just as bad as ever. She is NOT cute - never was - never will be. I had to watch it muted with the closed captioning on.
  4. I thought the same thing. It's almost as annoying as a man saying, "WE'RE pregnant". When men get fat, have swollen feet, feel like crap for months on end and push a baby out, then and only then will that statement be remotely true.
  5. This is only my second season of NY, so I was spared the Bethenny years. I was aware of her, like I am aware of Mrsa. I don't know much about it, but? I know it is VERY bad!!! Her theatrics are wearing very thin very fast. If you do not want your issues on display for public consumption?? Stay away from reality TV. Every time she is on my screen, sobbing about this or that, I just want to bust out my "tiny violin of sorrows" for her and play it with passion. Girl? Bye!! You annoy the ever living fuck out of me.
  6. KYBlonde


    http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/farrah-abraham-splits-boyfriend-simon-saran-announces-twitter-2015136 The romance of the century is SO over you all!!! I mocked her with relish. What a narcissistic nobody!!
  7. Farrah is the Queen of Revisionist History. On her 16 and Pregnant episode, she was shown having total distain for Dereck and not wanting him to know she was pregnant. Then on Teen Mom Farrah was shown putting on a huge act of mourning him like he was the love of her life. She has even said that Sophia has mourned the loss of her father even though Sophia was not even born when Derek died and probably could not care less at her age. Farrah is so fake I cannot stand her.
  8. And if you have this huge of an elephant in your room (relationship), don't go on a show like this and get mad at people for being curious. If you want privacy, avoid the media FFS!
  9. And never will. This last divorce was from husband #7.....so Debra may be saner than my sister. Scary thought.
  10. Debra reminds me of my oldest sister, who is middle-aged and recently divorced. They both try to dress young and have that horrendous stringy hair style that they think makes them look younger. Gawd just no!!!! You're embarrassing yourselves.
  11. I read this right before work and could not stop laughing, I even did this suppressed snorting thing while listening to my boss. She never knew that discussions of prevailing wage could be so funny.
  12. Tami was on RW Los Angeles. And yes I am older than dirt - I watched the whole thing. Panty gate - the whole mess!
  13. I want to make a line of t-shirts that reads" "You know EVERYTHING Jon Snow.....you sexy, pretty thing"
  14. This is an absolutely awesome tribute to Ramsey and Reek: https://www.facebook.com/DaenerysTargaryenTheQueen/videos/693516474093334/
  15. I was expecting him (as he was raising his arms), to drop a microphone and moonwalk backwards off the pier. That would be awesome if they ever make a parody of this scene! Also the undead breaking into Thriller zombie dancers! I will be backing off my coffee for the rest of the day!!
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