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S05.E06: Week 4: Part 1

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On 8/29/2018 at 1:14 PM, ljenkins782 said:


When is Chelsea just going to pack up and go home on her own? Girl cannot get a date to save her life. She's very beautiful, but I guess the personality must not be there because there have been no takers. 

It's not so much her personality that is the issue (plenty of bland people on this show are able to snag dates).  The problem is she has a very young child.  Most men are not interested in single moms especially when there are plenty of beautiful, young, and childless women available.  

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9 hours ago, PhysNerd said:

The problem is she has a very young child.  Most men are not interested in single moms especially when there are plenty of beautiful, young, and childless women available.  

IDK, Amanda had two quite young children and that didn't hamper her from getting action. Guys were practically fighting over her. I think Chelsea just doesn't make good TV so the guys aren't wasting their time on her. IRL she would probably be getting a lot more attention but if the camera's aren't in her face the guys here aren't even going to notice she's there. I doubt they give much of a shit if she has kids or not. These guys are just here to hook up. It's the women fighting for the ring at the end. (with one or two exceptions on both sides as expected).

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Ugh. Leo. The less said about this asshat, the better. Honestly, does he not hear himself?

One hand, I almost get where he's coming from. Almost. In this context, even more than in real life, people should perhaps not be so quick to assume that insta-monogamy is the default. Buuuuut, at the same time, people who are not feeling that monogamous vibe should really refrain from implying that they are, or even explicitly stating that they're "all in" or whatever, if they're then going to turn around and make out with someone else. But hey, at least a few of them are providing us with beautiful, textbook-perfect examples of gaslighting — and the women they're trying it on are doing a pretty good job of showing the appropriate response to such bullshit.

Kevin was amazing. Whether it was actually an accident that he spilled or not, he handled it all beautifully, and I agree with those who said he was a much better example of a "real man" than Leo will ever be.

And Annaliese, OMG. When I said that thing about not assuming insta-monogamy from the moment someone looks at you, you were the one I was most talking to. Good grief. Get it together, girl. Quit being so desperate to find a man and get out there and live your life. Much better chance of actually connecting with someone worthwhile who's actually a good fit, and even if you don't, it's going to be a much more enjoyable way of living your life than this pathetic moping nonsense.

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