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  1. Wow, she would have made a bigger impression if she was squatting down facing away from us with her looking back over her shoulder.
  2. I always liked Dana and Adam as a couple better,lol!
  3. He did a great____ job on Jeopardy, looked like he was very comfortable with it and I could see him as the host.
  4. Good to see Carla and Johnny Atkins again. Did I hear right during the scene with Murray and Erica at the rink , Erica called her dad Murray?
  5. OMG, I know. It's like Sharon must have a truck load of them, and doesn't Dawn have them too?
  6. Reuben Blades is such an amazing actor, all through this series he's been as constant as The Northern Star. I sincerely hope he'll be back,he's one of the only___ couple of reasons I've kept up with this series. Loved the opening song.
  7. I think I liked season 2 better than the first one.
  8. Jana was awesome on JTV,was happy to see her on HSN , will have to catch some of her shows. That Blue Topaz colour is what we used to call Swiss Blue.
  9. Saw a closeup this morning of her upper chest and neck area, looked like some sunburn happened. Her skin was more red than tanned, not good any way you look at it.
  10. Yes, and then prepare to get constantly bombarded with emails or texts from HSN about what's new, what a bunch of tossers, no thanks. There's always a catch.
  11. That bar scene was one of the most bad__ ass__ scenes ever in The Walking Dead series!
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