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  1. JTV has been pushing the Closed Tanzanite Mine story big time. They pushed the wall story before that. They try to make it sound like tanzanite is so___ rare, hurry,buy it before it's all gone. It's not rare, JTV has sold so__ much of it it's ridiculous. The secondary market is saturated, same with the chrome diopside that JTV has sold in huge___ amounts since about 2004 or so. One thing I have noticed about a lot of chrome diopside being sold now is it's looking more swampy , undertones of brown, yuk!
  2. Ok, here's the deal,yes, ShopHQ had these on the other night for $19.99 plus the $9.00 shipping. I bought the exact same item Black Friday weekend on ShopHQ for the same price ,but free shipping. And yes, the hosts mentioned they were sold on another channel (QVC or HSN). I thought for the money ,they looked like a good deal.
  3. I really enjoyed this littleDoctor Who fan fav film Besieged.
  4. I've only seen the new host Leslie 2 or 3 times. She was on by herself the other night(I didn't watch) and I saw her on a couple of weeks ago with Sharon. I don't know if I've ever seen Sharon do a show by herself,lol. I think Heidi fills in whenever she wants(which I understand) and sis Wendi still works a number of hours. Not sure if her early morning shows(7 to 9 am?) are live or encore. Definitely seems like they still get Rebecca up for the 5 - 7 am shows,which look like they are live. I remember back when I never saw Kristie Carson hosting, and does anyone know what happened to the model Mona ,I thought they were letting her co host some shows?
  5. makes you wish for the days back in the 50's when the women had real curves and the chrome was thick ...
  6. I saw Allyson on at midnight doing Facebook while Tommy was on with Kristen. Speaking of Kristen, OMG, what is up with that new hair color???? That shade of blonde just doesn't look good on some people. You're right Sheree has been off for awhile, also I noticed Kristie Carson is co hosting more nowadays. (I thought she was the fashion coordinator there,lol). Anybody seen Shayna lately???
  7. On another note, I was happy to hear that the great state of Tennessee executed a convicted killer on death row with the electric chair.
  8. Haven't seen Allyson on all week, anyone heard if JTV let her go? Seems like lately we've been seeing more of the newer, younger women hosting or reruns of the usual bunch.
  9. Really enjoyed watching Wendi Russo and Jason selling Invictas the other night. Nice break from having to hear the insistent , loud, obnoxious, droning of Kendi or Melissa Miner.
  10. George had a great voice ,but later on, I think the years of partying took it's toll. Saw it happen to Lisa Stanfield too. She had an awesome voice and 10 years later, it was no longer sounding as good or strong.
  11. I wish her the best ,but when she was last on with Evine, she acted like half the time she was drunk, or on drugs, half loopy. I got tired of her schtick, glad she was let go.
  12. I haven't seen that one yet, it was just aired Thanksgiving 2019 night. Might catch it in reruns this weekend.
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