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  1. If he had the yellow ones they'd look like something for the game Sorry.
  2. Why is James even still there??? Has he made any___ kind of the slightest love connection with any of the women?
  3. The thing I can't stand anymore from JTV is that the majority of their hosts have been there for over 20 freaking years and I'm sick of seeing and hearing their spiel.Plus the younger hosts they've brought in are the same mindset. Needless to say ,the hosts lack diversity , wth???
  4. Really keep hoping (somehow) that the writers of this show would finish the series up wowing us, instead it's gotten so bad that it's hard to even give a shit about it anymore. Last night's episode just sucked, boring as hell, waste of time.
  5. Speaking of Tammy, why is she even still there??? There's a few other people who haven't made a connection , why are they still there? This show needs more rose ceremonies to eliminate some of the tossers and make room for new competition.
  6. Talk about Mental. Could you imagine being in a relationship with someone like that and the drama having to deal with someone freaking out like that ? No thanks.
  7. Good luck to Shang-Chi , but I have a feeling this movie has shot it's load in this first week, the next coming weeks will show much lower earnings. Tony Leung was the best part of the movie.
  8. The world has waited almost 40 years for beautiful music to come back, We Love Abba! The world needs Abba, this song is beautiful.
  9. Another song Abba did that never made it to an album but will be redone and put on the new album to be released November 5th.
  10. +Music history made today, no other pop band has ever released new songs after almost 40 years. The world needs Abba.
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