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  1. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Evine: Be Good

    The Gem Shopping Network is one channel I never watched, I don't think Comcast carries it. I checked out their website,most of the host look like smarmy old car dealership salesmen. Maybe their jewelry is really expensive, I don't know. About Bella Luce, I never understood why they have to make everything so big, unrealistic . Is it that difficult for a CZ company to make 1 ct. and under stones? Edit: Ok, just tried watching GSN live for about 20 minutes, they were showing some gawdawful looking jewelry pieces that were ridiculously expensive,(who buys that)??? No wonder there's not a GSN section here to snark on,lol.
  2. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    I'm surprised she didn't describe it as a "cute little" wife beater, geez...
  3. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Evine: Be Good

    Wow, what a sight for sore eyes, noticed the lovely and classy Libby Floyd on Evine the other day, so nice to see her again on a channel that can appreciate her exceptional professionalism. Daniel Green is back too, would be fantastic to have Tim Temple again for Invicta.
  4. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Live PD

    I think Kennedy asked him what name is on his driver's license was and his name on it was Miguel. The idiot got what was coming to him, yea, lie to the police see how that goes, probably not very well,lol. What is up with all the adults( most over 35 it seems) who still need to call Mommy or Daddy to come bail them out of trouble?
  5. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    +1000 kittygirl.
  6. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    S05.E07: Still Standing

    What is up with the group being scattered all over the damn county or counties? Stay together, there's strength in numbers. Plot lines so thin they remind me of a cheap B rated horror movie at the weekend drive in. Huge hole in the plotline is that the radios they are using can only transmit about a mile or two away. Seems like they have an endless supply of batteries.
  7. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Shopping Channel Hosts: Sales Prevention Team

    Why does he appeal to the over 70 crowd ???
  8. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Home Shopping Network

    On my tv set it's click,click,click, to another channel.
  9. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    JTV: Jewelry Shopping From The Comfort Of Home

    Ok, I saw Shayna co hosting this morning ,glad she's still on!
  10. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    JTV: Jewelry Shopping From The Comfort Of Home

    Seems like we are getting more shows with Kristy co hosting??? Anybody seen Shayna lately? Or Mona , I thought possibly JTV was going to add her as a co host ?
  11. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Evine: Be Good

    I've thought about ordering a piece from Gems En Vogue I thought looked nice but held off. The gemstone looked really nice, a well cut gemstone can bring out so much sparkle and beauty compared to a stone that isn't so well cut. To me, that extra $50.00 or so is worth it as long as the stone has the it factor.
  12. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    S05.E10: Night and the Zombie City

    I loved the noir Liv, guess I'm just a fan of that time and genre. Loved it when Liv smacked the hell out of Blaine in the interrogation room,lol.
  13. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Evine: Be Good

    I usually look for bargains at JTV or ShopLC on jewelry, but I have watched many of Chuck C.'s and Michael B.'s shows. Yes, most of their jewelry is more expensive than the other channels, sometimes I do__ think the item looks like the quality of the gemstones are nicer. Of course without ordering and seeing the item in real life, it might not look as nice as what was being presented on the show. I've only returned a very few items to ShopLC and about 5 or 10 items to JTV. Have any others here had to return jewelry to Evine due to not being happy with the quality?
  14. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    Shawn Killinger: The Good, The Bad, The Skunky

    You're right, she looks stupid. At least SJR could pull off wearing some nice glasses ,plus she was much more intelligent than Skunky.
  15. One4Sorrow2TooBad

    JTV: Jewelry Shopping From The Comfort Of Home

    Seems like night after night of Encore Presentations nowadays during the wee morning hours. Is Rebecca gone now? Haven't seen her in a couple of weeks. She used to do the graveyard shift 3am-5am(?) with Shayna.