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  1. I also enjoy the GEV shows Blabatutti does , in fact there's a few on later tonight if the schedule is correct, which has been totally jacked up on Comcast again.
  2. I've lost more and more interest in the show for about 3 years now or whenever Derek left. Part of it has to do with the (stars) they choose to be competing.
  3. I was hoping Disney would have used Claire and H's cover of Beauty And The Beast in the updated movie.
  4. I avoid the silvertone etc.. stuff , I haven't even tried to buy any of the goldtone over brass although I've been tempted to check out some Karis pieces I've seen on ShopLC .
  5. Somebody on another site had asked about JTV's $3.99 shipping. I noticed they started charging sales tax now so maybe they figured the reduced shipping charge would help keep customers?
  6. Who's going to take over hosting the After Dark shows now? Maybe ShopHQ decided the A.D. shows weren't making them enough money??
  7. Rumor around the water dispenser at The Office (at least according to Kevin) was that they needed the extra money to pay for the new hot models in the Invicta shows. Who knows... Sad to hear someone who's been at the show for 20 something years to get let go.
  8. I always found Brian K. to be kinda creepy, won't be missing him. I didn't watch much of KW except on the After Dark shows. Good luck to her wherever she lands.
  9. In my area, ShopHQ once again had their schedule screwed up so all that was being aired was a rerun of the hair lady doing the hair show for an hour,then they did another hour? rerun of Melissa Miner yelling on and on about Samsung tvs . Gems En Vogue was supposed to have a 3 hour block, not sure if GEV ever made it later in the night. I saw at 11 this morning GEV did_ come on and yes, the prasiolite looked much better quality than JTV's.
  10. Anyone tuning in at midnight for the Gems En Vogue shows?
  11. I had zero desire to watch the new season opener tonight that basically was just going to go over the 25 major finds so far on Oak Island.
  12. Was it 4 or 5 times the officer told the black grandfather to drop the butcher knife the other night? Honestly, it's like some folks all of a sudden can't comprehend the English language.
  13. Originally written and sung by the great Don Gibson, some classic real country music.
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