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  1. Never cared much for the Mosleys, at least Janyl on JTV never uses this type of sales pitch, neither does ShopLC who sells a lot of Bali style jewelry.
  2. I loved them all, the soundtracks were excellent too.
  3. Last night's episode was more of the same lame ass crap they dug up.
  4. OMG! What is that thing? Seeing that would make me turn the channel.
  5. Those woke Hollywood idiots have woken the sleeping giant, Gina Carano is a fighter.
  6. Loved the part where Beverly had a "and what the fuck is this?" moment when she saw the freshmen ladies Bake Sale. That set her off,lol.
  7. I've heard it said before that Shawn loves sniffing her own farts and that picture just reeks of it, no wonder Shawn's always smelling her fingers ,ugh!
  8. I bet Dot Cotten could whip up a heck of a fine breakfast.
  9. Watched a bit of Michael's 4-5 am presentation this morning, missed out on the padparadscha sapphires ring, too late, sold out,lol!
  10. That picture reminds me of the old tv show that came on in the afternoon (2:30?) called Queen For A Day.
  11. So true,so true. QVC is perhaps looking at what the next buying generation looks and feels like and is hoping to " be cool " and fit right in.
  12. Jay King has been on a couple of times today. Always enjoy his stories even though I don't buy anything. Checked out Michael's HSN items, I was surprised he has padparadscha sapphire , so lovely. I have a few of his items in the Tanzanian aquamarine, it's amazing, very saturated in colour ,rivals Santa Maria.
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