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  1. Jeez__ ,looks like the poster boy for "The Happy Proctologist".
  2. RIP Meatloaf, hardest working man in rock and roll bringing down the house.
  3. Lol, yea, so they could be buried side by side holding hands. That Bev has got some serious ___ issues with her boys,lol.
  4. Oh my,you're right those dark circles around her eyes are hideous, Bless her heart. Could it be a nutritional deficiency?
  5. Lol, with all of that OTT PDA, I almost needed to smoke a cigarette.
  6. Did anyone else notice during the Susie-Clayton date, nearly every 5th work out of Susie's mouth was "like" ??? WTF?
  7. WOW!!! 355 only had a $350,000 Thursday Premiere in about 3000 screens, that's embarrassingly bad. Looks to make 3,000,000 for the weekend?
  8. Saw Claire on earlier with Misty. I've never seen Claire before,but she seemed really nice and good natured.
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