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  1. JTV has been selling that grade of blue sapphires in their cheap jewelry for years. Sometimes they label it as "midnight sapphire", and yes, you are right, it basically looks black unless you've got a 1000 watt spotlight shining on it. I'm finding myself watching less and less of JTV during this time, tired of hearing how "rare" tanzanite is, yet they and everyone else has tons__ left to sell. How "generational" it is to pass down to the grandkids yada,yada,yada…. Same thing with all of the chrome diopside JTV sells. Don't get us started on how "rare" the sleeping beauty turquoise is. Been hearing this for about 4 or 5 years,yet there's still 1000's and 1000's of carats of it being sold by all the channels????
  2. I'm sad to hear they let Laura go, she was one of they most knowledgeable , decent respectful hosts they had. She used to sell the linens and stained glass fixtures, always nice and kind, people liked her. She even filled in on some of the Invicta shows and was knowledgeable on the watches. ShopHQ probably wanted someone younger like all of the other shopping channels.
  3. I can't stand all of the loud,squeling,fast talking,over the top sales spiel these idiots spew out, flipping the channel. Got so sick and tired of what's her face Waggoner blabbing along and acting like a dipshit,I quit watching Evine for awhile. Finally they fired her ass.
  4. My God, does Doctor Who needs Rose Tyler again.
  5. Sheree, (honestly,I was not a fan of her) , ended up co-hosting jewelry school and eventually got let go or something. Never heard if she was fired or what. After awhile, Rebecca,( I never could warm up to her raspy voice), ended up co-hosting jewelry school. I think she's been doing that job for 3 or 4 months or so???
  6. Speaking of the Invicta shows, can they please get rid of that idiot woman named Jess who keeps blabbing on and on ,please ,let the expert host sell the product. And what's up with hosts starting to wear glasses??? I've noticed many other shopping channel hosts doing this. Is that suppose to make the host look more intelligent,lol????
  7. Kathy Norton wasn't on, instead, there was a green ,new ShopHQ presenter co host. Asked way__ too many questions like the idiot blonde on HSN's coin shows with Mike.
  8. I saw a commercial yesterday with Chuck and Michael playing music and saying they are getting the band back together.
  9. Screw QVC , a company that thinks SK is an asset to their viewing customers have got a screw loose. Maybe the QVC's in other countries are floating the US QVC, I quit buying anything from that channel years___ ago. I could see Skip possibly making the move to Austin to work for ShopLC. Say what you want, but that channel's hosts average decades_____ more experience than most of any of the top 3 shopping channels.
  10. So is Skip definitely gone ? Will be interesting to see who the cohost is and how bad they'll screw things up on Monday's midnight Coin Shoppe shows .
  11. Enjoyed last night's episode, great series, can't believe more people aren't watching it.
  12. I'll check it out, thank you!
  13. Mrs. McCarthy was home with her husband? I thought she was a war widow.
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