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  1. Saw a closeup this morning of her upper chest and neck area, looked like some sunburn happened. Her skin was more red than tanned, not good any way you look at it.
  2. Yes, and then prepare to get constantly bombarded with emails or texts from HSN about what's new, what a bunch of tossers, no thanks. There's always a catch.
  3. That bar scene was one of the most bad__ ass__ scenes ever in The Walking Dead series!
  4. Tuning in for Michael Valitutti's Gems En Vogue shows Sunday night with Sarah.
  5. Invicta's ship started sinking when Tim Temple left( or let go). That guy was the best watch salesman I've ever seen on any of the shopping channels. And Tim worked at a number of them over the years.
  6. PBS started season 2 Thurs. night, wow, excellent episode, love this series.
  7. PBS just finished up the rerun of Episode 3 of Season 1 Thurs. night. PBS were playing the series at 1 episode a week. Wow, ,this one was riveting and if you're not a lover of British crime drama, this one may not be your cup of tea. Sometimes recording the episode helps you to go back and try and catch what was said,etc,,, Really looking forward to more of this great series.
  8. I record and can fast forward the whole boring episode in about 5 minutes. The show is almost becoming embarrassing.
  9. Didn't QVC have another "quirky" host named Antonella?
  10. Skunkbitch needs to keep her mouth shut asking people questions that are none of her fucking business. Why does QVC think it's perfectly ok to give her a pass on this shit???
  11. I still LOL at that tackle scene, especially when we see Murray. I thought at first the tackler would be some college prick,lol.
  12. It's scraping the bottom of the port-o-can they have on set. The writing stinks like shit too. You keep hoping, somehow , that this series is going to get good again, but that hasn't happened yet.
  13. Those lashes look like shit, she's getting to that age where she is trying everything she can to look attractive? and the looks are fading. It's hell getting old and realizing every day you're getting older.
  14. Thanks for the heads up, love this show. Watched a rerun of Unforgotten Thurs. night on PBS, that's another excellent little drama series too!
  15. But wouldn't that have been considered as "keeping it too__ real" ??
  16. The writers could have at least added some comic relief by having RP's Mays character admit after watching Aaron and Gabriel practically shit in their pants playing Russian Roulette, that the pistol couldn't fire because the firing pin was in his pocket. Of course that might have pissed off Gabriel enough to go ahead mace Mays anyway,lol.
  17. It's like the show has slowly moved away from a hunt of finding treasures of gold ,silver,jewelry and lost Biblical artifacts to now looking for more historical artifacts pointing towards who was on Oak Island when, and what were they doing while there. Can someone tell me why they only have one guy with a metal detector? They could grid the island and have 20 guys with metal detectors, (believe me, using these detectors isn't hard to learn) to cover the whole island and could find all kinds of odds and ends just like they already are finding.
  18. Never cared much for the Mosleys, at least Janyl on JTV never uses this type of sales pitch, neither does ShopLC who sells a lot of Bali style jewelry.
  19. I loved them all, the soundtracks were excellent too.
  20. Last night's episode was more of the same lame ass crap they dug up.
  21. OMG! What is that thing? Seeing that would make me turn the channel.
  22. Those woke Hollywood idiots have woken the sleeping giant, Gina Carano is a fighter.
  23. Loved the part where Beverly had a "and what the fuck is this?" moment when she saw the freshmen ladies Bake Sale. That set her off,lol.
  24. I've heard it said before that Shawn loves sniffing her own farts and that picture just reeks of it, no wonder Shawn's always smelling her fingers ,ugh!
  25. I bet Dot Cotten could whip up a heck of a fine breakfast.
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