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S03.E14: El Matadero Speculation and Live Chat

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41 minutes ago, Gobi said:

Can't watch live tonight. Hope Troy dies; I've given up on Madison dying.

I'll miss you, Gobi; you crack me up.


I've been watching the last 40 minutes of last week's episode, with undivided attention.  That air shaft situation was intense!  I'm a little claustrophobic--which I learned in some underground catacombs with a five foot high ceiling--and just watching him get stuck trying to turn around in there made me suck in deep breaths.

Alicia not smearing on some gut-ouflage, with a punctured walker right on top of her, was ridiculous.


Rats!  I leaked over to the fresh episode.

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2 minutes ago, chick binewski said:

Seriously. They gave the actress more airtime for those TTD promos than her character's actual return.

Yup, the whole thing is ridiculous.

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Just now, JackONeill said:

Hey, let’s take this person who’s about to turn into a confined area with 100s of people.

And Nick brings a guy he knows is unstable to hang out with his sister. What is wrong with these people??

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2 minutes ago, chick binewski said:

Maybe they're doing this to take care of the Walker/walker issue. WHICH STILL BUGS THE HELL OUT OF ME.

Do the call them walkers on this show? I honestly can't remember.

My attention wanders,, I wonder why.

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1 minute ago, nodorothyparker said:

So does Troy think he and Nick are kindred spirits?  Star-crossed lovers?   He loves him?  What?

Yes and yes.  I think?

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