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13 Reasons Why I Thought This Took Place in The 80's: The Music Thread

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On 4/8/2017 at 8:22 PM, DittyDotDot said:

I believe it's The Night We Met by Lord Huron


This is my new favorite song. I'm so glad you posted it.

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Loved hearing The Call.  "And the Walls Came Down."  Too brief a sample though.

"Fascination Street" by the Cure was another unexpected choice.

I just finished Episode 10 and was thrilled to hear "The Stand" by the Alarm at the end, but dismayed again that it was just a fragment.   Still miffed at Stephen King for not using it in the TV miniseries of "The Stand," as the credits were rolling or whatever.   Maybe he doesn't like the song (which would indicate a character flaw, IMHO).

The wimpy cover of Joy Division's "Atmosphere" in this ep was like a watered down drink, irritating and unsatisfying.   Reminiscent of that "Mad World" cover from some years back.

I still use cassettes in the car because I prefer them to anything else, but also because they are a relic of better, simpler times.   So that element of the series hits home for me.   Alas, my last boom-box broke a couple years ago and I haven't gotten round to getting a new one.  And yes, I still have a Walkman too.

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Paralized - John and the Volta

Exit Fears - Ceremony

Heartbeat - Alice Bowman

Boys Like Blood - Jacuzzi Boys

Woman - Karen O & Dangermouse

This Baby Don't Cry - K.Flay

Girls Names - Málaga

Valentine's Day - David Bowie

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A Forest - the Cure

Tell Them Where to Go - Cable Ties

Favorite Drug - Daydream Masi

&Run - Sir Sly

No Love Lost - LCD Soundsystem

Funeral - Phoebe Bridgers

Something I Learned Today - Husker Du

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Bad Decision - Chromeo

Culture - Hembree

Fuck, I'm Lonely - Lauv with Anne Marie

Forever & Ever More - Nothing But Thieves

Walk Forever by My Side - Twin Shadow

Die a Little - Yungblud

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