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  1. braziliangirl

    Russian Doll

    It reminded me of The Good Place. How we need to connect to people even if it causes us pain. How we have to be able to feel not only pleasure but also displeasure so we can feel responsability for our actions and have the power to repair things, It's about the hardships of having relationships and how vulnerable they make us feel (if we have something we can lose them, right?). And also understanding that being involved with others it's the best solution to sustain this very hard task that we all have: existing. I loved it. I'll take all the optimistic (but not delusional) takes about humanity that comes my way.
  2. this would be great. really.
  3. braziliangirl

    S03.E13: Pandemonium

    Aw. I loved what Janet said in the end. It could be about all of the relationships of the characters, not only the romantic ones. Is it close to what Albert Camus believed or am I seeing things because I like a lot of his books?
  4. 1000 times by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam is on repeat since I've seen the show.
  5. braziliangirl

    S01.E13: Tape 7, Side A

    IMHO, Marcus is worst than Courtney. She did awful things but she was motivated by fear ( a powerful tool for making very stupid and awful things). She was scared and I felt from her a bit of remorse. He was just an asshole. I think Ryan believed his arguments. I think he felt his magazine was extremely important and that he, as an artist, had to publish her work. Was he right? No.
  6. braziliangirl

    S01.E11: Tape 6, Side A

    Clay and Hannah's scene was so beautiful. The chemistry, the song, the way he made sure she was ok with what they were doing. Minette and Langford really nailed their scenes. So sad.
  7. braziliangirl

    S01.E13: Tape 7, Side A

    I liked the fact that Clay had dick moments because it showed he wasn't perfect. He was this nice guy who was falible as anyone. Hannah hurted him too. I also loved the fact that Hannah understood some things wrong. She was dealing with so much and had been so hurt that she became defensive and coudn't see that she was loved, that there were other people she could count on (like Tony, or other kids who weren't popular, Clay, her parents, the librarian guy, Kathy). When you're depressed you feel like everyone would be better off without you. I felt for everyone but Marcus and Bryce. Props to Minette, Langford, Boe, Flynn and Heizer. Great cast. After I finished the series I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wanted to rescue everyone.
  8. braziliangirl

    S01.E09: Tape 5, Side A

    I kinda get it why Clay took so long to listen to the tapes. He was scared. I would be too. and then Hannah's and then the possibility that he was responsible for her death, that she hated him...If he listened to that he could never take it back.
  9. braziliangirl

    S06.E07: The Bounce

    what a great episode. I'm loving this season. I'm hoping for Marnie and Hannah being reunited and living together raising the baby. Elijah being a hit on Broadway. Adam and H. having closure and not being together. Jessa and H. having closure and not being close but being friendly. Shosh having her happy ending.
  10. braziliangirl

    S06.E06: Full Disclosure

    I felt bad for Jessa (even though I think Hannah had the right to talk to her that way). I do think she likes Hannah or, at least, as much as she can like someone. And I agree with her: I don't buy that Hannah is over her or dettached from her. I think pseudoHannah is much sweeter than the real one (Adam is too). The real ones have an edge, a way of speaking (and also faster) that I can't see it in the fake ones. Maybe it's to show that Adam is romanticizing their relationship now that it's gone. Or a way of showing that Adam loved her, was hurt and hurted her but that his feelings were real.
  11. braziliangirl

    S06.E05: Gummies

    I loved this episode. I prefer it when I can relate to the Girls and see some development. And I don't think is that far-fechted that Hannah became pregnant and wants to keep it. I don't like Jessa but I want her and Hannah to make amends. Even if it's to say they're not going to be close again. I don't want Adam with either of them. But I'll appreciate some closure with him and Hannah. I want Adam to acknowledge that Hannah was important to him and that's it. (I'm still pissed that Carrie and Big got married. ) I think Jessa feels guilty about Adam (and resents Hannah for making her feel this way even if it's irracional). So she wants to tear Hannah apart (and her relationship with Adam) to feel less conflicted. That's why I think she couldn't read the script: because it would make her miss her friend and face the fact that she let a guy come between them, a decision that is very far from the image that she built for herself.
  12. braziliangirl

    Watch A New Trailer For The Final Season Of Girls

    I want Marnie and Hannah together at the end being real good friends. Still hate Jessa and Adam.
  13. braziliangirl

    S01.E10: The Bicameral Mind

    William = MIB makes sense to me. He was always looking for something real. That was what Dolores represented to him in the beginning and what, ultimately, broke his heart. Having the sense that he was nothing to her, that Logan was right: he wasn't the hero, the protagonist. He wasn't even a random person to her. He didn't existed. He was nothing. Nothing of what he was with her was real. The Maze was kind of what he was always searching: it made hosts real (by having free will). That's what I took from "not being for him". It was for the hosts to gain conscience, not for humans. That's why I think he was happy when he got shot. I don't think he was that attached only for the game. He wanted to see something genuine. I also think Logan kept going with William (and didn't ask for help or something like that) because he was mesmerized by William as much as William was by Dolores.
  14. braziliangirl

    One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    Rory and Logan - sometimes is hard to let go of someone but it's harder to let go of what you once were. I took their thing as a misguided attempt to hold on to a piece of themselves that they're not anymore. And that's a good thing. People change, evolve. But it's also kind of sad. Rory has to let go of the vision of being Christiane Amanpour, being the role model and, you know, the girl everyone puts on a pedestal. And Logan has to let go of the idea that he's not like his father.
  15. braziliangirl

    One is the Loneliest Number: Unpopular GG Opinions

    I actually loved Rory's storyline. First: being a journalist these days is hard (at least in Brazil). And she did have some success but it didn't pan out. One thing that always made me disconnect from Rory is that she always got what she wanted and was great in everything she ever did. All the guys loved her, all the schools wanted her etc. So I liked her storyline with Mitchum and the one in the remake. I always liked Dean so I was happy that he moved on but they were sort of friends. I hated Jess in the show but I really liked him here. I actually wanted more of him. Who would've thought? And even though Rory was wrong being with Logan while he was engaged, I understood why she was with him. The Paul thing I didn't take that seriously because, for me, it was just a joke that didn't work. I like Christopher. I liked his scene with Rory and the different feelings I got from both of them: love, disappointment, I wished he had a scene with Lorelai and showed them being friends (also missed him in Richard's funeral).