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S04.E08: The Greatest Musical Ever Written

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From TV Guide:

Barry becomes jealous of Adam when he discovers Adam's new theater role requires him to kiss Lainey.  Beverly substitute teaches one of Erica's classes and makes it a nightmare for and for other students.

I can't get over how lazy Principal Ball actually wants to allow his students to be.  That he had the final say here didn't give me a good feeling.

I remembered how much both my mom and my dad loved "Phantom of the Opera" in the '80s, so the Adam/Barry/Lainey storyline spoke to me.  But it speaks poorly of Barry that he didn't regret hurting Ms. Cinamon at all, nor does it speak well of Lainey that it actually turned her on.

Random Lucky sighting!  This time, with Erica holding her!  Eeeeeeee!  She's so cute!

Better episode than the others this season, at least.

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I don't understand how this show has been on for four years and I still don't have that giant Smurfs wall watch.

Also, shut up, writers.  "Showmance" is not in any way an 80's term.

I loved the chagrined look the gym teacher had on his face when Beverly disparaged gym class.  He was so despondent!

Aww AJ (this is AJ, right? not Aly?) got to sing for reals.  I wonder if she has ever played Christine before.

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The high school theater geek activities totally made me chuckle, as did the love for Phantom. I wonder how much they had to pay in rights to use any of it for the show?

 This was a great episode, especially since there was no longing for Geoff. Ana Gasteyer is hilarious. (She's equally good on People of Earth.)

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Teaching Home Economics seems like THE perfect class for Beverly. She could become legend in teaching boys and girls how to run a household. Every parent would make their kid take her class to make sure they could survive and every kid would avoid her like the plague.

Lucky was cute sitting on Erica's lap watching Alf. Then she kept staring at the tv once Murray turned it off like she was able to still see it playing and was totally ignoring Murray and Erica's convo.

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