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  1. On one hand, Kayla and Belle how you gonna calmly leave MarDevil alone with Shawn, Doug, and Julie? It's the Devil who is powerful and up to no good! On the other, Julie handled her defense of Doug just fine without Shawn's help, LOL. 'not today, Satan!' Say what you want about Julie, but the woman has balls. She stood toe to toe with Satan and was ready to defend her beloved Doug for all the 'Days of her Lives' with every ounce of her being with her rosary and the power of love. I admit. I cheered. It may have been corny but MarDevil booked it out of there without killing them all off s
  2. On one hand, I appreciated how Victoria was allowed to look smart and ruthless in her assessment of how Ashland was taking all the risks in Victor and Adam's scheme and how they should be the ones to reap the rewards of taking over ChanceComm rather than Victor and Adam/Newman Media - especially since it included the original Newman Media as a chunk of it's infrastructure. On the other, Victoria is tiresome with her constant need to put down Adam when it was VICTOR who masterminded this scheme with Adam as his lackey, Victoria knew who all the players were and went along with it basically
  3. Very good point that he's holding his father to a higher standard than his own wife. Maybe he puts women on a pedestal and blames men for being the baddies when it takes two to tango. Unpopular opinion - Li has allll the reason to be mad at Jack and not want to play peacemaker between Jack and Finn at the moment, but there was something about the way she piled on when Finn was going off on Jack, running to hug Finn and telling Jack off AGAIN that just rang manipulative to me. Support your son, no doubt, but your relationship with Jack is not for Finn to be involved with, IMO. Something a
  4. I hate Victor on the same level of vitriol that I do Sonny Corrinthos and Jason Morgan – which is a LOT- but Billy holds a special place in my heart for hate/dislike for fictitious characters. He hasn’t suffered long enough or hard enough for the crap he’s pulled and I hope he dangles and gets blasted by people for a bit longer so it sinks in a bit that he brought this on and did this to himself and Lily. But I will say JT’s work in Billy’s scene with Jack was heading him in a better direction. He’s right, they’re all crooks and he played dirty with them to get them, but they were better
  5. Oh, I forgot what really got me today with Billy- this dude was dodging Victoria's calls when the article broke as he was busy doing 'damage control' but when Lily puts it into his head that Victoria may be aware of what Adam and Victor are doing, this piece of poop has the gall to call Victoria and ask her to tell him what Ashland's motivation is with the lawsuit and if she knew what Adam/Victor were doing. Are you kidding me?! Victoria doesn't owe you poop! Her husband is suing your asses. That's where his head is at. She told you he was playing a dangerous game screwing
  6. Annnnd now we're back to Billy posturing, sniffing, making demands with Lily enabling his behavior. I will give JT this, he did show moments of Billy realizing just how much he messed up and how dumb he was with fleeting facial expressions. But then Billy would lie and say that the recording and video that Rey was taking was out of context. They were not out of context. You tried to blackmail them Billy. Doesn't matter if they were playing you, your actions are your own. That they didn't see a lawsuit from Ashland coming shows they have no business being in any kind of busi
  7. Okay, I'll give Billy and Lily some credit for a bit of awareness in their culpability in their situation. More to Lily as Billy still doesn't recognize that his strong 'defense' of blackmail doesn't make them the good guys. Also the show even thought to cover why did they bother writing the article and having it ready to go! Billy's excuse was that it was so that it really looked like they were gonna publish it instead of pretending. LOL, okay, dude. You still fell for Gaines' BS story and still tried to blackmail NewmanMedia so...enjoy the garbage heap you're finding yourself in. Don't
  8. Yup! I chortled when he actually had the gumption to say that. C'mon, man! I feel like she'll put two and two together on this one. She knows that Ashland gave his blessing to them to go after Billy and that they were planning something. Gaines is now saying that the facts he gave are wrong so while Ashland is 'exposed' it's now being presented as a lie. Not a bad way to get the truth out there but of course Billy will be dead set on proving that he's not a fraud/liar. I may be wrong but I think this is when Devon was considering co-parenting with Hilary and being her do
  9. Billy and Lily's dilemma is pretty much 'hoisted by your own petard' but they won't see it that way. If you hadn't written the article to begin with and had it loaded in the ChanceComm servers, Victor and Adam couldn't have detonated it to blow you up. You wrote the article. You tried to use it to blackmail the competition to your will. Billy's been egging Adam and Victor on for better part of a year saying they had to be ready/had to strike first/NewmanMedia was coming for them- Except NewmanMedia hasn't actually done anything to ChanceComm until now. Prior to this it was
  10. I get Hope wanting to know her father but I'm baffled not only by her asking and needing everyone's permission and blessing to have him in her life but having a tantrum and hissy fit with her mother and then Ridge when Ridge threw Deacon out. Hope most definitely has been to hell and back with her first lost child and then upon her return (due to Ridge) riding the Liam-go-round again and dealing with more angst and heartache re Beth's death, Thomas, Liam's waffling and affair and near prison stint. All of these experiences should've made her tougher and less willing to put up with crap and d
  11. Well, she did beg him not to marry Quinn and he did it anyway; nothing good came from that union at all. And the thing is he's done things that she doesn't know about that would disappoint her - namely be happy to assist Quinn in tossing Liam over a cliff and be accessory to his murder (and kidnapping after the fact since he said nothing to nobody when he found out). I get Liam was with Steffy at the time, but Deacon also knew that Liam was important to Hope. Does Liam recall Deacon at that cabin? Has he talked about that time with Hope or did he just bury it? I've long talked about how Liam
  12. I wouldn't have minded if Adam was allowed to get involved and in a bid to pay Chance back for getting him shot, that he took off to Spain to search for Chance, tapping into his Spider contacts and having a few narrow scrapes himself for him to find Chance and bring him home to Abby and Chance and Adam to renew their bromance and Abby thaw to him just a touch ( he did gaslight her mother into a miscarriage afterall). And when Adam gets home, he realizes life's too short and finds him Sally with a quickness to bed her and enjoy some happiness for once. Why is everyone looking to Adam to st
  13. I was cackling because that house is in fact Brooke's home; Ridge just squats there when they're together and has no right to throw anyone out that house. Ridge acting like he gives a damn about Hope is appalling and the fact Liam is going along with this BS just makes me shake my head. Liam, Ridge was sneering in disgust at you at Thomas's bedside saying that you've never loved anyone and were a loser; the last time you had an alliance with this man he chose the WOMAN WHO KIDNAPPED AND RAPED YOU over you and made no apologies. Ridge has called your wife a stain on the Forrester family a
  14. She wouldn't have any humility or self-awareness from that situation; but I'm fine with someone putting a bullet or two or three in her with a clock upside the head with a vase or oar while they're at it. I have no use for Quinn. None. Liam is a tool, but that doesn't excuse her grown ass constantly terrorizing and verbally abusing him all because Bill picked Liam's mother over her. Then you add in the murder attempts, kidnapping, and rape and I've wanted her buried six feet under the jail for years. I love me some Rena Sofer but Quinn ain't fun for me in any capacity. Having said that
  15. Whew, those Brooke/Deacon flashbacks informing the present day talk with Brooke and Hope was some great history. Only thing or rather person to round this out is Bridget's POV as her relationship with Brooke and Bridget should be playing heavily here. Having said that, Hope made some good moves in wearing Brooke down to being open to having Deacon in her life and letting her make the mistake/learn hard lessons from whatever happens after that. Hope is indeed a grown woman and she should be able to get to know Deacon on her own. Having Rick and Bridget and lil Deacon also in the mix would'
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