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  1. TobinAlbers

    Sansa Stark: A Direwolf In Sheep's Clothing?

    A breakdown/interpretation of how all the Starks are represented in Sansa’s coronation dress. Totally TeamSansa from even the book days. Not that I’d ever want to undercut her arc from selfish teen to sacrificing Queen, but thinking over the show, it’d have been interesting for Rickon to have survived if only for him to have been the child Sansa could raise as her own and fight for and be very protective of in regards to Winterfell and making sure the Stark line continued. I get Jon being salty at Sansa for her betrayal but he did hug her tight as they said their goodbyes so he may not forgive her but he does still care for her. I know Arya/Jon are the bro/sis pairing that gets everyone else weepy but for me it’s Jon/Sansa. When she rolled up into the Wall and saw Jon and he saw her and they just hugged each other so stunned and relieved, THAT is what got me. Both had come so far and been through so much that to finally see a pair of Stark siblings reunite really affected me. They bumped heads from then and continued to have their differences, but they also accepted each other on a new level as family.
  2. TobinAlbers

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019)

    So we’re on for the high table showdown. Seems like it’s a mix of the youngish and old. Think Jeremy Irons would consider coming aboard for JW4? If they want to continue the Matrix reunions, Hugh Weaving could be fun for a cameo. Given John no doubt broke a hell of a lot of bones in the fall, JW4 now at the very least have a 6-8 week buffer (more like 3 months) for John and The King to heal from their wounds. It’s hilarious that the timeline of the first 3 movies combined is about a month, right?
  3. TobinAlbers

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Yara looked pissed and ready to fight and yet I’d think she’d know that Arya is the freaking Night King slayer. Unless she wanted to go out dying with her last words being I tried to kill the Night King Slayer ala Euron. Come to think of it there is a scene missing of Yara being told/processing what Theon did and how he fought hard and saved Bran. If she does in fact know that I could see that somewhat factoring into her grudgingly supporting Bran as King- her brother died protecting him. I like Bran and his TER arc and definitely see him as a hero and yet when he answered Tyrion’s question with the whole ‘I wouldn’t have come all this way if I wasn’t going to take the crown’, Issac’s reading of that line was almost chilling as if hinting that the TER had motives/goals/ambitions forethought of his own that were not necessarily altruistic towards the people of Westeros. If this were any other series, I’d think this was set up for a whole new kind of problem for the six kingdoms and the possible the world with Bran the Broken being a whole new level of villain.
  4. TobinAlbers

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Because Bran won’t always be King and she won’t always be QitN. Securing that the North is independent of the collected kingdoms supposedly means that when the new King or Queen is voted in, the North remains independent and rules itself. Sansa was looking out for the present and future generations as much as she could. Her time in King’s Landing and seeing the whims and machinations of everyone really seemed to set it in her mind that for the North to be safe and secure, it had to be free of the yoke to that throne.
  5. TobinAlbers

    S08.E05: The Bells

    Arya as the living witness was a nice touch as otherwise her journey to KL was for nothing. Also someone pointed out to me that she resembles Ned now in dress and hair style. In some of the shadowy shots she looked exactly like Ned. So if Jon had bedded Dany and given body and soul to her she wouldn't have gone whole ham on KL? Or would she have expected him to keep following her lead. I can't put Dany's rampage on Jon or Sansa or Tyrion. Dany's actions are her own and for her to choose blood just because Jon wouldn't pony up his peen is on her and her alone. Cersei got off way too easy and Jamie should've died at the hands of anyone other than Euron. Grey Wind's ghost would've been better.
  6. TobinAlbers

    S08.E04: The Last of the Starks

    Yup, totally shades of Joffrey and Ned. Back then Cersei knew what a blunder test was. Now, she's so far gone she's fine with lighting the match and watching the world burn.
  7. TobinAlbers

    S08.E04: The Last of the Starks

    If there was ever a time for Dany to have lost her shit and burned through those ships, it was then. Open war combat with armed forces and not civilians. I wouldn't have blamed her. I figured the only reason why she didn't risk it was because she wouldn't rashly put Drogon at risk. Although all she had to do was circle around to their backs and Dracarys them into oblivion. But there brings up a good point- if Dany lost Drogon what would happen? How would she lead and gain her claim to the IT? These are the things she should be realizing - that she's a Queen and leader without her dragons or she should be and what does that look like for her?
  8. TobinAlbers

    S08.E04: The Last of the Starks

    Which is why I loved that it was Arya that cut him off and said we need to talk and laid it out that none of them trusted his Queen. Yes, the North needed Dany and her dragons but now that the war with NK was over and Dany was back on her goal of the IT and there was an after to talk about, Team Stark was up front again about their issues. I don't think Dany is a Mad Queen but I think the perfect storm of things getting away from her and everyone else kicked up with a little help of her still feeling like an outsider in the North combined with the adulation that Jon was being shown while she sat alone and the fact that all her blood, sweat, tears, pain, and losses could be for nothing since Jon has a good claim for the throne. That The North still wasn't 100% kissing the ring was pissing her off. So she's feeling vulnerable but trying to rally and take the IT and not listening to Sansa's not bad advice of resting and regrouping. Dany seemed as much hellbent to get away from The North as she was to get to the IT because she knew she wasn't accepted there and sick of it to the point she pushed a still recovering Rhaegal to travel. Not that he still wouldn't have been lost to ambush, but Dany's urgency felt a bit rash in light of their losses. She's making mistakes but then so is everyone. Meanwhile everyone is also playing the game, protecting themselves, going for power or security and like I said, a perfect storm is brewing that's testing, pushing, and pulling at Dany that's potentially leading her down a dark path and proving everyone's fears about her true. Anyway, wish Varys and Tyrion had acknowledged how Ned Stark actually had gotten one over on everyone.
  9. TobinAlbers

    S08.E04: The Last of the Starks

    And now we see why Ned didn't even tell Cat the truth. Too many people knowing and it all goes to hell. He couldn't/wouldn't put her in that position and successfully protected Jon until Sam and BranEyeRaven put it together.
  10. TobinAlbers

    S8 Spoiler Free Live Chat

    Yeah, that is sad and wierd he's not saying goodbye to Ghost. Symbolically, that's him just saying deuces to his Stark side.
  11. Thomas seems like he's hankering to get himself killed either by Hope as he tries to force himself on her or Wyatt or Liam in saving Hope. Or maybe Sally when she happens upon the scene. Would B&B dare duplicate the Y&R JT is dead no he isn't storyline to give Hope and Sally a year of hell as they think they killed Thomas and orphaned Douglss only for him to be found and he have a brain tumor to explain his behavior? The way they have him acting he doesn't seem like they're thinking long term viability. He's unstable, predatory, and crossing lines left and right so he said either gonna get killed or have a character saving brain tumor like his Great Aunt Pam.
  12. TobinAlbers

    The Spoiler Collection

  13. Normally not a big KM fan (don't hate her either) but I really would be intrigued with how she'd play Lily and how she'd interact with the men on canvas. She's already played a woman re-acclimating to society after a prison stint.
  14. TobinAlbers

    S08.E03: The Long Night

    The other cool thing about Arya's leaping yell move is that the Night King has to use both hands to stop her - one for the knife at his head and the other to catch her by the throat which leaves her other hand free. Most people would use the free hand to pull at their throat or hit the person to make them free them. Not Arya. She keeps her cool, and weaponizes her free hand. All he can do is look - and you do see his eyes drop to follow the knife as she drops it into her free hand and stabs him with it. He was a split second too late realizing what was happening and by then her hand was driving the blade home. Just freaking genius move by Arya.