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  1. I think the initial connection will probably be that it’ll be a circumstantial tie that further strengthens the idea that Emily was in on the kidnapping/murder in that turtle was bought at the same place as the alligator found at George’s house, i.e. George bought both items and gave the turtle to Emily as a ‘gift’ for George which she put in his room. Also explains why she was focused on the turtle being her son’s favorite as it was a gift from her lover. There may be a secondary more important tie to come later. Also good point that the church may play into this as Emily mentioned that George was a church friend/friend from church. I laughed way too hard at Perry’s line: I’m working the case, Della. I don’t have to explain shit (to you). On one hand, I agreed with him. She can have her intuition, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also follow his leads/hunches which turned out to lead him not only to Emily’s lover but also someone involved in the child’s kidnapping/murder. On the other having watched the original series in reruns I was like ‘Damn, Perry oh no you didn’t talk to Della like that!’ 😂 At only 8 episodes I’m in for the season. I like the tone, the actors, and that the pacing makes this a mini-series centered around this one case (so far).
  2. They were trying to make Quinn/Ivy friends for whatever reason. Ivy knew exactly what Quinn did to Liam and instead of kicking her ass to the curb was going along with her plan of being a shoulder for Liam to cry on so Wyatt could keep Steffy. Ivy pretty much became dead to me after that. Liam in the end stood up for her ass against Steffy, his playing White Knight to her and escorting her to the plane being what had him end up on the plane to get the brain injury that was the reason Quinn could do all the shit she did to him. If anything Ivy should’ve allied with Liam out of a sense of she owed him (not really, but kinda) but she, like Steffy and Hope before her, allowed Quinn to egg her on despite knowing better because it allied with her own self-interest in getting Liam back. She was probably channeling Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ since Eric was making her feel like a new person 🤢😖😂
  3. Following @Joimiaroxeu and moved response from Media thread Ivy was a brief respite in Wyatt’s shenanigans but it wasn’t until Katie that Wyatt stopped sniffing around Liam’s women. Wyatt’s alllllways been especially eager to show Liam’s ladies that he’s the better alternative. I could be stuck in the middle of the Sahara and not be as thirsty as Liam. Sad thing is Wyatt really didn’t need to work so hard. If he had just sat there being the sympathetic ear, the woman would’ve all fallen in his lap due to Liam’s messiness. The fact he felt he had to actively undermine the relationships shows how little self-esteem he as. Quinn’s machinations didn’t help. Re Bill’s support of Hott? Wyatt should’ve taken the clue- Hope isn’t good enough for your brother (my beloved son) but she’ll do for you, my spawn of Quinn. 😂 Bill was just happy that Hope wasn’t with the son he liked. My annoyance at Wyatt aside and this circumstances of this wedding, it was one of the prettier elopement weddings with Hope seeming sad but hopeful for once. If they’d had the chemistry of a GH Brenda/Jax they could’ve been a solidly rootable but instead of Wyatt seeming like the mature alternative to Loam, he was a thirsty mamma’s boy who had to play games to steal his brother’s women. I’m torn between wanting to see what we assumed would’ve been a WTD story when Hope got pregnant and being glad that it didn’t further extend that triangle as it was already played out. The fact they did it against with Steffy at the center just made it worse. Wyatt pulled that same angle with Steffy when he assisted her in moving past the loss of her child to hop back on her motorcycle again which begs the question - what is it about Liam that these women felt they couldn’t be themselves and/or played it safe that they were not completely happy with him. Relating this back to media- do we know why JMcW was presented best actor award with GH’s Maurice Bernard ? Aside from the social distancing issues, it got fans wanting a Stonny pairing 😖🤢😂
  4. Following @Joimiaroxeu and moved my response to main thread.
  5. Ha! It’s all good. I too thought the year looked off but was too lazy to check the first time 😂 DD and TK have that SF and KKL rivalry where their characters are crackling with energy as rivals that easily could translate into sexual chemistry. Ridge/Bill may just be the true pairing of the show, LOL I wasn’t on the Queridge train but their affair and story had a lot more potential than the show gave them credit for. Why they cut short so abruptly -especially when Brooke went to Bill- I’m not clear on. Quinn could’ve gone to Ridge with Donna picking up the pieces to help Eric move on or he leaves LA to spend time with his brother to try to get over Ridge’s betrayal leaving Rick in charge and ready to avenge his father.
  6. Yup, I checked another site and you’re correct that it was 2016 and I’ve corrected the post. Queric’s been married almost 4 years and have poop to show for it. They need to have a major shakeup. Can we have a shocker high risk pregnancy for Quinn. I mean she can’t be older than Brooke was when she was pregnant by Bill. A new potential legit Forrester heir would give them something to play at least.
  7. In Soaps.com’s newest Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, it’s ‘Love Conquers All Week’. The CBS soap opera will air episodes going back to 2014 featuring stories of romance that prevailed. Source Link: https://soaps.sheknows.com/the-bold-and-the-beautiful/spoilers/569878/the-bold-and-the-beautiful-spoilers-june-29-july-3/ Bold and Beautiful spoilers for the week of June 29: Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Monday June 29: Wyatt convinces Hope to take the marital plunge — literally — in Monte Carlo. Originally aired on August 13, 2014. Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday June 30: Maya and Rick’s wedding day arrives. Originally aired on August 12, 2015. Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday July 1:Ridge and Caroline head to the beach and pronounce themselves ‘husband and wife’. Originally aired on September 14, 2015. Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Thursday July 2: Eric and Quinn tie the knot and celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton guest stars as Reverend Murphy. Originally aired on September 26, 2016. Bold and Beautiful spoilers for Friday July 3: Steffy tells Ridge that she is ready to marry Liam, just as he learns that Hope is pregnant with his child. Originally aired on July 4, 2018. These episode selections are laughable. All except Eric and Quinn are no longer couples and Queric is on unstable foundation. Love did not conquer all. I will say that three of the four weddings selected were really nice and beautiful -even Wyatt/Hope.
  8. Over the years I’ve gained an affinity for Brooke because the woman has been through it, survived it, and is still thriving but she’s such a hot mess. Brooke never learns. The whole Deacon affair and Hope conception should’ve been her turning point in how she makes decisions in her life but years later when Brooke found herself pregnant by Bill and scrambling to have Eric marry her and claim the baby you see that she still has work to do. Granted there were mitigating circumstances of Katie initially pushing them together but instead of knowing better and backing off the situation entirely, she slid right into another messy trap that nearly destroyed her sister twice. This episode was a showcase to the complexity of Stephanie and the complexity of the Brooke/Stephanie relationship. In spite of herself, Stephanie had conceded Brooke loved her kids and even she didn’t think Brooke would be capable of a betrayal like this to her own beloved daughter. I think part of the reason for Stephanie’s viciousness towards Brooke in this episode was that she felt she’d been played by Brooke despite all Stephanie’s misgivings about Brooke, the other half is because she truly loved Bridget like a daughter and was hurting for her and the pain she knew was coming. Then you have Brooke actually playing the victim about her ‘sacrifice’ and yeah, I get why Stephanie totally lost it on her. Brooke really was at her most selfish here because it’s one thing when you’re fighting another woman over a man but another when you have an affair with your daughter’s husband and conceive a child and think you have any ground to be the anguished heroine. Brooke took a big hit in character with this affair and yet it was a dynamite soapy story that had repercussions for years and yet unfortunately the show never truly fully capitalized on. Bridget should be onscreen and Brooke’s main rival with the friction between them crackling and Bridget and Hope having a complex relationship as well with Bridget loving Hope but trying not to resent Hope, Hope wanting Bridget’s love and approval but resenting that she’s resented through no fault of her own, and Bridget maybe even undermining the Hope/Brooke relationship by trying to establish herself as the stable family she can count on and Brooke wanting to encourage closeness between the sisters but suspicious of Bridget’s motives. Deacon was indeed hit back in the day but now that he’s been with Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis over on Y&R and Quinn on B&B he’s lost his allure. Neither Katie nor Brooke should want him unless he’s had some serious testing on a weekly basis 😂 Erica would be perfect for Thomas. Would also be hilarious considered Sheila threatened to snap baby Thomas’ neck that he ends up with her daughter. JF (Bridget) is another B&B Emmy winner (3 straight years!) and they really should've shown her winning episode for this year since it connects to the affair and baby Hope story.
  9. Ah, sorry I meant he couldn’t be Thorne’s since he is still Ridge’s half brother via Stephanie so Wyatt would still be Steffy’s (half) cousin - which you could get away with if they were European royals. And actually he couldn’t be a Forrester as he’s slept with Ivy too. Wyatt’s been around! I like the idea of Wyatt being Bill Sr’s son for $Bill to have to call him brother and Liam to call him Uncle Wyatt.
  10. THIS! This is the story I've wanted for Wyatt and Quinn as it a) has nothing to do with Liam b) has everything to do with Wyatt c) would give both actors a showcase to explore the unhealthier aspects of their relationship as well as Quinn's mental health issues and d) would help examine Wyatt as someone independent of Bill and Quinn. And then the search for Wyatt's parents which may end up with them finding out that gasp! he's Liam's twin that Quinn stole as revenge on Kelly and to 'have a piece of Bill'. She faked his birth certificate and details to make everyone think he was the kid she gave birth to but she actually either lost the baby or actually did abort the child either resulting in her depression and breakdown. Sadly, Wyatt can't be a Forrester or a Spectra as he's slept with Steffy and Sally. Now if he was actually Bill Sr.'s other son and actually Bill's brother and so a rightful heir to Spencer publishing...that would be something.
  11. If she does come back she'll be revealed to be crazier than Quinn in order to redeem her. No thanks. And she'd have a hell of a mountain to climb with Liam in leaving him after the description of her final days and they hell she went through and that he witnessed. But it would be nice to have a woman on for Thorne or be a fresh love connection for Bill. I've always thought that they could go with the Liam had a twin that Kelly gave up (or didn't realize she had ala Sharon on Y&R with Cassie and Mariah and Iva on ATWT with Lily and Rose). Another route is if Liam's stepfather had another family before he married Kelly or after she died then Liam would having a step-sister or step-brother deciding to embrace their step-brother now that he's rich and a Spencer heir. Step-brother could go after Steffy or Thomas and step-sister could go for Wyatt or Thomas or Steffy. It'd be interesting if Liam's step-father died leaving a little 'woeful' step sister for Liam to want to help out only for her to be revealed to be a hellion.
  12. No doubt, I adore the Bill and Liam Father/Son relationship but damned if WH didn't make me feel for Thorne and what Liam being his son meant to him. He absolutely sold the whole range of emotions of thinking about the plans for another child with Darla, introducing Aly to her brother, having a purpose in his life in building a relationship with a child he just found out about. It was really cute that even after learning he wasn't the father his instinct was to take Liam home like an abused puppy after seeing how Bill was treating him. But seriously, Stephanie and Ridge- listen to Thorne. The man is still lost and reeling and all you can do is give pained expressions? Just sad how that family treated him. And isn't it funny how WH's speech is basically outlining how he and Thorne have been treated and all the things he ticked off were basically all the story potential Liam as his son would give him but that he's being denied? Too bad they didn't have it be they think he's Thorne's son and then after a few months of bonding they find out that Bill is his dad but he remains super close to Thorne. Didn't even throw him that bone. And then we get over to the Liam /Bill scenes and I gotta say, SC was working it but DD was also killing it. The subtle moment where Bill is obviously gutpunched by the 'Handsome is as Handsome Does' line and he has to quickly cover some deep emotions where he was taken back in time. I had forgotten some of details of Kelly Hopkins and I like the shades they gave her. She sounds like an ambitious Forrester model (Sasha, Maya) who also could genuinely love and care for her son. Bill talking about how he tried to stay connected but that she shut him out was interesting. (Still want Sharon Case to play her if they ever do flashbacks or Liam at death's door) Steffy/Oliver. They had potential. What could've been. He did throw a nice nugget for her to think about in that he wasn't sure she even knew what would make her happy with her moping down in the basement. But Oliver was looking good looking a lil' more manly with his nicer haircut. Still a crime that they offed Aly and didn't keep her with Oliver and move into a triangle with bad boy grown up lil Deacon. Good show today. Next up- The return of the Avants and Zende draaaagggs Julius.
  13. Not sure when her son died in real life but I know it was during this storyline because people were worried about the emotional toll of her grieving e ‘loss’ of Jack. I recall watching her breakdown scene during the custody battle and feeling so badly for HT because her grief/breakdown seemed all too real. Yeah, the show should’ve had let the maternity secret percolate longer as Taylor knew Jack was Brooke’s biologically and Brooke immediately weaponized it and zeroed in on her alcoholism. Nick was trying to pull Brooke back in via Jack which Ridge was highly aware of and had no patience for. He was actually pushing the right angle of leaving Taylor and Nick to work out and raise Jack as Brooke was his bio mother but Taylor was his legal mother. Taylor and Nick should’ve had time to really bond, fall really truly in love, and be a family with Jack before the rug was pulled out from under them. Jack Marone is sorely needed on canvas with Taylor and RJ. It’s a story that writes itself in Jack wanting to know his mothers and Taylor actually able to bond with him now and Brooke ‘concerned’ and RJ pissed at this other son of Brooke’s. Damnit I was gonna say soras Will or Lizzie and pair him with Jack but they’re both related to him. We need more Spectras . Thanks @Anna Yolei for setting me straight on details. Can’t believe this was after Darla’s death. Taylor seems so together that I thought it was before!
  14. Seeing Phoebe today was like a breath of fresh air. I really wish she was alive so that Steffy had a true ally but also so that we'd have more variety on the show. Just a big shame they killed her as the 'expendable' Marrone-Forrester when she was the best of all of them. Ah, Nick and Taylor married with a baby on the way. Nick once again sniffing around Brooke while playing like he's over her but really isn't as we soon learn once Jack's maternity is revealed. We're about one year out from Taylor's alcoholism beginning with learning Brooke is Jack's biological mother AND Rick and Taylor hooking up which was a catalyst for Phoebe's death. See the parallel of Nick/Brooke and Taylor/Ridge in their talks- Nick is obviously still sniffing around Brooke even as she's whining about getting Ridge back and he's married to Taylor with a baby on the way. Did you see the look on his face when Brooke went on about a child bonding you for life? He was wishing it was Brooke as the mother of his child, not Taylor; meanwhile Taylor and Ridge converse as exes who are friends but not carrying obvious unrequited torches for each other. Of course she was throwing a little shade about his choices in women, LOL, but Taylor is with Nick and Ridge is with Ashley. Just a nice thing to see between them.
  15. Huh. Interesting to note that 3 of the 5 episodes showcased that have the actors winning Emmys all connect to $Bill. Seems like he's the catalyst -direct or indirect- for his co-stars to win Emmys. Now write DD a story where HE finally gets the Emmy. Clifton won for supporting actor in 2013. Was that in relation to Bill as well or Steffy's motorcycle accident?
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