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  1. I think the difference is unlike Eric, Thorne, and Nick, who were all family, Ridge loooathes Bill. In Ridge’s mind, Bill violated his beloved Steffy and is a predator. And Bill did have Ridge tossed out of a helicopter nearly costing him his life and ability to design. While Thorne did cap Ridge in the head once upon a time for his sleeping with Caroline and tried to kill him a) that was family and b) Ridge knew he deserved it and c) Stephanie told him to basically get over it so he had to. Nick he didn’t know until adulthood but they ‘respected’ their biological bond to an extent and Nick didn’t try to kill him and even felt bad when Ridge was presumed dead. With Bill, Ridge has no reason not to nurse his grudge and let it fester- especially when Brooke and Bill do share a bond that is so strong that she’s drawn to Bill in spite of her love for Katie. Ridge is shook because Brooke’s destiny no longer seems to be only him.
  2. I'm hoping when RJ returns it's because he's completed medical school and is starting his job at a hospital in LA. Or at the very least has a PhD in Chemistry and knows materials science so he can work at the Forrester labs like mom did with no designs on the big chair.
  3. Seeing Denise Richard reenact the flailing Ridge fall from the helicopter into the ocean ‘green screen’ would crack.me.up. Sally running a scam on Wyatt? I ain’t mad. But the show better not do her like they did Caroline and give her an ‘ironic’ death. And in one of my predictions that won’t come true, despite the show seemingly setting it up- when Quinn’s scheme backfires and Eric dumps her ass, I can totally see her going all bad and uniting with a nothing to lose Thomas to take down their common enemies Brooke and Liam. Quinn’s hatred of Liam will resurface when Bill is mean to Wyatt and they’ll scheme and rage about their hatred for both of them which will lead to hate rage sexy times. Seriously, who else are they gonna out Thomas with? And Quinn/Thomas almost scheming before was floated for a reason. I’d actually be down with it as long as it ends with Bill burying both of them alive and building Skye on top of their corpses 😂 I kid. Mostly.
  4. This.freaking.show. I don't ever want to hear Bill ream Liam out about being a waffle - he legit gets that shit from his father.
  5. It cracks me up that Katie is the go to ‘comforting/consoling support for the women who have health crisis but no gal friends or moms on the show (Steffy and now Sally). She’s always forced to awkwardly comfort these women that she either has tangential association with (Sally) or should not really give two beans about (Steffy). This highlights a big problem on the show- no female friendships.
  6. Was thinking weeks ago that a Quinn/Thomas team up would not be a bad idea and lo and behold Quomas we now will have- at least as evil scheming buddies. Its insulting that they’re even bothering bringing out ole Carter for Zoe. Good for the actor getting his credits for SAG health insurance and what not but we all know that ain’t going nowhere. Also, WTH would he give her the time of day when she was an accessory to a crime that he was involved as a dupe/pawn? The only interesting angle is if he’s getting revenge on her for making a fool of him. If this show was written by Tyler Perry we just might have gotten that story. 😂
  7. Totally get we have to have ads to keep the website up and running but is there any way for one to at select the types of ads you see in your feed or at least exclude certain types? I'm repeatedly seeing ads for grooming when I'd rather not; I do close them out and select either seem multiple times or not interested but they keep popping back up in my feed. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I really wish when a man gets unexpectedly kissed by a woman other than the one he supposedly loves or is committed to that he forgets about 'offending' the woman by pulling back hard and throwing up a hand to block your face if needed. Liam really should be better at expected 'unexpected' kisses from Steffy as she's pulled this crap before. As soon as she was incoming he should've pulled away, ducked, thrown up a palm to cover his mouth because this is old hat by now. Honestly, I'd have even enjoyed the below more than what we're going to get. 😆
  9. Now that would be a timely and nice diversion from the usual dreck. She had no problem with listening to his gripes about Hope waaaaaaay back when she was the 'Good time girl' to Hope's 'prude'. True she said she was moving on from her bad habits and not waiting for Liam and yet....here we are again. JMW has pretty much been pushing for Steffy to move on from Liam and I think she thought her Daytime Emmy win would get her that clout to do it but so far...nada. SC's Emmy win didn't get him much in the way of new story either. The show should've had the balls to do Still and make Kelly Bill's daughter. I really do believe that if Steffy was with Bill she wouldn't go back to Liam. Liam would realize he was a fill in for his father and *maybe* be forced to move on and/or have a fire lit under him to best Bill in business somehow or just hack Spencer Publishing and really mess %^$ up. So it seems Sally has become the new Ivy. Brought on with fanfare, paired with all the young men on the show then pushed out to be on the fringe as supporting characters that have history but that doesn't get played. What a waste.
  10. This. Can we have this? Generations of families all under one roof like in the days of old? Liam has no place to stay so why not have him bunk in with Katie and Bill and Will for a bit? Maybe Will gets pissed at Liam for horning into his territory? Maybe Wyatt is jealous he isn't living there too? Liam cooks vegan for the entire family one night and Will ain't having it.
  11. I don't get why Ridge continually pushes Liam being with Steffy when he doesn't even like him and has more than hinted that he feels the same way as Thomas does about him (wimp in his daddy's shadow, waffle, doesn't know love, etc.). Even if Steffy does love him and want him, Ridge should be pushing her to at least Wyatt if he think's Liam is no prize and doesn't want her drifting back to Bill. And Kelly as the reason Liam should reunite with Steffy doesn't work when Beth is sitting there staring them all in the face as well.
  12. ITA that Liam would be blamed for knowingly putting the target on Thomas' back and is smartly not pointing a loaded Bill in Thomas' direction, but boy wouldn't it be highly interesting to see if Liam having Bill take care of Thomas FINALLY puts an end to Steam with Steffy 'horrified' that Liam would go to that level against her beloved brother. Also if Wyatt ran from Liam to Bill spilling the beans, Liam would still be blamed since 'he should've known' that Wyatt would tell Bill and that Bill would do something to Thomas despite Wyatt in the past being quite good at keeping secrets that benefit him. I'll put it this way - if Flo was the one terrorizing Hope and Wyatt knew about it, I don't think Wyatt would say poop to Bill about it because he knows what Bill would do and he wouldn't want to see anything bad happen to Flo. Why couldn't PF stay on? We'd be enjoying the afterglow of Thally nuptials and maybe expecting a kid of their own.
  13. Liam shouldn’t be the one asking Hope to marry him as she forced him into a divorce. He wanted to stay married. If a remarriage is to happen she should’ve been the one to make the first move. Liam should’ve been clear from jump where he stood and make it clear that if Hope wants Thomas in her life, fine, but he ain’t having him in Beth’s life. Remind her of her position regarding Hayes, Taylor and ask her how his stance on Thomas is any different and in fact more relevant and urgent. Protect Douglas but don’t give his snake of a father a damn inch. With this panicked proposal Liam is looking a) desperate and b) like an ass telling Hope she needs to give up Douglas before he’ll marry her. Dude, that ship has sailed and like Hope has to deal with Steffy and Kelly, you need to figure out a way to manage Thomas (always wear a wire when you’re around him; don’t flex but kill his ass with kindness; build up your evidence so that even Ridge can’t turn a blind eye to how dangerous Thomas) and in the meantime be a protector for Douglas for at least your cousin Caroline’s sake. Or, you know, run to $Bill and tell him what’s up and remind him he owes you for a) NOT burying Quinn six feet under for kidnapping and raping you and b) boinking your first baby mamma nearly making your daughter your sister and c) dropping a building on you.
  14. First Quinn, now Thomas. WTH is it about Liam that brings out the vicious sociopathy in people? I get he can be a waffling dipshit 70% of the time but seriously? No reason that he draws this level of venom. Thomas now wanting to claim Beth is I’m guessing the tit for tat he sees for Liam ‘claiming’ Douglas and to decimate Liam- only Liam was actually not trying to usurp Thomas’s role in Douglas’ life and was rooting for psychoThomas to keep his paternal rights. Also there was some weirdness with Thomas telling Liam he’d take his women (I.e. Steffy and Hope) and both his kids to his grave. So now Thomas thinks he owns Steffy as well and can take her from Liam? Yet Thomas wants Liam to go to Steffy and Kelly even though he thinks he’s a POS? And Liam has avoided Thomas doing worse to him wrath only because Steffy loves him but Thomas is prepared to ensure he takes a permanent dirt nap? WTH dude? MA is killing this role but seriously - Thomas - with today’s threat to Liam - is so far past the line it’s dot. Here’s hoping Zoe brings her brand of crazy back to take on/down Thomas. And yet Thomas may Svengali Zoe into his accomplice in taking down Liam and we Captive Cabin 2: The Return. Having said that how much you wanna bet both MA and SC busted out laughing once that take was done?
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