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  1. TobinAlbers

    The Spoiler Collection

    Will Liam get to blow this wide open or will Thomas try to kill him to shut him up and this gets extended while Liam is in a coma fighting to get back to Hope and Beth?
  2. Helllll to the no on that spumor. Liam does not need to be the Hal Munson/Holden Snyder (ATWT) or Sonny Corrrrrinthos (GH) of Los Angeles. If Steffy ends up pregnant it needs to be by an offscreen one night stand with Theo from Y&R in a crossover event.
  3.  Then FFS why would anyone want to watch this dreck? I’m actually intrigued and impressed that he referred to Thomas as a villain and not simply an antagonist. They’re at least not sugarcoating Thomas’s actions for the moment but that’s still pretty heavy language describing the first son of the first son of the core family of the show. Marrone blood or not, Thomas is a next gen Forrester prince and is usually the de facto next gen male lead. Looks like after PF, the show was like ‘screw it’ and decided to go whole hog on Thomas embracing his darker tendencies and be a true villain. Wonder if they’ll see it through to the end.
  4. TobinAlbers

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    I smell a con. Either Calvin faked his death with the help of Adam with Adam’s incentive to get Chelsea and Connor hell away from Calvin and whatever trouble he is in that Chelsea had no clue about or Chelsea’s in on it with Calvin for another con they’re pulling together. I lean towards the former and Adam is actually not a complete evil guy when the scenario comes to light. Remember we saw squat of the discussion between Adam and Calvin. Calvin could’ve laid out the situation with Adam going MIA to do his research and get everything prepared for Calvin’s sudden demise. Also Adam decides to take a stroll at the carnival? Perhaps he needed to be seen at a public place for an alibi an didn't trust Phyllis alone to be enough. I want to like Ana. I really do but she keeps pushing Devon with this entitled attitude and when he rightly tries to course correct her, she wrinkles her nose and blasts him with attitude. Amazingly Theo hit the nail on the head with what he said and it was nice she acknowledged it. If she still needs to dial it back some more. That said Thana is gonna be a cute couple. You snooze, you lose, Summer! Edited to add the below because it bears repeating:
  5. Unlike last year's lame 'Who Shot Bill' storyline, Thomas is very ripe for a good 'Who shot Thomas' storyline as once the truth comes out everyone but Pam will have a legit reason to want him dead. Even Steffy and Ridge I could see being suspects as Ridge has had his encounters with Thomas where if things had gone another way 'accidents' could happen. If they really want to up the angst, Liam will be the one put on trial thinking he's protecting Hope as Hope won't remember what happened that night. Liam feels he owes Hope for all her angst and he'd never want her separated from Beth ever again. Bill will have his angst of losing Liam but Liam will beg Bill to take care of Hope and Beth for him and they'll be square over the Steffy crap. In the end it'll be Dr. Wayne Shady avenging his daughter Zoe who Thomas was mean to/threatened. Then once he's carted away, Thomas will awaken with no memory of all the crap he pulled throwing everyone off. He'll be sincerely sorry for what he did and want to make amends and people will rightfully be wary until finally they cave and say he got a second chance at life and deserves a second chance with them. And then it'll be revealed that Thomas knows all the shit he did and is playing everyone and is now trying to manipulate things as the 'reborn' Thomas. Evil shady Thomas could play longer term if the show plays its cards right.
  6. TobinAlbers

    Unpopular Opinions

    I don’t hate the Cane/Traci fantasy writing story. It’s nice to see Traci in a story that’s not Abbott related or has her playing referee beteeen her siblings. She’s able to be her other self- professional writer and daydreamer and have fun with another man whatever the appropriateness. It’s also a nice nod to he olden days when you had these types of lighter subplots and the pairings of the longing wallflower with the clueless stud. I much rather watch this rather than Phylly or Billy. I don’t want Cane to hurt Traci but it’d be interesting for them to become true friends and Cane actually show a different side of himself in being a true friend to Traci. These weird stories are how cool friendships start. As I said in another post the thing that’s missing is Sam as he should be front and center in Cane’s life especially with Lily gone and his older kids kinda whatever about him. Traci helping him bond with this child and she herself also drawn/affected as she’s reminded of Colleen would make it all the better.
  7. I need this to be wrapped up with a Flo/Wyatt and Hope/Thomas double wedding where just after they are pronounced man and wife, the truth is outed in front of everyone and all hell breaks loose. Xander should confront Thomas and Flo one last time and get their asses on tape talking about it all including Xander’s suspicion that Thomas killed Emma and threaten that if they go through with the weddings he’ll make them regret it. Thomas makes a play to silence Xander but unknown to him Xander gave a tape to Zoe and instructs that if anything happens to him to play it to protect herself. When Xander goes missing she realizes Thomas really is crazy and then plays it at the wedding or reception for all to hear. When this blows open, it needs to blow big. Also I know it’ll never happen as neither Hope nor Steffy deserve to lose their kids, but Liam should pack up his kids and move out of town because his life has sucked ever since he found Bill. As much as Hope sucks right now, AN is rocking the hell out of the part. It’s too bad there are only four soaps because she really could’ve made a killing on multiple soaps. Hope it’s not too late for her to go to prime time because she’s got some chops.
  8. TobinAlbers

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    In two lines Celeste made it soooo clear she was hot for ole Jacky. I loved her coming in hot. Jack was very gentlemanly in handling her compliment. I get that the creation of Sam was a mistake on this show, but since you’ve got him, use him. Single dad Cane using Sam as a salve for his loss of Lily is a very obvious use for the kid. Why wasn’t he with Cane and Tracy at the fair? He’s what, two years old? It would be perfect for him and also help dash a bit of cold water on her crush on Cane. Or Tracy connects with Sam thinking about the grandkids she’ll never have through Colleen. If Cane is gonna pretend the kid never happened, they need to let us know in show that he shipped the kid to his mother back home.
  9. TobinAlbers

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Yup, the vibe I got from his interactions with Nick and Chelsea is that Cal is someone Nick will need to ‘save’ Chelsea from. There were a lot of red flags in her talking about Calvin to Nick; He was a mark for Anita; neither asked about the other’s past. And he’s apparently got mad ninja skills for him to be right up on their table and neither Nick nor Chelsea realized he was there until he opened his mouth. To funny how Cal caught Chelsea out in her lie and also knew where to go to find her. Cal no doubt knows everything and then some about his bride.
  10. TobinAlbers

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Chelsea's cracking me up. The woman comes back to town to see Adam to tell him to leave her alone knowing that Adam would ignore her pleas and be determined to get her and Connor back. Then she trots off to be 'found' by Nick and pulls her trembling teary eye schtick with him and plays up the vulnerable wounded bird that gets him to soften and let her see Christian and have Nick all woobie eyed over her. And lastly comes her Big Poppa husband blowing into town to confront Adam while she's off making googly eyes at Nick. The woman is a player. Honestly, I'd prefer if they kept Big Poppa on for when/if Ashley comes back and ship Chelsea back off with Adam getting Connor. She's been a single mom for a while, let him be a single dad.
  11. Bill actually stayed a hell of a lot more loyal to Katie longer than I thought he would. He really hung in there but when he was done waiting for her he was for REAL D-O-N-E. Liam was drugged mere weeks after being forced by his wife into a divorce. Even under the best of separations, a man is left reeling. Liam was left reeling while still grieving the loss of his child. Hope is in the throes of some serious emotional trauma but so is Liam which no one seems to really think about or care about. Steffy could've proven herself a friend had she instead let Liam cry on her shoulder only and not taken advantage of his emotional vulnerability. But then she's always played on that to her advantage and old habits die hard I guess.
  12. For as long as Steffy has known Liam, she should've picked up that he was either on something or overcompensating to the point of near mania about how he's really feeling. Either way he's not up for sexy times. Also the empowered 'I choose me' Steffy would have more self-respect than to be Liam's obvious rebound hump when he obviously was trying to connect earlier with Hope and Hope shot him down. She has literally been in this exact same position years ago as the willing shoulder to cry on and second choice hump. If the show actually wanted to show her growth, she'd pat Liam on the cheek, throw a blanket over him, and let him sleep it off. Unless she's really horny I'm not getting her still pining and aching for Liam in the way that he's just so irresistible in this state. Thomas can burn in hell. Bell is trah-ashing this legacy character but good.
  13. TobinAlbers

    The Spoiler Collection

    Doesn’t matter if it would happen eventually, Liam is going to be drugged and is doing something that under sober conditions he would NOT do at this time. Once again they’re shifting blame to the victim to preserve the perpetrator. If this was bound to happen, why does Thomas feel he has to help it along? SC and the show know damn well that viewers that had an issue with Captive Cabin rightfully would have an issue with this and are already doing damage control. If you have to get ahead of the story you already know it’s not gonna be well received. Damn, this show is predictable. I would love a trial and jail story but the actual criminal here is Flo. Thomas didn’t run Emma off the road and not helping her is morally heinous but there’s flexibility in how much legal punishment he’d incur. Flo on the other hand was an accessory to kidnapping and child trafficking and knew it at the time she committed the deed. She should be locked up a good while.
  14. TobinAlbers

    Rotting Y&R: The Spoiler Thread

    Nope! It should be a major deal and bone of contention between Billy/Nick and Billy/Victoria. In fact the reason they haven’t blown that open is there really is no way for Victoria to look right hooking back up with Billy if the full truth of his trust with Summer was known- and if she did Nick would have every right to tell her to piss off if she did. Nick has many, many faults but he’s a better than average soap dad. It’s one of the surprisingly great things about him; from Cassie to Noah to lil Summer to Faith to Christian, Nick is pretty on. So no way does he turn a blind eye to Billy’s 40 year old ass bedding his daughter in a bid of revenge. Sumer is a dumb ass grown woman, but she was used and trashed egregiously and not even her momma really did anything about it. Billy’s still standing and breathing with all his appendages and all too happy to reunite with Victoria to continue playing house. His ass needs a kicking and Nick can give it to him. Somehow I think Adam will find out about it and launch that grenade at Nick to kill two birds with one stone and pit Nick and Billy against each other. Hopefully Nick won’t waive it off and really focus in on making Billy’s life hell.
  15. Only if Ronan steers clear of Phyllis and sees her as a bad mistake caused by a bad reaction to his anti rejection drugs for his liver transplant. I’ve always wanted him with Avery. Wounded Intense FBI agent crossed with intense crusading lawyer who also offers home and hearth? First comes the friction, then comes the hotness. Huh, with Adam back, I hope they let her cross with him. I liked their weird quasi-friendship and wouldn’t mind seeing it pick up again. Adam needs a friend that will ground him but not abandon him but has no interest in hooking up.