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David T. Cole

Xena: Warrior Princess

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10 Little Warlords

The Good; how brilliant is Hudson as Xena? If LL had ever decided to not return to the role I would totally have bought her as Xena. Human/drunk Ares is also funny. 

 The Bad;  The Joxer/Gabby double act is never as funny as it should be. Callisto/Xena in hell is funny but you shouldn't think about it too deeply.  

Xena clichés; Dr Xena patching up Ares,        

Funeral dirge; 1    

Doubles; 2

“I have many skills’; 2

10 years ago; 1

Dead Gabby suitors; 3

Dr Xena-10

Xena in bondage-5

Loyal advisor who is actually the villain-4

Gabby captured-11

Village in peril-8

Duel to settle things-2

The Pinch; 11 

Xena animal skills; 2

Xena fire-breathing; 5

Hurt/comfort; 2

Back from the dead; Gabby-1, Callisto-1

Xena inventions; CPR

Kills;  3

Xena; 23

Best quote;

Joxer; "I have a message for Callisto… I mean Xena…. I mean... have you got the hang of this yet?"

Gabby; "About half the time"

Greek myths;    

No but very similar to Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians/And then there were none. Xena also quotes Mark Twain.  

Subtext; Gabby jealous that Xena has taken off with Ares.   

Notches on the Chakram; 

Gabby; 1 

Xena; 1 

Ephiny; 1

Meg; 1

Joxer; 1

Callisto; 1

Ares; 1

Other; a lot of fun, the novelty of seeing Hudson playing Xena so damn well is terrific and also we begin to get to know Ares more and more and he's oddly likeable. His explanation that he was born a god and totally suited to his role is quite plausible, the ancient world actually needs Ares in charge of its' conflict but this will change over time. Hades' revenge on Ares over the whole Callisto/Xena bodyswap? Gabby uses the term 'bastard' which was quite the eye-opener, Xena stabbing the warlord who tries to sneak up on her and Ares is also quite graphic.        

Rating; 8/10

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Not going to bother with a full review of A Solstice Carol, more fun than I remember, The Hercules Doll, Gabby and her donkey, Gabby Hula Hooping, it's pretty weak but fun enough, 5/10

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On ‎26‎/‎04‎/‎2018 at 12:47 PM, SparedTurkey said:

My ultimate favorite is One Against An Army. Can't explain it.

Probably doesn't play well in Sparta*, what with having their famous stand against the Persians being a defeat but the "real" stand was achieved by one woman!

* I'm sure the Spartan market is MASSIVE!

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On ‎18‎/‎06‎/‎2018 at 8:56 PM, Joe Hellandback said:

 The Bad; she doesn't exactly do much to prevent infection but I guess we can't have everything.

We do occasionally see people cauterising wounds, though not Xena herself (that I can recall). Xena is certainly badass enough to just take the pain, but I guess they didn't want to have to keep putting burn marks on the (mortal) regulars' arms if they cared about continuity (which they clearly didn't, or they wouldn't have so many "doubles" wondering around!). Xena can't know everything!

Have to agree that Hudson Leik was amazing as Callisto - always interesting to see what Xena might have been if she'd just kept on her evil path and just revelled (and how!) in it.

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