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  1. I thinks the Kensi and Deeks scenes are lacking spark. The whole show is, tbh. I liked D&K a lot in the beginning of their partnership, maybe the first three or four seasons, but I think their story, like the whole show, has run its course. Outside them having the kids they fought over so much or splitting up there's just nowhere to go. And everyone seems very...low energy in their scenes.
  2. It seems like Syfy would've been a good option. Firefly premiered in '02 which is the same year Stargate SG1 switched to Syfy from Showtime, which required just as much if not more special effects. A year or two later is when Syfy picked up Battlestar Galactica, which also required a ton of effects and featured a Firefly shoutout in it's premiere. I always wondered if one of the reasons Whedon went with Fox was his long-running complaint that Buffy would've gotten more awards had it aired on a bigger network.
  3. Given where Whedon intended to take the show w/r/t Inara (sacrificial gang rape, yay!), it's probably for the best that the network did intervene (even if it wasn't for that reason).
  4. It's not out of the norm for many poc to have white friends that occassionally say or do racist things, but if Mulroney has always been like this? Yes, I'd be shocked. Meghan is herself biracial and racism is why she doesn't have much contact with her paternal family and one of the reasons why she and her family walked away from the BRF. It's much more believable to me that Mulroney has always been on her best behavior, especially since Meghan became involved with Harry.
  5. slf


    I don't think I ever made if oast season three because I have no idea what you're talking about and I'm very, very glad. WTF? They killed Jack? One of the best tv dads? I will never finish this series.
  6. She should, and she had a lot of anger about his death. But Eve is not a normal person having a normal response. She's been able to control her issue longer and better than others like her but this is a woman who dug a knife into her own leg while entranced by thoughts of Villanelle killing and knew exactly how she'd kill her husband if she wanted to. And those two incidents were just from the series premiere.
  7. Well, I'm calling bullshit on that being the truth about Kenny's death. Setting aside the fact that Kenny didn't scream as he fell, which is odd no matter how he died (and if he was dead before he hit the ground you'd expect that would have come out in an autopsy), he landed parallel to the building he was pushed from. And in the video of him and Konstantin he isn't hesitant or scared and in fact leaves the room before Konstantin of his own will. Now, if we're supposed to think that the scene of Kenny at his desk earing footsteps (after Eve has called him to accept his iffer of drinks) immedia
  8. If the argument is that network heads screw over/'intentionally tank' some shows by scheduling them wrong and such then the assumption is those shows would have done well had they been scheduled properly. If they would have done well had they been scheduled properly then they would have made money for the network. How is a tax loss write-off preferable then? (Not to mention having to constantly develop new projects and gaining a reputation for intentionally killing shows?) Sometimes a show just doesn't appeal to people and it isn't going to matter what time it's scheduled for, especially
  9. Why would a network come up out of pocket, minimum hundreds of thousands of dollars but just as often millions of dollars per episode, to produce a show and then intentionally tank it? The board is fine with this because...? It's a business, the purpose is to make money. Who are these network heads supposedly blowing literally tens of millions a year on shows they're sabotaging and why do they still have jobs?
  10. Very low-rated shows that get cancelled aren't being screwed over by their networks. And defending such a show as a cult favorite does it no favors and indicates nothing other than the fanbase is probably annoying. I say this as someone who has liked plenty of small shows that were cancelled after a season or two.
  11. Telling, tho, that she only reneged on the deal and killed the masters because the main one kept insulting her. Prior to that she had been genuine in her dealings with him.
  12. She had all the trappings of an underdog-to-hero type and people just refused to look deeper or, y'know listen to the words coming out of her mouth. By the end of the first season she was demanding gratitude from a woman who had been raped four or five times after Dany had pushed Drogo to invade their village. Dany barely cared about the human cost of Targaryen restoration and at the end of the day was never going to let it stand in her way. She was too far gone by the time she bought the Unsullied, ten thousand enslaved men, and stood with a whip in her hand ordering them to kill the masters
  13. I had to laugh when Villanelle just stepped over Konstantin as he was turning ashy. He left his daughter in an asylum/jail, Villanelle left him on the train platform, both promising to come back. What a hilariously twisted little family. Honestly, Dasha had it coming. She just kept pressing on Villanelle, almost right from the beginning. What did she expect? She should have known Villanelle might try to kill her, especially after Villanelle admitted she wanted out. Reality has been catching up to everyone this season, they're paying the price of the lives they lead. I wonder what tha
  14. I wonder if they finished filming before all this started and, if so, when season two will air.
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