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  1. For me, it wasn't out of character. Badly done but not ooc. Dany was used to being hailed Breaker of Chains and Mhysa, the people lifting her up to crowd surf over them, getting to flex her muscle by violently overthrowing the opposition. She was denied all of that and more or less had been ever since arriving in Westeros. Almost everything about that invasion was, at best, a frustrating disappointment to her, at worst, a devastating loss and it all built up over the course of the season.
  2. slf

    Xena: Warrior Princess

    SyFy has the entire series on their app.
  3. Of course people born and raised in the US are Americans, but Dany was not raised in Westeros. She was raised in Pentos, since she was a baby. My point was that she did not even have the excuse of wanting to go home, to be with her people. And I disagree that her being a conqueror means she wouldn't kill women and children. That is precisely what conquerors have always done; by definition, a conqueror takes a country by military force, subjugates its people. That is, as others spent the entire series pointing out to her, the price of the Iron Throne. And she decided early, back in season one, that it was acceptable for others to pay that price. That she cast herself as a liberator doesn't change that.
  4. I mean, yeah, but so? Her family only ruled in Westeros because they invaded and conquered the Seven Kingdoms 'with fire and blood'. Then they were rightfully overthrown and a new monarchy was established. Dany's family having once been Westerosi didn't give her a 'right' to invade, or even really a good, much less noble, reason to do so. She wasn't going home because she was raised elsewhere. She had no knowledge of, or attachment to, Westerosi culture or religions. Really, in the first few season she had no opinion of Westeros other than "it has a nice big iron chair I want to sit in". She was just a foreign invader, conquering a kingdom and slaughtering its people because she felt entitled to.
  5. I think Sansa withdrew after Ramsay's brutality and it took her a while to get to the point where she could trust in people again. But I think in the end it showed her beginning to open up a bit more. I believe that she will be reserved; like how Ned was left even more reserved after the events of Robert's Rebellion. I'll be honest, I don't see Sansa as manipulative at all. Manipulative people are rarely who they present themselves to be. They don't take responsibility for the things they've done, especially when there are disastrous consequences, and blame other people. Manipulative people generally disrespect boundaries, prey on someone's conscience/empathy, create plots and shit stir often just for the sake of drama, they generally target people more vulnerable than themselves, etc. That doesn't describe Sansa, in my opinion, that describes Cersei and Petyr. I think Sansa became more shrewd, which is different. People who are shrewd generally rely on being observant, being a good judge of character, out-thinking their opponents, etc. And I like that because Sansa's big weakness as a character in the earlier seasons was her flawed judgement in character; she survived by learning to consider people's motives, goals, likely responses given past behavior, etc. She didn't become a master assassin or great general or prophetic leader or Master of Coin with zero qualifications. She turned her weakness into one of her strengths.
  6. Yikes. Comparing Sansa to one of her abusers. How so? Cersei was sexually assaulting her brother by the time she was ten. She abused children, she abused other women, starved people, committed mass murder, etc. I think there's a long way to go between Sansa and Cersei. If anyone was like Cersei it was Daenerys.
  7. Dany was the defender of the weak and freer of slaves when it benefited her, when it got her what she wanted. She needed to think of herself a certain way - a liberator - rather than acknowledge that she was just a foreign invader, conquering nations for the sole purpose of assembling her own kingdom.
  8. slf

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Didn't care for Jack McCoy on Law and Order. The X Files was kind of boring.
  9. So who all has been involved in protecting Prince Andrew? And does his involvement with Epstein have anything to do with why his brother Charles doesn't like him much? (I'm not very familiar with Andrew and his history.)
  10. slf

    Orphan Black

    I miss this show so much. I wish I could watch it for the first time again.
  11. slf

    Men in Black: International (2019)

    Loved the first one but this was boring as hell. Hemsworth and T. Thompson are attractive, charming actors but it felt too much like they were going for Ragnarok 2.0. I did enjoy seeing Emma Thompson, tho, as always.
  12. Actors never advocate separating the art from the artist when it comes to critical praise, box office success, or awards but damn, let one of them get accused of rape and all of a sudden...
  13. slf

    S06.E07: Nevermind

    Yeah, Pike specifically mentions Bellamy being his student in Earth Skills so it was a class everyone had to take.
  14. slf


    Yeah, I never got a lot of the defenses of Ross saying Rachel's name (which he kept doing even after the wedding). He still had feelings for Rachel and Emily was justified in being angry and suspicious.
  15. slf


    One of my favorite late-series episodes is Lassie Jerky. Just beginning to end, it's hilarious. Shawn luring Gus into the woods by convincing him there's a bbq joint built into the side of a cave called the Sassy Quatch that almost no one knows about. Shawn telling Gus he enrolled him in classes at the university to study hermeneutics- "I think it's the study of the Munsters, so we should be fine" "Shawn, hermeneutics is the study of theory" "Well, that feels redundant." Gus freaking out that he may have a test on Friday, "I need to find a syllabus!" Gus eating the meat left out to lure the sasquatch that has a tracker in it. Lassie stepping into the bear trap and Jules going into badass mode to save her partner by pushing a tree over. "You found my shoe!" Everyone's hilarious faces when yelling after Ed entered the cabin still wearing his camo outfit. Everyone constantly being annoyed by and cutting off I Grew Up On A Commune chick. Poor Ed's "you guys are using me as a chest of drawers, aren't you?" as Gus and Shawn try to prop him against the front door to block the Serbs from entering. Lassie saying Ed carried him like a baby fawn. Juliet once against going into beast mode when the Serbs attack and shooting them with a crossbow. Shawn, proud, excitedly yelling, "Lassie! Jules knows how to use a crossbow!" Gus eating the meat when they thought it was Lassie. I always stop to watch that ep whenever it's on.