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  1. slf

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    Does anyone have experience with dealing with bad dog owners? Several of my neighbors have gotten dogs, all pitbull mixes with about the same coloring so I'm thinking they got their dogs from the same litter, that I see being walked by their teenaged kids in the afternoon. But these dogs aren't trained and the kids clearly don't know how to take care of them; they're very verbally aggressive with the dogs. And unfortunately, every single one of the dogs is wearing a choke chain. I realize there may not be much I can do. People can get really defensive if you approach them about how the treat their pets. But I'm hoping that if I say something helpful, gently, to the kids it might have a positive effect? Anyone dealt with soemthing like this?
  2. slf

    Brienne of Tarth: The Oathkeeper

    I hate that so much of her story line was about Jaime. She deserved a much more interesting arc. And as much as I despise her being paired with the sister fucker who threw a little boy out of a window, that doesn't hold a candle to how much I hate that her biggest scene in the finale was about preserving Jaime's "honor." Thankfully, they at least had the good sense not to make her pregnant.
  3. slf

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    Kudos to your whole post but especially this part. Dany cared about two things in Winterfell: her ego and Jon. She did not especially care about the wellbeing of the North. She tried with Sansa because she wanted her boyfriend's family to like her. She had no idea how to respond to Sansa's lack of enthusiasm and her ego was offended by it. I've been rewatching a bunch of episodes and something I've noticed about Dany is that she generally does much better with people who are enslaved, or who spent most of their lives enslaved. Once she has to deal with free people it goes to shit. Almost all, or all, of her most contentious relationships are with free people. People who don't "owe" her their lives, people who have loyalty to their house, country, or religion which does not allow them to devote all of their loyalty to her and commit themselves solely to her goal of claiming the Iron Throne. She's just terrible at navigating those relationships. Though it's already been pointed out that Lyanna is not his niece, I just want to add that Jorah had at least one: Margaery Tyrell. Jorah's wife was the youngest sister of Alerie Hightower- wife of Mace Tyrell and mother of Margaery and Loras. As far as I know, Jorah and Margaery have never met.
  4. slf

    NCIS In The Media

    Well, everyone could be undiagnosed. Referring to the crew members as "my crew" is something I've heard countless actors, singers, writers, etc., say. I don't think that, much less that one thing, points to having an inflated sense of self. Being afraid and angry at someone when their dog attacks someone else doesn't indicate someone has a need for attention; dog attacks often rattle people, especially when that dog is a pitbull/pitbull mix and the attack resulted in over a dozen stitches. Maybe Perrette's just a drama queen with a grudge. Not everything's a disorder.
  5. slf

    Jon Snow: He Knows Nothing

    No small part of why Jon was named King in the North was his being Ned Stark's son. I wonder if the lords would have chosen him had they known he was Rhaegar's son (since the North believed Lyanna was kidnapped and raped). But more importantly, I wonder how his true lineage affects his actions as King. Would he be considered illegitimate, as Joffrey and Tommen would have been?
  6. slf

    NCIS In The Media

    I've seen a comment about PP having bipolar disorder in the comments section of a few articles about her dispute with Mark Harmon. But I haven't found a single reference to her actually having bipolar disorder. Just seems like a dispute that she hasn't forgiven.
  7. ETA: here's a gifset of that moment.
  8. slf

    Tyrion Lannister: Impin' Ain't Easy

    He said in an interview that a dragonrider doesn't need to have Valyrian blood. So thankfully, if Tyrion ever does ride a dragon it won't mean he's a Targ. Also, I just hate the idea of yet another person with a secret lineage. It's been done in the book plenty enough times.
  9. slf

    Tyrion Lannister: Impin' Ain't Easy

    TBH, I never liked that theory. There's enough rape as it is. And it kind of undermines the irony that Tyrion was the most like Tywin (as Genna said).
  10. Moby may have been attracted to Portman and he may have been high out of his mind when they met, but he made the claim twenty years later with a clear head and he doubled down when Portman pointed out how wrong it was. He doesn't get a pass. You can't have a different memory of a relationship w/r/t to whether or not it even occurred. Relationships require consent and he clearly didn't have hers. To say nothing of the fact she had only just turned 18 and he was 33. The latter which he clearly remembered, the former which he conveniently forgot.
  11. I think Dead Like Me just wasn't appreciated amd supported enough by its network. I wish it had gone for maybe two more seasons. It was clever, witty, and had a lot of heart.
  12. I did, both in the books and in the show. I think Maragery was genuine in her desire to work the system (as she had been sent by her father to do) but also genuine in her affection for Sansa. Regarding their show relationship, which is likely what the dress homage is about, things are just a little more fleshed out because for one thing we get to see things from Margaery's perspective, unlike in the book. While we see in scenes between Margaery and her grandmother that she clearly doesn't like Joffrey and is only marrying him for political gain, we get not a single hint that she isn't being genuine in her friendship with Sansa. She's very open with Sansa (the talk about women getting to try so little before they're married), continues being sweet after her family's plan to marry Sansa to Loras gets scrapped, the rose (a yellow rose tipped in red signifies friendship), etc. Lots of little things. I appreciate that others may not have that same perspective, tho. TBH, part of it is also just wanting that friendship. This show, and the books too, aren't very good at remembering that women can be friends with each other so there aren't that many female friendships to choose from. The show never gave me a reason to doubt Margaery's sincerity so I don't.
  13. There's a huge difference between experiencing infatuation and convincing yourself that you're in a relationship with someone when you're not. Misandry, much like reverse racism, does not exist.
  14. There was another. It starred Michelle Ryan and Katee Sackhoff.
  15. slf

    Killing Eve

    No problem, this is all just been an misunderstanding. I get what you're saying about how the show portrays psychopathy. I fully believe that if they do try to stay with a more realistic approach that Eve and Villanelle will never really have a relationship, based on love or anything else. It'll probably be more cat and mouse, more mindfucks, ven as they're still obsessed with each other. And that probably Eve will end up killing Villanelle. Villanelle this episode played a pivotal role in Eve's development and I think doesn't fully appreciate what the consequences might be.