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  1. Charlotte Lewis, probably best known for her role in The Golden Child, was raped by Roman Polanski when she was 16. She talks about it in this interview, which is quite heartbreaking (especially when she's discussing how she felt like she had to protect him):
  2. I'm watching the episode Cheaters, where Dorothy is hooking up with Jerry Orbach. Dorothy is about to introduce him to Sophia and he says he's looking forward to it because, "you meet the mother, it gives you a pretty good idea of what the daughter is gonna look like in 30 years." And Dorothy says, "only if you lock me in the dryer."
  3. I don't think Thad was being passive aggressive, I think he was asking the question all deaf people ask when someone who knows they can't hear decides yelling is appropriate.
  4. Well, I'm bi so I make jokes about my sexuality and so does my family. The son had no issue with it. I thought the jokes were lame, personally, but they weren't offensive or anything. I think something that gets firgotten by people who've watched this kovie is that this wasn't everyone's first time interacting with Meredith. The sister had met her before, which clearly didn't go much better than the Christmas visit, and one of the brithers had spoken to her. Both oretty much described her as stuck-up, which she was. That's literally how her character is written and is the point of the movie. One of the opening scenes is her demanding someone stay at work to send her something even though it's the friday before Christmas ("I don't care if it's Christmas!"). So she was already unpopular with almost half the family. Then immediately upon entering the house and meeting the deaf son she shouts at him. Which isn't just ignorance, though it's also that and rude. By the time they got to the dinner pretty much everyone in the family was annoyed by her, not without reason. Then she went and really put her foot in it at dinner. Yeah, they were visibly annoyed by her being stuck up and did not try at all to hide it. And each was annoying in his or her own way. I just...cannot find it in me to see Meredith as the injured party.
  5. I always took those comments as jokes. Granted, cringey 'the writers are trying too hard' kind of jokes but, imo, it's clear we aren't meant to think the mom is being serious.
  6. I'd say this time was an improvement over the last time. In 2012, Middleton wore her hair half up/half down with the ends curled a bit, just as my mom always styled my hair for school pictures. Her eye makeup was either silver or a light grey that clashed and her accessories were just a little too matchy. She looked lovely in the dress in 2012, don't get me wrong, but whenever royals or politicians wear couture by someone like Alexander McQueen they either pick the really boring stuff or they do pick something interesting but then accessorize and style their hair/makeup in a very basic way. It really dresses down the outfit. I get why but it's still always disappointing. Everything, from the hair to the eye makeup to her accessories, is much better this time around. The shoulders are more structured now, which I really like, and I can't tell if that's just because it was tailored or if it's because she lost some weight (which is obvious).
  7. slf

    S01.E09: #1 Mom

    Jenn wasn't pissed about Kat being with Justin, per se, but because she hadn't been the first choice again. Apparently, somehow, Jenn has been coming in second to Kat her whole life.
  8. I wish this series had been more about the skating (rigorous training that dominates the athletes life, for example) and the culture of that sport (the kiss and cry scenes were completely underwhelming). It's a soap opera punctuated by mediocre skating, which is disappointing. I'm a little offended that this is being compared to The Cutting Edge, which is vastly superior in every way.
  9. This is generally how it works, yes. In child on child sexual abuse, the offending child is usually themselves a victim. It's considered highly underreported and possibly the most common form of incest. Victims often struggle with whether or not it "counts" as abuse and whether or not it's fair to hold the other person accountable for something done as a child. My deepest sympathies to Jessica Simpson for going through that.
  10. Drug addiction is so heartbreaking. I loved the MD movies when I was a kid. In my mind Shaun Wiess is always that round-faced and wise-cracking goalie. Seeing those pictures of him after years of meth use has rapidly aged him is just so sad. I hope he's able to get the help he needs soon.
  11. My condolences to Kobe Bryant's victim who is having to watch people all over the world deify her rapist. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for her.
  12. I don't think it would have been safer to choose different women. This film took a very cowardly approach to Carlson, Kelly, and Fox in general. It barely touched on their treatment of other women and the culture they helped support. The thing about Kelly and the others is that they were angry it had happened to them and other women very much like them. But when it was women who didn't fit inside this one very specific demographic? Fuck those lying whores. And yeah, you could get a movie out of that if you were willing to really dive in but this film wasn't. And I'm sorry but I just really dislike this insistence from Hollywood that movies that tackle major issues through the lens of despicable people are somehow deeper. Like, everyone knows Lindsey Graham is gay but that doesn't mean I want to watch a movie about homophobia with him as the fucking hero. Now that I get. I mean, I think that's true for a lot of people - that you care more when it finally happens to you - but for me it's also what they continued to do, all the ways they have propped themselves up as defenders of women and as the right kind of victim. I remember reading that someone Gretchen Carlson helped get fired from Miss America said she was told that one of the talking points she had to push was that a Miss America (meaning Carlson who is a former MA) started #MeToo. Just the fucking gall. A black woman named Tarana Burke started the movement 14 years ago. But of course Carlson has tried to erase her and take credit for her work. And it bears repeating, calling this movie Bombshell is just so fucking gross.
  13. I feel bad for them. Misogyny, sexual harrassment, etc., are never okay, no matter how awful the woman being targeted is.
  14. @MargeGunderson I'm so sorry for your loss. I know Kitty Gunderson was a deeply loved and cared for kitty. She couldn't have asked for a better cat mom. You're both in my thoughts.
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