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  1. I don't read many articles about the show (reviews, yes), but I liked this one focused on what we might see for Callen in S12 (he's not been the focus of an article very often, lately). I hope whatever happens, the writers don't make Sam as much of a jerk towards him as he was in the last few episodes (that was very unSam-like). https://cartermatt.com/403331/ncis-los-angeles-season-12-our-hopes-for-g-callens-story/
  2. I hadn't thought about that, but that is a good point. Sam should never be in charge of any investigation of SEALs. The fact that he's still such a "legend" after 10+ years would disqualify him immediately. This was a problem for me, as well. It seemed like the perfect excuse to let Roundtree do the paperwork. I get that Sam wants a trainee; the questions is, does he want a trainee he has to save every time he's in the field? That seems like a drag. I liked this episode better than either "Knock Down" or "Murder of Crows," but didn't think it was as good as other Military episodes, and really, I'm a little tired of the SEALs stories with Sam as the legend. If they're going to do anymore SEALs stories--which make sense since they're part of the Navy--it'd be nice if the SEALS didn't know who Sam is.
  3. The answer is YES, he has wanted to know whether or not Callen was happy in a relationship (after Callen broke it off with Sam, Sam specifically asked how he was doing). I'm not saying Sam is nosy like Deeks - who does pry into people's personal lives - and wants to know all the details, but Sam has ALWAYS been concerned about his partner settling down, putting down roots, being in a stable relationship. Now, when his partner suddenly IS in a stable relationship and went on a vacation with his girlfriend - something he hasn't done in 10 years - Sam is completely uninterested. Not only is he not interested, he's downright rude about it. That is NOT Sam Hanna.
  4. I couldn't disagree more. This is the same guy who was so "concerned" about his partner not having a relationship that he set him up on a blind date (and it probably would have been better for everyone if he'd minded his own business) and then got texts from her rating Callen as a date. The same guy who ribbed Callen mercilessly when he saw that Callen was interested in Anna. The same guy "imagining" Callen and Joelle having sex - and sharing it with Deeks (who was "saving" or "deleting" the images). The same guy who didn't want Callen and Joelle spending Christmas together. Sam has always been urging Callen to find someone, that a relationship is something he needs and butting in.
  5. Why does Jordana think she can write? Her episodes are awful. The beginning scene with Callen and Sam made me cringe. What has happened to Sam? He's always considered himself somewhat superior as a former SEAL, but lately he's just plain insufferable. He was so rude to Callen. Sam's always been trying to get Callen to "settle down" and now when Callen is finally willing to maybe share some of his "personal feelings," Sam shuts him down. I wanted to hear about Callen's vacation! I liked Fatima when she first showed up, but I'm liking her less and less. She's gone from someone who was stunned by the carnage in Smokescreen to a sniper (when did that happen?). I get that she's a badass, but she should still be learning the ropes. She doesn't have anywhere near the experience of the team members; I wish they treated her more like the newbie she is. (Also noted that she had to be the sniper because of her head covering - that sort of limits the undercover work she can do.) The plot - if you can call it that - was dumber than dirt. The FBI wouldn't be involved (the State Department handles asylum cases). And why was Agent Rush so silly? Is she still on hormone overload? Her boss wasn't any better (the FBI is under the DOJ, so why would there be a problem if the DOJ asked NCIS to get involved?). I like Deeks and Beale, but together one of the other always goes off the deep end. This time it was Deeks. I found his hanging over Beale sort of creepy, and Nell's been gone a week, so I didn't get why he was focused on Beale now. Beale didn't seem to be acting any different, and just because Nell isn't at NCIS doesn't mean that she and Beale aren't still a couple. It's not like she left for another job (she could get work in L.A. easily or work remotely). And I still don't like the Sam - Katherine relationship. To be honest, I'm really looking forward to S12 and more of the Callen - Anna storyline. I find those two much more interesting than any of the other couples lately.
  6. It looks it's "unofficial" that there will be a Season 12, and this article answers a lot of questions and raises some new ones. https://tvistaging.wpengine.com/929049/ncis-los-angeles-season-11-hetty-nell-leaving-mac-returns/?utm_source=spotim&utm_medium=spotim_recirculation
  7. https://www.viacomcbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/video?watch=6xse1ohk2v https://www.viacomcbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/video?watch=6zff1fnq9s&show=ncis-los-angeles These two sneak peeks have me worried.
  8. Oh, I think that would be awful and totally unfair. I mean, first I don't know if that would even be legal, but second, how would the actor know that there wouldn't be a better role for them in one of the other shows in the franchise in maybe 4-5 years? I mean, NCISLA didn't even exist when Scottie was Jeanne, did it? You honestly think an actor should be penalized like that? We're not talking about actors who've played main characters. Even if Jeanne was in 18 episodes, that's 18 out of more than 300+. That's hardly a major role. And what if the series in a franchise ends? And what about those who complain when actors appear in both H5O and NCISLA as different characters because the shows are in the same "universe"? C'mon people, they're actors. I liked the episode even though it wasn't anything special. I liked all the little scenes the characters had together, but liked the Callen-Anna and Anna-Arkady scenes the most because they were the most heartfelt. I did like Deeks getting Kensi to say "alien abduction" and his imitation on Arkady. I see next week's release says Nell makes a major decision. I'm still waiting to find out what Beale's decision was about becoming a partner with the firm in Silicon Valley. Did I miss that?
  9. Kyle Harimoto's IG Story said production was over for Season 11. Rumors are that only 22 episodes were filmed.
  10. This episode had a different feel imo. I liked the change up of partners. Wasn't sure why Evander was in the ep, and wish the writers would STOP making Beale look like an idiot. Callen is trying to figure out some way to get Anna out of her situation, great to see Aiden again, Lance is a good guest agent (better than McMahon), and like that Fatima is back in the field. Not sure how I feel about Robinson; he's "too" perfect. Missed Hetty and Deeks, but see that Deeks is back next ep. Callen is really stepping into the "leader" shoes, but still don't think I can see him behind Hetty's desk. Yea, that was a given, but having his partner ALSO be crooked was a twist and a good one. Still don't know why exactly NCIS got involved except for the tenuous connection between Usam and Spitz, I guess. Looking forward to next ep with Anna and Arkady, a UFO and Jeanne Benoit from NCIS (I know she's playing another character, but I like the actor).
  11. That happens to me when the episode is ALL about Densi (I like the characters individually but find the couple incredibly boring). 😁
  12. Really? I thought the explanation was simple. The murders in Barcelona were even mentioned in last week's episode: there had been multiple murders in Europe, including the 3 in Barcelona, of people, some of whom had obvious criminal connections but others who seemingly had none. Darius was a suspect and Anna was tracking him in her work for the CIA, and when he showed up in L.A., she came back to L.A. undercover to warn Callen because Darius was using the name Comescu--and Anna knew all about the blood feud between Callen's family and the Comescus.
  13. WOW! What a great episode after the awful one last week! This is the kind of writing I wish this series had every week! I was sure Bartels wouldn't disappoint; I loved everything about it. This plot was FAR less convoluted than the ridiculous plot of so many recent episodes this season and last, including last week's and even "Mother" which so many people raved about. This plot was tight, focused, and wrapped up the Comescu storyline in an intelligent way, and everyone's role made sense--and Beale acted like a "normal" person! Thank you, Bartels! This is definitely one of my favorite episodes of this season and season 10. Everything worked: the story, the acting, the action, the plot twists, and the return of Hetty and Anna. One of the things I like best about the Callen-Anna relationship is that there's no sentimentality, it's not melodramatic like both Densi and Neric tend to be (I like all the relationships and characters, but the writing for those two sometimes sucks). This episode got it all right, and that ending is one of my favorites even though I saw it coming. 💋 Of course she was at Callen's place. He lives above the bar. 🙄
  14. Agree that her writing sucks. She's an executive producer, so that may be the reason her junk airs, but I wish SOMEONE would "fix" her stuff. It's just awful.
  15. This Sunday's episode looks SO much better than "Commitment Issues." It looks more intense and not at all romantically sappy - which fits both Callen and Anna. And Hetty's back and love what she's done to her office. And Beale seems like his old self (but I still wish Nell would stop wearing jumpers). 😆 https://www.spoilertv.com/2020/02/ncislos-angeles-episode-1115-circle.html
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