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  1. Your question made me do some research. I found that some websites state that Muslims can drink alcohol as long as it's not high in alcohol content, but who knows. You can find anything on the internet. lol I didn't think this episode was as good as "Groundwork," but it had some good things about it. The thing that annoyed me was that we never knew why Sam asked to change partners. That bugged me the entire episode. I did like the partner switch-up and I LOVED the end with Callen in Ops checking up on possible Anna leads. I didn't mind Katherine as much in this episode as I have in the previous ones. She was less pushy, less obnoxious, and I liked that she and Sam didn't get together at the end (she's sort of playing hard to get).
  2. Not the case. I thought it was pretty obvious that Hetty had collected Ahkos' cremated remains and was "taking him home." Nell tracked her to Greece, but where she goes from there is anyone's guess. I liked that Hetty did this; it absolutely seemed like something she would do. I really love Dina Meyers as Veronica and could see her becoming a regular guest star like Sabatino or Arkady. I don't know what everybody else was watching, but this episode had some of the BEST lines ever imo. And the actors knocked them out of the park. Those Sallen scenes in the Challenger were classic ("You're like 'Fatal Attraction' with unlimited sequels." or "There's a trapdoor in the floor. Try not to fall through." or "The man. Also holding me down.") The story was tight, well-paced, made sense, and was coherent. It also didn't forget some of the earlier stories: Callen's search for Anna and the Hetty-Nell "feud." It was a really good episode!
  3. I *think* I know what they were trying to do, but it came out weird. It's about time the writers addressed the issues that Callen and Sam are dealing with. In the past season Callen lost his dad, was ostracized by his sister, found out that his dad raised a Comescu as his own son, and left his girlfriend (ex-girlfriend) as a fugitive in Cuba. And Sam lost his wife of 10+ years in a horrible way and probably felt a lot of guilt since Tahir was *his* enemy and he had had multiple chances to kill Tahir before Tahir killed Michelle. But the writers barely addressed Sam's loss and didn't touch Callen's. I wish we'd seen both these characters try to deal with these issues in 9 & 10 in small chunks, but the writers' focus seemed to be Densi and the wedding. Now that that's out of the way--and since there might be changes coming for everyone--they had to deal with these and tried to cover a whole lot of ground in one episode. And trying to cover that much ground--and still have Densi talking babies (beating a dead horse) and throwing in Nell's hysteria--takes up a lot of time, and it didn't all work for me, but I did like finally hearing more from Callen & Sam. I really don't like the emotionalism of Kensi and Nell. One of the reasons I liked their characters was that they were strong, intelligent women who could handle stress and difficult situations. Now, they seem to be women who get super emotional when facing difficult personal issues. Their crying hysterically over things is really ruining their characters for me. Also, when Brendan, Deeks' "trust fund" friend was mentioned, I wondered why wasn't he at the wedding? I wish these writers would talk to each other. Deeks has always been a social guy, but he was all alone at the wedding which was stupid--and now, he suddenly has friends again. And the guy must be ADHD because he just opened a bar and now he's talking about writing for reality TV? And he wants to start a family? Please! I liked Hetty the first 8 seasons, but she became annoying with the whole "mole" story, and now she just gets in the way and mucks things up. That was laughable.
  4. Maybe Hetty didn't count him because he wasn't her agent when he died, so she didn't lose him.
  5. Hetty told him there were "a lot" back in Season 4 ("Ravens and Swans"), so he's known that for at least 7 seasons. One reason Hetty may not have answered his question at the end is because she's simply lost track; she did that for a lot of years and obviously hasn't kept track of everyone. As for feeling like he's her son, she's gone out of her way to tell him several times that she doesn't have favorites, so while he may "feel" that, she's never let him know how she feels about him--which is too bad. Especially since he learned about Darius just before his dad died. I was really disappointed in this episode. I don't know if it was intentional, but this episode seemed to rip off a lot of other episodes as well as Skyfall and the Bourne series. Maybe it was supposed to be a sort of tribute? I mean, Natasha was almost a ringer for Fatima Khan from "Collateral" in her looks and reason for joining Ahkos, the escape from the warehouse was not only like Kensi's in Season 2 but also like the one by Callen in Season 1. And for an episode that was supposed to deal with the effects of repeated exposure to violence and committing violent acts (according to Eric) on people who are in dangerous careers, there was very little of that in the story. And the "plot"? They wait for Natasha to show the writing before issuing security protocols? And when Hetty is given her marching orders, only Sam and Callen go to make sure she's safe? Why didn't Kensi and Eric go? (Guess they're waiting for Eric to discover the booby-trapped warehouse.) And Callen and Sam didn't notice the helicopter? Seriously? The power went out in OPS, the sun didn't set. The entire Densi scene made no sense and had NO relevance to anything going on in the rest of the story. (And the booby-trapped warehouse didn't seem like the modus operandi of the killer who butchered a guy and cut him in half, and how convenient that he just happened to have that wedding photo). The warehouse was just one more excuse for a Densi angst scene when the time would have been better spent with Ahkos and Hetty. (And does anyone really think Natasha would have been turned so quickly by Rogers? Rogers?) The best scenes--the only scenes I found worth watching really--were the scenes with Hetty and Ahkos, Callen and Sam, and Callen and Hetty. For me, those were the only scenes that had any meat to them and really delved into anything that mattered. I guess the next episode "answers" some questions, but it also has another Densi scene where they discuss their future--again. Seriously, I am sick of those two because they're like someone who's always yelling--after awhile, I just tune them out.
  6. I said it before (if not I should have or someone else did and I agreed) that the writers make things too complicated. It wasn't that I disliked the episode, but Hetty sent Beale on a "secret assignment," so they had to get him back--and they wanted his return to be special. Why can't the agents--when the actors are unavailable--just go on routine assignments in DC or at another NCIS office? The episode wasn't horribly bad. I do think the evolution of Nell has been happening gradually the more she's in the field and the team is involved in risky missions. After all, she was seeing Nate for a long time, and a lot has happened the past few seasons to the team. I did sense that a little of her anger had dissipated by the end when she and Kensi were reviewing things with Hetty - but I think Hetty looked at Nell differently after her outburst. My favorite in this ep were the conversations between Callen and Sam. Callen's got something on his mind, and if the writers don't let him get it out, I'll be hugely disappointed, again. Loved Sam's reference to Pinocchio and Callen becoming a "real boy." Also liked most of the scenes between Kensi and Nell and even the dopey tech whiz kid who wasn't. Didn't miss Deeks at all. And I loved Callen's comment about his 12-year old self maybe liking the decor of Beale's apartment.
  7. Actually, the scratches were a sign that someone might have tampered with the gas cap and simply siphoned gas (as Tom said), and since Sam checked the truck for wires and explosives (and Tom evidently checked for a bomb wired to the ignition), there was no evidence that it was anything more than that - plus, how would Sam have seen the bubbles. 😁 I'm not going to call "foul" on this because this was the first decent episode since S10 ep22. And it was the first episode where I saw an entire team I recognized, including Callen (who's been absent for far too long). I liked everything about this episode (I'm not going to comment on wardrobe because that's irrelevant to the story, and I'd rather have bad wardrobe than a bad story). I especially liked the remarks between Callen and Sam that hint at something going on in Callen's psyche that we know nothing about (and hopefully will find out before the end of the season). Sometimes, to be honest, I feel like Sam: these comments by Callen come out of the blue and I have no idea what's going on in his life or what's going on in his mind. I'd like breadcrumbs before arriving at the final destination, but I'll take what I can get at this point. I'm just super glad to hear Callen sound much more like Callen again - plus tell Sam that he can disarm a bomb (I'm sure they all can) and that he can fly a drone without Beale's help. The scene in the school was top notch because it didn't show them as anything but serious. And the Kensi fight was well done. And then the final comment by Callen was the icing on the cake. It's good to have them all back. Now, I just hope they all hang around for the rest of the season - and that Beale brings back his quirkiness but not his silliness.
  8. It was too soon to see Katherine again for me. I'm not a fan and I find it hard to believe that Sam would have any interest in someone like her. And she's too "perfect" for him - it's like the writers were checking all the boxes: likes/knows muscle cars, knows fine exotic wines, etc. And I don't see a disciplined former SEAL family man going out with a woman to "get some." It's not like he's 20, and especially given the dangers of his job. I did notice that there seemed to be a lot of standing around or sitting in the interrogation room. It also seemed that no one felt any urgency which seemed strange given the case and the likelihood that the technology was going to be sold to an enemy power. I did notice that-again-Callen and Sam had very little to actually do and the car auction seemed to drag on longer than necessary. And there were no security guards with cars worth millions of dollars? I wouldn't think Katherine would be very happy about that. lol Also, is it likely that Sam would let a civilian (who isn't a government employee) ride with him when he's going on a high speed chase after an armed Russian agent who has a hostage? Talk about a lawsuit waiting to happen--and the civilian is actually an insurance agent. And then let a woman he's met twice drive his baby? I know the writers are having a problem with Callen this season, but now they seem to be having some issues with Sam. And speaking of Callen - the guy who doesn't trust a Roomba is okay with self-drive cars? Nope. And Callen is quoting a government rule from GSA to Sam? Are you kidding me? And this is the guy who's never been unduly impressed with expensive cars (after all, he drove a Jaguar in the early seasons), and when Deeks said he'd like a Ferrari in S8, Callen told Deeks to put it on his bucket list. I miss the earlier episodes and am baffled by the direction Gemmill is taking the show, but I'm watching at least until Beale returns and the 12/8 episode which is supposed to answer some of the Callen questions.
  9. I couldn't get over the fact that Callen and Sam just sat out of sight during the shootout, waiting, and then DROVE the Challenger the few hundred yards. Really?
  10. The idea that Callen and Sam would go to a Halloween party IN COSTUMES? OMG, that is so ludicrous. That is something Deeks would do--and Kensi. This is the only network procedural where the GUEST actors are given more to do and more screen time than the regular cast. It's as if Gemmill and Military are casting actors THEY have a personal interest in working with and to hell with the story. Oh, and let's be sure and have Kensi dress up because, you know, she's the woman on the team. How about FINISHING the storyline with Callen? They end S10 with Sam saying, "You're very damaged." And then --- nothing. So, when did he get better, or was that just another throwaway line? The writers spend an entire episode on a Densi "false alarm," but they can't even deal with Callen's losses or his relationship with Alex and Jake. Does anyone know what's happened to that "family" of his? And what about Sam? Have Kam and Aiden dropped dead? He's their only parent and yet he never calls, he never talks about them. He's going to "get involved" with that crazy Katherine and still have Michelle's ashes that he was going to scatter in S9. My god, these writers are absolute amateurs at "continuing" a character's life onscreen OR off; characters either disappear without a word (like Hetty) or people from a character's past just suddenly cease to exist. It's like that tool from MIB wipes out the writers' memories. Dressing up and spending a few minutes in an illegal casino is not undercover work. Undercover is what they did in Rage, An Unlocked Mind, Plan B, Purity, Citadel, etc. That's undercover work; this is dress up. They didn't adopt a persona; they adopted bad accents.
  11. It's nice the actors were enjoying themselves, but that's not really the point. And, judging by the ratings, not a lot of people enjoy rocks. If this keeps up, the actors might be "enjoying themselves" right into cancellation. There are always new series waiting in the wings for a time slot. Wouldn't it be ironic if the new series by Olsen and Military that CBS just bought replaced NCIS:LA on Sundays? It was a little funny, but it got old fast and it was also a waste of precious air time. It seemed the writer couldn't think of anything and so decided to drag out that scene. Jordana is such a mediocre writer I wish she would co-write with somebody who knows what they're doing.
  12. And this is yet ANOTHER absurdity. This IA investigation is in its 4th year. There is no way in hell an IA investigation takes that long. Whiting would be fired for incompetence. If you're going to have a show that's tenuously rooted in "reality," you simply can't ignore some things and expect viewers to just shrug it off.
  13. I loved Hidoko and would have loved to see her stay with the team WITHOUT Mosley (I think they started going off the rails with the "mole arc" and then completely with the horrible job of introducing Mosley). Just another bonehead decision by Gemmill to kill off Hidoko. Sorry, but his "vision" is driving this show into the ground.
  14. There's a difference between frivolous and completely idiotic. Other shows have frivolous episodes that are charming and humorous and fun to watch WITHOUT being dumb as a rock. This WAS a rock.
  15. Couldn't agree more. And ALL this deterioration and disaster falls squarely on Gemmill's shoulders. He had his own "vision" for the series which CLEARLY sucks. This writer is the WORST writer EVER. If she didn't work for NCISLA, I bet she couldn't BUY a job as a writer on any show unless it was community cable. She only seems to be able to write EXTREME caricatures and the absolute dumbest dialogue. Everything about this was a train wreck: Nell's attitude that this was going to be "fun," Callen & Sam not asking for verification info from Catherine (or asking Nell to verify her background - because Sam thought she was "hot"), going to the crime scene without already securing authorization to investigate (and why pull in the painting's owner if they hadn't already gotten authorization to investigate?), Catherine doing "homework" & finding out what NCIS Office of Special Projects does (an insurance agent can google that?), the idea that the NCIS team can't find the auction house that handles exclusive/rare art without Catherine, that the Garcias can blow off federal agents, that Kensi has to dress like Halloween to even speak to an art dealer, that Sam lets an unknown individual roam through a crime scene without escort, the "what if" interrogation . . . And why "hold onto your cards" from the agencies that are trying to FIND your painting? That's just idiotic. And why did the gal holding the painting wait until ALL the bad guys had been caught BEFORE trying to run away with the painting? I don't think it could get any worse.
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