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Again With This: Celebrating Its 1,000,000th 'Jane's Box' Joke

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It was shocking to see Yvette miss a couple of answers. She held in there though. Still the best.

In defense of Abby's lobster answer, she seemed kind of ashamed. I feel like that answer could've worked for surf and turf though. However, that game is really about building on the team's answers like they did with broccoli.

Greg Grunberg was a little much at times but I did like his "now the teams are finally even" joke when it was just him against all four members of the other team for Jane in the Box. He also was a solid player.

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I'm one of those people who sometimes listens despite not watching the show. I work in an almost empty office and sometimes just want to hear you guys make fun of celebrities in the background so I don't fall asleep at my desk.

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In defense of Abby's lobster answer, she seemed kind of ashamed. I feel like that answer could've worked for surf and turf though. 


I thought of surf and turf too, but I agree - it didn't make sense with where the other clues were headed.


I liked Greg Gunberg overall. I thought giving everyone on his team high fives after they won the first round was a nice touch of team-building to keep the momentum going. I also appreciated in the final round, when he mentioned the epilepsy charity that he was playing for, he kept the focus on the charity and the work they do, rather than on his son. (Although I did also enjoy pretending that he has this son with wife Megan Rotundi.) At the same time, after the episode as a whole, I think he may be on the low end of the Kevin Smith spectrum, where he is best enjoyed in smaller doses.


I mentioned this last week, but after seeing Yvette Nicole Brown in action again, I would really love it if they did an episode with 'best-of' celebrity teams. It's fun to see the random match-ups, but seeing the strongest players all competing against each other would be a lot of fun. 

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On listening without watching. I've debated if I should listen or watch first and have done both, it's all based on my schedule. However if I end up listening to the podcast first I sometimes get so annoyed with the stupidity I can't subject myself to watching it.

For this episode I almost didn't watch it based on the title of the episode alone. If they moved the show to 10 pm just so they could make all these dumb Jane in a Box jokes it wasn't worth it.

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I listen without watching but have no excuse. I'm just a weirdo.

Y'all share a lot of good life skills advice in the course of mocking the dumb celebrities, though. Don't wear heels and a tight and/or short skirt = dress appropriately for the occasion. Ring in first, figure out the answer second = take the opportunities that are presented to you. And so on. If you wanted, you could spin this whole thing as a lifestyle podcast.

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Since Elementary and HGN are now timeslot competitors, I tend to choose Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, even though I've watched HGN since S1. I'm like LAFR, though, and listen to the podcast if it's posted first. Then I catch the video that's posted. I appreciate that as it is primarily just the games.

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Jeez, does anyone listen after watching? Honestly, I never saw the point of that in general. I like to watch something and then listen to podcasts for different opinions and thoughts. Like half the fun of the 90210 podcast for me is figuring out what stupidity will be targeted. But, that's me. Never been a listen without watching guy.

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I listen to the podcast without watching the show. I have watched episodes of it here and there, mostly if someone I really like is on, but it is an HOUR long which is about three times longer than I have the patience for. However, Tara & Joe's gameplay process discussion and celeb judgment is exactly what I'm interested in, and it only takes them about 20 minutes. I do watch the clips on the HGN writeup.

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Another weirdo here who doesn't watch the show. I have a hard time watching people do potentially embarrassing things on national TV but I have no problem listening to you all make fun of them for it. And the side tangents are always entertaining. Todd Bridges! I love that.

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Well a while back there was a discussion about who are the fans of a podcast for this show. The answer is people who don't actually watch the show basically. But, that's partially what a built in fanbase gets you. A following no matter what you are talking about.

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