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  1. That makes sense. I was wondering why he was announcing Jennifer Saunders (in the clip) because I didn't remember watching that interview--I just realized my DVR cut off the end of the show and I forgot to finish watching it. Now it's like having a bonus show to watch!
  2. I'm assuming this was taped before the show started while they were bored and waiting to go on. So outtakes of the pre-show warmup? Either way, that man is adorable and I'd be happy seeing whatever weirdness they didn't air.
  3. During their entire scene together I was yelling at Sansa to stab him--I think I hate him the most out of anyone. That's one reason I'm hoping Arya makes it to Winterfell soon because, even if she wasn't an assassin, she wouldn't put up with Littlefinger's shit for one second.
  4. Another weirdo here who doesn't watch the show. I have a hard time watching people do potentially embarrassing things on national TV but I have no problem listening to you all make fun of them for it. And the side tangents are always entertaining. Todd Bridges! I love that.
  5. I've been waiting three seasons for a reference to my favorite Revolutionary War hero Hamilton and that's what I get? Humph.
  6. Heh. It took me a minute to figure out what wife and son you're talking about--they've become such non-entities to me. Yup, that sounds about right. After all, it's all Pandora's fault in the first place for not stopping Abbie before she ran off with the shard. And for goading Abbie into destroying it. Forget the fact that she went to an awful lot of trouble to bring that ungrateful, whiny bastard into this realm in the first place. I really hope Pandora's the one who gets to kill him. If I remember right Hawley found them a Shoshone (?) cure but after Crane recite
  7. I just watched it again and I still don't get it. Crane shot it but why would bullets hurt it enough for Abbie to stab it with a medicine-infused spear? Unless they have special/magic bullets now? I'm so used to them killing things in Supernatural with iron or silver bullets that I can't keep track of what kills what but as far as I know that's not a thing on this show, is it? Very confusing episode. And not enough Crane. But I was glad for the Wendigo continuity.
  8. Kaiser roll! I could not figure out what a hunk of bread had to do with Hessians--that one went straight over my head. But at least I got the eggs Benedict reference. I'm glad I'm not the only one confused about his money. I thought all his dad left him was weird supernatural stuff and I don't remember him being rich before this episode.
  9. This is why I will be crushed if the show gets canceled. I'm not a shipper--I don't really care if they get together or not--but the two actors are fantastic and I want to see them acting opposite each other forever regardless of the plot. I seriously doubt I would have stuck it out through season 2 if it weren't for moments like this. I don't remember this being mentioned yet but I just rewatched the beginning (because I wanted to see Crane in a nightgown--don't judge me!) and I'd swear Abbie is making the same motion with her finger on the table (minus the blood) as she looks a
  10. This was me too. I thought it was odd that I didn't remember that it was supposed to be a two-hour episode and then 5 seconds later the credits rolled. I should have known better. It's this sort of frustration that makes me really appreciate the show creators who write each season as if it'll be the last--with no cliffhangers. I was also pretty annoyed that Mulder and Scully were separated for the entire show. Mulder confronting CSM only slightly made up for that.
  11. I totally missed the Burr pun! I thought he said "early bird" which got a chuckle out of me but isn't nearly as funny. This makes me wish Colonial Times was a real place. I'm confused about Danny. I thought he was vaguely aware of the supernatural things going on in town and that Abbie was involved but was keeping his knowledge from her. But now he's pissed at her for vanishing? Didn't he know what happened to her or did I misunderstand a lot of his past scenes? I thought he had Sophie undercover with Nevins and they knew he had supernatural dealings. Or this whole time did they thi
  12. I didn't like this at all either. Maybe Jenny doesn't want to get hurt all over again if her dad turns out to be a colossal dick. That's a perfectly valid reason for not wanting to talk to him and she should be allowed to take all the time she wants. If anything I would think better advice from Joe would have been that maybe she and Abbie could get some closure if they talk to him rather than the whole guilt trip of, "I would give anything to talk to my dad again." I was okay with the Zoe send-off because I've been wondering where she was and waiting (dreading) her return. Now it's ove
  13. I think it was either Delphine killing herself with the Hand of God and getting rid of the last sigil on her shoulder or Lucifer got his spell to work. But everything happened so fast I'm not entirely sure. ETA: Omegamom beat me to it :)
  14. This was my only issue. I really loved the episode until it was revealed the Hand of God didn't work anymore. To go through all that trouble and misery--poor Dean having to watch a whole submarine crew die--all to have a hunk of the ark that doesn't work anymore? I don't get it. I was yelling at Dean at the very end not to throw the Hand of God into the water because he totally looked like he was about to. But since he listened to me, I'm hoping it'll still be useful somehow and this wasn't all for naught. But I'm glad they didn't drag out Cas acting weird and no one questioning it.
  15. I definitely would have been less annoyed. I've been rewatching season 3 (and the good bits of seasons 1 and 2) for the past couple days and I honestly couldn't tell you one single thing about her flashbacks because I'm either yelling at the TV about her costumes or fast-forwarding so I don't have to look at them. The only shouting at the character this week was thanking her for finally wearing something reasonable.
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