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  1. The actor playing try-hard Emma Bennett was Angel Boris,a playboy playmate. This is back in the late 90s when TV was trying very hard (starting w/Jenny McCarthy) to make Playboy Playmates into actresses. It generally didn't work.
  2. Indeed. I once went over to her place with some TWOP folks to watch "Echoes of the Mind" - the episode of Magnum P.I. with Sharon Stone, and were amazed by how well that episode held up. She was awesome.
  3. Yeah. Cuts in and out alot starting at the 28-min mark. Sounds like they may have accidentally mixed out everything but John Ramos' audio channel in the recording or something.
  4. Something strange happened with your audio file. The last two minutes or so of the podcast is super choppy.
  5. Re: Henry and school, I suppose the show is still in 1984, Because Thomas Jefferson (the Fairfax Magnet School that produced my deadly HS & College Quizbowl Nemesis opened in 1985. I have to assume parents in the NOVA suburbs (who care more about their sons than the Jennings) would be well aware of it and just pushed him toward what would rapidly become one of the US's best High Schools. Especially for Science and Tech, what with them being Russian spies. I know this is probably writing the actor out, but he should just be applying to TJ.
  6. Not sure if it's been mentioned before, or below, but yeah - so far Phillip and Elizabeth haven't done any same-sex honeytraps. But, at the time, they may not really have had to. Back in S2, they blackmailed Andrew Larrick, a Naval Officer with the threat of outing him as gay. In the 80s, anybody who was gay and doing any kind of DoD/Security work would have their career ruined by being outed. Indeed, this vulnerability to blackmail by Soviets was often cited as a reason not to hire or employ gays in the industry. (As opposed to, you know, negating the threat of blackmail by not caring that
  7. It made some sense because (1) having reconnected with the Villaneuvas he's now seeing the close family they have and wanting that connection for himself and (2) he's getting older and it might be his last shot to do fatherhood from the beginning. By the same token, deciding that Mateo is filling that spot in his heart is also something I can believe.
  8. The ex is played by Ashley Hinshaw, who I mostly know from roles that are about how attractive she is. I'd guess the play so far is that Megan is supposed to be more "real" and she certainly doesn't behave like anyone who has dealt with any kind of fame. Honestly, I got more "what happens when you may get famous" training from ABC when I was briefly on TV than Terrence's people have given her. And I wasn't even under contract with them.
  9. During "To Sir With Love" - I kept waiting for the turn, where this was gonna become funny. It never came. I kept thinking they would have been better off doing something with Joe Biden instead. Funny never came. It was treacly, and not what the show is for. The only real virtue lies in knowing that it's the sort of tribute that Trump himself desperately craves, and it mush make him angry that Obama gets love he doesn't. But I didn't need to sit through that.
  10. Because I am a huge baseball nerd and cannot leave well enough alone... (1) The Seattle Pilots are not the Seattle Mariners (2) The Minnesota Twins are not an expansion team. 1. The Seattle Pilots were an expansion Team in 1969 - at the end of the season, they were sold to a used-car salesman named Bud Selig, who moved them to Milwaukee and renamed them the Milwaukee Brewers. As a note, the Original Milwaukee Brewers moved to St. Louis to become the Browns, and are now the Baltimore Orioles. 2. The Minnesota Twins were the Washington Nats/Senators from 1901 to 1960 - they w
  11. According to fangraphs, Hector Santiago is the only pitcher who thre a sscewball in the majors last year. Basically, ppitchingcoaches had eeveryoneswitch to change ups years ago because the screwball is supposedly murder on the elbow. Throwing oneas much as Ginny.... yikes.
  12. I am pretty sure the empty stands were deliberate. It was done to show that Ginny was visualizing to push back all the distractions and focus on the game. I don't buy that Mike is still in love with his ex or that she is his true love. He is undergoing a life transition. He is aging and nearing the end of a career that has consumed his life since he was a kid. It is lonely, scary and traumatic. We see him looking wistfully at his teammates' families and girlfriends greeting them when they return home. He wants an emotional connection to someone, his ex, his father, but ultimately it is G
  13. I had a whole thing ready to go about how they didn't handle the shutdown thing all that well on this show (do I want to revisit the 80,000 articles about every side of Strasburg here in DC) ... but it's just another example of this show rushing through a baseball point they could have spent more time on. Without really even making the Shutdown / pitch limit / innings limit thing a metaphor for something else. OTOH, I guess now we know Ginny is a good enough major league pitcher to reach her innings limit. So she's better than Todd Van Poppel.
  14. Not sure where they got their data from, regarding elbow injuries for women - but on ligaments as a whole... It's been widely studied for decades, and female athletes are three times as likely to suffer a torn ACL as a male athlete. My sister suffered a torn UCL playing softball last year (oddly, crashing into a 3rd baseman, not throwing) the Dr. told her not to get Tommy John surgery as she was over 40 and it wasn't worth it for her.
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