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  1. I feel the same way about Columbo episodes - they are just so soothing. The Columbo episode airs September 5th on the Hallmark Mystery channel.
  2. So two things. First, Sarah, I recommend the Bosch books. They are quite good and there's the added bonus of when Bosch listens to jazz you don't actually have to hear the music. Secondly, Dave is really good at reading the food ads.
  3. Tara, I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP Genie.
  4. Patrick Melrose must be really, really bad to have such a short segment. I think it was in one of the listener game times where the people on talked about how you can suffer massive brain freeze during Game Time and how hard it really is or maybe it was just multiple Valued Guests who said something similar. Sarah's missing of the who's your daddy question is an excellent example and finally made me believe them.
  5. I can't stop thinking about this. Watching L&O reruns last night I kept hearing the credits smash in after every bit reveal and cracking up. And this: As God as my witness...I thought turkeys could fly.
  6. The link to the Bowling for access to abortion fund is not working - I get a page not found and bounced back to the ptv homepage. Hearing that ad/psa in the same episode as a mention of needing a husband's permission for birth control in The Handmaid's Tale was well timed.
  7. I think that's my favorite mini topic ever. I don't know if there's any dialogue around it, it might just be a visual, but all I kept think of was after the helicopter fell on Romano.
  8. I don't remember this episode AT ALL. It just kept getting worse and worse - Pa gets shot, the horse dies, the guy is blind on and on. Oy.
  9. That was an excellent Nonac submission. Well done.
  10. This is also not the only "transport something dangerous / fragile over the prairie episode" There's a later season, with Almanzo I think, where they have to transport dishes without breaking any.
  11. Yes, re Farmer Boys. The big boys kill the old teacher and the new teacher, who was a friend of the man killed, brings a whip to school and uses it. The new teacher was staying with the Wilders and Almanzo's dad gave him a heads up about the boys as well. Almanzo spends a bit of time worrying that his teacher is going to be killed.
  12. Thank you for the link. The Mackenzie Phillips wig is remarkable.
  13. I thought it was just terrible. Halfway through my husband turned to me and said "are you finding this funny" and I had to assure him that the other new episodes were better than this. While I agree it looked like the cast was having fun, especially Megan Mullaly, it could not save this for me. I really was hoping for a Debbie Reynolds tribute episode too. Edited to add: between this and the dancing to Madonna scene earlier in the run I think they are setting the stage for Will and Jack to end up together and this was just to further that plot point along. They needed a dream seque
  14. That's the Horta (AKA "puke pile") from the original "Star Trek" series. Dave married it. It may look like a pile of puke but it's a very good parent. So of the three it's probably the best as she would take primary responsibility for the kids, killing all those who get in her way.
  15. I should not have listened to this while driving. I lost it with the "10 Ten List, The Word, and Moment of Zen. Or is it the wOrd?
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