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S03.E01: New Captain

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I can't even describe how hard I laughed at both Amy shrieking and throwing up her papers when she was scared by Terry, and when Boyle screamed with joy "Amy is the gym floozy!!!" Anything Boyle does is comedy gold; I love Joe LoTruglio in this role.

I'm so glad that Dean Winters' show was cancelled so that he could come back and be the new captain, even though it was be (hopefully) temporary.

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Ben/Leslie, April/Andy, Jake/Amy--no showrunner does sitcom couples better and with less drawn-out angst than Mike Schur. 

Which is impressive since Schur got his sitcom start writing for The Office and on that show they seemed to make will Jim and Pam get together or won't they last, what seemed like, forever.

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Which is impressive since Schur got his sitcom start writing for The Office and on that show they seemed to make will Jim and Pam get together or won't they last, what seemed like, forever.


You think? IIRC Jim and Pam took about the same time as Jake and Amy, about 2 seasons.


I guess technically Jim and Pam took 3, but the first season of the Office was only 6 episodes.


It's really more impressive Jim and Pam got together so quickly, since Pam was in a serious relationship at the beginning of the Office.

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I agree with the people who were underwhelmed by this episode. I suppose it's good that they're moving forward with Jake/Amy but I hope the writers will give it a break for the next few episodes.


Best moment: Rosa upset that she didn't get to insult the dead captain to his face.


That bit reminded me of the Futurama episode with the Neutral Planet. "If I don't survive, tell my wife...hello."

It reminded me of a joke from The Simpsons. "Tell my beloved wife that my last thoughts were of her... blinding and torturing Abe Simpson."


Other thoughts:

I wasn't too far off when I said the new captain might already be dead by the start of the season.

The first names I thought of for the pigeon were Paulie and Petey, which turned out to be the top contenders. Is that a coincidence or are they just obvious?

When Bill Hader's character was shouting, he reminded me of Mr. DeMartino from Daria.

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Love, Love, Love.


THANK YOU show for not putting us through a season of misunderstandings and unrequited feelings.  Those two are PERFECT.


Love them.


Gina and Boyle were hilarious as usual.  I love Boyle so much....

Terry loves love!

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"This man is a Timberlake and you should stop treating him like a Fatone!" Definitely Gina's best line.


As a *NSYNC fan, I was prepared to be miffed at whoever said said, but prepared to fight if she would have said Chasez.  Glad it didn't come to that.

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When Holt and Wuntch had a petty feud, I could understand the humor. It's not my favorite gag, but I get it.


But now she's actually for real tampering with is career and the work of the entire department-- multiple departments, actually-- and seriously tormenting him. That's not funny to me at all. In the past, they actually made a point of how she did NOT mess with his promotion or otherwise sabotage him. He only thought she had. But now they've changed it so that she really is interfering. How is that funny? I don't get it.


Did not like Hader's character and was thrilled that they killed him off pretty much immediately.


And I'll chime in on growing weary with Wuntch. It's tricky because I enjoy their insults to each other and it gives Holt a bit more humanity to be affected by her, but she is cartoonishly 'evil' and I have no idea why someone like Holt wouldn't have been recording all the shit she's said and done to him over time. He'd have quite a thick file by now and it should sink her - or at least get her off his back. She's utterly unprofessional with him, since she's his superior officer, most places take that shit seriously. Throw in that he's gay and he could probably have a field day with charges of harassment or something like that...

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