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  1. I thought the Sucre/Michael reunion held more punch than the Sara/Michael one. However, I loved Michael breaking down in tears as soon as he saw Sara. I'm still flabbergasted that Mahone isn't a part of this. All through the previews for next week, I was like, "This looks like a job for Mahone. Is this how they're gonna slide Mahone back in? MAHONE!" I know Fichtner probably isn't into this anymore, but c'mon man.
  2. I don't think I can buy that. They treated him like a coward because he lied to them and put them in danger by trying to get them up to D.C. Because that's cowardly. And I don't even know that all of them treated him like a coward; it was mostly Abraham and Rosita that were super salty to him. Understandable, because they were with him the longest. For the most part, they just let him be, shaking their head at his Eugene-isms, living their lives and still protected him when need-be. When Eugene decided he wanted to step up, give advice, show them he could do stuff, they were always appreciativ
  3. The cat was sweet. Ugly, but sweet. Happy Canonversary, Rick & Michonne!
  4. Catch-22 with the adaptation. The bat is so iconic; there's no way they could bring Negan in without it. However, it wasn't so eye rolling in the comic because
  5. @Raven1707, thank you for always keeping us up to date with the ratings/viewers!
  6. Shake a hand, shake a hand now.
  7. Nah. Aaron asked them to come and meet Deanna, they did, Deanna interviewed them, Rick all but told her they shouldn't let them in, she bragged about being able to read people and made him and Michonne constables the next day.
  8. kia112

    S07.E06: Swear

    Yeah, no WAY are they getting away with paying the star of the show for only two episodes.
  9. I don't...but if they did, I don't think it would make the most sense to say it came out of nowhere if it's the top question the actors get. :-) I could see Morgan maybe carrying something for Carol (I mean, he did break his no murder rule for her), but Carol for him? No way.
  10. Well...chemistry is certainly subjective, so I don't doubt that you didn't see it. However, many people saw it beginning at the end of season 3, including me. So much so that the question about the characters' relationship potential began popping up during Q&A panels right after that and continued through the relationship becoming canon. Both Andrew and Danai have said multiple times that it was among the top questions anyone would ask them when they saw them out and about. Then when you add in the fact that many of the episodes where people point to seeing an especially strong connection
  11. Is this a real question because yes, he has. Off the top of my head he asked her if she was ok after he completely did a 180 and decided they would go to Alexandria (because she wanted to). Also, "Are you OK?" from the season 4 finale. Also, asking her how she felt about Alexandria that night when they were both up. Also, noticing she was upset when they were at Noah's place and telling her they'd figure it out. Also, asking her how she felt about the plan to kill the Saviors. Also, asking her what was wrong after they executed the Saviors plan after noticing that she had a look. Als
  12. Sigh... First of all, I can't. Posts like this...I feel like they punch me right in the gut. In a good way. Second, in my side hustle, I've been gushing about these two for awhile and mostly it deals with how happy I am for these characters that they are with people who understand them at their core so well, and care for the other so deeply. He's hurting, she knows, and she's saving him. Side note, I don't know if I ever thought Eugene was cute, but I've been here for Josh McDermitt for awhile. Initially, I was on the end when we started taking these selfies, then I was like, "Wait
  13. kia112

    S07.E05: Go Getters

    The Saviors left a truck for them to use. Presumably, Maggie and Sasha took the truck because Rick was driving the RV at the end of the premiere.
  14. The forehead touch and the "thank you" and the way they were looking at each other killed me. Like, what the heck?!? It took my breath away. That never happens to me when I'm watching TV.
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