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  1. Nutjob

    Top Chef in the Media

    Brother didn't bother me, but to each their own. :) Jim was out fairly early, I think something like 6th, but he went out in a sudden death Quickfire. I always felt like he should've gone farther.
  2. Nutjob

    Top Chef in the Media

    Brother Luck, Jim Smith, and Carrie Baird are competing in LCK to get a spot back on the show for Season 16. Those are surprisingly good, non-annoying picks? https://ew.com/tv/2018/11/28/top-chef-kentucky-season-16-last-chance-kitchen-returning-contestants/
  3. Nutjob

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Am I the only one who hopes this is a euphemism for something else? :)
  4. Info on the final Lifetime season, which will feature all winners, including 7 from international versions. Dmitry AND Seth Aaron? Count me in! https://www.etonline.com/project-runway-all-stars-international-designers-final-season-exclusive-113571
  5. Nutjob

    S08.E08: Soujourn

    Well, it's nice to know that Murphy's history with this show stays the same--turns into a hot mess about midway through. I thought the flashbacks might last a few episodes. But most of the season? Really? And now he's trying to get me to sympathize with the son of Satan because he can't figure out how he's supposed to destroy the world? In a super boring episode that was mostly filler? Oooooookay.
  6. Nutjob

    S08.E06 Return to Murder House

    AHS has offended the satanists, everyone. https://theblast.com/american-horror-story-apocalypse-church-of-satan/
  7. Nutjob

    Project Runway In the Media

    Christian as mentor actually makes me think this might be OK. I'm at least cautiously optimistic!
  8. Nutjob

    S13.E05: Death Dealers 2018.07.03

    Count me on wondering how Matt keeps winning with weird, misplaced teeth. Also, if we're gonna call out Damien's for looking like a German heavy metal monster, can we please call out Matt's for being a riff on Papa Emeritus from the band Ghost?
  9. Nutjob

    TAR31: Spoilers (No Elimination Info)

    OH, this is so me right here. Corrine has the most punchable face ever... I don't know how Eliza can help me overcome that. Colin and Christie! I remember haaaaating them back then, but the man is responsible for an instant reality show classic moment. So glad to see them back!
  10. Nutjob

    S13.E01: Face Your Fears 2018.06.05

    It looks like an extreme comb-over to me, as in... he's balding on top. I found it almost as distracting as Jo's piercings, to be honest.
  11. Nutjob

    S36.E07: Gotta Risk It for the Biscuit

    I know it's goofy, but I kind of loved the whole Jason Siska stick maturing into a real idol schtick. That's one of the funniest things that has ever happened on this show, and them making it a real idol now just somehow ices the goofy cake.
  12. Nutjob

    S07.E11: Great Again

    Oh, I get that. I don't expect reality, necessarily, but there does have to be some real-world logic present in order for me to find the horror in a show like this. I thought there were some very scary moments in Roanoke, and I liked that season very much. Beyond the political hyperbole, I think Kai's repellent personality was more of a hindrance to my enjoyment of this season. Every episode I'd find myself asking why most of the cult members would ever fall for his nonsense, because he was completely transparent and not all that articulate or convincing (The DudeBros notwithstanding), because they weren't portrayed as your typical cult targets. It took me out of the story most of the time because I couldn't reconcile it. The political stuff was just icing on all of that. :)
  13. Nutjob

    S07.E11: Great Again

    I'm sure Murphy did this for the irony of having Kai in the same prison as Manson, but yes--Kai would either be locked up in Michigan or, if he were convicted of federal crimes, be in a USP somewhere. I work in the political field, so I view most politics from a more nonpartisan lens regardless of my own political leanings--most of it is theater conducted solely for the purpose of getting officials re-elected. Yes, the ones you like and think are true believers, too. I think that made this season seem rather ridiculous and hyperbolic to me, and it made it really hard for me to get any sort of tension or "horror" from it, because I personally don't buy into all of the shrieking drama of either political extreme, and find it all rather silly. I was rolling my eyes and laughing more often during the first half of the season than Murphy probably intended. And I know I've made this point before, but I never bought that any of these people would follow Kai other than maybe Meadow and Winter. Kai is an average looking, marginally articulate, creepy weirdo, and none of these people who followed him fit the profile of people who join cults (abused, abandoned by their families, etc.)--especially not Beverly or Ivy. I just didn't buy into much of any of what happened this season, which threw the whole thing off for me. Not scary, not engaging, and not believable. It's a shame, too, because this is one of the few seasons where the plot was actually fairly tight from start to finish.
  14. Nutjob

    S07.E10: Charles (Manson) in Charge

    My guess is they considered Gary the weakest of the guys left, since Kai had all his muscle-bound dude-bros there to protect him. My question is... why did Bebe ever think Kai wouldn't turn on her? What was in it for him if he stayed under her thumb? (Just like I don't believe all these seemingly intelligent people [minus Gary and the dude-bros] would ever fall for weirdo Kai and his nonsense to begin with.) Manson preyed on young people who had been abandoned and abused by their families, like most cult leaders in history. None of these people other than maybe Winter fits that profile. It just takes me out of the whole season, to be honest. Well, that, and Ally's sudden "recovery" and ability to outsmart everyone else when she was a complete basket case just weeks before. At least everyone isn't a complete political caricature anymore like when the season started, so that's progress?
  15. Nutjob

    S07.E05: Holes

    And see, I feel the opposite. I don't find this season scary at all, because the stereotypes are so over-the-top they take me right out of any "horror" that might be happening in the plot. Honestly--it's like Murphy just plucked satirical exaggerations of every political/ethnic/sexual type, and plopped them all into this mish mash of a story. Why would any of these people be swayed by a creepy, 30-something hipster with no CV, no accomplishments, nothing but twerpy good looks (I guess...?) and the gift of gab? He preys on the disenfranchised, but why would Ivy and Winter ever be working with Gary? Or Gary with Ivy or Harrison? Or Beverly with any of them? They all seem smarter than this! (Except Meadow, maybe, and she's trying to get out!) They don't want the same outcomes! Yeah, burn things down, but then what? What is the utopia they think Kai is giving them after? It makes no sense that any of them would follow him! And now that the covers are all pulled on the serial killing clowns and who is terrorizing Ally, it's even less scary. Ally is a walking, talking, progressive-white-rich-liberal caricature, and if I was a progressive I'd probably be offended. As a moderate conservative, I'm just finding this season silly and maybe the second worst only to Hotel. This one isn't falling apart halfway through, it was a hot mess from the start, and I'm only watching for the chaos at this point.