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  1. Will somebody please think about the children!! Carol must die!
  3. There is no evidence of that in this story or in ANY story in the history of humankind.
  4. And when that happens, who is running the Kingdoms? Jon, who is another Targaryan? Yeah, that's going to work out well. Ask Ghost about his loyalty to his subjects.
  5. As well they should have been. Why isn't he dead yet?
  6. I think the point is that life is cruel period. The men want to use this weapon of mass destruction for their own purposes and when it is good for them, but then they want to put it on a leash and shame it into good behavior. At the end of the day it do what it do.
  7. And it's not even that big. They should have hooked her up with Podrick.
  8. Because the ENTIRE SHOW has been instance after instance of men misunderstanding and trying to control women.
  9. They ALL are until they are in power. That is the point of this tale, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  10. Poor martyr Jon. Nobody has ever suffered more. Crown him quickly before he ascends full bodied into heaven.
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