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S01.E05: White Ties and White Lies

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Things not so chummy this episode.

Thomas had to hold it in when Patricia mocked him but he was ready to go at the party.

Did the producers get lucky when they set up the shoots at the bar and at the party?  They captured some good shots of Thomas' face reacting to the congo.

Looks like more trash talking back and forth in store the next episode too.


Why is everyone so against Thomas and Kathyrn?  Those kids deserve every chance at happiness without the carping from the peanut gallery!

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Kathryn is really gross - she has terrible taste in "men" and seems to sleep with pretty much everyone.  I guess you can get away with a lot if you're young and pretty, despite being vacant on the inside.

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Why are Danni and Shep making out in not-so-secret everywhere?  Aren't those two "been there, done that" because they've already dated in the past?  Maybe I'm mixing her up with all the other women Shep and Thomas have both slept with already.

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It's like a round robin on this show. Danni dated Shep, but then Thomas tried to get with her, now she's back around to Shep again. Then Thomas is all about Kathryn, but Craig has a crush on her, something's going on with Whitney, she sleeps with Shep, now she's back with Thomas.

These people need to branch out and meet some new partners.

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Thomas: "Kathryn has all the attributes I look for in a woman".

Translation:  Boobs and and a vagina


I am new to the party having just binged watch season 2 and then worked my way back to season 1.  I can't believe what I'm watching.  I kept thinking "Maybe Kathryn was different in Season 1 and had a much better personality before saddled with a kid and a man who doesn't want her."  But so far I'm not seeing anything that indicates any positive attribute about her other than boobs and a vagina.  And frankly, she's not that cute.  She really needs cosmetics to look attractive.  


Not to mention, here she is having sex with him and then getting it on with almost every cast member until something sticks?  


I don't mean to absolve Thomas.  If he had unprotected sex that resulted in a pregnancy scare and then still managed to continue the unprotected sex to have a child with a woman who has the maturity of a teenager, he's an immature idiot.  


And of course, there's the Senate run.  I'm hoing that this guy really just did it for a story line and publicity because how did he really think that being on a reality show with a woman who worked her way through his mates would really help him in an election?

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