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S02.E02: No Friends On The Street

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Tommy signs on to assist Ghost in expanding the drug trade, but has a serious condition that must first be met, while Ghost is surprised to learn about Kanan getting out of jail.
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Tommy is still telling Holly way too much information. Hopefully her lying about her conversation with Ghost will get Tommy to see that she is obviously crazy. Kanan's son is way too naive, he must be adopted.j/k

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Tommy is an idiot when it comes to Holly.  He broke so easily in telling her things she didn't need to know.  And the reason everyone leaves the bitch is because her ass is manipulative and crazy.  How in the hell did she survive a gunshot wound to the chest?  And why is she not dead, or at least in a coma?  She's fucking annoying.


So Angela is in the dog house at work and she still had the nerve to ask for time off??  She's also so manipulative, casually running into FBI dude on the bridge, trying to be all sexy in asking him to break the law and go against his supervisor.  I'm glad he shot her ass down.  

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I simply do not, and will not care about Holly unless ... I don't know, I can't even imagine a situation where I care about her. She's crazy but it's not even entertaining. They should have killed her off.


My favorite line was Kanan asking Tommy "You still crazy?" because he's crazy as a motherfucker. 


Walking in on your father getting head? AWKWARD.


There was something about Angela's delivery of "I gotta keep this tight for you, right?" that made me chuckle - it was very "Angie from the block," as Tommy put it.

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Ghost snooping through Angie's apartment while she's running his name through criminal databases was funny.

As has been stated repeatedly Holly needs to go. Cant stand her, and she makes Tommy even more unlikely to me. Her pussy cant be that good to have Tommy acting like such a dumbass blabbermouth.

Stern or whatever his name is.... The last time I saw him he was on the Titanic, going down with the ship...he gots to go too. He's got a very condescending, slave master vibe to him. I wish Ghost would just kill his ass....but I know why he doesnt.

Totally agree about Sean being adopted. First off, Kanan looks too young to have a son that old. And Sean just seems gullible, too nice, not up on the game, etc. Like where the hell he come from?

Tasha sure did a number on him too though. Like where does he think it would be appropriate to hang out or talk to the boss' s wife? He lucky Tasha shut it down otherwise he woulda ended up in the desert on some R. Kelly/Mr. Big type shit.

And I lol'ed at the look on Tasha's face when Ghost offered to let Kanan stay at the penthouse. I hope there's no backstory there about Kanan trying to mess with her when she was younger.

Im hoping Ghost has Kanan's number. Kanan was trying too hard to pin that attempted murder on Rolla.

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And I lol'ed at the look on Tasha's face when Ghost offered to let Kanan stay at the penthouse. I hope there's no backstory there about Kanan trying to mess with her when she was younger.

Ha, yeah.  I wouldn't be surprised if he did try it with her before he went inside.  He was going on about how she filled out in all the right places.  However, like Ghost, maybe she knows that once Kanan starts getting back into the game, that Ghost's reign is over.  First he's in her house, then, he's taking over Ghost's business.

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After meeting Tommy's mom, it makes complete sense why he would be attracted to someone like Holly. I do think there's something else going on with her, though. 


I'm so sick of Ghost and Angela. There is nothing appealing about them as a couple and I have no reason to root for them. I want both of them to get busted soooo bad. Once Tasha figures out how to cover her ass financially, I wouldn't be surprised if she's instrumental in taking him down. A woman scorned is a hell of an enemy. 

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The actress that plays Holly looks different.  But she still annoys me just as much.  She's just got too much crazy for most people to want to deal with. 


And the whole Tasha brings food over, plays nicey-nice was a weird scene. 

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Kanan's son is way too naive


I was hoping he'd be smarter this season. Alas, he is still dumb as a bag of hair. I'd find his naiveté endearing if I didn't think it was going to get him in trouble and/or killed.

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