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  1. Those rats were having a feast. =)
  2. Marcos and Billy both get what they deserve an ass whooping. lol. It looks like Lucy and Smurf are going to meet up.
  3. I'm glad it had a happy ending Reece gets her daughter back, the ruthless F.B.I. lady is killed , the doctor heals herself and the rest get to move on.
  4. I wonder where Naomi and her followers plan to live after they escape the camp grounds? I'm surprised Naomi was able to get a security guard to help them escape. I wonder if Lindauer's daughter was a slave in the future or did Lindauer adopt her after they fled the future...
  5. fellini


    Why was there a drive by shooting directed at Andy?
  6. Reese finally gets her daughter, but gets captured and loses her daughter again. I hope they don't kill Reese!!!
  7. Ruby cut off YoYo's arms and then later YoYo kills her. I don't get why Daisy and Mack are mad about Ruby dying.
  8. I enjoy watching Reece kick butt.
  9. It's not realistic for Annie to be still working at the grocery store after being busted for drugs in her locker.
  10. The duo sets out to unlock a case about a veteran hit man who Murtaugh has followed for years; Riggs struggles to find a connection with his father; Murtaugh scares Riana with his overprotective driving lessons; the team's trust is tested.
  11. Bryan must stop an act of biological terrorism when invasive species are stolen from the Global Seed Bank in Norway.
  12. The show isn't going to be the same without Percy!!! I wonder why their doing this cast change?
  13. The writers of this show stink. Every episode it's just the same thing over and over again. The main characters are never going to die but they pretend that their life is in jeopardy every show.
  14. Yeah the only reason I watch the show is for the Maggie Q segments.
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