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  1. Ghost stays overplaying his hand. I don't know what his endgame was with setting up Tate. He's the guy with the connections to get your project off the ground, and you piss him off? Why? Ramona is thirsty. I get it, but sis, you know someone like Ghost would not fly in politics. His past is problematic AF. He looks great in a suit and you can hold a conversation with him, great, go out for dinner, have the sex, and leave it at that. Keisha, Keisha, Keisha. Girl folded too quick. First of all, the legalities of that stop were non existent. You're signing paperwork a) without a lawyer present, b) without reading what you're signing, c) you haven't been charged with anything d) your Miranda rights haven't been said. They had nothing concrete. It was all speculation until proven otherwise. And girl, you really thought Tommy had a mortgage on that house? He ain't got no (legal) job, man! It makes all the sense in the world that Tariq would shit where he eats again and sell drugs at school. It's even more sensible that he would rope his teacher into it./sarcasm. Ghost and Tommy will rue the day that they left Saxe alive. And word to the poster upthread that mentioned them not wearing gloves! Shit, not even a face mask. So dumb.
  2. Tariq getting into the game makes no sense. All of this because Ghost had an affair? He literally sees his sister get blown away, and that doesn't scare him straight? The guilt alone should kill him. Raina should haunt him forever. Ghost telling Tariq last week that "he (Ghost) sold drugs because he had to" sounded like bullshit to me as well. Seasons ago, Angela mentioned that Ghost got into Choate as well, but he didn't want to leave Tommy behind. I could understand if dealing was all Ghost knew because his father was in it, but since we don't know anything about his upbringing, it sounds to me like Ghost had an opportunity to be legitimate when he was a teenager, but he didn't take his chance and now it's too late. I'm going to have to accept that the only way Tariq got into another private school is Tate buried what happened at Choate. We all know Tariq didn't 'leave,' he got kicked out for dealing. LaLa was believable in this episode. This was her strongest episode to date. However, it's as if Keisha has never met Tommy. He has zero intention of leaving the game. He likes dealing and doing criminal shit. I don't know what the hell she's talking about with this house in the burbs shit. You really see Tommy mowing the lawn on Saturday? Going to neighborhood watch meetings? Tommy IS the danger, Keisha! Well, Keisha was mighty handy with the steel the first time she used a gun. She must have soundproof walls, because I don't understand how you put 3 rounds in someone with no silencer, but the place wasn't swarming with cops. RIP, Big Grim.
  3. Exactly. As I wrote before, Keisha likes the perks of the life, but not the grit. It's fun to shop and live in the fancy loft, it's quite another to clean drug money through your business, toss murder weapons in the river, and do criminal shit 24/7. Keisha upgrades her wardrobe and is walking around like she's Queen shit. Tasha should be a cautionary tale for her. Married to Ghost for 10 years, but now she's out on her ass. One child dead and the other one lost to the streets/a dumbass. Go back to living in Queens and doing hair, Keisha. It's the safer bet.
  4. I have never rooted more for a bag of oranges. The stupidity streak continues. Proctor, a high-profile lawyer, gets murdered gangland style, and it wasn't all over the news? Tasha is just now finding out about it? Tate's fundraiser is full of monied VIPs and there's no security? Not even an NYPD detail? Cops and security would've been all up and through that club. For reasons I will never understand, Alphonse decides to strike up a conversation with Ramona while in the middle of an armed robbery. I had a flashback to "The Wire" when Stringer said to one of this guys, "is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy? Fuck is you thinking, man?!" "I'll kill Ghost myself." Sit your inflated ass down, Keisha. Tate had me rolling when he told Ghost "fuck yo' time." And then Ghost deadass saying "I actually need 2 million, but I only asked for half." So, who do y'all think refilled the Tate campaign coffers? I think Ramona did it.
  5. Yeah, the stupidity has been going strong this season. A federal witness had her location compromised and no one had the sense to move her to a safe house? She should've been in a safe house and had an armed guard by her side from day 1. She's going to testify against a high-level drug dealer and she gets to stay in her apartment? Say what? So, Ghost is going to get evicted from the penthouse, right? I don't see the neighbors in such a highfalutin building putting up with a tenant who got his house shot up. It's only a matter of time before Keisha goes down. Sis was too smug while shopping. And I haaaate how gaudy that Chanel bag is. Lemme circle back to Ghost for a minute. Fuck.him. Not only is Tasha not allowed back into the former home that they shared for 10+ years, the home that she raised his children in, he blames her for Tariq selling drugs! How Tasha hasn't thrown hot grits on Ghost is a mystery. This is why a woman has to have her own. You may end up with a man like Ghost who has no problem telling you that it's his money. "You wasn't with me shootin' in the gym" so you don't get a say. Wasn't Tasha funneling money into a secret account years ago? What happened to that? And yeah, RIP Jerry Ferrara. He was great.
  6. Your entire post is a big yes. Q is fine, but Tasha, I'm gonna need for you to practice due diligence before you do Q with diligence. You juuuuust met ol' boy. That smile is dangerous, but so is smashing some guy you know nothing about. It also didn't ring true for me that he didn't know who Tasha was. Her and Ghost are local celebrities at this point; especially given the fact that their daughter was murdered and her funeral was on the news. Tate attended the funeral, so you know it got coverage. Who knew Ghost was such a lousy shot? He had Tommy dead to rights and missed. Also, doing this shit in broad-ass daylight? And he must've been driving a loaner while out with Dre because he fucked up his car smashing into Tommy. The whole plot was absurd. And yes to that envelope being kinda light (Carmela Soprano voice). WTF was Dre talking about when he said that Ghost was handing out money like he was Oprah. That didn't look like "start your life over money" at all. That flimsy envelope had "pay your rent for the next 2 or 3 months" to it. When I think of start over money, I think of a briefcase with stacks, not that thin-ass envelope. I get bigger envelopes of junk mail compared to that. What's also silly is Cash getting jumped after school in fucking Soho! Tommy lives in a loft in an affluent neighborhood. It's so damn crowded down there that you're packed like sardines. Maybe if this were 70s Soho when the area was rougher (so I've heard), then it would've made sense. But 2019 Soho? Please. Not saying that asshole kids don't exist in money areas, but the whole, "it's not our neighborhood. No one knows us here." Like they moved from one hood to another makes no damn sense.
  7. Sometimes, it really does be your own people. I'm looking forward to the showdown next season as well. "You don't know me." "You don't know me." Oooh, child. I'm here for it! I like Hollywood, but he needs his own storyline. I liked his idea of getting guys together to have their own meetups to talk, and now Vi mentioned him opening a restaurant. Hopefully the seed has been planted and he runs with it. Jacob really is perfect for Charlie. I hate that the show made them distant relatives. If they wanted to keep the family angle, they should've had him be related to Nova's mother side. Blah.
  8. I know! Keisha's Carmela Soprano wannabe ass gets on my nerves. She likes the perks of the life (gaudy Chanel bags and diamond earrings), but she clearly isn't about that ride-or-die expectation that comes along with it. So. did LaLa always have all that junk in her trunk or did she inject junk into it? Because it can't be said enough, fuck off, Tariq! Ghost, too.
  9. I'm glad the show's been renewed for another season. Hopefully, Siobhan/Lauren Banks will be given more to do. All she does right now is scowl and get angry at Decourcy. I don't understand what she wanted, either. I do have to keep in mind that #MeToo is almost 30 years away, so attitudes towards sexual harassment were lax compared to how it is now, so I'm guessing her conflict is ousting a man who was trying to do good for the community, unfortunately, it was at the expense of the girls/women parishioners of his church. Her own mother was making excuses for the Reverend. I was taken aback when Jenny used the racial slur, but then again, I had to remember that they're all racist trash. Jenny presents as likable and long-suffering so we forget that she has her prejudices, too.
  10. It did. I was disappointed. Charley's been celibate since her divorce. She deserved fireworks. I do like Romero, but I can't deny that he gives off a friendship vibe more than romantic. This book storyline isn't as explosive as it should be. Let's see if it affects Charley's campaign. So, Octavia was a stealth bitch. "I made you." Nova's on my shit list, but even I had to gasp at that.
  11. Same. She was just being a bitch. It was part of the Tinsley pile on. Tinsley needs to stick up for herself more. The library should've been open as soon as those assholes started in on her finances. Dorinda is with John for free dry cleaning because those thongs aren't going to clean themselves and of course, there are the leftover dresses that customers don't pick up. Sidenote: what is up with people dropping their clothes off at the dry cleaners and leaving them there? It's rude AF to treat the cleaners as if it's Goodwill. Pick up your shit. [serious Diddy face] Anyway. Sonja should also be the last.one. going on about arrangements. She knows good and got-damn well if old man Morgan called her up right now to set something up, she'd leave Delorean tracks while speeding over to his house. So, shut it. Why are they pressed about Tinsley's money, anyway? She comes from money, and she probably makes a decent salary from the show. It'd be one thing if Tinsley shopped at outlet malls (no shade) and now all of a sudden she has this glow up, then I could understand the confused face. But even if that were the case, who cares? It's her business. Yo, I never could with Ramona, but I'll tip my hat to her for being consistently ridiculous. Sis, they have you ON CAMERA lying about the seating arrangement, and she is steadfast with her story that she got the number wrong. "If only the fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise" should be stitched on a pillow for Ramona.
  12. Right? It's odd that no one has brought this up. Nova revealed deeply personal secrets about her family and the press doesn't make a peep about it? There's damn near an uprising at the college Davis works at, but the press isn't swarming the mill and the farm to get interviews with Charley and RA? Vi is a local celebrity and no one is coming to the diner to get her opinion on the book? The show can't have it both ways. It's an explosive book, but depending on the episode, it's business as usual for the characters. But maybe that's the point. It's supposed to be subtle. Vi feeling unsafe again, Charley now having to deal with her enemies having extra ammunition against her, and RA not catching a break. I'm so used to seeing Cree with red hair that I almost didn't place her until I heard her voice. The black is too severe. Maybe if she still had the curls it would've softened her up. I can't wait until Micah and the rest of the woke crew goes off to college. He's Nova levels of insufferable. Whew, that scene with Blue, RA, and Darla. TV has me up in my feels this week. First POSE, now this. I mean, Davis. Really? You wising up and realizing that you threw a diamond away for stones doesn't mean that you get to move in for a kiss. I'm still annoyed with him from last season when he had the nerve to say that he loved Ernest as more than a father-in-law. Look how he repaid Ernest's love. By betraying his daughter and having a whole-ass secret family. What a fuck boy.
  13. Yesss. I literally gasped when she said that she contacted him. I could understand if Nova were 5 or 6 and only knew her Uncle Jimmy to be a kind man who was always sweet to her. But she was older, KNEW the hell he put her aunt through and decided that SHE was going to explore the possibility of redemption? Nah, Nova earned that read Vi gave her. Boss Charley is my favorite. Micah needs to realize that he struck gold in the mom department and act accordingly. Sigh, I like Romero, but I do agree that Charley has more chemistry with Jacob. I like that Romero accepts Charley for who she is, though we all know it's going to crash when he finds out that those workers died on her farm.
  14. So, does Dorinda not know that Tinsley comes from money? I don't know why she thinks that Tinsley was only with Scott for a come up. Tins wasn't living on the streets while Scott went all Henry Higgins on her. I see Scott is still a forever fuck boy. What is his deal? It's one thing to give a condolence card for Bambi, but Gucci sneakers? He just wants the attention. Can we talk about Dorinda dry cleaning her thongs? How does that work? Does she pre-rinse before sending them out? Let's also discuss why these ladies are such trash houseguests? Barbara, why would you spray tan yourself on white furniture? And then not to clean up after herself was too too mucho. I hope those stains got out.
  15. Yeah. I didn't watch the remaining two episodes of her special, but when I watched the first episode, I said that it didn't bode well for their relationship that all of his shit was in the basement. It would've been one thing if he was in the middle of moving his things upstairs, it's just that he had a lot of stuff, but no, she didn't set aside space for him upstairs at all. She treated him as if he was temporary, and I guess he was. Though I do wonder if tension with his mother hastened the breakup. His mother did seem Mama Joyce-lite. I'm not with the overbearing, I treat my son as if he's my man type of mothers, so I blame no woman for exiting expeditiously if that type of situation arises. But as with most breakups, it's usually a multitude of things.
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