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  1. Sheenieb

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    You really find out who your friends are when you're planning a wedding, huh? The only good thing to come from this is those hyenas are out of Eva's life. No one needs that kind of negativity around. Any "friend" that would tell your business, regardless of whether or not the friendship is over, is trash personified. I mean, I just don't understand why Marlo cares if Eva is bi/had same-sex experiences. Unless she lowkey wants to sleep with her, then why bring it up? Let me answer my own question, it's because Marlo's a bitch whose form of joy in life, besides being a tacky label whore, is making others miserable. Cynthia's explanation sounded suspect because she's either lying or she didn't explain herself well. Either way, it's crazy to call inviting Kenya "a betrayal." If this is the worst betrayal NeNe ever experienced, then she's lived a charmed life. I'd say Kim embarrassing her about her home ranked up there as more of a betrayal.
  2. Sheenieb

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    That's one way to look at it, but I didn't take it that way. I think she meant that Heath loved her before she was a star. Yes, she was a successful tv actress, but back then, tv wasn't considered the draw it is, now. There was still that split between tv and movie actors. TV is where you started out before you hit the big leagues (movies), if you were primarily a movie star and went to TV, you were considered "washed up." Besides, Dawson's Creek wasn't considered prestige television. It was a teen show on a teen network. I do remember when everyone thought that Katie Holmes would've been the next big thing, but it turned out to be Michelle Williams.
  3. If one were a new viewer to the show, they'd think that Bethenny and Dennis were in the middle of wedding planning when he died. Sis needs to pick a lane with Dennis. Now she's saying that she was dating the fine-ass staffing company owner, it was getting serious, then she ghosted him for Dennis. They got "engaged" yet she didn't wear the ring until after he died? Also, how are you getting engaged when your betrothed has a whole-ass wife at home? Either Dennis was in the middle of a long divorce, or it was one of those "we've been separated for years" types of deals. I'm neutral on Barbara. I didn't like her attitude about the fish room last week, but I do appreciate that she isn't backing down when Dorinda gets froggy. Man, I'm done with Lu. What an asshole. She's earning Bethenny's upcoming smoke. I'm glad that Tinsley and Scott are over. I didn't blame her for not calling him because that's some embarrassing shit. The ask wasn't "call your boyfriend," it was call your boyfriend and give him an ultimatum. I wrote before that Scott was wasting Tinsley's time, and I stand by it. But that meltdown was uncomfortable. "Scott hates being embarrassed." Who likes being embarrassed? If I had Bethenny's bank, I'd have a glam squad and my own personal RN, too.
  4. Sheenieb

    S11 E21: Reunion Part I

    Eh, disinterest in sex ≠ gay. Kordell was over Porsha and that trickled down to the lack of sex. There's a lot to get at Porsha over, but I don't suspect infidelity. I thought everyone's makeup looked great, but the outfits were hit or miss. Eva's being the most egregious. She had nerve coming for Shamari's dress. Eva's dress overwhelmed her. Eva's a model, but she's short. Maybe Cynthia could've pulled it off, but then again, I don't know. The dress was ugly. Oooh, y'all, can we talk about Mama Dennis unsurprisingly getting all up in Porsha and Dennis' relationship? I wouldn't be surprised if the prenup talks got hot because of his mother. We might have another mama Joyce situation, here. I'm glad the ladies paid NeNe in dust. That's the best way to handle petulance. Ignore it.
  5. Sheenieb

    S11.E05: Shark Bait

    I agree. Tinsley grew on me. Scott showing her pictures of rings is ridiculous. It reminds me of Cynthia's boyfriend, Mike, on RHOATL. He teases marriage, but so far, hasn't followed through. It's a cruel thing to do to someone who practically has a flashing "I want to get married sign" above their head. Although the advice coming from Sonja, Beth, and Luann was laughable in a way given their track record, there was a kernel of truth there. I would never give anyone I'm dating an ultimatum because that's not how I'd want to start off an engagement/marriage, but I'm all about being clear about what my expectations are. If she hasn't done so already, Tinsley and Scott need to have an adult conversation about where this relationship is going. Let him know that she wants a legal commitment and not some "let's see where it goes" horseshit. I've always had a soft spot for Luann, but she lost it this episode. She clearly wanted to punish Dorinda for the Cartagena blowup, so she went IN on the fish room. I don't know why Dorinda tries with these women. They would NEVER be invited to my home again. Arranging yoga and a massuse? Sis, this is not the four seasons, this is someone's home. But she wouldn't be Luann if she didn't act brand new. She knows damn well she didn't have this shit in rehab. Unless she went to Promises.
  6. Sheenieb

    S11; E20 Caught in the Middle

    We, humans, are complex as a motherfucker, aren't we? I write this in reference to Cynthia. I mentioned this before, but it's amazing to me how she survived in the cutthroat modeling industry. Especially considering she came through in the 80s/90s when you could count the number of black models. I'm sure she dealt with some bullshit back then but still managed to get booked and become an in-demand print model. Yet, she cowers to NeNe. All I can say is that when it comes on to money and business, Cynthia must be on it. But in her personal life? With her partners and friends, she wilts. And I get it. I'm a kind person as well who tries to avoid confrontation unless it's necessary, but what I refuse to do is allow anyone to run my life. In playing both sides, Cynthia is putting herself in the middle and making herself look like a coward. She should've told NeNe that she invited Kenya, but she doesn't know if she's coming. If NeNe decided to go full 7th grader about it, then that's her business. But this whole nonsense about getting her story straight with Kandi and pretending that she didn't know Kenya was coming was silly and embarrassing. Equally ridiculous is NeNe using Gregg's cancer to be an extra special asshole. Kenya's dress looked uncomfortable. Reminded me of how Kim Kardashian would still wear her pre-pregnancy clothes while she was pregnant with North. I hope that party planner got chewed out. Porsha and Dennis were better off planning a small family gathering themselves and getting it catered. Yeahhh, I wasn't sure how I felt about Mike, but this is unbecoming. I have no issues with older people having an active sex life, but every time they're together, he just sounds like a horny teenager. And he either needs to stop bringing up marriage or follow through and propose. I hate when men do that teasing shit. Bringing his family around to her event, asking if they can get married next year, but then not doing shit about it. Perhaps I'm cynical, but it doesn't look good. I hope I'm wrong since Cynthia looks happy.
  7. Sheenieb

    S11.E19: Where does Eva Live?

    Ugh, yes. I don't understand why Marlo was even invited to the wedding. She was always nasty and shady to Eva, why extend her an invitation? As for that bridesmaid, she would've been out as soon as she put her hands on my wedding planner. I hope the wedding planner called the cops. Since the wedding came off beautifully and Eva was happy, clearly, she didn't do a bad job. The season is almost over, and I still don't know how I feel about Tanya. I don't think she should come back next season. She's a nice person, but she comes across kinda ditzy to me. And she's always falling back in line with NeNe. Stop it. To be fair, they all do that. I found Eva's story to be a little sus, too. Not all of it, but I do think it's odd that she's on TV when she keeps moving around and her address is constantly in flux. I pray to never be in her position, but she and Michael are going to have to set down roots and stop running scared. Not only for stability reasons for her children but to stop giving Marly's bio dad all this power. From what I've heard, Michael's been in Marley's life since she was a baby. He's the only father she knows and she called him daddy. They seem to have a good relationship. And I wouldn't be surprised if Eva vetted Michael hardcore before she allowed her daughter around him/had another baby. Can we talk about Riley? It's not as if she doesn't have a point with Kandi always being busy, but she always loses me with her tone. Speaking of tone, this brings me to NeNe's conversation with Gregg. I don't have an issue with caretakers having a raw conversation with their loved ones because keeping all that bottled up leads to resentment. But to make it all about yourself is another thing entirely. I'm OK with her saying, "I know that you're sick, but I'm not OK with how you've been treating and speaking to me. Your life has changed and so has mine. We're going to have rough days, but let's remember to be respectful to each other." But this is NeNe, so that isn't happening. Gregg was never an easy person to deal with, and I'm sure cancer has made him worse, but the conversation could've been handled better.
  8. Sheenieb

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    Eva's makeup and dress were stunning, and as Porsha said, you could see the joy in her face. She truly looked radiant. However, I wasn't crazy about the hair. It looked messy to me. I thought she would've gone with an updo. All the stress looked worth it, though. The venue was beautiful. I do want a review of the food. $1,000 a plate!? That food better be "I want to lick the plate," good. Yes, I wrote last week that I don't think Shamari has a drinking problem, but she did herself no favors this week. You know it's bad when Marlo makes sense. If you can't hold your liquor, either don't drink at all or put yourself on a 2 drink maximum. It was very nice of Kandi to look out for Shamari during Shamari's embarrassing, drunk talk. I'm going to sound like an old lady, but I thought the ladies were showing too much cleavage at the wedding. Not the appropriate event for decolletage and side boob. Cynthia looked great, but girl, way to make shit about you. "I forgot Eva was getting married. I was envisioning me up there and my Mike."
  9. Talk about a missed opportunity. Luann would've won the episode if she responded to Dorinda's text with "halleloo." But that would've required some humor. Bethenny's rental property is beautiful, but if I never see another white couch/decor again it'll be too soon. It's as if these ladies are allergic to color. That's one thing I appreciate about Dorinda's Berkshires house. It's clearly lived in. I don't dislike Barbara, but she's definitely giving me NJ vibes; it's like she wandered on to the wrong set. Is it really that hard to enjoy free food, drinks, and STFU?
  10. Sheenieb

    S11.E17: Welcome to the Dungeon

    Riley probably isn't thrilled, but considering that this is adding to the generational wealth for the family, she and Ace (when he reaches maturity) will maybe get over it. I forgot to comment on Eva's reception dress. I wasn't crazy about it, either. I agree that the bust looked too tight. Was this dress the finished product, or was she still in the middle of alterations? I hope it's the latter because her boobs looked like they were screaming to get out. I had the same issue with Serena Williams' reception dress. It looked too tight. Like, I'd be nervous wearing it and my cups do not runneth over, so I could only imagine if I had something to work with. You're one aggressive cha cha slide move away from indecent exposure.
  11. Sheenieb

    S11.E17: Welcome to the Dungeon

    Yeah, there's a lot to get at Marlo about, but this ain't it. I don't think Shamari has a drinking problem either, but she was way out of line last week. We all have stressors in life and need to unwind, but getting wasted to the point where you're throwing up and grabbing people is too lit. I wouldn't have participated, but I think I would've gone to the Dungeon show only to say I went. It was awkward to watch, especially if you're not an outwardly sexual person (Cynthia), but keep making dollars out of $0.15, Kandi. I didn't miss NeNe at all.
  12. Sheenieb


    You'd think ol' boy would've put on a shirt and apologized to Dre for meeting him under these circumstances, but since Luca is too cool for school and apparently has zero home training, he was nonchalant. I'm not mad at Zoe being cut off, but I do agree that she should be given the next semester to turn it around, as well as get a work-study job. She definitely needs more responsibility besides looking cute.
  13. Sheenieb

    The Annual Grammy Awards Topic

    Nope. I'm all about supporting the other nominees and being grateful to be in the same category. All I'm saying is, get up, thank your team/whomever, and sit your ass back down. None of this performative bullshit about breaking a piece of the grammy and giving it to who the public thinks should've won. Especially since music is subjective anyway.
  14. Sheenieb

    The Annual Grammy Awards Topic

    Just catching up on the forum, and I don't know if this is unpopular or not, but I cannot stand when entertainers do this. It's equally annoying to me when they get up there with no speech prepared although they knew well in advance that they were nominated. I don't find it cute when an entertainer wins an award, goes up on stage, and says that it should've gone to another nominee (John Mayer/Adele) or say that it's bullshit (Drake). I think it's disrespectful to the team that worked with you on the album. You're pretty much saying that their work wasn't shit because your album wasn't the projected winner. And let's be real, they're not going to give the grammy back, so what's the point of even saying that? Besides indulging in false modesty and fakery. I don't know how this works, but I'm sure if you don't feel like your work was up to par, you can either withdraw your name from submission or if you can't, stay home. I don't think J.Lo is top of anyone's mind whenever you think of Motown, but I'll stay in unpopular opinion territory and say that I didn't think the performance was that bad. She stayed in her lane, vocally, and put on a good show.
  15. Sheenieb

    S11.E13: Tempers in Tokyo

    Just caught up with the episode. Of course, Eva and Marlo's argument was on some gauche-ass shit. Arguing over labels and Eva showing off $1,200 slippers. With that being said, well, typed, Eva gave Marlo a good snatching. It was a long time coming, and it couldn't have happened to a better person. One good time I want someone to stand up to NeNe. I wrote before that I think long-ass engagements are silly, but if Tanya and Paul are good, leave them alone. Tanya should've told NeNe not to worry about who she (Tanya) is sticking and licking and end it. Prostrating before NeNe, in the end, was disappointing. I liked Cynthia's wig when they went out. I will forever miss her pixie cut, though.