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  1. I don't think Anisha is interested in Vishal. Oh, and thanks for providing Vishal's friend's name. Judging from her side, it seems as if everything was fine between them until the gala, and then he stopped talking to her. I agree that you can't force people to talk to you, but I understand why she's wondering wtf happened. However, I don't like forced interactions, so if I hit someone up to ask if everything is OK and they blow me off, I'm not checking in again. I'll hope all is well and I'll move on. Now that Amrit is back, Vishal kicked Anisha to the curb; which is hurtful. I did think it was messed up when Bali said that Anisha wouldn't touch Vishal with a 10ft pole and Anisha also said something disparaging when Bali told her that Amrit thinks that she (Anisha) has a crush on Vishal. I get not seeing him in a romantic way, but they both made him sound like a leper.
  2. Right?! If her ex really has "fuck you money," then that sounds like he's a billionaire. If that's the case, then not financially supporting/not flying in to see her, or flying her out to see him, is ridiculous. Bali's the most interesting "auntie" so far. The Anisha/Vishal/his lawyer friend whose name I'm forgetting is on some junior high school drama. "Vishal was MY best friend first!" It's comical, but outside of the Vishal/Lopa drama and the will they or won't they setup with Brian and Monica, I guess this is the best the show can do.
  3. I didn't expect to get caught up in this show, but I like it. I like learning about the culture. Auntie Lopa is terrible. If anyone here watches The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Lopa is reminding me too much of Mama Joyce. Vishal better think long and hard about marrying into that family because Lopa will always treat him like shit. I'm not all that impressed with Richa, either. I don't know if she's shutting her mom down behind the scenes or what, but judging from what's shown, she doesn't seem to be bothered that her mother is rude to her fiance. I think Monica and Brian are cute together, but I completely understand her reservations. Brian is a player and he's immature. She told him that she liked him years/months ago(?) and he blew her off. I am loving Monica's relationship with her dad, though. He seems like such a nice man. I really want to know Bali's story. She went from being Queen shit to working in flower marketing/delivery? It's honest work, so I'm not shitting on it, but what happened there? I'm also finding it curious that her ex-husband doesn't pay child support. I get that different country=different rules, but not kicking up anything to support his daughter is wild. Bali has a nice house, too, so either her job pays well or she comes from family money as well.
  4. So, NeNe was about to get into it with production again? Why does the show keep rewarding her shitty behavior? It's exhausting how much NeNe and Kenya are the same, but no one else on the show sees it. Kenya is just craftier, but they both do that, "I'm sorry if I offended you" bullshit. If someone is upset, then obviously they're offended. There is no "if." If I never see NeNe's nip slips again it'll be too soon. Either buy a bigger size dress/bikini or wear a coverup. Please stop with the forced interactions! NeNe and Kenya will never be friends. They don't fuck with each other. Stop trying to get them to "fellowship," "clear the air," "act out a Greek tragedy with them." Stahhhp.
  5. I noticed that as well. Damn, has no one treated this woman good? Unrelated, but I found myself nodding my head alongside of Marlo when she was like, "I missed the window to build with a man." Broke men are strictly verboten. I got Kandi's point about not overlooking a working-class man, but the difference is, Todd had a career when they met. He wasn't out here selling mixtapes out of the trunk of his car for decades. So while he wasn't rich rich like Kandi, he wasn't destitute, either. And what helps is that they both have that hustler mentality, so they're a good match. If you have nothing in common, no matter how much money one may have, it'll fall apart eventually. I've read online and heard characters on TV use that same argument about Barack and Michelle. Michelle had a higher position than he did at their law firm and Obama wore dad jeans and drove a beat up car, but Michelle still gave him a shot. Completely ignoring that Barack had degrees from Columbia and Harvard, and he was one to keep an eye on at their law firm. Someone who clearly had ambition. Again, not some dude hanging around Sidley Austin pestering Michelle until he wore her down. Someone, anyone, please explain the sky-high heels when you're going on a tour/to shop? And I also wasn't a fan of Porsha asking for a free item in exchange for posting about her shop. I mean, I get that's how things are done nowadays when you're an influencer, but I still cringed.
  6. I appreciated your entire post, especially this part. There's nothing wrong with forgiveness if you're truly ready to forgive. But forgiving someone 5 minutes after they've wronged you isn't realistic. Depending on what happened, it's a whole-ass process. But, as we know, only women are expected to forgive cheating. Men get to be human and be angry when they're betrayed, women? Nah. We're supposed to be content with whatever because "any man is better than no man." We're raised to fear being single because single=lonely/bitter. So, Porsha will put up with Dennis, Cynthia with Mike, and maybe Kenya with Marc. The bar is set so low for men you can practically trip over it. Kenya's mindset is probably along the lines of "I waited over 20+ years to become a wife and mother" so she doesn't want to let go. It's heartbreaking when you think you're finally getting your happy ending after all the years of waiting, only for it to be a disaster. But when you have to audition for your spouse's love and affection, it's time to leave. That's one of the reasons why I don't think I could stick around after being cheated on. Not only because of the betrayal, but because I would be expected to.
  7. What confused me about "forcing her hand" was that it sounded as if Marc ran to press about their separation without discussing it with his wife first! If that's how it went down, then I could see why she would have to release a statement as well. Wow, you know it's bad when the uber driver kicks you out of the car. I wasn't a fan of Kenya calling Marc's side piece, either. To the surprise of no one, of course Marc was dicking down someone else back home. He's a part time husband and father who has nothing but contempt for his wife. But Ken is always directing her energy and anger towards the wrong person. I dunno, I wouldn't be comfortable with my child sleeping in another hotel. I doubt it was far away from the villa, but still. And I'm also over room drama on these shows. As long as the room is clean, who cares? You're staying in a goddamn villa, and you'll be seeing the sights anyway, so besides sleeping and showering, you'll barely be in the room.
  8. Ha, I liked Lisa Wu. Anyone know what she's up to? Lord, have mercy! Nene's pageboy wig. HAHAHA. Didn't she also have a Bride of Frankenstein wig, too? I just rediscovered this: What was this in regards to?
  9. Right. I saw that as well. I don't know what type of font style choice that was, but it did look really low budget. Like they forgot to include place cards and had to do something quickly.
  10. Kenya, please divorce Marc. Try not to get sucked back into his nonsense. If someone/something isn't giving you peace, it's a burden, and it has to go. Not only was she the event planner, but she had to dress his ass, too? And, to not even be appreciative of her efforts? Jerk. He acts as if he's doing her a favor by staying married to her. I'm sure he does think that way since he's well aware of her emotional triggers. I'm guessing that Marc got his head gassed by a lot of women growing up, so he feels as if he doesn't have to put effort into sustaining his relationships. Can we also talk about him gaslighting her? Not only about giving her short notice about putting outfits together, but I noticed that he still wore the tie she picked out after telling her that it was "busy" and asking why they needed to match. Trash all around.
  11. Yes. I found it very telling that Mike deflected Cynthia's question. And, in regards to "If I mess this up, it's on me," is he implying that his infidelity on on his ex-wives? No, Mike, it was ALWAYS on you. I was always iffy about Mike. I never liked that he would dangle engagement in front of Cynthia as if it were a joke when he knew how she felt. I just hope that he's extra for TV and not in real life. As my grandmother used to say, "handsome face and good luck doesn't go hand in hand." See Halle Berry.
  12. The movie did tension well. Especially in regards to addiction. JUST when Howard could get out clean, he overplays his hand. One thing I was confused about was his relationship to Eric Bogosian. It was established that Eric was Howard's brother-in-law, but was Eric just a loan shark that hired the two button men, or was he just acting tough? Considering That's the only part of the story I would've liked more clarity about.
  13. Caught up last night and I'm already over cookie lady. I don't think she's unattractive, but her messiness downgrades her on the beauty scale. And what's even more ridiculous than her doing Matrix moves to get a peach is the fact that she didn't even promote her business! Y'all remember that episode of A Different World when Ron's band was falling apart and all of the members quit? He had t-shirts made, and Ron thought that Kim was sticking with him, but she quit too and still had the nerve to ask for her t-shirt? That's exactly how Cynthia and Eva looked eating and then going back for those damn cookies. Disloyal heffas. Kenya truly deserves the icy treatment she gets from Marc. He's still a trash husband, but she's a trash human. Moving on to Mike. Why was his daughter even there in what was obviously an adult event? It was at her house, but still. And then to hear, "I must not have been in love that much" about her mother. See, what Kayla has to realize, and what Mike should've said, was that his cheating had NOTHING to do with his ex wives. It was his brokenness. Same with Cynthia asking, "how am I different?" Wrong question. It should've been, "how is Mike different this time? Did he do the work to get to the bottom of why he was unfaithful?"
  14. I noticed that too! That was really egregious - I don't know what that was about, but it was blatant. It was sloppy, but I think the show was going for an unreliable narrator setup. In Tommy's perspective, Tasha had her back turned and was kinda G about it. "If I have to go out like this, I'm glad it's you." Whereas in her perspective, she was crying and kneeling. But who knows? It still doesn't make any sense why Tasha would frame Q when framing Dre worked; especially since he died, so he couldn't refute the story.
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