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  1. Oh, the parents are definitely detached. This is the second show I've watched where teens are having loud sex while their parents are home. First, it was Miranda's son on And Just Like That, now Nate and Cassie in this episode. Euphoria is the modern version of that movie KIDS, just without the HIV angle. I know I shouldn't be surprised considering addicts aren't known for their decision-making skills, but Rue still doesn't understand that the drug business is really a business. It's helmed by psychos who have no problem torturing and murdering you for their money or any slight. She's to
  2. Now THAT would've made a lot more sense that this dreck. Power has never been Shakespeare, but the writing is getting even sillier. Monet's sister has been using a fake birth certificate THIS WHOLE TIME? If Zeke was born in '98, in order to make this mess work, are we really supposed to believe that he started school when he was 8? Let's say he started pre-kindergarten in '06 (to keep up with the ruse of him being born in '02). Yes, there are kids who are tall for their age (I was one on them), but there's no way an 8 year old is passing for 4. This is just throwing whatever at the wall to see
  3. Let's talk about that scene where Dru was going to kill Everett. So, you're going to pop this guy on the street, but you're wearing a mask that only hides part of your face? These writers and directors are just fucking with us at this point. It's so odd seeing Daniel Sunjata bald and brolic. I'm so used to seeing him svelte with hair. He looks the part of a gangster, but he's still James Holt from The Devil Wears Prada to me. I didn't feel sorry for Carrie at all. NOW she's thinking about Lauren? "Putting her on the stand isn't safe." Fuck off.
  4. That's what bugging me about this storyline. Besides it not making a lick of sense, Lauren comes from money. The worst that would've happened to her once the drugs were found is she would've been kicked out of the dorms, but going to jail? Come on. I get that she was scared, but she should've been called her parents by now. I'm sure her family has lawyers on retainer and they would go to work on Carrie and the NYPD. And LOL at Tariq having the nerve to come at Braydon about selling drugs since he's privileged. I'm glad Braydon called him out on his hypocrisy. Tariq acts as if he was roug
  5. Sheenieb

    Scream Franchise

    I agree. Like all of the Scream movies, it was fun, but I was disappointed as well. If they really wanted to raise the stakes, then Sidney should've been killed. I know this wouldn't have worked because it's impossible to keep things under wraps on the Internet, and she's on the movie poster anyway, but I would've liked it if Sidney's comeback was a surprise. She comes back to help Sam and the rest of the group kill Ghostface. I thought it was going to be like Nancy's return in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3.
  6. Yes, that was the highlight of the episode and my favorite scene. While it was nice to see the friends all honor the commitment of getting together for each other's birthdays, and everyone else but Tiffany got a happy ending, it was an OK finale for an OK season. Molly's mother's death was unnecessary, and the set up after it was strange. Molly gets the call, reacts to the news, and then the next scene is Issa trying to get a hold of Molly to check in on her, and then her call to Lawrence. No funeral or follow-up. I wasn't even sure how much time passed. While I wrote that I found Ca
  7. It pains me to say it, but I agree. I was looking forward to it, but the story wasn't cohesive. I ended up having more questions than answers. Why was Anthony estranged from his mother? What was the point of Brianna's trauma with witnessing her father's suicide if it had no bearing on the story? She was separated from the A plot. I liked the gentrification of Cabrini Green and the fact that no one knew the Candyman story anymore because the older neighbors were pushed out. That could've been a good springboard, but it didn't go anywhere.
  8. Neither was I. I liked the print, but the hips were too much. I don't mind her being fashion forward, but that was not the event for it. I thought it was odd that Taurean brought edibles to the party. It's not as if he met Tiffany & Co. before and had that familiarity with them. You bringing drugs to an event with people you're just meeting? Bruh. Bring wine next time. It's a shame that we had to sift through all these filler episodes only for the plot to move forward in the penultimate episode. Issa and Lawrence fit better, but just because they're better suited, it doesn't mea
  9. I understand that sometimes you have to accept shows for what they are. Power has always been a fun show. You're not supposed to watch it for fleshed out characters and consistent storytelling, but the illogical storylines are becoming insulting. Detective Whitman concocted a wild-ass theory about Jabari's death. He's trying to pin it on Carrie because he's sour about how things ended between them, and Carrie, a former prosecutor, isn't challenging it? She isn't lawyering up herself and raising hell with his superiors? What? I hate when shows make their characters dumb in order to mo
  10. Yup! Issa should chuck the deuces up at Crenshawn. He needs to put the same energy into apologizing that he had when he was trashing her on social media. She should take MBW's offer and go from there. In the Crenshawn scenario, she was still property managing. It's way past time to level up, Issa. I could understand going with Crenshawn if he were a pleasant person to work with, but considering he doesn't know how to use his words when he's upset, she's better off with the corporate company. Molly's dad saying that he's worked for 50 years with nothing to show for it hit me in my ch
  11. Me and you are <here>. Teenagers having sex isn't an anomaly, but do the normal thing and fuck when your parents aren't home, Brady. Even kids in 80s teen movies knew to throw parties and have sex when their parents were out of town. I'm not mad at progressive parenting, but have a little decorum. It would've made more sense for him to be his real age (20), home from school due to COVID, and since he no longer has privacy, he got busted having sex with Luisa at home. But having headboard-banging sex while his parents are in the next room? And his parents not being the least b
  12. I would've been annoyed about the cancelled dinner plans. There's only so much weed, throwing back vodka shots, and struggle cookies (really, cool ranch mixed with cookie batter? That HAD to be a high creation and not due to Issa thinking that ranch cookies are a culinary inspiration. At least I hope it isn't, it is Issa, after all) that I could take. However, all of them in their pajamas hanging out on the balcony looked fun. While I haven't been in love with this season, I do like that it isn't obvious how it will end. Will she stay with Nanceford after he reciprocated her ILY, or will
  13. Yes to all of this. I had the same thoughts. It makes no sense that Julien will play 2 truths and a lie with Gossip Girl, but then scheme to bring it down. What? Also, in one of the earlier episodes, the teachers mentioned that GG isn't just at Constance/St. Jude anymore. It spread to the other private schools as well, so, how is Julien really going to take down the blog? Savannah Lee Smith looks so much like Kat Graham. It's my dream casting that Kat Graham makes a cameo next season as Monet's sister. If she has one. The resemblance is uncanny. I was bored by the Max, Audrey, Aki
  14. Yeah, I was actually quite bored by it. I was half paying attention, but Porsha's gripe with Simon is that he posts too much about them on Instagram. The whole situation is tacky AF.
  15. Yeahhh. I have to agree that I found the latest installment to be lacking as well. Nicki did come through with the zingers, and maybe I should give a rewatch since I zoned out, but considering how the bar is in Hell, while she was really gunning for Michael, it was hard for me to take it seriously since Nicki married a whole-ass rapist. She probably had it in her contract that the ladies couldn't clap back at her about that. Or her cousin's friend's balls...
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