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  1. Ha, I had the same thought. I didn't know whether to side eye her or be amused that she actually believed Biden was going to this thing. Of all the ruses to get everyone there on time, and only a few showed up on time, that's what Kandi chose? Security would've been out the wazoo, Cynthia. It wasn't odd to me that Riley didn't know how to clean. She grew up in the lap of luxury, so while it would've been nice to see her doing chores, Kandi clearly has a cleaning staff for that house. I'm more annoyed at Riley's attitude than her not knowing how to grab some rags and a multipurpose cleaner.
  2. I had the same thought. Kenya would've been better off reserving a private room at a restaurant. This event space was too big; especially since it wasn't a large group. I didn't expect it to be anything less than a disaster because the women in this group have 0 concept of time. I think the only one who was on time was Tanya. The best part of the episode was Ace. He's so sweet. I hope he doesn't lose that as he matures. Ugh, I had the same thought. I want to say that they did, but I was also surprised that they were allowed to try on underwear. Usually at lingerie shops, it's bras only.
  3. That was very telling. I realized at that moment that Ralph likes to punish women. It makes him feel wanted and appreciated to see Drew squirm and get upset. He's taking his frustrations for his mother out on her. Drew recognized this as well. Their marriage is crumbling not only because he's an asshole, but because she's doing all of the work. It's interesting that he apparently had a relationship with his father who walked out on his family, but so far, we don't know the status of his relationship with his mother. I'm also concerned about his relationship with his stepson. So many things to address! Kenya just doesn't know how to hold on to goodwill. First her crack about Porsha protesting and getting arrested on camera, as if she's doing this solely for clout, and then saying "I want someone to throw me a party for all that I do." Ew, way to make this about you, Kenya. While I didn't blame Lauren for uninviting her, tacky as it was, I thought Cynthia was even worse in a way for even asking if it was OK to bring Kenya knowing that Kenya and Porsha aren't cool. Riley is so rude. I've never liked her.
  4. I was confused about this house business. Ralph made it sound as if the sale hadn't gone through yet. They haven't closed, but they're packing? 🧐 Unless Drew is planning to use these episodes as evidence for Zoom Divorce Court, I don't know why she thought it was a good idea to show her struggle marriage on TV. I have no interest in watching those two argue every week. Cynthia is really working my nerves. Hopefully this comes up in a later episode, but she really needs to be honest with Mike about why having this big-ass wedding is so important to her. Her first wedding was a disaster, she was upset all day, so she wants this one to be perfect to make up for the first one. It's crazy, but that's clearly why. Still don't care about Toya and the jury is out on Falyn. Nice house, tho.
  5. I mean, I'm never mad when Gizelle gets a taste of her own medicine. If you're going to be shady to others, then eventually, you have to be prepared for your own eclipse. Today was Gizelle's eventually. Yikes. Monique brought a bazooka to a knife fight. It's all about returning to what's familiar, I suppose, but how many times is Gizelle going to allow Jamal to embarrass her? Nothing Monique said about Jamal was newsworthy. But yo, if I were looking for a home church, I definitely would NOT hit up New Birth nor whatever church Jamal's Pastor bae ministers at. Jesus needs to flip some tables up in both of those churches. While calling Black people "aggressive" when we're rightfully upset is ridiculous, I also wasn't here for Wendy giving me Omarosa Manigault vibes and deflecting. She absolutely weaponizes her degrees and talked down to Ashley. While I wouldn't characterize Wendy's behavior during the argument as "aggressive," I do think that turning it around and making it about colorism, when Wendy was clearly showing her ass, does a disservice to what a real issue colorism is.
  6. Oh, Ralph is on some gaslighting shit. I would be scared to see him and Marc in a room together. I was glad that Drew didn't let him get away with not telling her where he was. He was going off on a bullshit tangent about her "not understanding men/Black men" and "building legacy." What the fuck does that have to do with you disappearing for 3 days, bruh? He was at the beach? Is "beach" the new code word for side piece? I'm over this Toya person already. She's trying way too hard for a peach. I'd rather see Marlo get one than her.
  7. Whew, I thought Michael was going to snatch the mic from Candiace and sing "Congratulations" by Vesta to Juan. I do think Juan legitimately likes Michael and enjoys his company. He doesn't seem to look at Michael as if he's a trainwreck. I don't know if Juan is that good of an actor. Still hate that ring, but Robyn looked stunning at the party. The only reason why I wouldn't mind seeing Wendy again next season is because of Eddie. She has the best husband. Ashley going off on Michael embarrassing her was painful. It was like watching the expression "when you marry for money, you earn every penny" in real time. If you're going to lie, Karen, at least lie well. The whoppers she comes up with are worse than the truth.
  8. I don't blame her for feeling some kind of way about that. If your husband can't muster up energy to be excited to see both you and your child, then needless to say, that's a big-ass problem. I always wanted to know how Marc's relationship is with his other children. I doubt they've met Kenya or their little sister. Has Kenya even met her in-laws yet? Marc being cold to Kenya, but being all about Brooklyn isn't new, though. Wasn't one of her complaints last season that Marc wasn't sleeping with her? He'd put Brooklyn between them in bed and when she wanted to go away for their anniversary, he didn't want to go without Brooklyn.
  9. Cynthia wants a wedding mulligan. Mike was giving her straight facts, though. We are in the middle of a global pandemic, Cynthia! And shit, this was during the early days of lock down, so for her to be all "250 people or bust" about the wedding was wild. Ideally, they would've gone to the courthouse and then have the ceremony once the world reopened, but we all know the outcome. Kenya made a Freudian slip when she said during the reunion that Marc did a "360." I hate when people say that, but Kenya was absolutely right. Marc is still the same asshole. I don't know how she said with a straight face that Marc didn't want a pool, but she's getting one because "he doesn't live here anymore." Beloved (in my Iyanla Vanzant voice), WHEN did Marc ever live with you? Poking in and out once a month does not mean he lived there. Also, did any one else catch when Kenya said that Marc would see her and Brooklyn at the hotel when she visited him in NYC? What! Your wife and child aren't staying with you when they come to town? Aye. Kenya was never my favorite, but human being to human being, sis, this is not it. No one is worth all of this heartache. Work out a child support/custody arrangement and get out when you're ready. If you're seeing your second divorce attorney after only 3 years of marriage, there's nothing salvageable about the relationship.
  10. I know! What got me was Gizelle saying that she's of the mind that "if you're not sucking his dick, someone else is." So, going by her logic, was she not blowing Jamal enough? Is that why he cheated on her throughout their relationship? Karen may have 50-11 business ideas, but at least she's doing something. When was the last time Every Hue Beauty was mentioned?
  11. I don't think it bothers anyone, but it is annoying. Even Gizelle told her "I don't need your resume" back when they were at Monique's lake house. I'm all about being proud of your achievements, but give it a rest. She only trots that out to feel superior to the other women; which is laughable because she's on the same show they're on. She must've thought that she would class up the show. No such thing. I didn't think that Karen slammed Wendy's degrees last week, either. How I interpreted it was Karen telling Wendy that although she's smart ("with all those degrees) she sounded silly. Although Karen should've been the last person calling out ignorance when she's out here believing Monique's "black out" defense. I go back and forth with Karen. She kinda reminds of Luann from RHONY. Both come from humble beginnings, they married well, and now they act like they're to the manor born. But unlike Luann, I do think that Karen is in on the joke and that's why I can't quit her entirely. I died at "you slithered in." I don't have an issue with anyone marrying well, especially Black women. In other races and cultures, it's an expectation to marry well, but with us, we get static because "that's not your money, house, etc, that's your huzzzbin." Eh, depends on how you define marriage. It's either "ours" or it isn't. Monique mentioning getting arrested in front of her kids and being taken away from her family reminded me of Remy Ma shooting her friend in the stomach over $500 and then crying about her son once she was arrested. Sis, you should've thought about your son BEFORE shooting your friend in the stomach over $500. As much as I liked Mo, I wouldn't be mad if she doesn't return next season. Anything to avoid hearing about this goddamn fight again.
  12. The whole concept of this show is crazy. What's one more thing?
  13. Isn't it all physical on this show? It's not as if they're spending 9 weeks with 1 or 2 people and can really get to know each other and figure things out. It's 30 guys who have to stand out. It's like when Michael Corleone saw Apollonia in The Godfather. He was awestruck. He was hit with the thunderbolt. It appears that the same thing happened with Clare. Why these couples fall apart later is that once the cameras stop rolling, they realize that they're not a good match. They're stuck in a bubble for 9 weeks. Then when they shift from TV back to real life, they're like, oh, this just worked for the show.
  14. Meh. Besides constantly talking about Dale and keeping the guys waiting, which was rude AF, I don't get all the vitriol. There can only be 1 winner anyway. She just found her person early. I kinda like that she isn't going on with the charade of pretending to like the other guys because that would've been bullshit, too. I guess I'm just confused about what she was supposed to do here. If she strung the guys along knowing damn well it was going to be Dale in the end, then everyone would've been mad that she didn't cut the guys sooner. I would've respected the guys more if they just had a mass walkout. They all see that she's into Dale. They're not in prison, they could've left as well. If it were me, once she kept going on about Dale, I would've told her that I can see she's not interested in getting to know me, wished her luck on her "journey," and packed my shit. No one is forced to be here. That goes double for you, Yosef. I can't stand when people use their kids as shields. I also didn't bat an eye when she called Dale her fiance. It's early, yes, but is it crazier than getting engaged after 9 weeks? I don't know. I just accept this silliness for what it is.
  15. A better question from the audience member would've been, "how do you define lazy moms?" Because that's what I'd like to know. As it's been mentioned previously, Monique has no brand. It started out as mom hacks in earlier seasons when she was peddling essential oils, and then it went to whatever it's supposed to be now. I still want to know what happened with the essential oil angle. Since she's still married to this god-awful name, she really needs to hire a focus group and a consultant to find out why NFL isn't popping off. There's a lot to be said about Bethenny Frankel, but there's a reason why she's the most successful housewife. She took her business seriously and she worked at it. It wasn't just a hustle for her. I haven't seen any of the housewives across the franchises I watch actually buckle down and do the work to get their businesses off the ground. It's just another income stream for them, not something that they want to dedicate their lives to.
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