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  1. It's most likely about not wanting to deal with baby mama drama. I don't blame her. If you're child-free and now have to amend your schedule to accommodate your partner's child, it's going to be a rough transition. Better to walk now than pretend that you can deal with it. Lawrence and his child are a package deal. Yup, agreed. If you're walking on eggshells and being the only person who has to compromise, then you're definitely with the wrong person. Relationships should not be hard. If someone is for you, you should not have to deal with stress.
  2. Yeah, I'd appreciate clarity on that as well. Since there wasn't a definitive scene of Andrew leaving, I don't know for sure if he dumped her, though part of me hope he didn't since I'd miss seeing Alexander Hodge. I don't even miss the man bun anymore. It was very telling when she couldn't even give him a reason for why she wanted to be in the relationship. Molly likes the perks of being in a relationship but she doesn't like the work it takes to keep it going. She doesn't want a partner, she wants a yes man. Andrew is right that relationships shouldn't be hard. It's one thing to have challenging moments because that's just life, but when you're dealing with bullshit before you even hit the year mark, when you're still supposed to be in the honeymoon phase? Nah, it's not worth it. Sigh, so Condola really is pregnant. It's a shame that this is going to be the thing that grows Lawrence up. He was still doing that thing with Issa in the beginning that I can't stand. Putting the ball in her court again without saying what he wanted. Well, if he really wants to be with her, he's going to have to step up. I did feel bad for Condola, though. It's one thing to not be together, but damn, what should be happy news gets that kind of reaction.
  3. No, she just wanted Issa to perform contrition. When Issa flat out said OK, Molly was taken aback that she didn't get her own way. That's Molly's downfall, besides her smugness, she always has to get her own way. As her therapist said, "do you want to be right, or do you want to be in a relationship?" We already know which one Molly wants. Molly really is the worst type of person to be around. She may recognize that there's an issue, but she doesn't do the work to fix the problem. Everything is everyone else's fault and she's never wrong. Therapy is wasted on her because she just wants validation. It's only a matter of time before Andrew dumps her. The seeds have been sowed. He's already walking on eggshells around her. He sees how she treating her best friend and his brother. It won't take long before she blows up at him, too. No one is worth all of that stress. They haven't even been together a year yet and things are already messy. Andrew already ate her ass, that doesn't mean he has to sign up for the shit that goes along with it. I like New Issa and New Lawrence, but I don't know if it'll go the distance, either. It was telling when they had the "what are we" conversation and he said, "what do you want it to be?" If they're committed to doing this raw honesty thing, then they both need to say what they want. Throwing the ball back in Issa's court showed me that Lawrence is still passive. It isn't a good sign.
  4. It can go either way, but I took it more as closure. They had a mature conversation about the demise of their relationship and all their old feelings and chemistry got stirred up. I liked this episode a lot. It was nice to see them both in better mental spaces having a good time. I teared up a bit during their postmortem conversation because I went through something similar. You lose your sense of self when you're out of work. When I was laid off, I felt like a loser. Although I was friends with/kept in contact with my team that was also laid off along with me, so I knew I wasn't alone, but seeing people going to work and doing shit while it took me a long time to find another job again was rough. It's part of the reason why my own long-term relationship suffered, so that's why I have a soft spot for Lawrence. While he and Issa aren't together, I did think it was in poor taste that he was texting Condola while they were out. The person you're out with should have your attention, so it did come off as lowdown to be sneak texting. To be fair, he was transparent with Issa that he doesn't know where things are going to go with Condola, which, if he's honest with himself, it means he isn't interested in her. I'm curious as well as to why she was blowing up his phone, but I really hope it isn't a pregnancy storyline.
  5. Exactly. Dorinda doesn't like Tinsley for... reasons. Tinsley needs to treat Dorinda like the co-worker she is and ignore her. None of this trying to reason with her bullshit. She tried twice, she was rejected twice. Time to call it. I think Leah was legitimately drunk, but she was also putting on at times. She got that trashed after a double shot of vodka? Girl, please. She was embarrassing, and I hope Bravo paid the staff nicely for putting up with those antics. If it were me, I would've ate my lobster and ignored Leah. Let her perform for those who need the entertainment. I was surprised that they ate outside considering how cold it was. Ramona had on a heavy-ass jacket, so their food must've gotten cold quickly. Neither Leah or Pita guy are winners, but her going from 0 to 100 on him was all sorts of crazy. Reminds me of the nonsense she pulled with Michael Che. It's a shame that everyone on the show is scared of Dorinda. I remember when she went to Puerto Rico with Bethenny, got drunk, and embarrassed herself at dinner with Bethenney's colleague. Beth called her a drunk, but she walked it back the next day. She should've stood tall and stood by what she said. This is why Dorinda continues to behave the way she does. They all enable her shitty behavior because they're scared of her.
  6. Oh, for sure. I know she wasn't calling Nathan out out of loyalty to Issa. I'm just saying that I get the wariness because of what he pulled. I want to say she probably wouldn't have, but then again, she pulled no punches with the non-black resort employee, so maybe she's equal opportunity.
  7. Andrew works for Live Nation, right? I don't recall if his job title was specified, but I think his career aligns with Molly, while Nathan and Issa's paths merge. Nathan is a barber, and I'm not saying that it doesn't pay, but there's definitely a hustle aspect to it. You have to stand out. Andrew's job seems steadier. Besides, knowing how Molly gets down and lives, I doubt she'd date someone who didn't have steady employment. I'm not mad at her for that. Ragging on Nathan in front of Andrew was terrible, but if someone ghosted my best friend, they'd be on my shit list, too. I get that Nathan was going through some shit, but to play Issa like that wasn't cool. If I were Issa, I'd be nervous to pursue anything with him because I wouldn't know if he would run off again. I hope they just remain friends and that's it. As for how she spoke to her assistant, it was definitely harsh, and while it wouldn't have been my tone, Molly's pissiness didn't bother me per se. Not only was she not informed of the meeting when her assistant was told in advance, but now she might miss her flight because of it. I thought it was odd that she had a meeting on the day of her vacation, though. Girl, you really didn't just take the day off? Unless she was working a half day because they had a late flight. I'm so glad that Molly is going back to therapy. I hope it isn't too late and Andrew is waiting for the other shoe to drop so he can break up with her. She gave him enough ammo.
  8. So was I. I was trying to follow along with her story, but it didn't make sense to me. Cookie lady tells them about Paul, and Cynthia decides to invite her to Brooklyn's party so Cookie lady could tell Tanya herself? Why would you court drama at a child's party, Cynthia? Sis was trying too hard to work for that peach. I've been disappointed with Cynthia for a minute. Andy missed the opportunity to ask Cynthia if she thought Kenya taking jabs at her lack of wine knowledge was "fun shade" like she thought it was when Kenya crashed Marlo's event. Exactly. NeNe thinks that the show stops once she leaves. Her presence is so important that the reunion should grind to a halt.
  9. Yes. And then had the nerve to brace herself by saying "here we go." Just waiting to bask in the apology. Good on Issa for sticking to her guns and leaving. To tell you the truth, I was more upset that Issa left her food behind. Oh, Andrew and Molly really go in. Gawd, if ya listenin, send an Andrew my way, amen. I'll have to rewatch the scene, but Molly saw the white couple with their towels, but she didn't know if they showed their key card or not. She just saw them walk off with their towels. It could've gone down how she said it did, or, it could be that she's creating a story in her head. Both Molly and Victor made good points, but of course, Molly had to go left. She probably would've gotten even nastier sex if she lawyered the shit out of Victor.
  10. There's A LOT to get on NeNe's case about, but I'm not going to put Gregg's cheating on her. They've divorced before, although I suspected it was for tax purposes, but if he were that unhappy, he could've left. I doubt NeNe would've contested the divorce. Besides, I doubt Gregg is an easy man to deal with. I'm referring back to when he was rude AF to the vegan chef to came over to prepare his meals. He was talking about her as if she wasn't there. As for him sleeping with "the help," that wasn't exactly true, at least per the blog I read. He was being inappropriate with one of her staff members at her clothing store. In the most ratchet team meeting ever, someone brought it up, and she called Gregg during the meeting to confront him, and she could tell by his stammering that he was lying. He claims that sex didn't happen, but who knows. But it wasn't as if this was his visiting nurse or the maid that he hooked up with.
  11. I felt Issa's pain. Finally, it seemed as if her good deeds day was turning around, only for her to get used and left with the bill. And what kind of whacked-fuck proposal was that? "I'm addicted to you"? I can't. I wished Issa's dream sequence was real. Foul heffas. I think they were all in town for Kyla's bachelorette weekend. Unless I misunderstood, I don't think Kyla was LA based. I sided with Issa for not reaching out. It's always annoying being the person who has to reach out first and do the work in a friendship/relationship. It's too one-sided. No one is all right or all wrong all the time. George took me out when he said "you go from low ghetto to high ghetto and don't know nobody."
  12. I miss when these reunions were only one episode. I found this boring. Too much screeching and witless remarks. Eva's segment was touching, of course, but I'm not so sure I buy that she and Kevin weren't in a relationship. That sounded like spin to me. Sure, it probably wasn't a years long relationship, but given how she told it, it sounded as if they were just fuck buddies who have a kid. Meanwhile, there's pictures of them together all over Al Gore's Internet. I guess it's possible that he just could've been a guy that she was in a situationship with, but I dunno. Glad that she got out of the toxicity and leveled up, though. I thought it was weak when Kandi said she didn't give a fuck about cookie lady. I get that she wasn't there, but to say, "I wasn't there, so I don't have an opinion. Maybe if I were there, I might've said something," was trash. You watched the episode, you saw what went down, and you have nothing to say? Tanya isn't asking to be rescued, but as she said, it's the principle of the matter. I can't stand Kenya, but I give her credit for being unflappable in her wrongness. She knows that she should be the last person there discussing anyone's infidelity and marriage given her own marital woes, but she keeps dishing it out. As for the text with Shamea, according to Porsha, the text happened a month before Shamea gave birth. It was a false alarm. But Kenya made it seem as if it happened on the day of the birth.
  13. Yes! Molly caused all of this drama, ruined Issa's event, and she's being consoled? We all called this from Day 1, but it was evident that Molly just wanted Issa to fail. Issa pulled off the block party, and now, she's one step closer to having her shit together and no longer being the fuck up of the group. Molly can't handle that. Molly was truly a trash panda last night. Agreed. I'd miss seeing his face, but if he wants to stick around after that display, then Molly is truly a lucky woman. It seems as if the show is going down the PPD route with Tiffany, but I dunno if that's really what it is, either. I watched The Michelle Obama "Becoming" documentary over the weekend, and during her interview, she mentioned that she was a "box checker." She went to her dream school, went to law school, got a great job, etc. That's the vibe I get from Tiffany. She went to a great school, has a good job, got married, had a baby, etc. She's checking things off of a list because that's what women are supposed to do, but these are milestones that she doesn't really care about, it's just the supposed trajectory of a woman.
  14. Indeed she was hood, but I'm going to sit in the ain't shit section because I laughed at "them titties are social distancing." I did wonder what was up with Eva's boobs. On my TV, the center of her chest looked pixelated. On God, though, I'm just tired of seeing their tits in general. Porsha got trapped in a shady quagmire. I don't know if was unintentional cleverness, but in this instance, Eva gave an example of exactly what Dorian Corey meant in Paris in Burning. "Shade is: I don’t tell you you’re ugly, but I don’t have to tell you because you know you’re ugly. And that’s shade.” We all know that Dennis isn't classically handsome, so by saying that PJ looks like Dennis with a bow, Eva is implying that PJ isn't cute. If Porsha takes the bait, which she did, she's acknowledging her child's and her partner's unfortunate looks. I see you, Eva. THAT is shade. It's subtle, not gratuitous insults. If Porsha were on it, she could've said, "and Marley looks like her biological father with locs, so both of our girls look like their dads." "I had to pee and change my tampon." You stay classy, NeNe. Kenya and her backpedaling. In the episode when she discussed Marc's cheating, she said that Marc's side piece was begging him to continue the sex although he's married. Now she's saying that the side piece still wanted to get down and dirty, but Marc didn't tell her that he was getting married. Not only is this bullshit because we all heard what she said, but the revision still didn't make the situation look better. He cheated on you 2 months into your marriage when you were newlyweds, which is already awful, but now you're saying that he cheated while you were engaged, and he didn't even tell anyone that he was engaged. You're losing either way, Ken. Stop hustling backwards! LOL, yup. I just took it as a Freudian slip.
  15. It was telling to me as well that Issa blithely said that her headliner had a contract. Either she wasn't keeping up on the legal side of things because that was Condola's job, or she fell off with the payments since Molly asked if Schoolboy Q was paid. I was also on Molly's side in regards to not hitting Andrew up for a favor. Not only are Issa and Molly in a rough spot with their friendship, but her and Andrew are shaky as well. They haven't been together that long for favor exchanges; especially considering he doesn't know Issa that well. He would really be doing it for Molly. Also, Issa, you can't blow off your friend when she's trying to make conversation only for you to turn around and ask for a favor. I do like that the passive-aggressiveness isn't one sided. Both Molly and Issa are being silly. I do want Issa to win, though. I hope Condola didn't ghost her. It's suspect that she's MIA, but she doesn't seem the type to put her professional reputation in jeopardy just because she's mad at Lawrence. I'm sure plenty of girl dads have had that same conversation Derek had with Lawrence, but it's still blah AF to hear. It's disappointing when men only see a woman's humanity once he has a daughter.
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