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  1. Sheenieb

    S04.E05: Face Speckled

    Right? It's odd that no one has brought this up. Nova revealed deeply personal secrets about her family and the press doesn't make a peep about it? There's damn near an uprising at the college Davis works at, but the press isn't swarming the mill and the farm to get interviews with Charley and RA? Vi is a local celebrity and no one is coming to the diner to get her opinion on the book? The show can't have it both ways. It's an explosive book, but depending on the episode, it's business as usual for the characters. But maybe that's the point. It's supposed to be subtle. Vi feeling unsafe again, Charley now having to deal with her enemies having extra ammunition against her, and RA not catching a break. I'm so used to seeing Cree with red hair that I almost didn't place her until I heard her voice. The black is too severe. Maybe if she still had the curls it would've softened her up. I can't wait until Micah and the rest of the woke crew goes off to college. He's Nova levels of insufferable. Whew, that scene with Blue, RA, and Darla. TV has me up in my feels this week. First POSE, now this. I mean, Davis. Really? You wising up and realizing that you threw a diamond away for stones doesn't mean that you get to move in for a kiss. I'm still annoyed with him from last season when he had the nerve to say that he loved Ernest as more than a father-in-law. Look how he repaid Ernest's love. By betraying his daughter and having a whole-ass secret family. What a fuck boy.
  2. Sheenieb

    S04.E03 Where My Body Stops or Begins

    Yesss. I literally gasped when she said that she contacted him. I could understand if Nova were 5 or 6 and only knew her Uncle Jimmy to be a kind man who was always sweet to her. But she was older, KNEW the hell he put her aunt through and decided that SHE was going to explore the possibility of redemption? Nah, Nova earned that read Vi gave her. Boss Charley is my favorite. Micah needs to realize that he struck gold in the mom department and act accordingly. Sigh, I like Romero, but I do agree that Charley has more chemistry with Jacob. I like that Romero accepts Charley for who she is, though we all know it's going to crash when he finds out that those workers died on her farm.
  3. So, does Dorinda not know that Tinsley comes from money? I don't know why she thinks that Tinsley was only with Scott for a come up. Tins wasn't living on the streets while Scott went all Henry Higgins on her. I see Scott is still a forever fuck boy. What is his deal? It's one thing to give a condolence card for Bambi, but Gucci sneakers? He just wants the attention. Can we talk about Dorinda dry cleaning her thongs? How does that work? Does she pre-rinse before sending them out? Let's also discuss why these ladies are such trash houseguests? Barbara, why would you spray tan yourself on white furniture? And then not to clean up after herself was too too mucho. I hope those stains got out.
  4. Yeah. I didn't watch the remaining two episodes of her special, but when I watched the first episode, I said that it didn't bode well for their relationship that all of his shit was in the basement. It would've been one thing if he was in the middle of moving his things upstairs, it's just that he had a lot of stuff, but no, she didn't set aside space for him upstairs at all. She treated him as if he was temporary, and I guess he was. Though I do wonder if tension with his mother hastened the breakup. His mother did seem Mama Joyce-lite. I'm not with the overbearing, I treat my son as if he's my man type of mothers, so I blame no woman for exiting expeditiously if that type of situation arises. But as with most breakups, it's usually a multitude of things.
  5. Sheenieb

    S04.E02: I No Longer Imagine

    First, I'm sorry that happened to you. Bringing this up also made me remember another "really, bish?" moment of Nova's. She had the nerve to say, "we'll sit him (Blue) down and explain." Girl, what?! You did enough already! She took RA and Darla's choice away by blowing up Blue's paternity in her book. How dare she. David Alan Grier is such an underrated actor. I forgot he can also do scary very well. What a hallmark of an abuser. He's seemingly nice and charming when you meet him, but that's how he hooks you.
  6. Sheenieb

    S04.E02: I No Longer Imagine

    That's what floors me as well. I don't understand Nova's thought process. She's really so far up her own ass that she legitimately thought that her family would be OK with her telling their business. She didn't consult them, didn't even have the decency to give them a heads up until the book was all ready to print. She's trash personified for this. I'm sure she'll get back into their good graces somehow in the finale, but if this were real life, she'd be canceled. Knowing Micah, it'll be the latter. He already talks to Charley funny, so I have noooo doubt he'll demonize his mother all the while loving that Aunt Nova exposed the truth.
  7. Sheenieb

    Season 4 Talk

  8. That sums up Luann. Bethenny was extra AF, and I didn't like the circling the table bit, but I get why she gave Lu all the smoke. I think at that moment, she realized that she got played. She spent all of her energy helping Luann when Dennis was going through his own shit. Bethenny's time would've probably been better spent on him. Now, of course, we have no way of knowing if the outcome would've been different, but I get why it stings. With that being written, the lesson in all of this is this: when you do things for someone, you have to do it because you want to. Don't go in expecting praises and thanks because you probably won't get it. That's hard, of course, because we're human and we want our efforts acknowledged. Luann has always been entitled and arrogant. She expects everyone to show up for her, but whenever the other women are going through some shit, the 1000 yard stare happens and Luann tunes out. She did it to Jules when Jules was upset about her father, to her own son when he was a child and told her that she always missed taco night and he wanted her home, and to Sonja when she was going off about the AA meeting (I thought Sonja was extra and ridiculous too, but damn, at least listen, Lu). I do admire Lu's ability to remain unflappable whenever someone's yelling at her. That's quite the superpower. Either that or since she lacks empathy, the emotion doesn't register.
  9. Sheenieb

    S04.E01 Pleasure is Black

    And that's the worst part. None of this was her truth to tell. She's just in love with the sound of her own voice and her words. I never liked Nova. Charley just can't catch a break. Every time she gets some success or some kind of goodness, here comes the shitstorm. I like Romero, he seems like a good dude, and while I don't blame Charley for taking it slow (not trying to have another Remy situation, I'm sure), if anyone needs to bang someone, it's her. I'm guessing Vi expects RA to sue for full custody and never let Darla see Blue again? She made a comment about RA passing Blue around like "day old bread." Vi is another one that tries my patience.
  10. Sheenieb

    Previous Episodes Discussion

    Then why care about who he's dating? And who else has Aaron hooked up with that Zoey was blase about? Sure, I don't deny that, but we'll see if she keeps the same energy and cancels Aaron the way she did Ana.
  11. That was such a trash statement. I go back and forth with how I feel about Bethenny, but whether she's up or down, the one constant thing is her miserableness. It's always been fascinating to me how someone can have everything they want, yet still, be unhappy. Sis, you just dropped $10,000 on a stop sign without blinking, yet you're pressed that Tinsley got a soup can purse for free that she probably won't even use? I'm going to need for Beth to gather her priorities and stop being an asshole. But rich people haaaaate paying for things, so that's most likely where Bethenny's nastiness stemmed from. Tinsley clearly isn't ready to date, so that's why she went full 8th grader at the party. It's one thing to be shy, but damn, girl, at least exchange some pleasantries and ask the general "what do you do" question to get the know the guy. If the conversation goes nowhere, that's OK, but at least you took a baby step. Running away and giggling with Dabney was not a good look. I like Tinsley, but that arrested development is a lot to handle. Speaking of Dabney, I liked her boots, and I liked her getting Tinsley together about how much of a fuckboy Scott is. Hopefully, one day Tins will believe it.
  12. Sheenieb

    Previous Episodes Discussion

    Exactly. It's an ego thing. It's perfectly fine for Aaron to continue to check for her although she's with Luca. She enjoys the ego boost, but as soon as he moves on, now it's like, wait, I don't have him around to worship me anymore. Zoey doesn't want Aaron, she just wants his attention. Watching this show makes me so glad I'm not 19 anymore because I lack tolerance for this foolishness. I'm not saying that I wasn't extra at that age, but I don't think I was this silly. Ana should stop trying. I don't like forced interactions. It'll be awkward because they live together, but whatever. Zoey has way more important things to worry about that Ana and Aaron hooking up.
  13. Sheenieb

    S11.E10: Shalloween

    I need to have confidence like Luann. Moving forward, whenever I'm having a rough week, I'm going to ask myself, how would Luann approach this? That's going to be my thing for the remainder of the year, maybe the rest of my life. Why? Because I like how Lu keeps her audience waiting like she's Sally motherfucking Bowles, comes out and lip syncs the only two songs in her repertoire, and, and! bitch has choreography to go with it. I had to look away when Ramona, Sonja, and Dorinda were snipping at each other during the charity event. The secondhand embarrassment was too much. It closely ranked up there with them shitting on the floors and sheets in Colombia. Their actions in Cartagena still piss me off. Accidents happen, but at least clean up after yourself, profusely apologize to the staff, and leave a hefty-ass tip. I'm sometime-ish on Dorinda. There are times when I think she's cool, but the majority of the time, I can't take her. Especially when she goes in while drunk. I have no doubt that the only person who'd accept and fire back at Dorinda's smoke is Barbara. I didn't have an issue with Bethenny bouncing. Luann was too busy being a painted maypole instead of bringing her ass downstairs to perform on time. Bethenny had to relieve her babysitter. Shit, the sitter probably had plans, too. I have a soft spot for Tinsley. I hope that she gets her mind right and finds purpose in her life. Scott seems like he has fuckboy tendencies. He wasn't obligated to stay with her, but I don't care for this whole ring discussion business when he knew damn well he wasn't serious about proposing. However, it's over, so Tins has to pick herself up and remember who she is. "The broken heart. You think you will die, but you just keep living, day after day after terrible day.”
  14. Sheenieb

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    You really find out who your friends are when you're planning a wedding, huh? The only good thing to come from this is those hyenas are out of Eva's life. No one needs that kind of negativity around. Any "friend" that would tell your business, regardless of whether or not the friendship is over, is trash personified. I mean, I just don't understand why Marlo cares if Eva is bi/had same-sex experiences. Unless she lowkey wants to sleep with her, then why bring it up? Let me answer my own question, it's because Marlo's a bitch whose form of joy in life, besides being a tacky label whore, is making others miserable. Cynthia's explanation sounded suspect because she's either lying or she didn't explain herself well. Either way, it's crazy to call inviting Kenya "a betrayal." If this is the worst betrayal NeNe ever experienced, then she's lived a charmed life. I'd say Kim embarrassing her about her home ranked up there as more of a betrayal.
  15. That's one way to look at it, but I didn't take it that way. I think she meant that Heath loved her before she was a star. Yes, she was a successful tv actress, but back then, tv wasn't considered the draw it is, now. There was still that split between tv and movie actors. TV is where you started out before you hit the big leagues (movies), if you were primarily a movie star and went to TV, you were considered "washed up." Besides, Dawson's Creek wasn't considered prestige television. It was a teen show on a teen network. I do remember when everyone thought that Katie Holmes would've been the next big thing, but it turned out to be Michelle Williams.