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  1. I know. However, besides getting back together with Davis, Nova's book aired out all of her business, so what else is there? I laughed when Nova said that "family means everything to me." Billie should've responded that family couldn't mean that much since she put them all on blast in her book.
  2. Oh, I think Charley was definitely asking about the cheating last season. The show really backed itself into a corner here. I don't see Charley as the stereotypical NBA wife who looks the other way when her husband cheats. If Charley were a kept woman, maybe, but since she didn't need Davis to take care of her, and she was his manager, I don't see it. But if he only had a side baby*, I could understand them getting to a better place years later. I still think it's bullshit, but OK. The side baby was a compound fuckup because not only was he cheating on her for years with Melina, but side baby
  3. That pile on was some bullshit. Chris is a whole-ass coward for leaving. I'm not saying it was cool to make out with Alayah, but this is one of the reasons why this show is so frustrating to watch. The rules keep changing depending on the couple. Unless Chris and Jessenia had a conversation about being exclusive, and he didn't honor that, then everyone is fair game. Either you're going to date around, and no one really does that unless they want blowback, or you're going to be exclusive. And also, are we forgetting that Jessenia dumped Ivan for Chris because that's who she really wan
  4. "Let's join tits!" Made me literally laugh out loud. That's why I can't fully quit Luann. It also reminded me of the "Ass to Ass" guy in Requiem for a Dream. Underwhelming season, but I'll give it a Covid pass. I am surprised that Eboni hasn't met her father yet. What is going on there? I can't imagine how that must feel. Your parents are alive, but no one wants to give you answers. If Leah truly isn't interested in getting serious with someone, that's fine, but phrasing it as she doesn't want to date anyone else because of what it'll do to Rob and their relationship with Kiki i
  5. All Luann's sweater needed was Mario about to jump into drains. Last year, someone wrote that Leah's mother looks like she hands out poison apples to kids, and I can't unsee it.
  6. Agreed. Not only is it random, but she's years late. I could understand if Gizelle was known for her lashes. If she had preternaturally gorgeous lashes that didn't need mascara, then OK, but lashes are a dime a dozen nowadays. What'll make her brand stand out? Besides Gizelle's shitty attitude, personality, and her lack of style, this is another thing that annoys me with her. Both her and Robyn, really. The waste of pedigree. At least Robyn is doing well with Embellished, but Gizelle is just...there.
  7. It is. That was absolutely insane. Robyn has never been shown to be ambitious, so I'm not surprised that she's ignoring calls. She seems to start things, get bored, and then start up a new endeavor when the next season starts. Robyn should hire a project manager. What's Askale doing? Is she just helping Robyn mail out orders or does she have an actual job?
  8. I've never liked Ramona. She has been an asshole since Day 1 of this series, so nothing she says surprises me. It's getting worse because everyone enables her behavior. She's never been told to fuck off and it shows. The only new low about Ramona is her shitting on the floors. Sonja pissing in the driveway reminded me of a line in the movie Brooklyn's Finest. "Why people gotta piss in the hallway? You're either coming from someone's house or you're going to someone's house." I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist of it. Does Sonja really think it's edgy to act like some co-ed who just turn
  9. I refuse to believe she was comfortable in that Versace top. Maybe it would've looked better if she went up a size or two, but I'm wondering if that's a top she had before she got her new titties or she bought it after. It's all so "nerdy girl" glow-up. Wendy's going from one extreme to the other because she's trying to find which personality will keep her on the show. I don't mind the sexy dressing, although she doesn't look comfortable. I'm more annoyed at Wendy acting ditzy about her "candle business" than her popping out of her clothes. I've yet to see any well-endowed woman lo
  10. Yes, that scene was embarrassing to watch. I can't even call this a side hustle. This is a no-hustle. That's information that could've been easily googled. Someone upthread wrote that Eddie has a business degree and practices tax law? Sis, you have a built-in consultant and colleagues you could've asked, and you want to writhe around with your new body and act like a dunderhead? I don't find stupidity, especially playing up stupidity, to be cute. Just because it worked for Jessica Simpson doesn't mean it should be emulated.
  11. Definitely. Ramona reminds me of Janice Dickinson sometimes. Both are acquired tastes and I wouldn't break any appointments to meet either one, but when they're in their element, discussing business in Ramona's case, or the fashion industry (Janice), that's when the wheels start turning and they sound like human beings with good sense and not cartoons. Sonja's business associates, and I'm using that term loosely, are clearly shady, but so is Sonja, so I'm not all that sympathetic. I've said this before, but while there's a lot to say about Bethenny, there's a reason why she's the m
  12. Eh, I won't fault Brian for that since it's clearly cultural. I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Monica lives with her family as well. It's a U.S. thing to put your kids out at 18 and never expect them to come home again. Brian's immaturity should really be what drives Dr. Monica away. It's good that they had a come to Jesus meeting about finances. However, they should split because they're going to end up resenting each other. If he moves to Tampa and has a hard time getting his career off the ground, he'll blame her because he let her get her own way and force his hand to move. If she
  13. I agree with this. If that rumor is true, and Gizelle still chose to literally and figuratively fuck with Jamal, then her pride, as well as her self-esteem, is truly in the second circle of Hell. The closest I've seen Gizelle crack was when Monique brought up Jamal's latest love child with some other shifty pastor at the reunion. I mean, Jamal had a baby on Gizelle when they were MARRIED, so what's one more? Gizelle was clearly tearing up. Not sure if it was out of rage or hurt, or maybe both. I'd go with hurt. The waste of pedigree is what always baffled me about Gizelle and Robyn
  14. Yeah, that was weird. Also, it shouldn't be the caterer's job to get the guests situated. It's Wendy's house, so she should've greeted her guests at the door, took their coats, etc. Then once they were comfortable, it would've been fine if the caterer offered them drinks. To stay on Wendy for a bit, she did that thing I hate. Alluding to shit without being direct. She had a whole-ass dinner to introduce her new tits, but she's acting coy about her "tweaks." If you're going to tell the story, tell the story, or STFU. Don't get an attitude when you're asked what else you've had done.
  15. I'm sure Anisha is feeling the pressure as well. It's always worse for women, and it doesn't help that you're viewed as a leper if you're in your 30s and unwed. Brian can continue to be a bachelor until he's ready, if ever, while Anisha is an old maid. Brian obviously isn't ready, and while Dr. Monica should read the writing on the wall, if she hasn't already, but he should also be an adult and tell her that he doesn't want to get married. Don't drop hints.
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