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The Friends Quote Game


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Share a quote, the next person names who said it (and to whom, if you know) and the episode (if you know it), and then shares a new quote.

I'll start:

"You can’t tell, but I’m trying to break the tension by mooning you guys!"

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Ross to Rachel after she leaves him a drunk voicemail saying she's over him.


"Knowing you're going to have to wake up to the same face every day until you finally get the sweet release of death."

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Monica to Chandler when they did it for the first time in the alternate reality flashback of The One That Could Have Been.


"Just waiting for it to stop bubbling"

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Joey as a guest on Pyramid, guessing "ghost" whenever his partner used "white" as a clue and then complaining the words "cream" and "mayonnaise" were too hard.


Are you trying to get everyone divorced?

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Ross, when jack (his dad) is talking about the younger woman Richard is seeing (Monica).

"If that happens now your going to feel soooo bad"

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Is that Monica trying to reassure Chandler when Phoebe asked if she would rather have chocolate or sex and she quickly chose chocolate?


Just in case I'm right:


You guys just keep getting cooler and cooler!

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Chandler to Joey when they found condoms in an emergency stash box under Monica's bed and Joey said he put them there in case they needed to repopulate the earth

"Dude, two times that happened!"

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Ross when Rachel tried to convince him to buy a sweater that was on sale because he'd be saving money.


Well, let’s just say if I left 15 years ago, the landscape of Mexican cinema would be very different today.

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