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  1. Damn this pisses me off for poor Kaiser. "First" vacation of 2020. Use that money to fight for your child. Could you imagine living it up in Cozumel while your child is likely headed back to his abuser in the swamp? Jesus God, Nathan!
  2. Kail could always take on Jenelle as a client. She may not get paid, but she'll be busy!!
  3. That was the biggest load of bullshit I've ever read. None of the backpeddling justifications you make will excuse the fact that you executed that poor animal in cold blood. Fuck them and fuck People for paying them for that piece.
  4. I agree that was strange, and it was off-putting the way she decided that she would tell them only so they couldn't use against her in the future. Maybe I shouldn't judge so harshly about her dealing with the loss of a pet (lord knows I understand that pain) but the post read to me as very selfish. Considering "punishing" them for losing interest in a pet by not telling them he was gone, and only telling them about it so they don't have ammunition against her. I can't imagine being raised by that lunatic.
  5. So, according to the affidavit, she became nasty with him because of traffic, he dropped her off, then he found out the traffic would clear up, and went back to tell her they could still go. That's when she hit him with the shoe. Then he drove around for an additional 3 hours, came back bearing gifts, and that's when she went Jack Torrance and he texted 911. But once they get there he's telling them about the shoe and leaving out the machete until he's interviewed again later? I hate to agree with Bubby, but something doesn't seem right.
  6. This is sickening. Poor Maryssa will never trust the system again. I’m sure she was told by everyone (family and court staff) that if she just told the truth, it would be ok. Her bravery was all for nothing. My heart breaks for her going back to the swamp where she can’t even escape by going to school and having friends. I pray that Kaiser stays safe and that Nathan continues his battle for custody. I also hope Nathan learns that trying to play Mr. Kumbaya on social media can backfire when you’re inviting abusive monsters to see their targets of abuse. Fuck Jenelle and her smug ass
  7. This bitch can’t even bother to wear the necklace that Nathan bought for Kaiser to give to her on Mother’s Day? She doesn’t deserve him. If my child gave me a necklace, I’d definitely wear it to his birthday party.
  8. Jenelle's response to DCS when they try to schedule visitation with her children:
  9. David is becoming an unlikable character. He is clearly in some kind of relationship with Callie, but he is hanging all over Amanda. I don't know if he is just afraid that Amanda may return back to NYC and doesn't want to take the risk of losing Callie for someone that won't be around? He doesn't even seem too interested in Callie, other than for sex. He's being a dick to both of them, IMO. I liked that Maggie reached out to Brian after realizing how horrible she treated him and his budding romance. I think that new love overshadows the 11th hystero-versary. Amanda's sister visi
  10. Hmmm, something's fishy. That article still says Jenelle Evans in the web address, but the article says it is 90 Day Fiance's Ashley Martson. E! can't get their story straight! 🤣
  11. Queen Liz is pretty self-absorbed, she has brushed him off every time the topic of conversation strays from her! She didn't give him much support last week either, when he was bothered by the radio spot. Shakespeare and his new "I have enough friends" friend are super cute, I hope they keep this romance blossoming. Amanda was much more likeable this week, and her friends getting into the spirit of the faire were cute. I can see how alpha friend could struggle seeing all the blatant sexism and overt sexualization going on in the faire, knowing that she was going through harassment h
  12. Last week's episodes, Amanda didn't really bother me, I just saw her as spoiled and unexposed to life outside of her bubble. Last night I wanted to smack her. From reaching in to borrow Maggie's shampoo before waiting for permission, to going on and on about the "bush" to everyone, and being a bitch the store owner, she was downright unlikeable. The radio clip was spot-on! Douchebags on air, the female only around to be brunt of sexist jokes, and the sound clips reminded me of why I listen to NPR in the car, LOL. Did they only invite him to come for an interview to mock him? I wo
  13. Teachers have been doing these for a few years now. When my son was in pre-school, I learned that my job was "Clean up the kitchen" and my favorite TV show was "Paw Patrol." LOL
  14. I found this show surprisingly entertaining. Although are there really people in this world that have never even HEARD of a Ren Fair?? Especially English majors? Out of all the impossibilities of this show, this one stuck out the most to me. I found the "renny" underworld comparisons to carnies' lifestyle interesting, as someone who does not attend ren fairs so I have no idea what the performers are like at all. I'll keep watching, I'm intrigued.
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