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  1. 1) The picture... it’s not a good picture... even if her vagina wasn’t involved. It’s not even a lack of make up or styling, I rarely wear any make up, it just isn’t a good picture in any context of the word. Also I hate the phrase that the photo was “leaked” no, it was blatantly posted... leak implies it was an accident. 2) Why does she need a gun on set? Politics aside, why exactly does she need to film with a gun? Even if a fight breaks out on set, there has never been any issue of people using a weapon, no need for deadly force. 3) Slightly off topic, but I feel a little bad fo
  2. The only thing I can really add to the convo is that Jenelle was more upset over her car being hit than her son being in a dangerous situation. I also liked when she was telling David how damaged it was while she was still driving and hadn’t even looked ( I don’t remember exactly what she said but she made a reference to how they hit her car and damaged it). Also showed her her true colors when David wasn’t agreeing with her and so she just hung up on him like she does anytime she has a hard co versatile.
  3. I find it so frickin hilarious that THIS is where Jenelle draws the line, I might even start watching the show again without her (but maybe not, it doesn’t change that the show is still played out). I thought she needed to be gone long ago, I kinda wish it was because she was fired for something she did, but this is a good second, and she has nobody to blame but herself (although I am interested to see how she twists it because we all know she will never take any responsibility).
  4. The thing is Doris wasn’t unlawfully holding Kaiser away from them... the law in that moment decided to have Kaiser stay with her, so I doubt that Jenelle and David will legally be able to keep Kaiser from his scheduled visitation. I don’t know why Nathan wasn’t there, but I think it was probably for the best, especially with David as belligerent as he was, had Nathan responded negatively it would have just fed into it, as it is now David just looks like an idiot.
  5. This is in no way a commentary on whether or not or why Kaiser may or may not be potty trained, I do not know where he is on that... but I was thinking Kaiser has as recently as May (his preschool award ceremony) been photographed wearing a pull up, so *if* he is still wearing pull ups and there was still a bruise he had to be hit hard. There are about a million scenarios where, even if he wears pull ups he might not have been when he was hit, so I’m not claiming this is even what happened, I hesitated on sharing it because I didn’t want it to be taken that way. My point/thought process i
  6. I just wanted to share my experience of carrying meds in non-prescription containers... so I'm a nurse, I work in a psych partial hospitalization program, it’s basically long term out patient treatment for people with 2 or more psychiatric illnesses (ie schizophrenia and substance abuse) our patients are not (for seemingly obvious reasons) on any controlled substances, but because it’s partial hospitalization we control their medications, but they go to a group sober living home at night, so to get their night meds home we have to put them in labeled baggies, every medication must have a
  7. Re: Jenelle can’t get no respect I’m going to refrain from the “they can’t air what you don’t do/say” speech. What I will say, I can only speak for myself, but I haven’t watched the show in 2-3 seasons, I keep up on here and social media because by the time this crap airs most of it has been played out in real time and I lost interest... so how mtv portrays her has little influence on my opinion, it’s what she does herself on social media. Honestly what I have seen from mtv, she gets a relatively good edit because real life seems to be worse. I’m curious how they are going to portray the
  8. Unfortunately they had already filmed most of the season when David was fired, so we’ll have to put up with him up until then.
  9. I can’t believe I’m going to say this because I’m a little surprised by my own opinion, but regarding Chelsea and when people say she should quit... I agree with the “why should she” argument. I say this as someone who thinks this show has long run it’s course, I stopped watching more than a year ago and just keep up here and on social media, so I feel like my natural thought process would be Chelsea should quit end the show already. Ending the show is still my inclination, but out of anyone I think Chelsea has every right to ride it out. We’ve stated before, it’s easy money and for the
  10. If I were pettier than I am I would screenshot the cocky divorce posts so that when it does happen I could post them to remind them how jerky they were. In my personal opinion people who aren’t worried about divorce don’t really post or talk about it, to me the way these posts come off is more that maybe they had a fight and weren’t on good terms, but then made up and now are trying to throw it in everyone’s faces how “wrong” they were when maybe they weren’t quite so wrong. Again, purely my speculation, I don’t know and quite frankly don’t have much interest in their personal lives (I know th
  11. I’m so over this and I don’t even watch anymore (I haven’t for about 1 1/2 seasons I just read here and social media and don’t miss a thing) but hearing what aired tonight and knowing that this last weekend was more of the same just makes me wonder how much longer this can go on. I’m not even sure I understand what Kail and Bri have to fight about anymore... is it still Javi when neither of them have been with him for a while now? I have to wonder if this would all be going down if they hadn’t broken the 4th wall. I’m not gonna lie, I’d be down for the drama... IF innocent children weren
  12. It would probably just trigger her and send her packing her bags back there.
  13. Yeah, and this is what makes me so mad about C&T’s insistence on posting about Carly, even if they were doing it innocuously (which I don’t believe they are, just saying hypothetically) their fan base does not strike me as the most stable bunch, evidenced by the number of “they should give Carly back” messages. They (C&T) KNOW fans contacting B&T has been an issue in the past, yet not once (that I can recall, correct me if I’m wrong) have they asked fans not to do it or tried to protect B&T and more importantly Carly or her brother.
  14. It’s true that people get defensive, but that also doesn’t mean they should get a free pass for everything, he can ask tough questions calmly and rationally and if they choose to lie or get upset we can see that, but he just skirts the issue and acts like everything is fine.
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