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  1. supergirlsudz

    S04.E06: Maternity Leave

    Wow, Amy has really been put through the ringer lately. I hope she gets to experience some joy in an upcoming episode. Her rant was epic, but like others have said, it left me feeling very sad for her. Bobo Sue Heck was annoying AF. Thanks, @fishcakes, for posting the entire list of names! I only caught Jack and Obama. Sandra with the welding equipment was hilarious. I also didn't like the making fun of Jerry on Parks, but I feel like they treat Sandra a little differently on this show.
  2. supergirlsudz

    S04.E01: Back to School

    Glenn was hilarious in this episode! "Me Too, Time's Up, This is Us!" had me laughing out loud. It was a bit predictable how they handled Jonah and Amy (at least for those of us who watched The Office) but it was cute nonetheless. I also thought Amy's car was too nice of a car for a Cloud 9 employee to drive!
  3. supergirlsudz

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Their overly-inflated egos aside, I understand why Cate and Tyler are a bit pissed about the Bristol thing. Heck, I am too! The freaking title of the show has "OG" in it, and yet the producers are bringing in some random F-List "celebrity" to spice up the ratings. It also bugs me that Morgan Freeman is so anti-Trump on Twitter and yet exec produces this show which is now featuring the Palins.
  4. supergirlsudz

    S05.E12: Lizability

    @EdnasEdibles, can you join the writing staff? I can't imagine having a TV show and not knowing what direction you want it to go in. I'd have that shit PLANNED. OUT.
  5. supergirlsudz

    S05.E11: Fraudlein

    I did NOT appreciate the dig about Buffalo, Diana Trout. Did you know the NY Times named us one of the 52 Places to Go in 2018?! Should be interesting to see where the season finale takes us. I agree that the Martha Plimpton character is not to be trusted. I also thought if the company is really in dire straits, Charles should sell his country house. Would be a bitter pill to swallow to lose your job while you know the owner has a mansion worth millions. But it is probably tied up in the divorce.
  6. supergirlsudz

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    Catelynn, go to eloquii.com or Nordstrom's plus size section and get something cute! WTF! Beige leggings do not need to exist in any shape or form. She definitely looked better than last year, but that was a low, low bar.
  7. supergirlsudz

    S05.E05: Big Little Liza

    This is true! I used to consider myself Team Charles but now I'm super conflicted! Ahhh. Also agree that Hilary Duff's makeup is terrible this season. Can't they watch this stuff on playback and see it on set and fix it? Yikes. The preview for the rest of the season is intriguing. I think this show is much better when you binge a whole season rather than watching each episode week-to-week.
  8. supergirlsudz

    S05.E04: The Talented Mr. Ridley

    You're not alone. I generally like him, but he looked so short and I wasn't a fan of the goatee.
  9. supergirlsudz

    S05.E03: The End of the Tour

    All the Jon Hamm talk reminds me of when I read that the second choice to play Don Draper was...Peter Hermann! I don't hate Liza/Josh, but I want to see her with Charles first.
  10. supergirlsudz

    S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    I am also surprised that Jenelle had to finance that house. You think it wouldn't be too difficult to come up with that money as a "celebrity". And they STILL haven't finished the second floor? This does not bode well for her future post-TM.
  11. supergirlsudz

    S05.E03: The End of the Tour

    Agreed, I'm sick of him and their competitiveness. He doesn't seem like a real person. I was tickled by the Jon Favreau-like character as I am a Friend of the Pod. I saw on Twitter he responded saying "sounds like me except for the fact I would never be able to finish writing a book." LOL. I'm glad Liza knows that Charles knows. I was fearing they'd draw it out all season. I saw a preview for next week after the episode. Looks like Christian Borle will guest star!
  12. supergirlsudz

    S05.02: A Titanic Problem

    I also don't care for the actress that plays Pauline. Her face has improved recently, but her voice is what really annoys me, especially when she's begging Liza or Charles to do something for her! The more I think about it, the more irritated I am that they've seemingly ended Josh and Claire's marriage already. Not that I was particularly excited about the story line or anything, but they spent so much time leading up to it and now it's just over? Lame. I also love Diana's statement jewelry! She's the best.
  13. supergirlsudz

    S08.E25: Quicksand 2018.06.18

    So true. He is just the most adorable. I want to hang out with him! I have a soft spot for Leah. She has come a long way. And I find Addie to be cute, although I can see how she might not be to everyone. I'm not sure that Leah and Germy 2.0 is the best idea, but it's nice to see them getting along and happy. But jeez, Leah, keep the girlses away from the LipSense.
  14. supergirlsudz

    S08.E24: Unicorn Poop 2018.06.11

    When I was a kid I ALWAYS made sure I had to go to the bathroom during things I didn't like (namely church, dance lessons). I would plan my bathroom break to be right in the middle, to break up the boredom!
  15. supergirlsudz

    S05.02: A Titanic Problem

    I, too, am not really looking forward to them dragging out Charles telling Liza he knows her secret. While I like both love interests, I want to see Liza with Charles. I think we could use an episode where we are reminded why they are MFEO!