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  1. I watched this episode last night I liked carrie at the start of the series more than at the end. I felt for Charlotte with the her date but I liked that Miranda brought her own apartment was it just her and Samantha who had done so?
  2. I watched the episode where she was on an advert on the bus for the first time. She turned up at Big's place drunk and shouting I am surprised he didn't run away then
  3. OMG that dress is horrible! Did someone buy that?
  4. I only watch the repeats that they show here so I don't really watch them in order But thanks for telling me
  5. I liked Keisha has she left now?
  6. I really liked SJP in the family stone I know she took that role cause it was the opposite of Carrie I watched Kristen Davis in a lifetime movie a couple months ago it was good too see her on tv I remember Cynthia in SVU she was really good
  7. Lol so true that dress was too tight on her at too if it had been better fitted at the bust it may have looked better
  8. The 2nd part finale is on here tomorrow the bit will start again from Monday. I liked the last two episodes
  9. Me too I never got Fez/Jackie just made no sense at all to me. I like to pretend season 8 didn't happen I hates Randy
  10. The OBGYN to Rachel and Ross at her sonogram "Why am I friends with these people"
  11. I see what you mean sometimes he was too deadpan and just there he would have been better if was a bit quirky I didn't like how they split Kathy and Chandler I wish she had just left with the play like the others wanted and not have her cheat on Chandler.
  12. That is so funny when they shake hands lol My fave episode is where everybody finds out I could watch that again and again it's just too funny. I like a lot of random scenes from Different episodes like when Phoebe and Rachel take a class and read Wuthering Heights and Rachel takes Phoebes ideas and thoughts. Or in after Vegas when they confront Rachel and Ross about getting married
  13. Joey to a random sleazy guy on the with the routine "If you like my name you should hear my phone number"
  14. Q is for qoutes joey gives in his interview flashbacks
  15. I just watched an old episode on repeat with a pageant dad he was just creepy telling his daughter what underwear to wear? TMI what people do for 15 mins of fame.
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