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  1. Your correction is right, CeeBeeGee. Though I just felt the need to use Jo's retort from season 8 ("The ratings game"): Tootie Ramsey: "Muffy? Her name is Muffy? What kinda person is named Muffy?" Jo Polniaczek: "Beats me, Tootie!" ;)
  2. well, I'm not particularly captivated by their adult versions either ;)
  3. She was my favorite, too, but that's another reason I hated the finale. Thy made her drop her lawyer career and set her up with that slime misogynist teacher. Plus I didn't find any of those kids charming.
  4. If so, they should make an extra purchase of "Seven Little Indians" for Halloween. xD EDIT: "Tootie!"
  5. No. Although Xena has some some very exceptional skills, which might even have godly origins, I think a demigoddess would be in a total different league.
  6. ;D "Seven little Indians" is the most funniest of funny episodes ever. It's just gold. ... And one more thing: "Tootie!"
  7. "Married with fishsticks" was atrocious. I can handle the weirdness, the problem was that it completely missed the points that made "Overboard" (the movie the ep was inspired from) work: - Before losing her memory, the main female character was a bitch. - The main male character was wronged by the above. - The guy never used the situation to get into the woman's pants. In the Xena "homage": - Even though some would find her annoying (not me), Gab is by definition a gentle soul. - Joxer is deluded. - The Joxer counterpart in the fishsticks world uses Gab's memory loss to sleep push her to sleep with him.. and basically at the end he gets a reward for not being too big a slime. The ep stinks.
  8. Well, I agree the "modern day episodes" weren't spectacular, and the humour often a bit to crude, but I give them extra points for presenting clip show episodes in an original way.
  9. UO: I'm bored by the backstory clips. They worked for a while, but starting season two they feel forced. Maybe I don't need backstory clip for every character, or maybe sometime I don't need 10 minutes of clips when 2 lines of dialogue would convey the same amount of information... "show! don't tell" doesn't mean "bore! don't tell".
  10. I can only think about episodes like "For him the bell tolls" or "The quill is mightier" where Xena leaves for a "fishing trip" at the begin of the ep ant then shows up again at the end. There are also a couple of eps in season 2 where Xena is in Callisto's body... ;P
  11. ^ "I'm an actress... No! I'm a seagull!"
  12. Another ep where I felt the plots came off as being executed a little too simplistically. Pensatucky friendliness with Boo (and Nicky a few eps ago) seemed a bit sudden - I guess I forgot too much from the previous season... Piper deserved that slap / ear-pull from her mother; I wasn't impressed by that Harry meet Sally re-enacting either. ;P Next.
  13. Loved the books' funeral. Alex and Piper's improvisation at the "grocery shop" was a good dialogue, I just found the drama class plot a bit forced. I hope Nicky is not gone for good. Next!
  14. After the deflated premiere, I felt this ep back on track with the OISNB quirky tone. The bug back story was more entertaining than the mother's day one - which I felt was presented too flat. Same goes for the dialogue, that in this ep, contained a good handful of really funny and sharp lines. "Two sadist, one gay" - Btw. Who else thinks that Pornstash's mother (aka Mama-stash) would make a good job at raising the kid, like she would read to him/her a lot of Jules Verne? (reference: the actress played in Back to the Future III) And last but not least, kudos to the actresses, who didn't get paper-scrubs, for showing that women come in all shapes. Next!
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