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S06.E01: All This And Gargantua-2

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THE VENTURE BROS. SPECIAL – Space. The final frontier, where no one can hear you scream, revenge is only served cold, and the drinks are comped in the casino. Join the Ventures–and pretty much everyone they've ever crossed paths with–as they rocket to the Gargantua-2 space station for an epic, hour-long adventure that will change the Ventureverse as we know it forever. 

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It's back! And shit went down!


So The Revenge Society got some X-Men: First Class style training from Killinger...and lived in Monarch's old house. Now THAT was a reveal. And did I hear Stephen Colbert's voice as Prof. Impossible again?! Yes. Yes I did.


So many characters in one spot! Billy! Billy's Mom! Action Man! Col. Gentleman! Pirate Captain! Sally! Hector and Swifty! The Triad! There was also a mention of Scamp! And hell, we found Gen. Treister and he came back to life! And he really WAS a Hulk! Red Hulk!


Ok, The Revenge Society (Phantom Limb at least) is actually working with the Sovereign to take revenge on OSI? Which was all a gambit to take out the Investors? Didn't see that coming. Also, Killinger was an Investor? And the Investors are Sith Lords? And Killinger kicked their asses with his umbrella? Also never saw that coming.


But I totally knew that Zero was Number 1 aka Scott Hall. And he's dead now.


I totally figured that JJ wanted to switch bodies with Rusty. To keep the failure theme going, it seemed JJ failed at living life. RIP JJ. You will be missed.


We also saw every member of the Council of 13...get offed. But the fact that there's a Guild Resistance is quite intriguing. Ok, it's just Watch, Ward and Dr. Mrs. So now we have a new council: Dr. Killinger, Dr. Mrs., Gary, Watch, Ward, Phantom Limb, Two Face (ETA: His name was Radical Left). But not The Monarch. Him getting denied was fucking hilarious.

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RIP Jonas Venture Junior. May you give angels the technical expertise your "big bro" never could. Unless you're miraculously alive and having your and General Treister's peepee cancer treated by aliens. In which case, never mind


While I am pissed that I'm typing this early Tuesday morning, I am glad for its coming out. Rusty and Dean had a heroic moment. Hank got to be Hank (forcing Brock to shave the power mullet and tape it to his face). And Brock killed a dude. Then again, Henchman One/Zero already got the "Death by Samson" treatment, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him come back. Oh, and the Monarch lives! Only to schlep after his far more superior (and hardcore) wife. The "Think Like a Venture" gambit was pretty cool, though.


Damn, the writers covered every angle. Lots of turning points, but the plot didn't fall into itself. And even with the light sabers and the Rulking Out, it felt fresh. Now . . . when can I expect the next season to start?


ETA: "Two Face" = Radical Left, which shows that the writers still got it.

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I'll be damned.

Rusty got a happy ending, getting his brother's company. Can't wait to see him run that sumbitch into the ground. And now I feel like humming. Damn you, Crash Test Dummies!!!

Thanks, Galileo908!

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I loved that the Soverign was inadvertently killed while in eagle form, how perfect especially Bc nobody knows he is actually dead now.

Dr. Mrs. is damn hardcore

I loved that Stephen Colbert came back to voice Dr Impossible. I guess the creators bypassed his agent this go round to get him back.

So was Billy's mom a member of Team Venture?

Where was Pete White?

I'm damn excited for the new season.

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So I was right while watching the special last night, it did seem like the season finale to season 5.  I thought this was the start of season 6, but it looks like we don't have a season 6 in sight yet, or at least not that i could find anywhere.  I know they take their time when writing for the season b/c it always a huge callback to everything out in the cohesive Venture universe, but I really wish they would do something like this...


2013- Season 5

2014- Season 5 season finale 2hr

2015- Season 6 

2015- Season 6 season final 2 hr


or they could split up each season like 2013 season 5 pt 1 (6 eps) and 2014 season 5 pt 2 (6 eps) 


The wait b/t seasons/specials is way too much.  I've heard others that loved the series say that they thought it was over b/c of the wait b/t seasons.

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It's heavily implied that she used to be Triple Threat, a heroine that Action Man had fought over years ago in a flashback.

I believe they actually confirmed it in a commentary track. 


That was amazing.  JJ going out like a hero, heck they even had Col. Gentleman get saved by a robot after all that anti-robot talk at the beginning. 


Also loved the Killinger-Investors thing. I was really worried they kill of Killinger but damn, loved him constantly Mary Poppins-ing around during the fight. 


Monarch getting shut down at the end was brilliant.

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Once again TVB proves that it's got the most hardcore continuity in all of television when The Monarch figures out that Phantom Limb has been squatting in his home based on a single throwaway line from "Hate Floats": "Shopkeeper, the lady would like to inspect the Wüsthofs!"

I'm slightly confused. What was Sovereign trying to do again? Destroy the OSI? Destroy The Investors? Destroy The Revenge Society? Take over The Guild, which he was already in control of? Just be a jerk for the lulz? I'm going to assume that Killinger's goal was to make things turn out exactly as they did, because that's just how he rolls.

Monarch finally managed to inflict major damage on the Ventures (the family, not the surf music group), but only because he wasn't really trying. All it took was a can of gasoline. You'd think Jonas would have built the Venture compound to be a little more fire resistant.

When The Investors first appeared I was half expecting Jefferson Twilight to show up on Gargantua-2 and show us how he's learned to fight non-Blackulas. Instead he ended up fighting a fire.

Hard to call a best line in an episode with so many, but I'll go with: "Sovereign knows we're closing in, and that big Talking Head is burning down the house!"

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So are Tim Tom & Kevin really gone, or is it just assumed they perished in the Monarch's Hive/house collision fire in the Malice neighborhood.  I was really hoping it would be revealed that the Moppets being part of the Phantom Limbs Revenge Society as sleeper agents.


Did we ever get a reason for Gary going back to being a henchman for the Monarch?  I really thought the next stage of his evolution would be either an agent for O.S.I or as the next bodyguard for the Ventures, hell he is way more competent than Sgt. Ha...er...Vatred.  I could totally see an episode where Vatred and Gary compete to be the Venture's bodyguard.  I can't wait for next season b/c you know Monarch is going to be pissed that both his wife and best henchman are on the Council while he is left out in the cold.

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I'm slightly confused. What was Sovereign trying to do again? Destroy the OSI? Destroy The Investors? Destroy The Revenge Society? Take over The Guild, which he was already in control of? Just be a jerk for the lulz?

I think he wanted them to destroy Gargantuan 2, or maybe that's what Phantom Limb told the Revenge Society...

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After watching the episode again and thinking it over for a few days, I have even more questions than before, like why J.J. was meeting with the Investors, why they wrecked the Meteor(oid) Shield controls, how Sovereign knew they'd be on the station, and so on.

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