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  1. “Shut up, you minor characters!” Also - thank goodness we got a flashback to the Northern Japan rednecks.
  2. I wasn’t that into this show, but I shotgunned the last 20 eps since the holiday break, and it’s grown on me. I’m over Boruto’s dad issues but I really like most of the other characters. I found that “let’s defend Denki’s capitalist overlord” plot vaguely unsettling. Next thing PETA will be the enemy.
  3. Did toonami not air Shippuden last weekend? The last one I saw was where he argues with the nine tails.
  4. I’m somehow bummed that our protagonist beats the arrow demon by just remembering to do his mystical techniques but moreso. Then I remembered that was the plot of shows I really liked, like BLEACH, so I guess I can’t complain too hard. I guess I just wanted there to be more of a trick to it somehow.
  5. The dance number / torture may have been the actual peak bizarre moment of the series.
  6. Was it just me, or did Iris have a thing for her? I’m really liking Maki’s new gear.
  7. I finally caught up and I’ve been really enjoying this one. It seems like each episode answers one question but raises a couple more. I am getting a little worried about Tsukasa, but I guess he’s big enough to take care of himself.
  8. Yeah that was confusing - apparently the zippers went into the wrong boat when originally looking for the enemy stand. (Which turned out to be one of the forgettable thugs in the car from last ep, that was a surprise.) I enjoyed how the stand personified the fly, even though really it was the one guys shoe really.
  9. I wouldn’t want the jellyfish in my mouth after that, though 😞. Yuck.
  10. It still feels a bit light but I’m enjoying the cinematography more in recent episodes. Here’s hoping it keeps going in the right direction. It took me a while to realize who the captain they fought at the junkyard looked like, but then I realized: Fools!
  11. I’m way behind on Boruto - due to a dead cable box I had to catch a bunch of them subbed on the Internet. Hoping to catch up before they start airing again.
  12. Thanks for firing up a thread. I mentioned before - the fact that Tonjiro joins up with a guy basically wearing the Akatsuki cloud pattern robe can’t be good, right? For some reason the authentic (?) looking legwear really makes this show real for me. (That, and the protagonist’s ever-changing forehead scar.)
  13. The JoJo reference really brought it home.
  14. I was a little grouchy about the Forge event, but I have my stuff set to tape slightly long so it didn’t clip anything important. Bubble Girl definitely keeping it slightly awkward to watch this show with the kids. Maybe she’ll give Mineta a run for his money.
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