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  1. Joe was talking about a meeting he had with Trump prior to becoming President.
  2. So Joe knew that Trump took an unhealthy amount of joy in the knowledge that his people would kill for him, and he let it slide for the next few months? And not just “Knew,” as in “I heard this from a guy who knows a guy,” but from a personal interaction with the man? WTAF, Joe?
  3. revbfc

    Dune (2021)

    We better get part 2.
  4. OK, I’m watching it. I know the rules against partisan political speech around these parts, but it’s impossible to talk about a partisan attack on democracy without taking a side. Those insurrectionists will never get the justice they truly deserve, and the con men who told them to participate in their coup attempt deserve worse. They’re not patriots, and no amount of violence by them will change my mind.
  5. It’s supposed to be on HBOMax right now, but I can’t find anything but the trailer. What’s going on?
  6. How did the old man call the front man during episode 6?
  7. It looks weird enough that I’m on board.
  8. I’m fine with it, because Bond isn’t allowed normal happiness. He either chooses to have a family and it gets ripped from him horribly, or he chooses to let his love ones live if he sacrifices himself. Bond’s only other option is to live a solitary life of short-term flings (which is what we usually see). As it is, Bond DID get a happy ending, because he completed the mission, and the people he loved got to live.
  9. That whole “There’s nothing that can be done about people not showing up for there hearings,” narrative seems like bs. Watergate subpoenas were enforced the day of a hearing by (I think) US Marshals. If they want someone there, they can make sure they show up.
  10. I like Killer Mike, I like Robert Costa, and I tolerate Bill, but this episode was defeatist bullshit. One thing that was (to me) really fucked was Bill saying that we can’t start arresting their guys or they’ll arrest our guys. First of all (during the Watergate hearings), subpoenas were enforced a few times by the US Marshals. Secondly, the law is the law, and you can’t play weak when one side wants to burn down the country. And finally: if anyone tells you a sitting President is above the law and can’t be arrested, bring up the story of Officer William H West. (Go to Wi
  11. Just think of it as Batman now. Every decade or so we’ll get a new take on the character that will resonate with the times. James Bond is dead! LONG LIVE JAMES BOND!!! Or, to put it another way: James Bond WILL RETURN!
  12. I know exactly what you mean. Bond films aren’t supposed to make us feel those things, yet here we are. Let’s accept, and process, those feelings together.
  13. I saw it this evening, and I feel like I did the right thing by staying away from all spoilers (not counting the trailers), so you won’t get any from me. Is it good? I like every Bond movie immediately after seeing it, so my opinion won’t be valid for another week. I will say that it takes chances, and no one phoned it in.
  14. Dear Disney, Wouldn’t that name be spelled more like “Арним Зола?” Sincerely, A guy who knows next to zero Russian, but knows enough to be embarrassed by your Cyrillic screw up.
  15. Fun episode, but I doubt doucheThor is worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. the episode should have probably been titled “What if… Mjolnir had low standards.”
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