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  1. revbfc

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    I say this as someone who supports Buttigieg: MJ’s cheerleading of PB also feels contrived.
  2. revbfc

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Eddie Glaude really loves hearing himself talk…I wish I did.
  3. revbfc

    S08.E01: Winterfell

    “Hey, Bran! You look well. No, no, don’t get up.”
  4. revbfc

    Preach it!: Preacher in the Media

    I love the show, AND I am happy it’s ending. If they make this season as taught as possible, they should be able to pack in a lot of story.
  5. revbfc

    S07.E02: Discovery Weekend

    I got serious whiplash from the line about Selina picking her VP before Iowa. If Biden’s people were still unaware that their Abrams idea was a bomb, they know now.
  6. revbfc

    S07.E02: Discovery Weekend

  7. revbfc

    S07.E01: Iowa

    Because of this episode, I have unfortunately gotten into the habit of saying “That’s not our plan,” to my cat instead of “No.” It does not work. It does not work, but I can’t stop saying it to her.
  8. revbfc

    Shazam! (2019)

    Another thing that I can’t stop loving was the foster home. I have a few friends who bought big, old fixer-uppers in Philadelphia on the cheap around or before 2008, and the look checks out. Old, tons of space, refurbished with love (with a lot more work to be done), and a joy to inhabit. I have no idea if this aspect was an accident, but it’s oddly apt.
  9. revbfc

    Shazam! (2019)

    What really got me was that Sivana’s anger was so relatable. I don’t care if he was or wasn’t worthy, the wizard really did a number on him. I would have been emotionally scarred for life, too.
  10. revbfc

    Vice (2018)

    Yeah, we all know Christian Bale knocked it out of the park. What’s not said enough is how refreshing it was to see a biopic that used a custom template. Yes, we got the story, but it seemed more like a fever dream than “Here’s our protagonist, and here are his airbrushed accomplishments.” Was it too on the nose at times? Yes. Did it neglect to show us how he went from Wyoming lineman to Washington, DC? Yes. Did it rush the events of second Bush term? Yes. In spite of those things, I think they did a great job.
  11. revbfc

    The Umbrella Academy

    What could have been really cool would have been to play up Vanya’s love of music. Maybe she’s not the best, but at least show us her passion for playing. All I got from her was that sitting with the orchestra was like sitting in an office cubicle, and that’s boring. Classical music may be difficult for many to get into, but it’s not drudgery for those that love, and devote their lives to it.
  12. revbfc

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    I would have used a different song for that last fight. Perhaps L7’s “Fuel My Fire,” or “Fast & Frightening” would have worked better (and been less on the nose) than “Just A Girl.”
  13. revbfc

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    What I liked more than the Stan Lee opening was the Stan Lee cameo. I bet Kevin Smith went crazy when he saw it.
  14. So the stream was of her face in pain as she gave birth? Not likely. She wanted to show her husband the birth of their child, and there’s no child coming out of anybody’s mouth. That’s not how that works.
  15. We need to discuss this Verizon ad where a woman talks about live streaming her hoo-ha to her serviceman husband, and all the dudes he serves with.