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  1. Yes, he was was the producer of Tucker’s show, and he was also regularly on air with him. That’s why I mentioned it. Tucker: We’re friends, right? Willie: No. We’re not.
  2. Speak for yourself, Willie is a great host. Sometimes I just can’t deal with Joe & Mika’s 200% outrage (even if I do agree with them), so Willie’s dry sense of humor is always welcome around my place. Also, never forget that Willie regularly clowned Tucker Carlson to his face when that guy had an MSNBC show. He’s legit to me.
  3. I’ve been watching “Real Time” since the beginning…this episode was in the top 3 worst ever IMHO.
  4. So I just saw this: https://ispot.tv/a/nM8D I feel we need to discuss it.
  5. I’ll be honest, costumes inspired by the comics would have been awesome.
  6. Thank you. I didn’t remember an Ava, but I wanted to make sure. As for your spoiler info: I’m pretty bummed about that.
  7. I’m a fan of the comics who is two episodes in, and I have questions: 1) Who’s Ava, and why don’t I remember her from the books? 2) Yes, the costumes in the books are sexist, but they were a huge part of the appeal. If they didn’t want to show skin, cool, but why not just keep the full habits? 3) WHEN THE FUCK DOES AREALA SHOW UP????
  8. The brochures they were looking at said “See the Northern Lights.” It was probably Canada, Alaska, or Greenland.
  9. Is no one watching this, or are people just not interested in talking about it? OK, I’m ready for another season, and I’m even more invested in the wall storyline.
  10. This would be a much better commercial if the couple complimenting the lawn were actually mourning the damage the meteor inflicted upon it. Either that, or they know the meteor was coming for the lawn, and they recreate scenes from Armageddon to make sure the lawn is safe.
  11. I’m glad he’s doing the show, even if he’s filming with an iPhone. My one suggestion for next week’s show: instead of the canned laughter, Bill’s neighbor should be the one, sad guffaw in the background. Even just the occasional distant “Good one, Bill!” From behind the fence would be fine by me.
  12. They should have dropped the coin to hire Tom Hardy for those last scenes. That would have been funny.
  13. I do understand Joe & crew’s positive reinforcement of what can only be described as “The bare, fucking minimum,” from the President. It’s good to encourage truth telling, but we’ve seen Trump do his thing for years, and he will return to form within hours. Meachum was correct: this is another Lucy & the football moment. We’ll have many more of them, because that’s what he does. If the President starts calling in again, cool. But if Joe isn’t merciless in his questioning during those opportunities, fuck him, and fuck this show. I don’t need another reporter afraid and/or unwilling to confront Trump properly.
  14. Could someone PLEASE unlock the episode 9 thread?!
  15. I’m getting a little confused about what’s inside the robots. Hasn’t it been established that they’re manufactured with synthetic tissues that mimic human flesh? How come Delores is just slipping on a rubber suit over metal skeleton in the trailers?
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