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  1. They should have dropped the coin to hire Tom Hardy for those last scenes. That would have been funny.
  2. I do understand Joe & crew’s positive reinforcement of what can only be described as “The bare, fucking minimum,” from the President. It’s good to encourage truth telling, but we’ve seen Trump do his thing for years, and he will return to form within hours. Meachum was correct: this is another Lucy & the football moment. We’ll have many more of them, because that’s what he does. If the President starts calling in again, cool. But if Joe isn’t merciless in his questioning during those opportunities, fuck him, and fuck this show. I don’t need another reporter afraid and/or unwilling to confront Trump properly.
  3. Could someone PLEASE unlock the episode 9 thread?!
  4. I’m getting a little confused about what’s inside the robots. Hasn’t it been established that they’re manufactured with synthetic tissues that mimic human flesh? How come Delores is just slipping on a rubber suit over metal skeleton in the trailers?
  5. I’d like to send a shout out to the Otezla ad where a dude finally has the confidence to pursue that 3-way he’s always dreamed of. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ZHqN/otezla-little-things-pool
  6. Is someone going to unlock the thread for the last episode?
  7. It’s one thing to postpone an opening, but SEVEN MONTHS?! There has to be more to it than the Coronavirus. Who thinks they’re going to take this time to overhaul the whole movie?
  8. At risk of being that guy: I’m pretty happy the third amendment exists.
  9. There is a part of me that wanted more info on Lenny’s parents, but having them walk away from the crowd in Venice is fine by me. This storyline where everyone feels abandoned by Lenny is becoming more poignant to me now. I really felt how lost everyone was without him.
  10. Back at the beginning of the season I commented that I missed this show. This episode reminded me that it was really Lenny that I was missing.
  11. It’s only going to get darker, isn’t it? Good.
  12. I’m loving this show, and I’m looking forward to seeing that ring of corpses orbiting the ship become more populated every episode.
  13. I really missed this show.
  14. I loved what we got, but one missed opportunity that will haunt the episode: a Gumby sketch featuring Larry David.
  15. One huge thing that I had a problem with: Maz never got around to letting us know how she got Luke’s (or rather Anakin’s) lightsaber. I’m no film expert, but the final film in the trilogy would have been the perfect time to unwind that yarn.
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