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S02.E18: Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down

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Maybe it's just my leftover distrust from the actor's role on Smash, but Luke seems super suspicious to me. I wouldn't have launched into the particulars with him if I were Rayna either. When, exactly, do you get into that discussion? "Oh hey Luke, thanks for the NASCAR. Fun fact about me: my ex-husband I lied to just about everyone regarding our daughter's parentage for basically her whole life." I get that Luke is upset and feels like Rayna withheld some very pertinent info from him, but still, you think he could be a bit more flexible about the whole situation.

And Juliette speaks the truth forever. Sad Chipmunk indeed. I wanted to reach through my TV and smack her when she was whining about how hard her dream is. Yes, child, not everything is sunshine and puppies and rainbows. Grow up and learn your profession or find a new one. For all of Juliette's faults, she seems to understand the fundamental truth that the world doesn't generally take care of those who show up and do the minimum. Scarlett doesn't seem to have any fight in her so I see no reason to root for her. I'd rather watch Juliette claw her way into country music a thousand times than watch Scarlett whine about everyone wants her to do her freaking job.

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The worst part of this episode was Scarlett's hair. It's getting so long she is going to trip over it soon. Juliette's seemed a bit lank too. Was there a stylist strike?

But all fades in light of the Squirrel imitation scene. I'll remember this long after the show has gone, I reckon.

I wanted to see more of the Maddie Claybourne reveal and reaction, hopefully that will come, especially concerning Teddy and his public image. People are gonna take sides - how is he going to handle this, with his kids stuck in the middle of it all? Will he be a father first or a Mayor?

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I think the powers that be don't seem to realize that Will is only interesting when accompanied by Brent. Or when Gunnar's reading him the riot act. Otherwise it's a drag. 

And while not a fan of Luke yet, I'm fan enough of Will Chase to see where this is going. I liked him getting a little annoyed this episode. made him feel more real than the super supportive boyfriend he's been so far. What I really like is his strength - he doesn't throw his weight around like Juliette does, but there's no way he's going to be pushed around and you know it. 

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Juliette's seemed a bit lank too. Was there a stylist strike?

Rayna's was off the charts bad at some points.  Chunks of ... laying there...dead...beaver...hair.  It was awful.  I recall thinking I would fire whoever the hell was responsible, and then realizing that janitors don't have many options and that may not be fair.

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I've always gotten a bit of a shady vibe from Luke as well and I didn't even remember he was on Smash....or maybe he showed up after I quit watching. I'm not sure if he's supposed to be shady or not though.

I really enjoy Scarlett's singing so I'm kinda sad her character keeps getting more annoying as the season goes on. If Will decides to jump in front if another train, I really hope he takes Teddy and Layla with him.

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I liked Layla a lot more when she was a conniving fame-seeker going toe to toe with Juliette Barnes; I always assumed that Layla would find out that Will's gay, use it to write a "poor me, betrayed by my gay boyfriend" hit, and ride that success all the way to the top as Will crashed and burned. Now she's this vulnerable, clueless little one-hit wonder in a doomed marriage, and I'm not sure where this storyline is going.

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I think Will and Layla is going straight toward something big at the season finale. It would be awesome if Layla could just dump Will and write a hit song about it, but when she finds out I see her more likely to out Will to everyone. 

Hopefully Layla can get into a car with Teddy and Luke and it can skid off the road and goodbye!

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Is it just me, or was it hinted a long time ago that Layla knew something was up with Will? Around the time she tipped off the media to Juliette's affair, I assumed she was also using Will with a plan to out him at some point...maybe to use as blackmail/leverage with Edgehill? 

I get that the show is about as realistic as Scandal, but how are these performers just deciding to "go on tour" at random times with zero planning? Or was this latest tour with Juliette the remnants of the tour that was ruined months ago?

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So sick of Scarlett.  Please take the whole bottle of pills and get it over with.  And yes, share with Teddy. 

There IS something fishy about Luke.  Jeff's spy?  His son would be a fun addition.

Otherwise, all the whining is just getting old.  Is there anyone on the show that is happy?


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If Cheating Lawyer Lady really cared that much about Deacon falling off the wagon maybe she should have thought a little harder about shacking up with the ONE guy that would most likely drive him over the edge! And he was so good in turning down that blonde chick while he was on the road, too. My money is on him showing up at her door!

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So, Rayna and Juliette hate each other again. Fun. I do think that in spite of everything that has happened, Rayna still doesn't respect Juliette or give her credit for her talent and what she's accomplished through hard work. I'm sorry but even though I'm sure Rayna has worked hard, I can't forget Connie Britton's weak singing voice, Lamar helping to pay for things at the start, and her family money and connections. I wish they'd made her more of a schmoozer (which was implied in the last episode by Deacon) from the start. I could buy that kind of a character. 

I also watched Smash and I've also found Luke shady from the start. I don't think it's an accident unless the actors are just really bad at their jobs.

Aw, poor Scarlett. I'm sorry she hates the awful parts about touring and being a celebrity. Boo hoo. Was there ever a time when this was a convincing argument and a compelling storyline? And how does she suddenly have all this spunk to back talk Juliette? I know everything comes easy to you and you're friends with/related to some important people but you haven't earned the right to sass professionals like that. At least when Juliette was doing it to Rayna she was a popular act and she'd been working for years. Scarlett didn't even know she wanted to sing until how long ago? I know Juliette's a little jealous about Avery but she also has some valid points about Scarlett. I am really damn ready to see Scarlett get the kind of beat downs for her behavior that the show loves throwing at Juliette. Also, how long has that bottle of pills lasted? Um, it's her own fault she's fighting with her friends, they didn't "abandon" her, and she was the one who ended up kindling the relationship with Liam. God, she needs to stop playing the victim about every little thing.

I feel like the most sympathetic person in the Maddie/Teddy/Rayna/Deacon drama is Deacon. Maddie is too irrationally rebellious for me to support all of her decisions. Teddy too often acts from a place of hurt and pettiness. And Rayna still hasn't really apologized for what she did to Maddie and Deacon by not telling them the truth sooner and there's a bit of selfishness in her wanting Maddie to be there to meet Colt. As for Colt, well, let's not go there. 

The background vocal on Tell That Devil was super creepy but also goofy. Who thought that was a good idea? Juliette did a little better at selling dark and edgy than Emo Gunnar but not by much.

I didn't love the song but it was interesting to have them change things up with an all-male trio for the Deacon, Luke, and Will number.

Connie Britton's acting at the end with Maddie was ridiculous. It made me side with Maddie (about Rayna wanting to protect herself) because she came across as so fake.

Juliette and Avery are so adorable. I wish the show would stop trying to introduce fake conflict into their relationship. Give me one perfect thing, Nashville. Prove to me that we can have nice things. Stop trying to destroy everything.

Oh, no! Deacon! I can't deal with this again!

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