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  1. romantic idiot

    Give The Devil His Due: Lucifer In The Media

    I'm hoping Lucifer does revert to its Season 1 self. Netflix on the whole is excellent, but Black Mirror is disturbingly neutered now. I guess I'll hope that Lucifer is nowhere as dark so it shouldn't be a problem.
  2. romantic idiot

    S01.E06: The Pack

    I thought e wanted to eat her. She was prey> I understand why she didn't figure that out. I also thought he really looked hot in that moment.
  3. romantic idiot

    Missed Opportunities: Unexplored Stories in Buffy

    I love Xander and NB. Glad he stuck around. I am as Bangel as they come, my moniker is named after them but I never ever blamed or thought badly of NB. I find Spuffy fans to be more unforgiving of that moment than Bangel fans actually.
  4. romantic idiot

    S01.E06: The Pack

    What makes you think that?
  5. romantic idiot

    S01.E03: The Entire History of You

    National Anthem remains my favorite though one might argue that this one is closest to the concepts explored in the rest of the show.
  6. romantic idiot

    S01.E01: The National Anthem

    Not sure why there's a thought that the episode didn't address the fact that the PM and the beast were being raped. I thought that's where the horror came from - not from doing a heinous act, but from being forced to do it, and being watched while doing it. The fact that the pig had to be sedated also shows that the writers were being clear about how horrific the act was that everyone was rubber necking about.
  7. romantic idiot

    S03.E22: In Memory

    Well it's been nice knowing watching the last 2 seasons but I'm done. No Roman, no me. Flashbacks don't count. They just prevent Luke Mitchell from appearing on another show.
  8. romantic idiot

    Black Panther (2018)

    Actually the US is one of the worst hit (along with Australia) where the native, indigenous cultures were almost wiped out. A lot of them managed to hang on to their native cultures.
  9. romantic idiot

    Fresh Ink: Blindspot in the Media

    I hope we get Roman back on the good side and interacting with the team. Not sure I can deal with only 3 minutes of good scenes per episode and that too not every episode.
  10. romantic idiot

    S03.E09: Codependence / S03.E10: Commitment

    I think that is the point and I really don't mind that.
  11. romantic idiot

    S03.E21: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

    Please. Chloe wishes she's as cool as early Elena. Early Elena (pre-vampire) was awesome.
  12. romantic idiot

    Media, Ratings and Scheduling: Open Source Intelligence

    Where's Russell? You'd have thought they'd lead with that.
  13. romantic idiot

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    Well I'm glad that the Russos didn't because one of my favorite aspects of The Winter Soldier is the effortless, platonic chemistry between Cap and Black Widow. Also not a major fan of Emily van Camp I must say - she always looks incredibly smug to me for some reason.
  14. romantic idiot

    S03.E18: Clamorous Night

    Rich is gay, right? Anyway they had better be saving Patterson for Roman. He likes blondes. I too hope Roman being completely ineffectual here is deep down he didn't want them to succeed.
  15. romantic idiot

    S01.E06: Bring Me Stanton

    Ouch. I'm the opposite. I don't know her so the minute I heard about the situation I welled up. The Dad's disappeared and she's afraid of abuse from him so I don't feel for him more than her. Sion's story has been breaking my heart - all aspects. But I think the girl has been a little willfully blind too. Not that that means she deserves it in any way.