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  1. RIP, Danny. He's the only celebrity I have a google alert for because I kept waiting for news of him. This was not the news that I wanted. I will always love him.
  2. True but I think a chocolate cake for a signature was just too boring for the finale. I'd called David as a frontrunner in Episode 1 and believe he was the clear winner on the day. I'm really not surprised. But, I think this is the first bake off season where we've had a winner who wasn't a flavor king/queen. That took me aback too.
  3. All the FDA import restrictions mean that you guys don't get the good ones. Ripe mangoes are sweet, unripe mangoes are sour. Not sure they can be substituted for each other. Charcoal just doesn't seem appetizing to me and I can't tmagine it tastes good. I don't get this trend at all. My mom has cooked with open hair all her life. I don't get the fuss.
  4. I don't have an issue understanding Rosie at all. You can't win Star Baker if your bakes didn't taste well. I thought it was unfair of Henry to ask and Paul shouldn't have answered. Henry, while cooking a meat pie and deciding how much meat to put in it asked a judge whether like a lot of meat or not. Of course Paul shouldn't have answered, and in making a game of it, I thought Paul handled that rather gracefully. I think this is almost the first time this has happened. I remember previous seasons where the concern was about a soggy bottom but for the most part the pi
  5. I blame the participants. Maybe it's the timing, but if feels like for some of them the hosts are like a chore they have to do, a necessary part of GBBO rather than people they enjoy. He was the last piece of diversity left. What's the problem? I think Sandy is deliberately, not even trying.
  6. Hmm. Netflix have defanged Black Mirror quite a lot so this could be possible. I do still support them because of Sense8 but some of their efforts to commercialize has been really, really frustrating. I actually quite enjoyed Rahul, he was humble and making fun of himself. I didn't think he looked depressed just that he was concentrating hard on something and focused. I definitely prefer that look to someone like Alice this year who is trying So! Hard! To! Smile! while being completely stressed out. Smiling though gritted teeth almost and I kept feeling sorry for her because sure that
  7. Maybe she had QI duties at the same time. Nothing has wowed me, and apart from that one perfect cake (which didn't sound all that perfect), nothing seems to have wowed the judges as well. The flavors haven't sounded particular interesting as well.
  8. These are small, balls/ovals/different shapes made from sweet cottage cheese or sweetened condensed milk, as shown. They are Bengali desserts. These are usually supposed to be small enough to be mouthfuls, or 2 mouthfuls at most, so I was surprised at how large some of them were. The recipe they showed made it seem almost like they are making one particular type of mishti called Kalakand / milk cake. It really is delicious without need any additional flavoring. It was interesting that none of the contestants chose to make a traditional one. Mishi doi is sweet yoghurt so techn
  9. I remember remarking on this in the first season with the changes, but because Prue isn't as sweet as Mary, it felt to me like Paul had to be almost nicer because otherwise the atmosphere would be a little too negative and non Bakeoff like. Also, is it me or does the cast feel less diverse this year? Maybe I'm being paranoid.
  10. I'm hoping Lucifer does revert to its Season 1 self. Netflix on the whole is excellent, but Black Mirror is disturbingly neutered now. I guess I'll hope that Lucifer is nowhere as dark so it shouldn't be a problem.
  11. I thought e wanted to eat her. She was prey> I understand why she didn't figure that out. I also thought he really looked hot in that moment.
  12. I love Xander and NB. Glad he stuck around. I am as Bangel as they come, my moniker is named after them but I never ever blamed or thought badly of NB. I find Spuffy fans to be more unforgiving of that moment than Bangel fans actually.
  13. National Anthem remains my favorite though one might argue that this one is closest to the concepts explored in the rest of the show.
  14. Not sure why there's a thought that the episode didn't address the fact that the PM and the beast were being raped. I thought that's where the horror came from - not from doing a heinous act, but from being forced to do it, and being watched while doing it. The fact that the pig had to be sedated also shows that the writers were being clear about how horrific the act was that everyone was rubber necking about.
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